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Ubangis on Uranus starring Laurel Canyon, Jeanna Fine, Viper
Rachel Ryan, Lili Marlene, Keli Richards, Tanya Foxx, Patti Petite
Summer Rose, Ron Jeremy, Ray Victory, F.M. Bradley, Steve Powers Synopsis:
what are these bored video store clerks to do? Watch porno tapes all day of course, and then seduce every customer that comes thru the door.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women starring Tristan Taormino
Ruby, Inari Vachs, Sydnee Steele, Nina Hartley, Chloe, Ava Vincent
Jazmine, Chandler, Kyle Stone Nacho Vidal, Tony Tedeschi
The real-life author of The Best Selling Book, Tristan Taormino,
convinces a big time porno producer to make a movie based on her book. But
before shooting can start she has to give a seminar to some big time stars about
just how to do the acts stated in the book. Featuring Tristan's first on screen action
and it's a totally hot anal!!!

Ultimate Lover starring Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Jessica Wylde
Nikki Randall, Amber Lynn, Robin Cannes, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy
Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Jon Martin Synopsis:
It seems that Nina Hartley and Tracey Adams are going through some rough times with their love lives. Their solution is to build the world's greatest vibrator. But they don't stop there -- they build a body to go along with it. An Ultimate Lover is what they end up with, a tireless sexual stud who'll do their bawdy bidding without complaint. But it turns out he's too much for them to handle on their own

Ultimate Pleasure starring Annette Haven, Candida Royale
Kristine Heller, Jade Wong, Nina Fause, John Holmes, Paul Thomas
Ray Wells Synopsis:
When a young couple realize that they have no desire for one another they search out other avenues to relive their sexual frustrations.

Ultimate Sensations starring Houston, Monique DeMoan, Missy, Lovette
Caressa Savage, Carlie, Alex Dane, John Decker, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley Mickey G
Sex Therapy! Stimulating Situations! Orgasms Guaranteed! A sex video
for the mind as well as the genitals! Experience the ULTIMATE SENSATIONS of unbridled lust!!

Ultra (aka Lunapar) starring Erika Bella, Blondie, Peggy Sue
Gloria Green, Francesco Malcom, Silvio Evangelista, Zenza Raggi
The wife of a famous wrestler at the end of his career, does whatever
it takes to keep him happy and prop up his ego

*In Italian w/ no subtitles Please note the quality of this film falls into the fair-good

Ultra Flesh starring Seka, Serena, Candida Royale, Kelly Nichols
Tawny Pearl, Lisa De Leeuw, Angel Cash, Laurie Smith, Little Oral Annie
Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, John Seeman
Porn legend Seka stars in this 1980 sci-fi romp, one of the best outings of her stellar sexvid career. The flick is set in a bleak future world in which the earth's male population has been rendered impotent by the intake of too much sugar. Or so it would seem. In fact, the impotence is due to a nefarious plot by space aliens bent on conquering the world. Things begin to look up for the earthlings when an intergalactic council dispatches sultry space vixen Ultraflesh (Seka) to earth to foil the plan and reenergize the world's male populace. If Seka can somehow get in the clinch with the head alien (Jamie Gillis), he will disappear in a lusty flash. And really now, who could resist the sultry Scandinavian charms of the endlessly enticing Seka? Among the highlights is a ravenous threesome between Seka, Laurie Smith and another delectable space damsel. Candida Royale turns in one of her most memorable scenes, romping on a trapeze with lucky stiff Mike Ranger. Kelly Nichols shares her supple curves with Ron Jeremy in another searing session. But it's Seka who is the center of attention here. In scene after scintillating scene, she shows why she's considered one of the sexiest and most alluring porn starlets ever.

Ultra Sex starring Barbara Dare, Tasha Voux, Sharon Kane, Scarlett Fever
Ashley Moore, David Morris, Michael Gaunt, Marc Stevens
The publisher of a men's magazine has to name a new Editor, and he has
the field narrowed down to 3 possible women. With no way to decide, he unhatches a brilliant plan. He invites all 3 + their men, to a wild orgy. The last one standing gets the job.

