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S.O.S. ( aka Screw on Screen ) starring Jodi Maxwell, Honeysuckle Divine, Darby Lloyd Raines, Eric Edwards
Marc Stevens, Al Golstien
A bold attempt to bring the famous magazine,'Screw" to the blue screen. What was planned  to be a series of films, became only this once in a lifteime event. Peppered with plenty of hot scenes in between the mag segments, the movie culminates in an interview with Jodi Maxwell & a lucky fan, as she demonstrates her amazing felatio abilities.
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate has some slight picture distortion at a few points in the film.

Sabotage starring Tiffany Mynx, Valeria, Brigitte Aime, Sandi Beach
Peter North, Steven St Croix, Tom Byron, T T Boy
A classic blend of sexual treachery, betrayal, perversion and lust using today’s high technology super video camcorders and extremely beautiful women

Saddletramp starring Hyapatia Lee, Eva Allen, Shanna McCullough
Nina Hartley, Gina Gianetti, Scott Irish, Peter North, Randy West
Portraying a beautiful Indian girl sold into sex-slavery, Hyapatia escapes with the Masked Bandit – and her erotic adventures are off with a bang! There's a carnal cowgirl encounter, the sizzling escapades at Miss Lilly's whorehouse, and many a raunchy ride with horny cowboys!

Sadie starring Cris Cassidy, Diane Holt, Lisa K Loring, Rick Ardon
Billy Dee, Gary Eberhart, Jerome Deeds Synopsis:
The setting is Borneo, 1971, at Doc’s Hotel where Sadie, deported from Viet Nam for prostitution, falls in love with a GI. Fiery passion & intrigue focus around Sadie, her double-crossing dope running agent, an infamous Rajah intent on conquering Sadie, & the self-righteous Senator hell-bent on converting Sadie to the good life, while his own daughter seeks to leave it behind her

Safe Cracker starring Jeanna Fine, Britt Morgan, Angela Summers, Leilani
Alice Springs, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Sikki Nix Synopsis: 
Britt, Jeanna and Angela Summers 'borrow' a bunch of money from the bank where they work. The bank examiner discovers the missing money. So Jeanna and Angela get their boyfriends to stage a fake bank robbery to get the money to cover the real heist.And all along the way, everybody goes down on everybody, everybody screws, and the sex action's always incredibly hot.

Saints & Sinners starring Tiffany Mynx, Traci Winn, Mona Lisa
Saki St Jermaine, Chanel, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Tony Tedeschi
Steve Hatcher Synopsis:
2 lawyers come to wrestle with their personal wants
amd needs while ignoring those of their clients during a corporate merger.

Saki's House Party starring Saki St Jermaine, Viper, Raven Richards
Dusty, Michelle Monroe, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Gabor, Wayne Summers
Sean Michaels Synopsis:
Join Saki's guests as she entertains them Oriental style
at a party to be remembered. It's invitation only, so accept this invitation and cum now. An exciting video filled with hot sex! Also, be sure not to miss Saki's special "Oriental Back Door" scene!

Same Time Every Year starring Loni Sanders, Tiffany Clark, Lee Carroll
Holly McCall, China Lee, Kathy Harcourt, Starr Wood, Lynx Cannon
Pheary I. Burd, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Michael Morrison,
Herschel Savage, Blake Palmer, Mike Ranger
When a group of businessmen go away for their annual sales meeting,
their wives find other ways to fulfill  themselves.

. Samurai Dick starring Kristara Barrington, Kaiko, Ron Jeremy
Jamie Gillis, Ken Starbuck
Pretty Asian girls are disappearing while on the tour in the United States. The notorious Mr. Lobo and his hench-midget Shank are selling them to Third World rich boys looking for the next erotic kick. Japanese undercover agents from Osaka Special Branch have been dispatched to America to bust this hideous crime-ring. To insure the mission's success, detective Sam Dick has been assigned to the case by Midtown.

San Fernando Valley Girls starring Laurie Smith, Sharon Mitchell
Janey Robbins, Juliet Anderson, Debi Diamond, Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis
David Morris, Joey Silvera, Jon martin, Paul Thomas S
Like here it is! Like you totally need to see this tubular new flick, 'San Fernando Valley Girls.' It is this bitchin, twitchen, totally awesome sextacular new
moan and talk epic and like I mean, it's blue to the max. Ohmigod, these dudes are too rad to be true. I mean, like gag me with romance. Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards and Paul Thomas are pantin' and jivin', with the burn yourself hot Sharon Mitchell and Juliet Anderson. Totally awesome!

Sarah Young Private Fantasies Series
Sarah Young Private Fantasies 1 starring Sarah Young, Rebecca Wild
Jessica Fox, Lisa Lipps, Souad Abdul, Jon Dough, Costa, Peter North
T T Boy, Steve Hatcher, Richard Langin
Synopsis: What a great way to kick off this over the top successful series as
Sarah begins her 30 volume extrvaganza with some serioiusly hot action with
some help from her friends
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 2 starring Sarah Young, Lisa Lipps
Dominique Simone, Veronica Rio, Lynden Johnson, Peter North
Jon Dough, Kris Newz, Peter Fuller
Sarah's second installment continues the hot action for her fans
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 3 starring Sarah Young, Heather Lee
Olivia, Angel Bust, Christoph Clark, Jon Dough, Peter North, Nick East
Mike Foster, Tony Tedeschi, Ricrad Langin
3rd times a charm for Sarah along with some new friends to bring this hot
action to you.
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 4 starring Sarah Young, Joy Karins
Kitten Natividad, Shelia Stone, Souad Abdul, Alex Sanders, Nick East
Christoph Clark, Richard Langin, Costa
The 4th installment brings us a backdoor performance from the legendary
Kitten Natividad, along with Sarah & friends delivering the goods as well.
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 5 starring Sarah Young, Joy Karins
Chessie Moore, Rebecca Wild, Shelly Lyons, Souad Abdul, Sharon O'Brien
Blake Palmer, Christoph Clark, Jake Steed, Jim Stevens
The 5th installment of the mega series Sarah & a bevy big boobed
babes steaming up the screen
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 6 starring Sarah Young, Sunset Thomas
Lacy Rose, Tabatha Cash, Misty McCaine, Christoph Clark, Jon Dough
Kris Newz, Peter North, Nick East, Jim Warner
The 6th installment features Sarah, of course, but she is joined by one
of the greatest stars of all time, Sunset Thomas along with Tabatha Cash for pure
sexing at it's best
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 7 starring Sarah Young, Greta Carlson
Sean Michaels, Christoph Clerk, Mike Horner, Jake Steed, Jon Dough
Volume 7 finds Sarah & Greta handling some of the biggest studs
in the biz
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 8 starring Sarah Young, Sally Layd
Wendy Whoppers, Elisa, Christoph Clark, Peter North, Jon Dough
T T Boy, Richard Langin, Steven St Croix
Volume 8 is an all out big tit fest with those fun pillows swinging with
every thrust from these swordsmen
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 9 starring Sarah Young, Tianna Taylor
Rebecca Bardoux, Lynn LeMay, Blake Palmer, Christoph Clark
Peter North, Jean Yves Le Castel, T T Boy, Sean Michaels
In this installment, Sarh and some more of her big boobed buddies
perform some of the hottest scenes of the series.
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 10 starring Sarah Young, Lacy Rose
Tina Tyler, Kiss, Angela Ash, Christoph Clark, Jake Steed, Nick East
Steven St Croix, Sean Michaels, Mike Hornewr, Blake Palmer
Volume 10 finds Sarah & her friends in all new adventures
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 11 starring Sarah Young, Anita Blond
P J Sparxx, Peter North, Mike Foster, Richard Langin, Valentino
Volume 11 is pure fired up sex featuring one of Europe's hottest vixens,
Anita Blond along with P J Sparxx
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 12 starring Sarah Young, Francesca Le
Ashley Nicole, T T Boy, Marc Wallice, Jon Dough, Nick East
Sean Michaels
The 12th installment of Sarah's successful series is highlighted by a
scorching backdoor romp with Francesca Le
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 13 starring Sarah Young, Anita Dark
Fiona, Christoph Clark, Valentino, H J Clemmons, Johnny
It's lucky #13 for fans as Sarah & Anita Dark both turn in fiery
anal romps
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 14 starring Sarah Young, Heather Lee
Elisabeth, Steven St Croix, Nick East, Valentino, John Walton
Volume 14 turns up the heat with Sarah along with Heather Lee both
getting the job done in the workplace,
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 15 starring Sarah Young, Tabatha Cash
Melanie Moore, Agatha, Claudine St Jacques, Cheryl, Dian Klara
Irma, Fatime Choplin, Katina, Katie Lear, Christoph Clark, Cal Jammer
Don Fernando, Eric Weiss, Herve Pierre Gustov, Nick East, Richard Langin
Roberto Malone, T T Boy, Waldemar
Volume 15 kicks off with an all star orgy followed by smoking hot
performances with Tabatha & Melanie
*No closing credit

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 16 starring Sarah Young, Micky Lynn
Dominique Simone, T T Boy, Peter North, Niuck East, Cal Jammer
The 16th chapter of the series finds Sarah and some of her horniest
friends getting down & dirty as only they can
*No closing credit

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 17 starring Sarah Young, Erika Bella
Zara Whites, Mike Foster, Peter North, Valentino, Sean Michaels
In the 17th installment of this wildly successful series, porn starlet
Sarah Young enlists the help of Erika Bella & Zara Whites to act out her secret
fantasies for her fans.

