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V-The Hot One starring Annette Haven, Laurien Dominique, Desiree West,
Kristine Heller, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
Starring the stunning Annette Haven as V, the film follows her transition from housewife to a successful young attorney to high-priced call girl, to cheap street whore. From the penthouses, the Mercedes, the minks and the sparkling dinner parties, dingy skid row hotel rooms, V and her companions lead us through every facet of sensual perversion. You'll follow her from her home to a penthouse filled with 12 couples engaged in an elaborate orgy, to a stylish brothel for discreet millionares, and finally to a cheap hotel where anything with anybody goes.

VICE starring Cameo, Sunny McKay, Danielle Rodgers, Marilyn Rose
Randy Spears, Don Fernando, Mike Horner
Randy Spears is a burnt-out cop on the vice Squad who has seen a
little too much of the seamy side of life. He decides to resign from the department &
start up his own private detective agency. He pulls together a gorgeous team of
hookers, strippers and centerfolds, and forms the V.I.C.E. Girls. This is a detective
agency which will do anything to crack a case. Now all they need is their first assignment.

Vagablonde starring Janine, Krista, Asia Carrera, Brooke Waters
April Adams. Leslie Glass, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi, Jon Dough
A small town woman enters the big bad city, and finds a new way of'
life that takes her to heights of euphoria she never even dreamed existed.

Val Gals starring Sabre, Champagne, Bionca, Sharon Kane, Cassandra Dark
Nikki Wilde Synopsis:
When a group of valley girls get together for a lingerie party, and there's not a guy in sight, what are the girls supposed to do? Have a lez fest of course.

Valentina starring Moana Pozzi, Christina Maffei, Mark Shannon
Valentina is the girl who can't say no. Hers exual exploits in public places are espied by  a passerby, and although he is driven to go home and make it with his wife, the girl known as Valentina becomes his obsseison. He seeks her out at the risj of ending his marriage, losing his job, and everything he has worked so hard for.
* Please note, this is a European feature and it is Italian w/ no subtitles.

Valley Girl Connection starring Barbara Doll, Brittany O'Connell
Kylie Ireland, Rebecca Wild, Nina Hartley, Peter North, Nick East, T T Boy
A group of typical valley bimbettes, with way too much time on their hands and nothing to do, find ways to relieve the daily tension of sexual frustration.

Valley of The Sluts starring Flame, Lee Carroll, Mary Lamb
Tanya Sicily, Cal Jammer, Sean Michaels, Mike Horner, Leo Martin
A woman has her long lost daughter move in with her and teaches
her the fine points of being a slut around town.

Valley Vixens starring Shauna Grant, Inez Acker, Mona Page, Cody Nicole
Tom Byron Synopsis: A day in the life of four Valley Girls. After playing out all their cards alone, they invite the gang in from their husband's office over for some Valley fun!!! Hot and lusty sex in the afternoon!!!

Vampire's Kiss starring Nikki Dial, Lacy Rose, Chaz Vincent, Alex Jordan
Rebecca Bardoux, Rebecca Wild, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Drake, T T Boy
Randy West Synopsis:
When a famous author writes a series of best sellers about vampires, she becomes the target of a real vampire who would have her for his own mate.

Vanessa... Maid in Manhatten starring Vanessa Del Rio, Brooke Fields, Danielle, Colleen Brennan, Chelsea Blake, Jerry Butler, Eric Edwards,
George Payne
Brooke has had enough of college and is ready for her first vacation to New York City. Accepting an inviation from the Rawlings' family, Brooke unsuspectingly walks into a trap set up by the rawlings matriarch, Jeanette, who schemes to have Brooke marry her son. When Brooke arrives, the house is ablaze with passion. Dad is getting it on with the fiery Latin maid, and Jeanette is handling the handyman. It's up to Brooke to navigate her way through this maze of lust!

The Vanessa Obsession starring Vanessa Del Rio, Jacqueline Lorians
Brooke Fields, Maria Tortuga, Stephanie Rage, Jesse Adams, Frank James
Tony Montana, Greg Rome Synopsis:
Tony loves hot latin girls, and the girls back home in Columbia give him plenty of nice memories, but the hottest latin he's ever seen is Vanessa Del Rio. Unfortunately she's in America. We follow the adventures of Tony as he struggles to sneak across the border into America to find his true love, Vanessa

Vanessa's Hot Nights starring Vanessa Del Rio, Susan McBain
Merle Michaels, Crystal Sync, Jenny Baxter, David Morris, Eric Edwards
Vanessa & her friends relive their hottest sexual encounters, and reveal what really turns them on.