Ulysses starring Maria Bellucci, Erika Bella, Ursula Moore, Regina Sipos
Kristina Varga, Rita Cardinale, Frank Gunn, John Walton, Mike Foster
Jean Yves La Castel
Synopsis: This new story of Ulysses and the sex-filled affairs while he was away
has everything to tantalize the senses. From hot sex with nymphs in the fields, to greek gods seducing women and hot orgies in the throne rooms, the world of Ulysses is seductive and enchanting. The gorgeous babes provide plenty of scenery and love to please themselves.
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Una Calda Moglie Infedele starring Erika Bella, Eve Banco, Peggy Sue
Kristina Varga, John Walton, Andrew Youngman, Leslie Taylor, Steve Hard
Synopsis: When a stunning woman finds out her husband is cheating on her
she sets out to show that she is much more admirable& desiravle  than he thinks
she is.
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

The Unauthorized Biography of Rob Blow starring Cameo, Tianna
Carol Cummings, Lauren Brice, Marc Wallice, Cal Jammer, Steve Olsen
Synopsis: Porn spoof on the real life happenings of movie star (with a similar
name), and the aftermath of his leaked sex tape in the 90s.

Unbridled starring Sunset Thomas, Dallas, Kerri Downs, Channone
Zack Thomas, Johnny Quest, Joe College Synopsis:
The world's most famous
pornstar is being interviewed for an exclusive adult magazine, and in the process, she relates some of her best personal experiences.

Uncut Diamond starring Debi Diamond, Mandi Wine, Tianna
Jerry Butler, Peter North Synopsis:
Debi & Jerry are the hosts of a late night
cable show that deals in explicit fantaies. The FCC wants them shut down, but the fans can't get enough.

Under Dressed starring Houston, Charlie, Temptress, Wendi Knight, Gina Ryder, Claudia Chase, Misty Rain
Coral Sands, Taylor Moore, Violet Love, Katja Jean, Syren, Alex Sanders, Alec Metro, Bllly Glide
Brick Majors, Jeremy Iron, Kyle Phillips
There's stripping and then there's the long lost Erotic Art of Undressing: sensuously sliding silk stockings down a pair of soft, succulent thighs, slipping a bra strap over a shoulder, stepping out of a pair of lace panties. What more could a fan
of high-end erotica want than to see twelve of the most gorgeous girls in adult video unveiling their choice parts, and displaying with equal visual delight? How about their most impressive sexual abilities?

Undercover Angel starring Angel, Stacy Lords, Krystina King, Lisa Bright
Don Hart, Jon Dough Synopsis:
Angel's last film!!! She plays a radio sex-talk
show host who seems to have lost interest in career, but the Program Manager hatches
a plan to swing her back behind the mic.
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been
able to locate has some slight picture distortion during the opening credits.

Undercovers starring Becky Savage, Samantha Fox, Sharon Mitchell, Drea
Chelsea Manchester, Bobby Astyr, John Stagliano, Ken Starbuck
A filthy spy farce that offers super production values and super sexy stars. Mixes laughs with the most graphic sex scenes of the year. Undercovers` uncovers a load of sexuality, with erotic spy capers at their hottest.

Underworld starring Ava Vincent, Asia Carrera, Bridgette Kerkove
Taylor St Clair, Zoe, April Flowers, Chris Cannon, Herschel Savage
Ron Jeremy, John Decker, Lexington Steele Synopsis:
A classic tale of lost love, dark desires and endless evil. A pulse pounding sexual roller coaster ride into the heart of hell to the sex filled dens of the soulless,& a world of sin unlike anything ever imagined, peopled with wild beauties, tireless studs -- all captives in a landscape of sheer decadence

Undressed Rehearsal starring Ginger Lynn, Gina Carrera, Debra Lynn
Lisa Lake, Angela Dunlop, Tom Byron, Robert Bullock, Tony El-Lay
twist on the old Hollywood casting couch story, this one takes us into
the life of a porno casting agent.