*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 18 starring Sarah Young, Tina Tyler
Dominique Simone, Jon Dough, Nick East, Peter North, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Installment 18 continues on with the same formula with Sarah
and her friends delivering boiling hot sex
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 19 starring Sarah Young, Nadege
Gwyneth Morgan, Mike Horner, Christoph Clark, Peter North Yves Baillat
Richard Langin, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Number 19 introduces us to 2 new frirends of Sarah, along with a
scorching scene from Sarah
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 20 starring Sarah Young, Bunny Bleu
Sunset Thomas, John Dough, Yves Baillat, Jake Steed, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Sarah returns in volume 20 with a helping hand from legendary starlets, Sunset Thomas & Bunny Bleu
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 21 starring Sarah Young, Brigitte Aime
Christina Appleigh, Janet Jacme, Jon Dough, Peter North, Jake Steed
Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Chapter 21 continues the hot action that helps bring Sarah's
fantasies to life for the camera featuring an appearance from the not nearly seen
enough, Christina Appleigh
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 22 starring Sarah Young, Rachel Ryan
Mimi Miyagi, Tiffany Mynx, Angela Summers, Jon Dough, Peter North
Steve Drake, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Chapter 22 finds Sarah & friends acting out Sarah's private thoughts
for her fans featuring rare Euro appearances from some of the USA's top starlets
of the day
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 23 starring Sarah Young, April Rayne
Taylor Wayne, Jon Dough, Steve Drake, Sean Michaels, T T Boy
Tony Tedeschi
Synopsis: Volume 23 is another fiery piece of porn from Sarah & her friends
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 24 starring Sarah Young, Mimi Miyagi
Alicyn Sterling, Tiffany Million, Peter North, Jean Yves Le Castel
Randy Spears, Sean Micheals
Synopsis: Volume 24 brings Sarh with her friends steaming up the screen with
a finale featuring the always hot Tiffany Million
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 25 starring Sarah Young, Tiffany Million
Greta Carlson, Suraya Jamal, T T Boy, Steven St Croix, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Sarah Returns with Tiffany Million & otheres for another hot
chapter in the epic series
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 26 starring Sarah Young, Tiffany Million
Lana Sands, Mike Horner, Sean Michaels, Tony Tedeschi, Jake Steed
Jonathan Morgan
Synopsis: Sarah pumps up the action again as Tiffany Million is in a blistering 3
way and Lana Sands heats it up also
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 27 starring Sarah Young, Tiffany Million
Alicyn Sterling, Tera Heart, Tom Byron, Steven St Croix
Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Sarah returns with Tiffany Million in tow again, and this time
Tera Hewart & Alicyn Sterling also show up for the sexing
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 28 starring Sarah Young, Tiffany Million
Mona Lisa, Heather Lee, Jonathan Morgan, Peter North, Nick East
Tony Tedeschi, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Hot action from Sarah & Friends as always. Tiffany Closes out her
run in this sereis with a blistering 3 way
*No closing credits - Also please note, that the sound is spotty during the first 30 min

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 29 starring Sarah Young, Teri Diver
Sahara Sands, Peter North, Woody Long, Mark Davis, Steve Drake
Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Volume 29 has Sarah helming the volcanic action with some new
friends to the series
*No closing credits

Sarah Young Private Fantasies 30 starring Sarah Young, Sunset Thomas
Christine Appleigh, Michelle Jansen, Randy Spears, Mike Horner
Joey Silvera, T T Boy, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: The series closes out with a bang of fantastic heights. Sarah gets
some help from the legendary Sunset Thomas & a few othersin this grand finale

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 30 Volumes for Just 374.95
(A Savings of 103.55)

Satan Was a Lady starring Bree Anthony, Annie Sprinkle, Sandy Foxx
C.J. Lang, Tony Richards, Bobby Astyr
A Hooker & her despersate need to rise above the world she lives
in leads down a dark & sorceress path, letting no one stand in her way.

Satania starring Janet Littledove, Viper, Tiffany Blake, Breezy Lane,
Buck Adams, William Margold Synopsis:
The epic struggle between good and evil takes on a new twist as Satania decides to turn a decent man to decadence. She makes a bet with a rival angel that she can turn him into a sex-crazed animal within seven days. When he takes the bet, she shows that hard bodies and sweaty trysts are a better temptation than apples any day. But will her lessons in lust take hold, or is he really a nice guy at heart after all? The answers are all contained within this searing sexvid treat.

Satin Angels starring Taija Rae, Samantha Strong, Nina DePonca
Frankie Leigh, John Leslie, Peter North, Shone Taylor
Close sexual encounters taking place in an aerostatic rural estate, involving its residents, relatives, employees and visitors. They're nasty, naughty and wealthy. They're Satin Angels

Satin Finish starring Kimberly Carson, Misty Regan, Dallas Miko
Greg Rome, Dick Howard, Tony Martino
How this body shop ever gets any work done is a mystery.....and so is where the money's going. When the silent partners send inan undercover spy to find outwhat the deal is, she is introduced to just how they 'bang' outthe dents here.

Satin Suite starring Samantha Fox, Arcadia Lake, Christie Ford,
Rikki O'Neal, Eric Edwards, R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, Jack Teague,
Ron Hudd Synopsis:
Sandra (Heather Young) a beautiful young model, comes to ‘Eighteen Magazine’ for a job. In the Rothwell Empire that controls the magazine. Lauren Falconetti (Samantha Fox) is the top dog. But being the top dog in an office full of bitches is not enough for Lauren! She wants the whole thing. In her fight to climb to the ‘Satin Suite’, Lauren bites, scratches, and claws her way to the top!

Satisfactions starring Honey Wilder, Rhonda Jo Petty, Cara Lott,
Kay Parker,
Laura Lazare, Eric Edwards, John Leslie, Herschel Savage,
Ron Jeremy,
Jon Martin, R. Bolla Synopsis: Harold Lime, Producer of  'Society Affairs', has given the adult audience yet another reason to breathe heavily for a while. It's called 'SATISFACTIONS' and the girls are hot enough to set off smoke detectors in the theater.

The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue starring Lysa Thatcher, Sharon Mitchell,
Tiffany Clark, Lee Carroll, Annie Sprinkle, Jodi Maxwell, Hillary Summers,
R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, George Payne Synopsis:
Set in a futuristic society which adores its sexual Satisfiers more than anything else. A space-age resort environment exists where Satisfiers and their guests raise sex to a fine art, creating a society whose entire purpose is sexual fulfillment. You will be transported to this future paradise... and you too, will learn to enjoy sex in a new dimension!

Saturday Night Beaver starring Karen Summer, Angel Kelly, P J Sparxx
Tiffany Blake, Vanessa D'Oro, John Holmes, Joey Silvera
A classic take off, porn style, of Saturday Night Fever.

Savage starring Sindee Coxx, Brittany O’Connell, Rebecca Wild, Felecia
Kirsty Waay, Buck Adams, Tony Tedeschi, Alex Sanders
Where the legendary Lord of the jungle holds dominion over his willing subjects. His prowess, strength and awesome virility have made him a legend, until he meets the woman of his dreams, Jean, the incredibly beautiful daughter of professor
Pith, a word famous archeologist and explorer. This green-eyed heartbreakers wild animal sexuality brings the king to his knees and leaves him head over heels in love. Featuring Sindee Coxx in her 1st boy/girl scene ever!!

Savage Fury starring Christy Canyon, Beverly Bliss, Bunny Bleu
Josephine Carrington, April May, Peter North, Rick Savage, Tony Martino
Craig Roberts
After a group of rowdy guys get turned down by a group pf college
girls, the guys decide to break into their dorm and force themselves on the ladies.
Years later the girls get a chance at revenge, and they take it. This is the uncut original version complete with all the violence and gore.

Savage Lust starring Mimi Morgan, Helen Rogers, Joey Silvera
Mick Jones, Paul Scharf
2 women are attacked on a beach & are rescued by a passing couple.
The 2 are taken under the couple's wing and are taught the ways of pure animal lust. But the couple have created to sexual monsters instead of the obedient slaves they
had hoped for.

Savage Sadists starring Ginger Roberts, Gigi, Nicole Bernard
Martin Patton, David Christopher, Dan Stephens
When a smut peddler borrows mopney from the mob, and is late on his payments, he & his wife get more than they bargained for when the collectors come around.

The Savannah Affair starring Savannah, Bianca Trump, Tina Tyler
Ona Z, Tara Gold, Peter North, Randy West, Cal Jammer, Steven St Croix
Synopsis: A woman who is suspected of killing her husband and is now setting
her sites her sites on the men of the new neighborhood she has moved into.

Savannah RN starring Savannah, Flame, Christine Appleigh, Cal Jammer
Dick Nasty, Marc Wallice, Tony Tedescchi
This is one registered nurse that you will LOVE to check into. Not
only her, but also her HOT nymphomaniac friend, miss fire crotch!! In between her
and Savanah, there is no time to waste, no BLOWJOBS to be left to the side. It's
all in good fun!! We'll always love you Savanah!!

Scandalous Simone starring Kimberly Carson, Bunny Bleu, Renee Tiffany
Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, John Hollyfiled
A Millionaire is found poisoned and the police suspect murder, but all the
evidence points to suicide. As far as the detective is concerned, this doesn't add up.

Scarlet Fantasy starring Jennifer Stewart, Sunny Mckay, Nina Hartley
Cameo, Paula Price, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Cal Jammer, Eric Price
What's everyman's fantasy......laying a babe of a porn star of course. And
these guys get their wish as they're intermost fantasies are laid out in a series vignette
that will burn a hole in your TV set.

A Scent of Heather starring Veronica Hart, Vanessa Del Rio, Lisa B,
Christie Ford, Paul Thomas, R. Bolla Synopsis: A
Scent of Heather’s story line traces the sexual awakening of Heather (Veronica Heart), a tasty young virgin who leaves her convent to join in an arranged marriage with Frederick (Paul Thomas), a gardener’s son. Much of this awakening is induced by Heather’s lecherous Aunt Phyllis (played by Lisa B, an extremely voluptuous new-comer), who tells Heather about some, if not all of the mysteries of lust. However the newlyweds are soon told that they are in fact brother and sister and therefore cannot consummate their union, which leads to all sorts of bizarre perversions and debauchery with a host of horny supporting characters.

School Girl Reunion starring C J Lang, Kim Pope, Jean Dalton
Rene DuVall, Bobby Astyr, Roger Caine, Russ Carlson Synopsis:
A tender, explicit story of sexual love
,as one of the most popular girls from mschool looks back
at the goings on  right before she is set to attend aher 10 year reunion.

Schoolgirl By Day Woman By Night starring Summer Rose, Aurora Tantala, Honey Wilder, Gail Force, Buck Adams, Francois Papillion
Steve Drake, Nick Random
The title says it all in this classic from the 80s as a fiery deb decides that
she can get all the sex she wants AND some extra spending money by working at a
high end brothel at night.

The Scope starring Madelyn Knight, Nina Hartley, Sindee Coxx
Sharon Kane, Kimberly Kummings, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy, Steve Drake
A man comes into possesion of a fortune telling telescope. He can look
at a woman in the scope and see his future with her. All he has to do is figure out
how to meet the women. One catch...it shows the good AND the bad.