Vanity starring Paula Price, Melanie Moore, Gail Force, Kim Kitaine
Eric Price, Randy West, T T Boy Synopsis:
Randy West is a hard-boiled private dick whose been having some hard times lately. The jobs haven't been rolling in like they used to, and it's getting harder and harder to pay the bills. Luckily, though a high-paying gig just presented itself, although something tells him he may live to regret taking it. It seems that there's an especially powerful aphrodisiac which has gone missing, and a mysterious somebody is willing to pay big money to get it back.

The Velvet Edge starring Jennifer West, Candy Cane, Debbie Sands
Mike Ranger, Matt Savage Synopsis: Sergei has organized a group sex party, during which one woman is hooked up to a thrusting vibrator and another experiences anal sex against her will. Sergei tells the story of his grandfather in the 1930's and what amounts to two Bonnies and two Clydes who discover each other in a holdup and merge forces. In the process, though they are temporarily enjoying an idyllic love life in the backwoods, one of them irritates a Mexican, who shoots up the guys and beats and rapes the females.

Velvet High starring Misty Regan, Merle Michaels, Christie Ford
Jerry Butler, Carter Stevens, Ron Hudd Synopsis: A group of cheerleaders decide to seduce the hunks at their local high school, and find out they don't know everything they thought they did...but the guys are willing to teach

Vengeance starring Serenity, Kylie Ireland, Gwen Summers, Jewel De'Nyle
Lee Stone, Chris Cannon
It's a story about reincarnation, betrayal, love that transcends death, and VENGEANCE!

Venom 3 starring Davia Ardell, Jeanna Fine, Channone, Sofia Ferrari
Cierra Brooks, Teddi Barrett, Alex Sanders, Ian Daniels, Jon Dough
T T Boy, Tony Tedeschi

Synopsis: This is the third installment of a series that puts glam and visuals into Adult Entertainments' life-stream. When people engage in sexual acts in front of the camera, they reveal a part of them that is often crude and shocking. But when these exhibitionists engage in sexual acts while holding the camera on themselves, the monitor that they are watching transcends then to an even higher sexual level. For those who choose to watch, the camera becomes a sexual weapon.

Verfickte Lurzgechicten 3 (aka Brivido Caldo) starring Dru Berrymore
Dolly Golden, Laura Angel, Madalina Ray, Phillipe Dean, Richard, Riehard
Synopsis: We have the better European protagonist actresses at hand and from Jack Crawler's last film. A warm and tingly sensation will rip through your body while you go through each scene individually. With Laurel Angel, Dru Berrymore and Madalina Ray, who wouldn't want to me what they have in store.
* In German w/ no suntitles

Very Sexy Ballet starring Valentina, Porsche Lynn, Stephanie Rage
Tawny Lee, Delia Moore, John Stagliano, Blake Palmer, Scott Irish
Buddy Love Synopsis:
A sexy ballerina is in search of the ultimate erotc thrill, and
she may have found it. But getting her instructor to agree is something different.

Vice Versa starring Rusty Rhodes, Tiffany Million, Teddi Austin
Cherry Lawson, Jake Steed, Ron Jeremy, Luc
2 con men find that the countless women they have bedded as a
result of their cons are getting thier revenge.

Victim of Love starring Christy Canyon, Jamie Summers, Kym Wilde
Danielle Rodgers, Randy Spears, Tim Lake, T T Boy, Micky Ray
Just Who Is The Victim? For anyone who's ever struggled with an affair, Paul Thomas has a novel idea, merge. As in making the mistress a part of the
relationship. Of course it helps if the wife is Christy Canyon and the mistress is Jamie Summers

Victims of Love (aka Lust) starring Ursula Austin, Vanessa Del Rio
Arlana Blue, Ginny Shenfield, Roger Caine, Gordon Daily, Terry Austin
David Williams
A woman who survived an assault, seeks out answers to putting her life back togather and regaining her sexual drive.

The Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11 starring Silvia Saint
Erika Bella,
Anita Dark, Leilanni Lei, Anita Blond, Illana Moore
Vince Vouyer,
Peter North, Jake Steed, Hakan, Frank Towers, Earl Slate
Byron Long

Synopsis: Everyone's favorite sex sleuth returns to document the hard-core
clandestine adventures of the slinkiest Euro-vixens in adult entertainment.

Video Bone starring Gayle Sterling, Nikki Knights, Debbie Areola
Dan Fernando, Mike Horner, Jesse Adams
In this porn spoof of the cult Hollywood classic, 'Videodrome', a TV
editor sits down to his editing console and is transported into a world of kinky, debaucherous sex. Will he make it out...does he even want to get out?