Undulations starring Kitty Shane, Mai Lin, Suzanne French, Serena
Juliet Anderson, Brooke West, Jennifer Duran, John Holmes, Jamie Gillis
Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Eric Stein
On a talk show called Undulations, John Holmes and Jamie Gillis are
being interviewed by Mai Lin, Kitty Shayne and Suzanne French. As they talk about various sexual situation, we see them reenacted on the screen.

Unersattlich starring Vivian Schmitt, Gina Blonde, Sai Tai Tiger, Steffi
Cheyenne Lacroix, Horst Baron, Andy Moon, Joey Murphy, Tom Cruiso
Ronny Roseti
Synopsis: This laundromat is the hottest spot in town to hook up for sex as
well as dropping loads ....of clothes ....of course.

Unfaithful Entry starring Summer Knight, Stacy Nichols, Alicia Rio
Lacy Rose, Celeste, Kym Wilde, Sheila Stone, Jonathan Morgan
Nick Rage, Jeff Scott, Kris Newz Synopsis:
When a con man looks up his
rich, old college roommate with a plan to swindle him in a phony business deal, he finds out that his friend's wife is cheating on him, and his plans turn to blackmail instead.

Unforgettable starring Jewel DeNyle, Jenna Haze, Kianna Dior
Laura Jade, Sophie Evans, Faith Adams, Chris Cannon, Ian Daniels
Julian, Lee Stone, Tony Rabis
Synopsis: A "separated" couple faces the daunting task of dividing up their property
but a special box of mementos reminds them of what brought them together in the first place. Jewel De'Nyle and Julian star in this spectacular tale of lifelong passion and the passions that build up, and then tear down love.

Uniform Behavior starring Hyapatia Lee, Keisha, Megan Leigh
Nina Hartley, Britt Morgan, Caitlyn Lewis, Randy West, Billy Dee, Jon Dough Tom Byron, Jesse Eastern Synopsis:
Hyapatia is a sex therapist for a group of women in uniform. Each woman has a tale to tell about thier experiences on the job, & Hyapatia can't wait for the session to end so she can work out her own frustrations.

Unplugged: Banned in Britain starring Dallas, Sarah Jane Hamilton
Nikki Sinn, Dallas D'Amour, Jon Dough, Mike Horner, Jonathan Morgan
Vince Vouyer, Sean Michaels
Britain's top shock jock has push her show a little to far & now the
government is pulling the plugged on her show, but with a little help from her
friends she is going the pirate radio route vowing to keep her sexy show going.

Unlaced starring Chantilly Lace, Brittany Saks, Jane LeBeau, Ashley, TC
Tina, Brad Wilcox, Rick Savage, Eric East, Tyler Gibson
When a talk show host reads letters from viewers about their fantasies,
we get to see those fantasies acted out on the screen, with extremely hot results.

Unleashed starring Selena, Laura Palmer, Asia Carrera, Misty Rain
Shelby Stevens, Rebecca Lord, Dahlia Grey, Lea Martini, Monique DeMoan
Colt Steel, John Deker, Bruno SX, Vince Vouyer, Mark Davis
A  surrealistic fairy tale starring Selena and Laura Palmer who each
receive a mysterious gift- a crystal phallus- compelling them to take a magical, erotic odyssey into the submissive and dominant facets of their personalities.

Unlike a Virgin Starring Carolyn Monroe, Jamie Leigh, Melanie Moore
Amber Woods, Peter North, Nick East, Tom Chapman, T T Boy
You can thank your lucky stars that these sex-crazed, borderline
nymphos are out to justify their love. As they get together to play a little Truth or Dare, they end up getting into the groove -- and then some!

Unmistakably You dtarring Kaylan Nicole, Nicole Lace, Nikki Randall
Vanessa Chase, Colt Steel, Nick East, Tom Byron
Synopsis: When people are used to having their way, it is only logical that they experience the most powerful displays of cognitive dissonance. Kaylan is beautiful, rich & sheltered. She's not used to a boyfriend cheating on her. She becomes
obsessed by the woman that Brad is cheating with. After a freak accident, she returns to consciousness believing she is Venus. Eventually she comes face to ace with the one and only Venus; An erotic thriller with a stunning climax.