Scorcher starring Flame, Helen Bedd, Traci Winn, Amber Woods
Cal Jammer, Nick East
Larry, Cary and Jerry anxiously await their old pal Barry's release from prison. Since he hasn't seen any girls in a while, they've got a coming out party
planned that's going to be a "Scorcher"!!

Scotty's X Rated Adventure starring Juli Ashton, Serenity. Rebecca Lord, Ruby, Montana Gunn, Tricia Deveraux Scotty Schwartz Michael J Cox, Peter North, Nick East, Randy West, Vince Voyuer
Ever wonder what happened to the kid from 'A Christmas Story' that
stuck his tongue to the light pole? He was the same kid from that movie 'The Toy'.
Well...He went into porn. This is the fictionalized story of how & why he went into
porn, & the lucky stiff got to bang Juli Ashton his first time out!!

Scream in The Night starring Sandra Scream, Ashlyn Gere
Amanda Addams, Nikki Prince, Avalon, Woody Long, Wayne Summers
Randy West
A wealthy married man is dead. His wife gets everything. Including the private-eye investigating the murder. Or was it murder?

Screw Video Magazine 1 starring Bridgette Monet, Lois Ayers, Kay Parker, Tess Ferre, Becky Savage, Amber Lynn Kristara Barrington, Tiffany Clark, Theresa Orlowski, Al Goldstein, Jerry Butler, David Cannon Herschel Savage
R Bolla, Joey Silvera, Nick Niter, Billy Dee, Michael Morrison
Around the same time Hustler magazine released it's video magazine format, Screw magazine decided to do the same thing. Using the same format, Screw Video Magazine, was planned to be released each month. Centered around Al Golstein's late night cabel show, he would be taking this to the extreme that even cabel could not allow. Hardcore action peppered with interviews, reviews etc etc. Like Hustler's venture, Screw included special scenes with big name stars shot exclusively for these releases. Unfortunately, also like Hustler, which released 2 volumes,  the Screw project was scrapped after just one release.

Screwballs starring Taylor Wayne, Alexandra Quinn, Ashley Nicole
Dominique Simone, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler,  Steve Drake
Taylor Wayne is the personal assistant to a high-powered corporate executive, whose corporation is on the edge of bankruptcy. The only hope is to sell all the assets to a rich and horny Arab sheik.  The only way to convince the sheik is
to get him laid- and they do, with hilarious results.

Screwdriver starring Erica Boyer, Shanna McCullough, Krista Lane
Lois Ayers, Elle Rio, Mauvais DeNoir, Lili Marlene, Little Oral Annie
Alexis Greco, Meghan Leigh, Ron Jeremy, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera
Mike Horner, Jon Martin
Synopsis: When a woman applies for a waitress job at a strip club, she reminisces about the fun she and her friends had at the club with the new owner. Flashbacks tell the story of the Screwdriver Saloon.

Screwples starring Kandi Barbour, Serena, Cris Cassidy, Liza Dwyer
Laurien Dominique, Mimi Morgan, Kyoto Sun, Jamie Gillis, Jon Martin Richard Pacheco, Blair Harris, John Seeman
It’s tough assignment, but someone’s got to do it! A beautiful TV news reporter takes her film crew undercover (so to speak) and gets the lusty low-down on people’s sexual fantasies for the evening new. From A to Z, the variety of human erotic stimulation is an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience. Featuring Kandi Barber, Laurien Dominique, Kathy Adair, Serena and Kyoto, that Japanese typhoon of torrid Oriental orality, no sexual act goes undone! The news at eleven was never
like this. So don’t change that dial!

Scrue starring Chasey Lain, Jill Kelly, Roxanne Hall, Asia Carrera
Shelby Stevens, Joey Silvera, Ian Daniels, Bobby Vitale
Synopsis: Porn spoof of the classic movie based on the popular board game

Sea of Love starring Racquel Darrian, Kelly Royce, Michelle Monroe
Mia Powers, Joey Silvera, Derek Lane, Sean Michaels, Tom bYron
A man with 2 wives, suddenly decides he's had enough of them, and
moves on. He soon begins a search for some more women to replace them., but can
he replace the feelings he had for them?

Sea of Lust starring Nikki Knights, Susan Vegas, Chaz Vincent
Alex Storm, Billy Dee, Steve Vegas, Sean Michaels, Don Fernando
On the set of the talk show "The Hung and the Breastless," the focus is firmly on lust. Nubile Nikki Knights plays the amorous hostess of a daytime television show that really knows how to please its audience. Guests are clamoring to get on the show, and will stop at nothing to get their chance at a national audience. But things take a turn for the torrid when Nikki finds out that her guests lied in order to get a spot on the show. She makes them pay in the best way she knows how -- by making them have sex for her cameras.

The Search For Pink October starring Paula Price, Kelly Royce
Sabrina Dawn, Rayne, Eric Price, Tom Byron, Randy West
2 shore patrolman are taking a sailor off to federal prison to do his time, when they decide that there's more than enough time to get him and theirselves, laid before dropping him off. But not just any pro will do for this guy, they decide to try
and locate the infamous, Pink October, a pro of legendary status for this guy's last lay.

Search For The Snow Leopard starring Asia Carrera, Cheyenne Silver
Leanni Lei, Taylor St Clair, Temptress, Gina Ryder, Stephanie Swift
Ashton Moore, Halli Aston, Alec Metro, Brick Majors, James Bonn
Mark Davis, Randy Spears, Lexington Steele, J Load
Asia Carrera stars as a scientist searching for the snow leopard in
mythical Bardot. Her research is made complicated by poachers and unexpected
true love.

Second Skin starring Cheri Taylor, Ona Z, April West, Charli St Cyr
Pamela Rose, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Damien Cashmere
A gangster rolls into a house taking the occupants hostage, but it may
not all be as it is seen. The gangster has history with the owner of the house.

The Secret starring Victoria Paris, Sharon Kane, Natasha Skyler
Brittany, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Rick Savage
A working girl with the ability to see into the very soul of her clients, finds
all the deepest, darkest secrets they tried to keep hidden. But she too has a secret she keeps hidden, and it's begining to control her.

Secret Dreams starring Suzanne St Lorraine, Nikki Knights, Renee Morgan
Natasha Skyler, Kimberly Kane, Bridgette Monroe, Angela D'Angelo
Stacy Vaughn, Iesha, Dan Steele, Joey Verducci, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: What these women secretly fantasize about will scorch the screen

Secret Mistress ( aka Sexually Seeking Susan ) starring Taija Rae
Stacey Donovan, Siobhan Hunter, Kristara Barrington, Colleen Brennan
Robert Bullock, Ashley Moore Synopsis: When a successful businessman finds himself turning beautiful women, eager to sleep with him, time & time again, he realizes he is still hung up on his ex, Susan. So he begins a desperate search to find the woman that captured his heart...but it aint gonna be easy.

Secret World starring Silvia Saint, Jessica Drake, Shelbee Myne, Tyler
Allysin Chaynes, Randy Spears, Alec Metro, Evan Stone, Pat Myne
Synopsis: Welcome to Secret World, "Where a true artist loves his work" but
"What happens when the work loves him back"! An artist finds himself drawn into the imaginary illustrated world that he has created. Is it just his fantasy, or do we all create our own reality? Can you imagine if you could fuck your own art work, this film will
make you wish or run out to an art institute to learn how to draw because one only
hopes that their dream could true. If all else fails and you don't possess any artistic abilities or plan to go to any art institute anytime soon or in the near future don't worry
we have you covered, rent Secret World and let your imagination do the rest

Secrets starring Sheri St Clair, Angel West, Pamela Jennings,
Roxanne Rollan, Stevie Taylor, Eric Edwards, Marc Wallice, Tony Martino
Secrets can be exciting, but the real pleasure comes in laying your cards on the table. The steamy fun begins when a group of friends turn a poker game into a sultry round of 'kiss and tell.

Secrets starring Ashlyn Gere, Zara Whites, Danielle Rodgers, Fallon
Ashley Loren, Jeanna Fine, Samantha Strong, Sunny McKay, Sabre
Nikki Wilde, Julia Parton, Valerie Stone, Kristina King, Jon Dough
Peter North, Randy West, Rocco Siffredi Synopsis:
It's a tale of life and love
and sex and more amid the backdrop of a Beverly Hills escort service, where the
clients' innermost secret fantasies become realities.

Secrets of a Willing Wife starring Merle Michaels, Arcadia Lake,
Rikki O'Neal, Eric Edwards
Upon returning home from a day of shopping, our New York housewife is startled to find her husband cavorting in bed with her best friend. She throws down her wedding band and storms out. The distressed wife concludes that only her own sexual inadequacy would cause her husband to have another woman in her bed and on the advice of her psychiatrist, visits CheeChee, a sex therapist with racy ideas about how to cure marital problems. CheeChee sends our willing wife on a series of sensual hilarious escapades. She learns about herself, eliminates her inhibitions, gains confidence in her amatory skills, and soon is ready to win her husband back. In one of the most climatic scenes of the decade, she proves that her friend is no competition for a willing wife. The wife and husband reunite and the sparks fly again as they had years ago.

The Secrets of Jennifer starring Jennifer West, Connie Peterson
Lili Marlene, Laurie Smith, Billy Dee, Jon Martin, Ken Scudder
Mike Horner, Johnathan Younger
Jennifer takes us on a tour of her secret sex life, with some help
from her friends

Seduce & Destroy starring Shanna McCullough, Chloe, Johnni Black
Nici Sterling, Toni James, Peter North, Tony Tedeschi, Brad Armstrong
T T Boy, Vince Vouyer, Wilde Oscar
An evil organization has developed a love potion that enbales their operatives to seduce the world's wealthy and then have those men hand over their banking info, enabling the operatives to wipe them out of everything. Fortunately, the government has a secret organization to handle sexual threats to the world's security. Wait until you see how they operate.

Seduce Me Tonight starring Dominique St Clair, Helen Shirley
France Lomay, Sandra Nova, Cathy Stewart, Isabelle Brell, Alban Ceray
Mario Pollak,
Richard Lemieuvre Synopsis: A fashion designer arrives in Paris to debut his new line. While staying at his friend's chateau, he becomes obsessed with one one his models. A beauty that has captured his imagination and lust. But she wants nothing to do with him unless marriage is involved. How will he quench his desire?

The Seducers starrong Tianna Taylor, Christine Appleigh, Melanie Moore
Sonya, Peter North, Marc Wallice, T T Boy, Joey Silvera
2 friends are trying to come up with the perfect porn script so they
can produce the movie and make some serious cash.