Video Virgins 5 starring Deborah Wells, Tina Tyler, Heather Lee
Kaitlyn Ashley,
Michael J Cox, Jay Ashley, Shawn Hicks Synopsis: Interviews with some of the hottest tarts followed by these ladies doing what they do best in front of the cameras....HOT!!!

View Point starring Chasey Lain, Julie Rage, Monique DeMoan
Kirsty Waay, Vince Vouyer, Bobby Vitale, Steven St Croix, Micheal J Cox
It's an apartment complex with three stories. Chasey's "Angel", a new
tenant who catches the eye of Vince. Kristy and Bobby just moved in, and Julie over in 3B can't get her husband away from the TV. This is the world of "View Point", where everyone's watching someone, and no one knows quite who. In other words, if the
blinds are open a peek, you can bet someone's peeking.

The Villa starring Janine, Jassie, Hailey Page, Tianna Lynn, Evan Stone
Julian, Vincent Vega, Dale DaBone, Nick Manning
Janine is a screenwriter who is holed up in a mysterious Vlla, where
alluring strangers wander the halls and nothing is quite as it seems. Suffering from
writer's block, Janine roams the grounds, encountering a gardener who beckons her
and a butcher who eyes her loins and a baker who's fixated on her buns. Will she give into temptation and let the sexual adventures become her screenplay?

The Violation of Kylie Ireland starring Kylie Ireland, Nicole Ray
Amber Rayne, Ami Emerson, Bobbi Starr, Heather Starlet, Keeani Lee
Sammi Rhodes
Synopsis: Hot young lesbians take revenge on the conservative MILF next door and the results are ball draining. Kylie plays a bible-touting housewife who's pissed off for living next door to a group of hot lesbian party maniacs. Kylie confronts one
of them and intensity ensues...Let's just say that when the girls respond, they respond in full force, especially in her huge ass! You'll be asking: How many hands (and dildos) can fit into Kylie at once?

Viper's Place starring Viper, Erica Boyer, Nina Hartley, Siobhan Hunter
Mauvis De Noir, Tom Byron, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner
Synopsis: Ever wonder what porn stars do when they're away from the camera? This hotter than hot video boldly reveals the answer. So enter if you dare the notorious, infamous cellar club of wild and wanton wickedness run by the voracious and insatiable VIPER. Here you'll see acts of unbridled lust, lewdness and lasciviousness

Virgin & The Lover starring Jennifer Welles, Darby Lloyd Raines
Eric Edwards, Marc Stevens Synopsis:
Eric Edwards stars in the psychologically driven tale of a man trapped inside his own sexual fantasy world. It seems that he's only ever fallen for one woman, a gal who died in a tragic car crash years before. Now, Eric lives with a mannequin that he's dressed up in her old clothes and has vivid dreams about the dummy coming to life and trysting with him. He ends up at the office of a psychiatrist whose delectable young secretary just happens to think he's dreamy. This is early porn at its most complex and ambitious, taking a long, hard look at modern relationships even while serving up a series of white-hot sex scenes. They don't make 'em like this anymore -- artsy, moody and scorchingly erotic

Virgin Cheeks starring Erica Boyer, Keli Richards, Tami White
Roxanne Rolland, Ron Jeremy, Francois Papillion, Rick Savage
There's nothing like a plunge into the virgin territory of anal sex for the ultimate experience. Kelly Richards, Erica Boyer and Roxanne Roland are the "can-do" coeds who get down to basics for their sorority backdoor initiation. It's A-plus action all the way for these straight "A" coeds.

. Virgin Dreams starring Jean Jennings, Susan McBain, Gloria Leonard
Terri Hall, Zedeby Colt, Wade Nichols  Synopsis:
Jean plays a gal who keeps having vivid carnal dreams, wild visions of utter debauchery that she can't reconcile with her virginal ways. Her concerned parents try and find help for her, but keep letting their own libidos get in the way! In the end, Jean's fantasies come to life in a scintillating finale. The line between truth and fiction blurs as Jean becomes a creature of pure sensual satisfaction, her Virgin Dreams giving way to sexual reality

Virgin Heat starring Lois Ayers, Gail Force, Keisha, Brittany Stryker
Peter North, Dan T. Mann, Steve Drake, Blake Palmer Synopsis:
A beautiful
scientist has developed the ultimate aphrodesiac, and she gives the elixir to her best friend. After they boff, they both take the elixir out into the world a demonstrate it's power to make people act like out of control virgins.

Virgin Killers: The Killing Spree starring Davia Ardell, Alabama, Sydney
Kimberly Kyle, Sheila, Alex Sanders, Sean Rider, Jay Ashley
Synopsis: The guys who deflower those lovely willing virgins are on the trail
of eager willing women leave the ranks of the virgins.