An Unnatural Act starring Birdgette Monet, Kimberly Carson
Pamela Jennings, Desiree Lane, Misty Regan, John Leslie, Ron Jeremy
Eric Edwards
A lusty lampoon of the Hollywood hit 'Heaven Can Wait,' this 1984 epic stars John Leslie as a down-on-his-luck guitarist who only has two things going for
him -- his motorcycle and his ever-loving girlfriend Desiree Lane. After spending a lusty
night in her arms, John heads home on his bike, only to be hit and killed by a car
driven by porn producer Eric Edwards. Weeks later, when Desiree tries out for a
part in Eric's latest hardcore production, John's spectral ghost appears on the scene.
He watches as Desiree and Eric get down and dirty, then decides to make the most
of his invisibility. He heads to a tennis club, where he joins in on a sultry threesome between a couple of cuties in the women's locker room. Later on, he finds Desiree's delectable roommate Kimberly Carson asleep in bed. He sneaks into her room and
takes her on in a highly erotic coupling. In the end, Eric's car careens off of a cliff, enabling John's ghost to step into his body and continue his affair with Desiree. The
whole thing is a bit silly, but it's played for laughs and never takes itself too seriously. What is serious here is the sex, with a string of blistering boffs featuring some of the
most alluring eroticists of the mid-80s. Fast-paced fun that delivers the goods time and time again!

An Unnatural Act 2 starring Nina Hartley, Erica Boyer, Robin Cannes,
Jessica Wylde, Keli Richards, Nikki Randall, Bunny Bleu, John Leslie,
Jerry Butler Synopsis:
Nina Hartley plays an heiress who goes to see a mystic to
see into her future. But when the seance reveals that Nina is about to die, she runs out and finds herself in the clinch with a swarthy stud. She ends up dying in his arms, but her spirit lives on. Her ghostly presence discovers that Nina was poisoned by someone hoping to cash in on her fortune. Nina decides to get to the bottom of the plot, so she enlists the help of John Leslie in a scintillating and silly series of scenes. Ultimately, Nina ends up finding the killer and John ends up having a great time after all. A tongue-in-cheek romp that delivers lots of lust and laughs, this one's a great example of Nina Hartley at her bawdy best.

Unnatural Phenomenon starring Careena Collins, Alexis Greco, Danielle
Gayle Sterling, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler, Jon Marrtin, Tom Byron
Paul Thomas
The strange story of a person who has the curse of changing sex every 28 days. This of course makes for some very wierd storylines.

Untamed starring Kay Parker, Abigail Clayton, Sharon Thorpe,
Kristine Heller, Paul Thomas, John Seeman Synopsis:
A spellbinding story
of lust and fulfillment, starring the unequaled Jill Jackson. Jill gives us what we want ... plus more! She is joined by the ravishing Cindy Johnson, and stunning Kay Parker in this story of sweet and savage domination.

Untamed Passions starring Danielle, Shanna McCullough, Lois Ayers
Patti Petite, Paul Thomas, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin
Arrogant Alexis is being kept in luxurious style. Yet the pampered ex-cal
girl is restless…she longs to dominate those who adore her as she did before becoming Philip's kept woman. Aroused by exercising her power after holding it in check so long, Alexis decides to give her aggressive sexuality full reign in a number of deliciously
devious ways

Unthinkable starring Tamara Longley, Honey Wilder, Bunny Bleu
Pamela Mann, Eric Edwards, Scott Irish, Jerry Davis
Honey Wilder plays mom in this taboo-esque tale of family affairs. Also starring Tamara Longley, Bunny Bleu, Pamela Mann, Mark Harris and Eric Edwards. Watch this family get it on in every room of the house, including the hot tub!