. Seduction By Fire starring Melissa Melendez, Ona Z, Krista Lane
Gayle Sterling, Tiffany Storm, John Leslie, Mike Horner, Randy West
Joey Silvera Synopsis:
Kelsey, the sweet young innocent in this torrid tale of power, persuasion and passion, is totally unprepared for the seductive tricks that await her in the sexy, glittering world of kink and wealth. Leaving her small hometown, and seeking a job in the big city, she meets three people who change her life via a special type of sexual indoctrination and manipulation

Seduction Formula starring Nina Hartley, Kristarah Knight
Rene Summers, Mike Horner, Randy Spears
A scientist & his assistant, come up with a formula to for the perfect condom lubricant. It makes you go and go and go, for hours. And every one in the
sex business wants the formula. Now its a matter of who can get it to the market

Seduction of Cindy starring Seka, Veronica Hart, Serena, Samantha Fox,
Bethanna, Merle Michaels,
Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr
Seka and Veronica Hart come together! Seka, the Platinum Princess. Veronica Hart, Queen of the sophisticated sex. Two of the great names in XXX films come together - and we mean cum- as they dive deep into the swing scene and only come up for air! Cindy's husband & best friend, both plot to lure Cindy to a swingers party and introduce her to virtues of swinging.

Seduction of Jennifer starring Keisha, Erica Boyer, Stacey Donovan,
Randy West Synopsis:
Jennifer and her husband decide to seperate due to their different sexual desires. But during this time they each explore and begin to wonder if they will ever reunite.

The Seduction of  Lana Shore starring Laurie Smith, Rene Summers
Sharon Mitchell, Sheri St Clair, Sweet Loraine, Eric Edwards, Blake Palmer
Steve Powers Synopsis:
One of Hollywood's biggest actresses has fallen on hard times and a porn producer is offeringher a job in his next skin flick. Will she take the
job and leave Hollywood behind,or will she hang onto her hope of becoming a star again?

The Seduction of Lynn Carter starring Andrea True, Sharon Thorpe
Jamie Gillis, Tony Russo Synopsis:
Lynn has been married 15 years and has a young son. While in bed with her husband, who is about to leave on a two-week business trip, they make love and he asks her if she's ever been curious as to what it might be like to be with another man. She tells him she's never been interested but wonders what his reaction would be if it did happen. He tells her he would understand and not be violent. As if fate had stepped in - the next day, after he's gone, she meets Jamie Gillis and her world changes forever.

Seductress starring  Lisa De Leeuw, Lee Carroll, Kathy Harcourt
Billy Dee,
Richard Laidlaw, Damon Christian Synopsis:
This tawdry tale of double-dealing and sexual intrigue focuses on the sleazy goings-on in the building of a Vegas high-rise. Damon Christian stars as a peeping photographer who teams up with sultry hooker Lee Carroll to entrap some local politicos. Once he's shot some steamy pics of them in the clinch with Lee, Damon blackmails the guys into letting him skimp on fire codes and building guidelines. The results are explosive -- in more ways than one! Highlights include a lusty liaison between buxom Lisa de Leeuw, Yvette Cole and a pair of well-built studs, and a fiery tryst between Billy Dee and Kathy Harcourt. In the end, everyone finds out that the best way to fight fire is with some fire of your own!

The Seductress starring Raylene, Inari Vachs, Chelsea Sinclaire, Ember
No Name Jane, Steven St Croix, Eric Masterson, Cheyne Collins,
Dale DeBone Synopsis:
When an experienced Seductress takes a pupil under her wing, to teach her the art of seduction, the pupil finds herself falling in love with her teacher, and begins to question her own sexuality.

See Thru starring Christine Appleigh, Alicia Rio, Francesca Le
Alexis DeVell, Brooke Ashley, Chloe, Randy Spears, T T Boy, Steve Drake
See Thru adult's first invisible love story! A chemist invents a formula
that makes him invisible to get closer to the girl he loves. And in turn director Scotty Fox invents the worlds first invisible sex scene! With just two parts visible, the
special effects are as incredible as Christine the star.

Seeing Red starring Kelly O'Dell, Mona Lisa, Gabriella, Randy West
Tom Byron, Jonathan Morgan, Marc Wallice
Synopsis: A day of relaxing by the pool offers time for a beautiful woman
to reflect on her sexual escapades

Seka's Fantasies starring Seka, Cris Cassidy, Laura Lazare,
Connie Peterson, Randy West, R.J. Reynolds, Herschel Savage Synopsis:
What more could you ask of the premier adult movie star of the '80's that she hasn't given you before in her long and lusty career? You ask her for her fantasies, but you had better be prepared, for when Seka tells you her secret desires, she goes all the way! Seka's personal fantasies...can you handle it? The secret desires of the sexiest woman in the world! The Personal sexual desires of today's top star!

Selen Live starring Selen, Kelly Trump, Regina Sepos, Gaia Borromeo
John Walton, Brandon T, Andrea Nobili, Andrew Youngman
A pseudo documentary, featuring Selen in interviews & uncensored
outtakes from some of her best features, plus an all-new scene made just for this movie.
*In Italian w/no subtitles

Selen: The Girl of Treasure Island starring Selen, Judith Kostner
Deborah Valentine, Sheila Stanton, Karli Sweet, Katalyn Hoffner
Zenza Raggi, Remigio Zampa, Jay Lassiter, Davide Claudio, Chris Chatrming
Synopsis: Joanna is the niece of an old pirate named Flint, who was the right-hand man of the famous Captain Ahab. Jack spends the night with her in the hope of discovering the whereabouts of a map that reveals the secret location of Ahab's treasure. When she discovers his true intent, Joanna decides to search for the treasure herself. Her initial attempt yields little success. She embarks on a series of exciting adventures, getting involved with a sultan's harem and a band of female pirates along the way. Finally, Joanna and her pirate friends overcome their enemies, and with Ahab's treasure in their hands create a new nation "Paradise Island."

Selena Under Siege starring Selena, Jill Kelly, Missy, Alex Dane, Kia
Caressa Savage, Vince Vouyer, Steve Drake, Kyle Stone, Too Long Dong
A woman is hired by a PI to follow & take pictures of a husband &
wife, both fooling around on each other, decides to play both ends against one
another to get everything she wants.

Selvaggia (aka Raw & Naked) starring Selen, Kelly Trump, Gina Rome
Claudio, Warren Scott, Hakan
This seductive story of romance and a family drama hosts a cast of beautiful women and rugged men. As a young stranger, named Nancy, wanders into their midst, she seduces every member of the family and their world awakens with sexual desire. No man or woman can resist this beauty. Hot sex abounds as this girl takes her share, but will his secret be revealed from the past? - See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=75727&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
This seductive story of romance and a family drama hosts a cast of beautiful women and rugged men. As a young stranger, named Nancy, wanders into their midst, she seduces every member of the family and their world awakens with sexual desire. No man or woman can resist this beauty. Hot sex abounds as this girl takes her share, but will his secret be revealed from the past? - See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=75727&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
This seductive story of romance and a family drama hosts a cast of beautiful women and rugged men. As a young stranger, named Nancy, wanders into their midst, she seduces every member of the family and their world awakens with sexual desire. No man or woman can resist this beauty. Hot sex abounds as this girl takes her share, but will his secret be revealed from the pas - See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=75727&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
This seductive story of romance and a family drama hosts a cast of
beautiful women and rugged men. As a young stranger, named Nancy, wanders into
their midst, she seduces every member of the family and their world awakens with
sexual desire. No man or woman can resist this beauty. Hot sex abounds as this girl
takes her share, but will her secret be revealed from the past?
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

The Senator's Daughter starring John Holmes, Leslie Bovee
The two biggest superstars, at that time, in the erotic film world, John Holmes and Lesllie Bovee, star in this unabashed look at what really goes on in the underbelly of Washington, the world of the double agent. John portrays a famous motion picture lover whose career is "cut short" by an accident that deprives him of his Money Maker. A team of government surgeons create a bionic replacement for the missing tool, and John agrees to become a secret agent. His mission is to track down Lesllie, the Senator's daughter, who has been kidnapped.

Sensations Series

Sensations starring Rebecca Lord, Jill Kelly, Alicia Rio, Missy
Jamie Leigh, Roxanne Hall, Davia Ardell, Mark Davis, Tony Tedeschi
Alex Sanders, Dick Nasty, Christoph Clark
Rebecca Lord invites you to cum on an erotic journey through her
wickedly decadent fantasies

Sensations 2 starring Rebecca Lord, Nici Sterling, Felicia, Channone
Petra, Dick Nasty, Michela J Cox, Christoph Clark, Tony Tedeschi
Follow Rebcca Lord on her second, fantastic trip into her wildest
and most depraved fantasies

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Sensual Encounters of Every Kind starring Serena, Leslie Bovee
Cris Cassidy, Georgina Spelvin, Dorothy LeMay, Misty Dawn, John Leslie
Turk Lyon, Richard Pacheco, Mike Ranger, Jon Martin
A mysterious amulet, becomes a charm of incredible power as it's handed down through the ages. It seems that everyone who possesses it becomes able to perform the most intense sexual feats - fantastic orgies of uninhibited, insatiable passion. From luscious Leslie Bovee, who can't remember how she got the amulet, but nonetheless becomes too irresistible to her three gardeners who are driven mad by her charms that she takes them all at once, to the beautiful Serena whose already enormous sexual appetite reaches orgasmic proportions, no one is spared, including the audience, from the non-stop parade of delightfuls sensual encounters made possible by this ancient charm.

Sensual Escape starring Siobhan Hunter, Nina Hartley, Richard Pacheco
Steve Lockwood
A pair of featurettes tell the stories of romance and love among the
dreams we all have & the nightmares we must cope with.

Sensual Exposure starring Kelly O'Dell, Raven, Debi Diamond
Heather Hart, Mimi Miyagi, Melanie Moore, Nikki Tyler, Lana Sands
Deidre Holland, Devon Shire, Paula Price, P J Sparxx, Joey Verducci
Marc Wallice, Mark Davis, Peter North
A woman is invited to a weekend at a posh victorian mansion, by a
secret admirer, and finds out is a paradise of sexual pleasures she has never seen

Sensual Fire starring Jessie St James, Dorothy LeMay, Serena
Sally Regan,
Francie Sorensen, Jamie Gillis
Synopsis: A man tries to deal with his lust for his lover's grown, daughter.