Virgin Treasures Series

Virgin Treasures 1 starring Erika Bella, Brittania, Kathy Kash, Kitty Yung
Sidonie Lamour, Frank Gunn, Joey Verducci, Alberto Rey, David Perry
Couple buys villa on tropical island. Villa is haunted by good looking
ghosts who have sex everywhere.

Virgin Treasures 2 starring Erika Bella, Brittania, Kathy Kash, Kitty Yung
Sidonie Lamour, Frank Gunn, Joey Verducci, Alberto Rey, David Perry
The saga continues for the owners of the haunted beach villa and the
ghosts whyo are sexually active there.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Virginia starring Shauna Grant, Janey Robbins, Lili Marlene, Paul Thomas,
Billy Dee, Herschel Savage
Synopsis:  A young virgin begins to have lustful feelings towards her Father, then she decides to act upon those feelings.

Virtual Sex starring Kelly O'Dell, Tiffany Mynx, Deborah Wells
Sierra, Tina Tyler, Laurie Cameron, Ariel Daye, Tanya Storm
Tony Tedeschi, Mark Davis, Darrin Hart, Eric Starr Synopsis:
A pair of electronic sunglasses,a hand-held computer, and a human imagination: These are the tools of the trade in Virtual Sex, A woman &  her closes friends test drive the new pleasure goggles by plugging into their most treasured erotic fantasieswith explosive results

The Vision starring Savannah, K C Williams, Domonique Simone
Carolyn Monroe, Randy West, Mike Horner, Tom Byron Synopsis:
Meet Stephanie Banks. She's the girl of your dreams. The only catch is, she's the product of a vivid imagination. The tale of one writer's indecent obsession with the incredible vixen he has created. Somewhere between fantasy and reality stands The Vision.

Visions of Jeannie starring Tracey Adams, Nikki Charm, Summer Rose
Nina Hartley, Tamara Longley, Jerry Butler, Kevin James, Jay Serling
Summer Rose, whose best friend, Tamara Longely, was murdered, calls on a medium with mysterious powers. She uses a Ouija board and brings Tamara's voice into the room and then Tamara returns from the dead, thus providing a three-couples sex exchange. This voluptuous medium conjures up many hot experiences!

The Visitor starring Holly Landers, Bridgette Kerkove, Vanessa
Dave Hardman, Brian Surewood

Synopsis: When a young couple get a visit from the husband’s dorky cousin, he
ends up coming into his own and becoming a super stud.

Vista Valley P.T.A. starring Jessie St. James, Dorothy LeMay,
Juliet Anderson, Sharon Kane, Kay Parker, Desiree West, Jamie Gillis,
John Leslie, Richard Pacheco
It's sin in the suburbs!
The suburb of Vista Valley will never be the same since members of the P.T.A. and the students have decided to do a little extra curricular activity on their own. The luscious ladies of the P.T.A. can hardly wait to do some horizontal studies with the young bucks of Vista Valley. It's the best tutoring these boys will ever get!

Vixens of Kung Fu starring C J Lang, Bree Anthony, Juliet Graham
Arlana Blue, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Roger Cain Synopsis:
After a girl is violent attacked by three thugs, she seeks revenge, and decides to seek out an american female Kung Fu Masterto train her. But the Kung Fu Master realizes that if she comes out of hiding to train the woman, her old enemy will soon find her.

Vortex starring Juli Ashton, Nici Sterling, Vicca, Nikita, Johnni Black
Rayveness, Melanie Stone, Syren, Jonathan Morgan, Tony Tedeschi
Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, Dave Hardman
A scientist, working on a dimension  travel machine, is pushed into the machine's vortex by her rival and is catapulted into numerous dimensions where sex
rules all. She must decide whether to go back to Earth, or stay in the vortex.

Vow of Passion starring Savannah, P J Sparxx, Nikki Sinn, Woody Long
Tom Byron Synopsis:
A young woman realizes that, shortly after the honeymoon,
she was simply a conquest for her husband. Now that he has her, he barley pays any attention to her, and he is now in pursuit of his next challenge. She tries to fill the void with volunteer work and hanging with friends, but she will not stray. She takes her vows very seriously.....but love hurts when only one's in love.

Voyeur starring Taija Rae, Sheri St Clair, Tish Ambrose, Sharon Kane
Sarah Bernhard, Jack Wrangler, Robert Bullock, George Payne
Michael Knight
Synopsis: When an ex-cop with a record, lands a job as a P.I., he ends up getting a case following a rich lady and video taping her every move. He soons fiinds himself being seduced by her sexual shenanigans, and ebtwined in her schemes.

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