Unveiled starring  Erica Boyer, Krista Lane, Taija Rae, Alexis Greco
Patti Petite, Nikki Knights, Mike Horner, Billy Dee, Francois Papillion
Jeff Scott Synopsis: When 2 wives find out that their husbands are cheating on them, they decide to even the score

Unwilling Lovers starring Jodi Maxwell, Terri Hall, C J Lang, Nancy Dare
Annie Sprinkle, Zebedy Colt, Rod Dumont, John Bush, Chad Lambert
John Lawerence Synopsis:
 A slow-witted, twisted serial killer and his buddy go on a murder spree. They start in the backwoods town they call home, and move up into the big city for their prey. The cops are hot onthier trail as they screw their victims before each kill ( and sometimes even afterwards) A long lost clkassic not for the squeamish.
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate falls into the fair-good range

Up All Night starring Stacey Donovan, Candie Evans, Natasha Skyler
Joanna Storm, Keli Richards, Frank James, Francois Papillion, Randy West
Tom Byron, Scott Irish, Ray Wells
An invisible force has cum out of the sky and has taken over an elevator
in an office building. Everyone who steps into this elevator is overcum by this special force and has an overwhelming desire to do the deed.

Up Desiree Lane starring Desiree Lane, Nicole West, Dan T Mann
Jay Serling, Francois Papillion, Steve Powers Synopsis:
Classic 80s style 'mockumentray', as Desiree tells you the 'real story' of how she got into the porn
business and how much she loves it! Of course she recreates all the torrid scenes of her journey

Up & Cummers 6 starring Veronica Sage, Yvonne, Misty Rain, Dior
Amanda Rae, Laurie Cameron, Randy West, Sean Michaels, Kurt, Bobby
This volume of the highly succesful series is highlighted by early
appearances by Veronica Sage & Yvonne, along with other fiery performances
by woman begging to be stars.

Up & Cummers 7 starring Draghixa, Barbara Doll, Taylor Moore, Yvonne
Sandra, Randy West, Peter North, Mark Davis
In the 7th installment of Randy West's classic series, we are given the first stateside appearences of  Draghixa & Barbara Doll along with a few others.

Up & Cummers 11 starring Jenna Jameson, Krysti Lynn, Vanity, Silka
Randy West, Gerry Pike
Synopsis: After making her porn debut in volume 10, Jenna Jameson returned
in volume 11 to make her first boy/girl scene on the blue screen. Throw in a few
other hot babes and you have a scorcher here!!!

Up & Cummers 25 starring Veronica Sage, Erin Key, Fonda French
Shonna Lynn, Sky Walker, Natally Would, Casey, Randy West
Vince Vouyer, DJX
Randy takes us on another tour of some of the new talent in the porm
business. This volume is highlighted a serious thumping of Veronica Sage.

Up & Cummers 28 starring Channone, Christi Lake, Cherokee
Bridgette Belle, Stevi Conrad, Randy West, Jay Ashley
Randy West is once again bringing us those babes who aspire to
become porn stars. This volume is highlighted by early performances of Channone
Christi Lake.

Up & Cummers 71 starring Cheyenne Silver, April Flowers, Sammi Jay
Ashley Adams, Gail Monique, Randy West, Damien Michaels
Volme 71 of this popular series of newcummers, features early
oerformances from Cheyenne Silver & April Flowers

Up & Cummers 78 starring Cheyenne Silver, Carla, Carmen
Katie Gold, Shay Sweet, Randy West, Oliver Sanchez, Ian Daniels
The 78th volume of this "Curn 'Em Out" series, let's us revisit
one of Randy west's best discoveries, Cheyenne Silver along with some other impressive honies all trying to make it in porn.