The Sensuous Detective starring Serena, Laurien Dominique
Maria Tortuga, Jessie St James, Liza Dwyer, Sue Nero, Sharon Kane
Dorothy Lemay, Valeria Darlyn, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, John Seeman Richard Pacheco, Jesse Adams, Don Fernando
he was a Dame with a Frame... He was the Best Private Dick...This comical farce is a classic whodunit, with everyone doing everybody else, and still.
the case gets solved.

Sensuous Moments starring Danica Rhae, Loni Sanders, Shaun Michelle
Gina Martell, Sandy Hill, Kitty Malone, Kevin James, Blair Harris
Frank James, Blair Harris Synopsis:
Just pick up the phone and call Sensuous Moments Escort Service to fulfill your deepest fantasy, with their lovely & beautiful

Sensuous Sinners (aka Flying Skirts) starring Olinka, Cathy Menard
Dominique St Clair, Christoph Clark, Michael Magniasch, John Oury
A young woman & her girlfriend take a trip Zurich at the expense of the young woman's married lover. Unbeknownst to her, he and his family are vacationing in the very same resort at the same time.

Separated (aka Joined 2) starring Racquel Darrian, Sabre, Sharon Kane
Cara Lott, Tianna, Jon Dough, Derick Lane, Randy Spears, Tom Byron
In the conclusion to this classic 2 part epic, the twins decide to have the surgery and then go off to lead separate lives. But after constantly leaning on one
another emotionally, for so long, did they make the right decision?
*Please note: There is some graphic gore during the operation scene

Serenity in Denim starring Serenity, Tabitha Stevens, Sydnee Steele
Felicia, Shayla LaVeaux, Amber Michaels, Sterling, Alexa Rae
Dolly Golden, Brad Armstrong, Steve Drake, Eric Price, Devin Wolf
Jon Dough, Ian Daniels Synopsis:
A series of vignettes showing that these farm girls are just as horny as their rivals from the big city.

Serpent's Dream starring Deidre Holland, Kiss, Rebecca Bardoux
Alicia Rio, Roxanne Blaze, Jon Dough, Rocco Siffredi, Mark Davis
Jonathan Morgan, Andy Tyler
A man accquires a magical snake that makes him have vivid & wild sex dreams.* In English w/ German Subtitles

Seven Minutes in Heaven starring Siobhan Hunter, Jeanna Fine,
Nina Preta, Michael Knight, Max DeLong, Bobby Spector Synopsis:
When two roommates get a vist from their European friend for a few weeks, their friend turns them on to everything she learned in Europe, and their men as well.

The Seven Seductions of Madame Lau starring Annette Haven,
Kay Parker, Georgina Spelvin, Pheary I. Burd, Laura Lazzare, Carol Doda Richard Pacheco Synopsis:
Christopher Hamilton is a wealthy and arrogant British playboy seeking the ultimate sexual experience. His quest eventually leads him to the mysterious sanctuary of Madame Lau, an exotic oriental temptress endowed with mystical powers. She promises Christopher that he will find the gratification he seeks – but that the key to this treasured reward lies only within himself. Transforming herself into a host of beautiful women, Madame Lau caters to Christopher’s every whim, and soon he is ushered into an erotic world where his fantasies come to life in graphic detail.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Sex starring Harley Raine, Victoria Zdorok
Micky Lynn, Sabrina Royale, Darian Caine, Valerie Taylor, Tammy Parks
Christine, Joe Ciaolina, Johnny Rich, Vince Vouyer, Tommy Swan
An avant-garde theater agent decides to visit an obscure and new age spa
for those of the like minded, where new ways of getting off are explored

Sex Series - by Michael Ninn
Sex starring Sunset Thomas, Asia Carrera, Debi Diamond, Tiffany Million
Deidre Holland, Chaisey Lain, Diva, Misty Rain, Jon Dough, Steve Drake
Richie Razor, Alex Sanders Synopsis:
Sex: Is about the decline and fall of a small-town guy who abandons love and heads for the city, and the temptations within. Surrealistic, creative visuals mix with wild sex!

Sex 2 starring Sunset Thomas, Debi Diamond, Tiffany Million
Shayla LaVeaux, Chaisey Lain, Diva, Misty Rain, Jon Dough, Steve Drake Richie Razor, Alex Sanders Synopsis:
Sunset Thomas stars as a naive young woman who leaves her small desert town to find her ex-lover. From the flat, dusty plains of her past to the towering steel-and-glass skyscrapers of the city, Sunset's quest eventually brings her face-to-face with the same demons that ensnared her once-innocent lover. Consumed by the power and passion that is fame, she must decide whether to follow her lover's footsteps down the long descent to doom ... or overcome the forces that have threatened to destroy them both!

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Sex Series - by Paul Thomas
Sex starring Nikki Dial, P J Sparxx, Mimi Miyagi, Laurie Cameron
Rasha Romana, Rocco Siffredi, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Terry Thomas
A sexually frustrated office worker has the hots for one of his co-workers,
but she doesn't seem to know he exists..or does she? In any event, he satisfies his
desire for her by living with his fantasies of the 2 of them together.

Sex 2 starring Nikki Dial, P J Sparxx, Christy Canyon, Crystal Wilder
Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Rocco Siffredi, Terry Thomas
A decadent look at corporate America, where Bosses abuse their power, Friends stab friends in the back, and a decent, honest man has little chance of ever succeeding...or does he?

Sex 3 : After 7 starring Ashlyn Gere, Leena, Felicia, Alex Sanders
Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Nick East Synopsis:
A fashion design firm,
where the  delivery girls really deliver. Especially Ashlyn, who finds the tennis playing couple Sandi and Tom on the court---and makes it three/love. Then there's Leena, who's not as promiscuous as Ashlyn, but can take a delivery in the rear like no one's business. Actually, this business is like no one's business. Sex After 7,
Part 3 of our Sex series. For all your tuxedo needs.

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(A Savings of $12.90)

Sex Academy starring Jessica Wylde, Carol Titian, Kristara Barrington
Tamara Longley, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Mike Horner Synopsis:
This searing sexvid centers on the salacious shenanigans afoot at the nation's premier sexual spy school. The idea behind the school is that secret agents need to be able to defend themselves against sexy enemy agents who'll do anything to get inside their heads. So each spy gets a code word, and it's up to the school's foxy faculty to get it out of them -- by any naughty means necessary

Sex Academy 3 starring Sally Layd, Tera Heart, Dallas, Amanda Adams
Jill Kelly, Lana Sands, Melissa Hill, Missy, Peter North, Tom Chapman
Mike Horner, Alex Sanders, Brick Majors Synopsis:
Ona Z's sex academy
opens it's doors for the 3rd time and helps many couples find the way to true sexual satisfaction.

Sex Acts & Video Tape starring Tonisha Mills, Chessie Moore
Heather White, Angela D'Angelo, Kristina King, Biff Malibu, James Lewis
This movie isn't a love story. This movie isn't full of plot. This movie isn't going to win an Academy Award. This movie isn't sentimental. This movie isn't full of jokes. This movie is hot, wet, nasty, horny, pounding, licking, sucking, and pure sexual satisfaction! Enjoy the show!

Sex Adz 2 starring Mila, Ashley Shye, Fiero, Cheyenne Sexton, Serena
Summer Day, Jim Bohunk, Tim Hunglow
Jim & Tim are interviewing the babes answering their ad for work in the
sex industry. Of course there is an audtition process.

Sex Angel starring Desiree West, Melba Bruce, Sharon Demstead
Georgette Teaps, Link Beemer, Frank Ford Synopsis:
A shocking expose of the marriage and the breakup of a nihilistic young stud and his teenage bride. After their wedding night, the husband begins a series of sordid affairs with his new wife’s nubile girlfriends... On discovering his deceit, the beautiful young bride tries to satisfy his penchant for perversion by trying every conceivable sex act for him. In a surprise twist they learn the high price of their degradation.

Sex Appeal starring Laurie Smith, Mauvais DeNoir, Lili Marlene, Marika
Keiko Neke, Patricia Black, Carol Smith, Francois Papillion, Richard Laidlaw
2 male strippers take off for a chance at stardom and along the way,
they relate stories to one another of their sexual adventures with various women in their past.

Sex Appel (aka Pentax) starring Erika Bella, Kelly Trump, Joy Karins Penelope, Jenny Fields, Don Fernando
Backey Jakic, Valentino

Synopsis: The visitors to this hotel are in for a surprise, they will be photographed in their rooms during their stay. And this isn't just a friendly, innocent snapshot, the photos happen during some hardcore sex. And everything, I mean everything, is caught on camera.
*In French w/ no subtitles

Sex Appraisals starring Tamara Lee, Madison, Bionca, Lauren Brice
Heather Lere, Blake West. Marc Wallice, Peter North
Down at the local savings and loan there are several ways to secure a loan, and not all of them have to do with good credit. Instead, head loan officer Bionca and her two henchmen, Marc Wallice and Peter North, are willing to make special deals with certain sexy customers.

Sex Asylum Series
Sex Asylum (aka Ginger's Sex Asylum) starring Ginger Lynn, Bionca
Brittany Stryker, Sharon Mitchell, Steve Drake, Francois Papillion
Harry Reems, Dan T Mann, Steve Powers Synopsis:
You Gotta Be Crazy to Get In. You Gotta Be Insane to Want Out. Wacky movie about an asylum for sex maniacs.

* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate falls into the  "Good" quality range. There is some very brief  moments of picture distortion

Sex Asylum 2 starring Amber Lynn, Erica Boyer, Candie Evans
Barbara Dare, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Tom Byron Synopsis:
If you thought Ginger's Sex Asylum was crazy, you ain't seen nothing yet! See Dr. Gonad try to control the uncontrollable! See The Monk do it with Charity! Watch as Melancholy makes it three! Followed by Bedbug! Then Rembrandt! Then Amber Herself!

Sex Asylum 3 starring  Erica Boyer, Tracey Adams, Shanna McCullough
Laurel Canyon, Fallon, Billy Dee, Mike Horner, Randy West, Eric Rome
Who's in charge here anyway? The psychiatrists are acting like proctologists- the proctologists are acting like gynecologists and what's a gynecology department doing in a mental hospital anyway ?!?! Unzip your straight jacket. Get a grip on yourself. Prepare your medication. And enjoy Sex Asylum III

Sex Asylum 4 starring Chrsity Canyon, Ashley Nicole, Porsche Lynn
Leanna Foxxx, Avalon, Blake Palmer, Jason Riley Synopsis:
This time around Christy Canyon plays the doctor running thgis asylum for the sexually depraved & she brings her innovative therapy based on letting the patients live out their fantasies.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 4 Chapters for Just 39.95
(A Savings of 23.85)

Sex at Six starring Sky, Shelby Myne, Sydnee Steele, Lola, Wendy Devine
Heaven Leigh, Renee LaRue, Vince Vouyer, Voodoo, Michael J Cox
Dillon Day, Eric Masterson Synopsis:
Porn update on Alice in Wonderland, as a group of toursits get stranded in a town that is a cross between an old west ghost town & a magical fantasy land of sexual debauchery, ruled byan evil queen of supernatural powers.

Sex Boat starring Cody Nicole, Loni Sanders, Kandi Barbour
Copper Penny, Kelly Nichols, Hillary Summers, Little Oral Annie
Pamela Jennings, Randy West, Kevin James Synopsis:
Two young men, Rosco and Speed, sneak aboard an all-female luxury liner. The ship caters to rich men who want to send their wives on a trip where they can’t cheat on them. So, when the two horny stowaways are discovered by a couple of ladies, they hush it up and keep the dudes for themselves. They are eventually caught by the captain and placed in the brig. This take-off on The Love Boat is quite funny and the women are beautiful and the sex is lively. Particularly exciting are Cody Nicole as the ship’s captain, Kelly Nichols, and Kandi Barbour. There’s enough charm and erotic excitement to entertain just about everyone.

Sex Commandos starring Stacy Valentine, Rebecca Wild, Emily Jewel
Flower, Christi Lake, Kelsey Heart, Alec Metro, Julian, Brian Surewood
Ian Daniels, John Strong Synopsis:
Ladies, there is a war going on. A war on our right to free love and the search for world-wide sexual gratification. General Warlock and his prudish minions have attacked this precious gift and it's up to us to keep the love alive. I have staged an attack on the General's headquarters. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to protect this right BY ANY MEANS NECESSEARY. Remember, all's fair in love and war.

Sex Cop starring Johnni Black, Emily Hill, Kimberly Kummings, Lil Bit
Blake Mitchell, Tori D, Menage Trois, Piper Jo Spentz, Guy DiSilva
Dave Hardman, Rod Fontana, Paul Stryder
A team of sex cops that are dispatched to people having sexual problem

Sex Crazed starring Sasha Strange, Aurora, Arcie Miller, Scarlett O
Mandi Wine, Buck Adams, Sasha Gabor, Tony Davis, Steve Stud
Tony Montana Synopsis:
The goings on at this hospital for the sexually crazed will make you want to seek out your own specialized, hands on approach of treatment. It's hard to tell who needs help the most..the staff or the patients.

Sex Crazy starring Carol Cummings, Aja, Kassi Nova, Cassandra
Jon Dough, Marc Wallice, Randy West Synopsis:
'The Carol Cummings Show
is on the air, and TV will never be the same. Watch as Carol takes over late night
public access cable along with her friends in an attempt to spice up your nighttime viewing.

Sex Crimes 2084 starring Ali Moore, Siobhan Hunter, Sharon Kane
Carol Cross, Tiaja Rae, Colleen Brennan, Sheri St. Clair, Ashley Moore
Robert Bullock, Billy Dee, Rod Retta Synopsis:
The year is 2084 and two Sex Cops, Manny Powers (Robert Bullock) and his trusty sidekick Trevor Horn (Billy Dee), are out on patrol in search of dangerous sex criminals. Manny and Trev bust an uncooperative beauty. Charged with 'Suspicion of Inhibition,' the offender is readily persuaded to reform her celibate ways. Another victory for the State! Manny yearns for a time in the past when we didn't give in so easily, when it wasn't unlawful to be a virgin, when a man was happy to just get a kiss on the first date. Along with Barb Weir, sensual Sex Cop extraordinaire, Manny and Trevor return to the past in search of innocence. And boy, do they fine it! In a variety of steamy shapes, sizes, & stages of erotic experiences.

v Sex Dancer starring Erica Boyer, Shanna McCullough, Patti Petite
Gayle Sterling, Buck Adams, Tony Martino Synopsis:
Beautiful uninhibited men and women are auditioning for a sexual dance troupe. The dancers combine wild dancing, lust, love passion, jealousy and uninhibited sex in this story of a dance troupe preparing to perform their sensual, primitive and perverse passions before a group of worldly, private patrons.

Sex Detectives starring Brittany Andrews, Rebecca Wild, Rocky Roads
Emanuelle, Mary Churi, Tony Martino, Ringman
As a man falls asleep watching TV, somewhere between the 'Who Dun It' & the 1-900 commercial, he has a dream where he's a detective in Miami in search of a hooker that everyone wants dead, and he has to find her before the bad guys do.

Sex Dreams on Maple Street starring Stacey Donovan, Ashley Welles
Janey Robbins, Lili Marlene, Justine, John Leslie, Jon Martin, Mike Horner
Rick Savage, Don Fernando Synopsis:
A madam & two prostitutes arev killed
in a car crash in the 40s and in the 80s they come back to haunt the house they use
 to use as a brothel. The new owners however, aren't that thrilled about the idea...at

Sex Drive starring Sheri St. Clair, Taija Rae, Sharon Kane, Kathlyn Moore
Sharon Mitchell, Melanie Scott, Buck Adams, Robert Bullock
Michael Knight, Scott Baker Synopsis:
A truck stop where the local working girls, work the lot, is the setting for some pure hot sexual fire. Trucker's looking for a good time, cops looking for the hookers, voyeurs looking to watch, and waitresses who want to join in, make this the must stop place along the interstate!

Sex Ed With Li'l Red starring Paula Wain, Maureen Spring, John Seeman
Jeff Lyle, Burt Raymond, Ken Scudder, Paul Scharf
A cute little redhead tells the story of her life & journey thru the world of sex.

Sex For Secrets starring Jacqueline Lorians, Tiffany Jordan, Aleena Ferari
Jason Voyeur Synopsis:
Seductive Soviet agents, carefully selected for their "special qualifications," give everything they have for a taste of a better life. Comrades Foxykova, Doncha Calmeabitch, and the innocent CherryKova, are super agents who must not fail! Or else it's Siberia! They're after our most guarded secrets. One lone Marine stands between them and the good old USA !

Sex Gallery starring Jenteal, Missy, Jill Kelly, Ariel Daye, Bobby Vitale
Brad Armstrong, Mike Horner, Steven St Croix
Synopsis: Michael, a college art student, is drawn into a world of mystery and
intrigue when he meets up with a figure study he won't be capturing - or soon forget.
In her model's world fantasy is truth, up is down, and sex is everywhere in between. Soon this netherworld of erotic hallucination becomes his. And reality is sketchy at best.

Sex Games starring Shauna Grant, Cody Nicole, Becky Savage, Nicole Black, Kevin James, Ron Jeremy, Julia Parton, Barbara Dare
Peter's interest in home computers is far from being impersonal. By tapping into the private network of a local computer dating service, he is able to screen and fulfill the wildest X-Rated fantasies of it's sexiest members. Watch him program his computer to satisfy a pool of local talent. This is hardcore software at it's finest!
"Sex Games" is exciting, funny, filthy and definitely not for the entire family!

Sex Games Weekend (aka Trading Patners) starring Erica Boyer
Lili Marlene, Veta, Billy Dee, Richard Laidlaw, Francois Papillion
Two couples take off on a trip to a Fantasy Ranch, where all their fantasies are played out...but will their relationships survive?

Sex Ghost starring Bunny Bleu, Tanya Foxx, Cherri Lei Me, Bob Foster
Tony Page Synopsis:
The famed supernaturalist Professor Probe holds a private séance with the able-bodied assistance of his choicest "A-for-a-lay" students. While engaging in the kinkiest of primal, horizontal, soul-cleansing ceremonies, Probe inadvertently succeeds in the summoning of the Spirit of Sex -a playful spectre who enters his playmates at will, possessing them and forcing them to do the nastiest deeds.

Sex in Dangerous Places starring Barbara Dare, Lynn LeMay
April West, Stephanie Rage, Jerry Butler, Rick Savage, Tom Byron
Stephen Ray Synopsis:
A couples' sidetrack in the world of exhibitionism, turns
into a dark obession with voyuerism and then cheating. All of which threaten their perfectly happy life together.

Sex in The Comics starring Cyndee Summers, Nancy Dare, Bella Bush
Lance Hardon, Reggie Balls
Your favorite comic strips come to life - and we do mean come - in one hilariously erotic scene after another! You'll never see this kind of action in the Sunday papers!

Sex Island COMPLETE starring Tera Patrick, Caroline Cage
Judith Kostner, Jessica Drake, C G Summer, Shiela Rpssi, Vanda, Vitus
Evan Stone, Brick Majors, Mark Davis, Mickey G
Synopsis: Come to a place of fantasy and desires realized come to Sex Island - a place where all fantasies can come true and all the women are gorgeous and the men never go wanting! Have one, two or three women! On the beach or in the hotel all
can be yours on the Island.
* The entire main feature along with the 90 min 'Behind The Scenes' feature
on the same disc

Sex Kitten starring Christina Angel, Jeanna Fine, Rebecca Lord
Sindee Coxx,
Roxanne Hall, Steve Drake, Tony Tedeschi, T T Boy
Synopsis: Angel. Goddess. Bitch. Whore. Everything you have ever wanted in a
woman and more ... there is a legend of a wicked, mysterious feline whose beauty and sexual prowess is eternal, filled with an all-consuming, addictive, ancient lust for hot wet flesh so intense that none can resist her erotic charms. Those who fall prey to the song
of the sex kitten become slaves to an addictive, burning endless passion from which
there is only one kind of release: Sin...Sin...Sin.

Sex Life of a Porn Star starring Taija Rae, Shanna McCullough
Lili Marlene, Mai Lin, Nina Hartley, Billy Dee, Eric Edwards,
Jon Martin
Francois Papillion, Jerry Butler Synopsis: When a quiet, married, school teacher becomes bored with her hum-drum life, she secretly steals away to audition for a role in askin flick. Not only does she get the part, but she becomes a mega-star, and must find a way to hide her dual life from her hubby.

The Sex Life of Mata Hari starring Shanna McCullough, Alicia Monet
Megan Leigh, Viper, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Mike Horner
The not so true story of British WWI secret spy, Mata Hari, and her ways of getting any and all info needed to defeat the German army.