Up 'n Coming starring Marilyn Chambers, Lisa De Leeuw,  Loni Sanders
Lili Marlene, Cody Nicole, Tina Marie, John Holmes, Herschel Savage
Richard Pacheco Synopsis:
Up and Coming shows the county music business at it's steamiest. Chambers plays Cassie, an on the rise county singer who lands a gig playing the opening act for the superstar Althea Anderson (Lisa De Leeuw). Unfortunately, Althea's on her way down and Cassie has to deal with the jealous star. From Nashville
to Los Angeles, we watch the tumultuous relationship between these two women as
they tour. No one does it like Marilyn, and this film is the erotic proof!

Up in The Air starring Kristara Barrington, Mauvais DeNoir, Beverly Bliss
Crystal Breeze, Dorothy Onan, Tracy Duzit, Nicole Blanc, Steve Powers
Francois Papillion, Jay Serling, Nick Niter, Shone Taylor, Joe Elliot
Fasten yourseat belts, and put yourtrays in the upright position, as this
plane offers a unique experience to all passangers.

Up The Gulf starring Sunny McKay, Cameo, Taylor Wayne
Felina Fabres, Don Fernando, Ron Jeremy, Wayne Summers
When a UN diplomat is kidnapped in Beruit, his daughter and her
commando girlfriends take matters into their own hands and go to Beruit to rescue him from the evil terrorists.

. Up Up & Away starring Cody Nicole, Ginger Lynn, Debi Diamond
Bridgette Monet, Colleen Brennan, Laurie Smith, Bunny Bleu
Stacey Donovan, Sasha Gabor, Jerry Butler, Jamie Gillis, David Cannon
Paul Thomas Synopsis:
You'll go first class all the way in this airline, it's hot, wet
and it'll keep you coming back for more.' Get into the cockpit with this crew of
seductive stewardesses! Watch as the steamy sexual plot unfolds on the ground and
in the air. If you've ever dreamed of joining the Mile-High Club, this one's for you

Upbeat Love starring Kaylan Nicole, Vanessa Chase, Debi Diamond
Colt Steel, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Nick East, Cal Jammer
Synopsis: Kaylan is beautiful, young and afraid of everything. Until the healing
power of love brings her out of her shell. . . into your heart.

Urban Cowgirls starring Veronica Hart, Lee Carroll, Georgina Spelvin
Misty Regan, Hillary Summers, Eric Edwards, John Leslie, Joey Silvera
Blair Harris,
Aaron Stuart Synopsis: The woman who work & frequent this Houston honky tonk bar, are all trying to find true love, though each one has a different definition of what love is. Some find it, others don't & some aren't quite sure.

Urban Heat starring Taija Rae, Sharon Kane, Tish Ambrose, Carol Cross
Cassandra Leigh, Chelsea Blake, Dave Ambrose, Bernard Daniels
Scott Baker, David Sanders, David Scott Synopsis:
A sensual heat shimmers above city streets. Dormant passions come alive. The weekend is here, and you get a grand tour of sizzling encounters between lovers and strangers, complete with hot music and striking cinematograph

The Usual Anal Suspects starring Nikki Sinn, Julie Rage, Sahara Sands
Crystal Gold, Selena, Amber Woods, Christi Lake, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley
John Decker, Kyle Stone, Brick Majors Synopsis:
There's a sex riot in
cellblock A and you're invited! Bad backdoor babes are subjected to full body cavity searches with deep probes as passions run wild in a behind bars orgy that will make
you sweat! I know your ready for see what happens on the inside. Get ready for some inside action of pure anal bliss.... Are you ready to do some hard time?

Use It or Lose It starring Vixxxen, Kaitlyn Ashley, Teri Diver
Lynn LeMay, Peter North, Jonathan Morgan, Randy West
A porn parody modeled directly after the John Boibbit, but done with a
bit of humor, as Vixxxen, literally, cannot get her husband to stop watching the sports channel, no matter what she does. First she becomes frustrated, then horny & finally. ...flat out pissed off!!!

Used Cars starring Racquel Darrian, Raven, K C Williams, Natasha Skyler
Joey Silvera, Derek Lane, Randy West
It's amazing how a used car lot that specializes in classic cars, turns on
the women shopping on the lot. Well, they say certain cars are chick magnets.

More Titles Coming Soon