Sex Loose starring Annette Haven, Lisa De Leeuw, Erica Boyer
Becky Savage, Rhonda Jo Petty, Lori Blue, Nicole Black, John Leslie,
Michael Morrison, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Jack Teague, Jon Martin Synopsis:
Most Private Dicks are tough guys who smoke a lot and wear raincoats. Annette Haven, on the other hand, is soft, supple, and stacked. No wonder she's the most popular detective in Las Vegas.

Sex Maniac (aka Executive Secretary)starring C J Lang
Gloria Leonard, Jenny Baxter, Bobby Astyr, Peter Andrews
The boss has totally lost control of the office in this madcap tale of office affairs.
*Please Note- This an extremely rare film, and the only master we have been able to locate is a vey grainy print.

Sex -Pack starring Erika Bella, Maria De Sanchez, Penelope, Betty, Uschi
Francesco Malcom, Valentino, Jean Michel, Etienne Jaumilliot
Synopsis: A get together among frinds brings with it stories of the past and will sex
*In German w/ no subtitles

Sex Play starring Kimberly Carson, Eric Edwards, Desiree Lane, Lisa Lake
Kay Parker, Herschel Savage, Danica Rhae, Lori Smith, Marc Wallice
Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco. Synopsis
This stunning sexvid from 1984 stars Eric Edwards as a world famous actor whose erotic exploits with the ladies are legendary. His sexy secretary has to fight off her gal pals, each of whom wants a shot
at getting in bed with him. Little do they suspect that the famous lover is in factmpotent, and has been for years! A tabloid reporter is hot on his heels trying to get the story, so Eric's agent hires a private eye to throw her off the scent. But what's a guy to do when he's kidnapped by a bevy of sex-crazed fans? The answers are as erotic and endlessly enticing as could be as Eric discovers what's been within him all along. 'Sex Play' is pure passion and fun from start to feverish finish!

The Sex Prophet starring Cyndee Summers, Nancy Dare, Rick Cassidy
When 2 young couples reach impasses in their marriages, they turn to the a cult run by 'The Prophet', to help them reconcile and save their relationships. 'The Prophet' and his followers, are only to eager to help...if the price is right.

Sex Quest starring Roxanne Hall, Brittany Andrews, Jessie James
Carli, Alyssa Love, Charlie, Marc Wallice, Jay Ashley, Mr Charlie
A housewife, bored with her life, goes in search of the ultimate sexual relationship. But she soon inds herself craving excitment with her husband instead.

Sex Spa USA starring Brooke Fields, Honey Wilder, Taija Rae, Danielle
Annette Heinz, Cassandra Leigh, Rene Summers, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas
George Payne, Jerry Butler, Bobby Astyr Synopsis:
Okay, so maybe it's not really a spa per se…like, people don't work out with weights and stuff – but they do work up a sweat when they get down and dirty for some erotic aerobics! Yes, here's a club where you can have sex and lose weight at the same time

Sex Star starring Kimberly Carson, Danica Rhae, Lisa Lake
Herschel Savage, Steve Savage Synopsis:
When Danica gets the lead in a hot
new porn flick, she gets cold feet about doing the lesbian scenes. But, when she goes away for a weekend retreat eith her firends, her fantasies become reality and she cuts loose. When the weekend is over, she is ready to go for it with the lesbian scenes, and can't wait to get back to the set.

Sex Styles of The Rich & Famous starring Siobhan Hunter
Melissa Melendez,
Linda Liberace, Michael Knight, George Payne, Rod Retta Synopsis:
Follow Robin as he trots the globe to visit with all the beautiful people and finds out what really goes on in the boardrooms and bedrooms of the rich and famous.

The Sex Symbol starring Angela Summers, Tiana, Trixie Tyler
Sean Michaels, Biff Malibu, Cal Jammer Synopsis:
Angela Summers plays a famous actress who at a crisis point in her career gets an offer to do a porno movie. Her secretary, Tianna, urges her to do it and they have a lesbian scene together. Angela goes to a porno set and watches Tianna get porked six ways from Sunday by a big Black stud and decides to join in the fun!

Sex Symphony starring Paula Price, Mimi Miyagi, Bianca Trump
Stacy Nichols, Amber Woods, Cal Jammer, Eric Price, T T Boy, Nick East
Sean Michaels, Jake Steed Synopsis:
A bunch of girls, roommates, are all
classical musicians looking for 2 things. The ultimate man & their big break.

Sex The Hard Way starring Rachel Ryan, Jennifer Noxt, Keli Richards
Tiffany Blake, Peter North, Tony Martino Synopsis:
A hardcore gambler has
more than just a gambling addiction. It seems that gambling also turns him on and thus feeds his sexual addiction as well. His wife is about to walk away from him if he can't
get either under control.

Sex Therapy Ward starring J R Carrington, Vixxxen, Rebecca Lord
Christine West, Yvonne, Alex Sanders, Mark West, Kyle Stone
Sex obsessed nurses and raunchy doctors, superstud rock star and a nympho movie legend. These two celebrities are checking into the hospital for rest and relaxation...but the staff at Mercy Hospital put a different interpretation on that idea.
Their concept of fun and games is sex, sex and more sex

Sex Trek Series
Sex Trek starring Jeanna Fine, Patricia Kennedy, Devon Shire
Marilyn Rose, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Peter North, Randy Spears Synopsis:
Sex Trek: The Next Penetration is an incredible big budget parody of the famous T.V series, complete with pointy ears, deep space probes, amorous aliens and the hottest sex this side of Uranus. The T.V. show might be for nerds, but this film is for pervs! Enjoy sex fiends!!

Sex Trek 2 starring Danielle Rodgers, Mona Lisa, Mimi Miyagi
Amber Woods, Joey Silvera, Randy West, Randy Spears
ollow the continuing adventures of the starship plunderer and it's crew on their agonizing search for sperm. Complete with dazzling special effects, alien sex rituals and all your favorite crew members. This is th egreatest sex trek adventure yet!

Sex Trek 3 starring Dominique Simone, Alicia Rio, Shayla LaVeaux
Brooke Ashley Randy Spears, Joey Silvera, Randy West, Mike Horner Synopsis:
Yes, the crew of the starship plunderer is back. Captain Quirk, Mr. Sperm, Dr. Mcjoy and the rest are so funny and so hot, your genitals might go Nova. This is one adventure you will have to see to believe.

Sex Trek 4 starring Anna Malle, Sally Layd, Tera Heart, Jordan McKnight
Steven St Croix, Jonathan Morgan, Sean Michaels, T T Boy, Julian St Jox
The Starship Intercourse returns with a new adventure. This time a mysterious entity inhabits the ship & manipulates the crew to do her sexual bidding.
Will the crew ever break her grasp on them?

Sex Trek 5 starring Sally Layd, Tera Heart, Barbara Doll, Jordan McKnight
T T Boy, Jonathan Morgan, Stephn St Croix, Sean Michaels, Julian St Jox
The space ship Intercourse discovers a mysterious space alien visitor with strange sexual powers. The crew goes out of control with interracial, anal, girl/girl, and threesomes in a whitehot supernova of sex!

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 60.95
(A Savings of 18.80)

Sex Under Glass starring Victoria Paris, Melanie Moore, Celeste
Leanna Foxxx, Cassidy, Jon Dough, Peter North, Randy West, Mike Horner
Tom Chapman, Woody Long
A woman working on her PhD in sexual science, uses her friends &
co-workers as her private lab rats to further her objectives.
* In English w/ Swedish Sub Titles

Sex Wars starring Laurie Smith, Robin Cannes, Mai Lin, Gayle Sterling
Ashley Welles, Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco, Billy Dee, Don Hart Synopsis:
An erotic space odyssey & the first adult film with major studio sci-fi plus lots of hot, hungry flesh! Princess Layme is just landing on Pluto, in search of a crew to man her spacecraft... for a most dangerous journey, past the solar system, to the far reaches of the galaxy... to the planet Tryos. She finds Brinker Duo and Mark Starkiller and bribes them with money, sex, booze and sex. Baltazar, the evil ruler of Tryos, has populated his planet with sex-slaves, including Princess Orgasma--Princess Layme's sister. The attempted rescue ends in the capture of Brinker, Mark and Princess Layme. What follows are some of the most erotic scenes ever filmed.

Sex Wish starring C J Lang, Nancy Dare, Terri Hall, Deanna Darby
Harry Reems, R Bolla, Zebedy Colt Synopsis:
Sex Wish is a gritty sexual thriller set in the violent urban decay of the late 70s. There’s no turning back when Harry Reems finds his fiancé murdered. A trail of bodies leads him closer to his final revenge, in a show-down so shocking it changed the face of porn forever.

Sex Wish starring P J Sparxx, Ona Z, Charisma, Persia, Peter North
Ron Jeremy, Tony Tedeschi Synopsis:
A couples retreat where every one of
your deepest, darkest, sexualk wishes can come true.

Sex With a Stranger starring Sheena Horne, Keisha, Nina Hartley
Ebony Ayes, Scott Irish, Randy West, Greg Derek
When a bunch of strangers each receive half of a thousand dollar bill along with an invitation to spend the weekend at a secluded retreat, none of them can resist
the temptation to find out what it's all about

Sex World  starring Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Desiree West, Kay Parker, John Leslie, Joey Silvera,
Abigail Clayton, Cris Cassidy, Sharon Thorpe,  Johnnie Keyes, Amber  Hunt  Synopsis :
From all over the country, people go to the Sex World resort to solve their sexual problems and explore their erotic desires. The place is staffed by a group
of trained technicians who use sophisticated electronic devices to pair up various people in ways that they know will result in their having fabulous sex. Just dial the wildest erotic fantasy you can imagine into a central computer, and moments later
you’ll be joined by a partner, or partners, whose only task is to gratify your every desire; no matter how unusual it is! This is one of the most lavishly produced XXX
films ever. The sex is great; having enormous variation and energy. An excellent movie with a lot of class.

Sex Zone starring Dyanna Lauren, Kobe Tai, Ruby, Chloe, Stephanie Swift
Lexi Erikson, Jon Dough, Jay Ashley, Vince Vouyer, Stephen St Croix
Tommy Gunn, Alex Sanders, Byron Long, Devlin Weed, Michael Hurt
A ciminal trying to go straight, is beaten by his former partners and left for
dead in the street where he is found by a lonely woman on her way back home from
a sex club. Together they try to piece his life back together and help her find one.

Sex-A-Holics starring Janet Littledove, Keisha, Trinity Loren, Jeanna Fine,
Eric Edwards, Buck Adams, Synopsis:
The sordid story of a sex therapist who has a strong hold over her therapy group – filled with patients who are admitted… Sexaholics! Winning performances by three of the bustiest beauties of the day – Keisha, Jeanette Littledove and the nasty Trinity Loren.

Sex-A-Vision starring Gina Carrera, Sheri St. Clair, Melissa Melendez,
Tamara Longley, Nina Hartley, Rachel Ryan, Joey Silvera, Herschel Savage
Synopsis: Fantasy meets reality (well, sort of) in this fast, funny look at a man who dreams of trading places with the star of his favorite erotic movie. Imagine his surprise when he actually gets his chance! Joey Silvera stars as the lucky stiff who gets to live
out all his wildest carnal dreams when he finds himself confronted with the world's most interactive porn video. Joey's happy just watching as Melissa Melendez and Herschel Savage go for broke, but when Herschel waves to him and invites him inside the TV, Joey doesn't know what to make of it. Joey eventually consents and climbs into the passionate porn world, taking Herschel's place while he goes in search of a missing extra. Joey's libido gets quite a wanton workout while he's in the world of the porn
flick, and he gains the confidence he needs to impress women in the real world, as well. When he goes to work the next day, Joey finds that his lusty secretary Tamara Longley now wants him as much as he has always wanted her! This is mid-80s hardcore at its best, with a wacky plot, some funny dialogue and some absolutely searing sexual
action. It never takes itself too seriously, even while delivering scene after scene of seriously erotic heat. A really solid sexvid that knows how to have fun while still
staying steaming hot.

Sexcapades starring Eric Edwards, Lee Carroll, Sharon Mitchell,
Tiffany Clark, Sharon Kane,
Joanna Storm, Mai Lin, George Payne
Poor Harry. As a film-maker, all he's trying to do is make a buck. But his wife says his movies are too dirty; his producer says they're too clean. A hilarious sexual comedy from award-winning director Henri Pachard.

Sexcess starring Debi Diamond, Melanie Moore, Samantha York, Lili Xene
Marc Wallice, T T Boy, Steven St Croix Synopsis:
She;s shrewed and seductive. Cunning and shy. There's no one too powerful to resist her sensuous spell, from throbbingly erect executives who lust for her incredible body to young secretaries who want to try an experienced woman for the first time, she has them all quivering for her sweet pussy. But is there method in her overt sexuality, is there a deeper intent than just an afternoon's affair with the Fortune 500. Remember one thing, never sign anything with your real name

Sexorcist starring Kim Chambers, Brigitte Aime, Lili Xene, Chanel
Stephanie DuValle, Lyndon Johnson, Steve Hatcher, Dick Nasty
Shawn Ricks, Tomy Martino
A man hires a couple of paranormal investigators to find out if his
mansion is really haunted by the ghosts of bordello women or is there just a
whorehouse operating in his basement.

Sexorcist starring Alexandra Silk, Farrah, Ryan Conner, Samantha Sterling
Demonica Leoni, Obsession, Kiri, Dale DaBone, Eric Price, Mark Davis
Synopsis: Beautiful college student Laura and her research pals receive an unexpected invitation to the estate of Mistress Alexandra. The mysterious magical goddess and her friends get more than they bargained for. However, they are warned
not to leave their rooms after midnight. They don't listen.

Sexpot starring Britt Morgan, Tasha Voux, Charlene Cody
Ron Jeremy, Michael Mann, Damien Cashmere Synopsis:
In the old days, royalty had food tasters. Now, Brittany Morgan has cock tasters. This high-jinks caper has Brittany's cock taster tasting all the wares and not rejecting anyone! Brittany takes them all, and even gets her prim and proper friend to partake in the feast! Great fun for all!

Sexrageous starring Elisabeth Bure, Anna Veruska, Helene Shirley
Laura Clair, Lucie Doll, Nadine Roussial, Gabriel Pontello, Alban Ceray
Guy Royer, Richard Lemieuvre Synopsis:
Philip, several gorgeous girls, and
their mates, are all part of an outrageous sex club where everybody does everything to everyone in every place! What ensues staggers the imagination.
* Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere...this film does not star Taija Rae

Sexscape starring Candie Evans, Buffy Davis, Keli Richards, Regine Bardot
Tom Byron, Scott Irish, Blake Palmer Synopsis:
Seated in Dr. Horst Von Semen's office, Duncan explains his problem. It seems his "third leg" is limper than a bowl of week-old linguini! But, the doctor has a machine that's going to change Duncan's life forever. Entering the world of "SexScape," Duncan time-travels to undo the sexual mistakes responsible for his embarrassing problem.

Sextasy (aka Jouir) starring Morgane, Cathy Stewart, Claude Janna
Valarie Martins, Patrice Cheran, Diane Dubois, Alban Ceray, Guy Royer
Andre Miller, Joel Charvier
Synopsis: A transfer of personality turns a wise and ravishing young woman of 25 years in a time-consuming depraved slut starving for men and women.

Sextectives starring Victoria Paris, Tracey Adams, Tori Welles, Aja
Peter North, Randy West, Tom Byron
A struggling detective agency gets the case of lifetime when a high profile
divorce case lands in their lap.

Sexteen starring C J Lang, Bree Anthony, Angela Barrett, Candy Love
Jennifer Jordan, Julia Sorel, Jamie Gillis, Roger Caine, Tony Richards
Lefty Cooper
After a married couple have a zesty session, the Devil shows up and is ready to take them back with him, but the young couple end up finding his soft spot.
If the wife can make that a hard spot, the Devil will let them stay alive. She tells him story aftyer story of her friends' and their experiences while in between giving him
some oral stimulation. Will it be enough?

Sextraterestrials starring Vicca, Katie Gold, Tina Tyler, Taylor St Claire
Teri Starr, Hali Aston, Brick Majors, Julian, Ian Dainels, Randy Spears
John West, James Bonn
Synopsis: When several exquisite ambassadors of sexuality arrive on earth they
embark on a carnal pilgrimage that takes them to the heights of ecstasy. While on
earth they encounter physical pleasures like never before known to them. Eager to
learn and practice their new skills, these extraterrestrial vixens open their hearts,
minds and all else to anyone willing to teach them. Care to share?

Sextrology starring Krista Lane, Nikki Knights, Sharon Kane, Onz Z
Alicia Monet, Robert Bullock, Joey Silvera, Jon Martrin, Billy Dee,
Scott Irisih

Erotic predictions of love! Marcia follows the sizzling dictates of the
carnal zodiac. Her gorgeous roommate Gwen is a non-believer, but together with
their corporate coworkers the future looks hot!

Sexual Customs in Scandinavia starring Tina Russell, Jean Parker
Angelica Bender, Jamie Gillis, Jason Russell, Russ Carlson

Synopsis: A sensually innovative film for those who enjoy love 24 hours a day.An educational sex film which provides the viewer with "how- to" techniques which encompass the entire Kama Sutra. Non-stop, explicit sex action.

Sexual Healer starring Sunny McKay, Alice Springs, Kelly Blue
Sheila Kelly, Randy Spears, Tom Byron, Mel Bourne
A sexual therapy group goes out into the woods for a fun weekend of camping, until they stumble across a wild berry that acts like the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Sexual Healing starring Nikita, Inari Vachs, Monique DeMoan, Renee LaRue, Amanda Rain, Ian Daniels, Jon Dough Michael J Cox, Jay Ashley
Synopsis: Nikita is the classy sophisticated wife of an ambassador. When his cheating becomes too much for her, her sense of duty to his career still does not allow her to have an affair. Instead, she turns to the hooker he's been frequenting. Nikita has a profound effect on Amanda's life, turning it around in a positive direction. Nikita's mother had been rumored to have these kinds of healing powers as well, and it seems to all that this was passed on to Nikita. Once Nikita releases her sexual energies, the ambassador finds her charms irresistible and no longer has a desire to stray. He is now overcome with love and devotion!

Sexual Heights starring Tawny Pearl, Kitty Shane, Holly McCall, Mai Lin
Serena, Lysa Thatcher, Lolita Grant, Jennifer Duran, Jamie Gillis
John Holmes, Herschel Savage, Jesse Eastern, Michael Morrison
A group of guys get together for a night a druinking, story telling &
watching porno tapes. When one of the guys tells the story of how a babysitter
he banged told his wife and cost him his marriage and everything he owned. The
Guys hatch a ridiculous plane to get even with the babysitter.
*In English w/ German Subtitles

Sexual Odyssey starring Nikki Charm, Amber Lynn, Karen Summer
Rachel Ashley, Joanna Storm, Mai Lin, Aurora, Jerry Butler, Nick Random
Damien Cashere, Carlos Tobilina Synopsis:
Rick likes guy's , if you know what I mean. So his Dad sends him to the world-famous Dr. Karlof, a psychiatrist who specializes in converting gay men to straight studs. How is this seemingly impossible task be achieved, you ask? Through massive doses of therapeutic sex! Yes, poor Ricky is subjected to one rod-raising heterosexual encounter after another, with the most beautiful girls that modern science has to offer.

Sexual Positions: The Video starring Aurora, Sheri St Clair
Claudia Moss, Francois Papillion, Greg Johnson
From the people that brought to life 'Interracial Sex: The Video', based
on the best selling book from the 80s, This video is based on another title from
the same publisher, that also turned out to be a best seller. This video features a few
of the top starlets of the time demonstrating those positions we can all try at home.

Sexual Relations starring Kelly Royce, Kym Wilde, Cheri Taylor
Randy West, Eric Edwards
2 middle-aged men, one trying to hold on to his younger past, the other trying to find what he has been missing, come to the realization that sex isn't always uncomplicated.

Sexual Zone starring Debi Diamond, Tami Monroe, Brandy Alexandre
Lonnie Taylor, Blake Palmer, Jon Martin, Randy Spears Synopsis:
Over a period of perhaps years, a group of drifters have entered this mysterious house, only never to leave with no way out. They have become dependent on one another to gratify themselves sexually. Everyone is content, except one woman, who is determined to get out.

Sexually Altered States starring Taija Rae, Paula Meadows, Danielle
Siobhan Hunter, Lili Marlene, Nina Hartley, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell
Paul Thomas,
David Morris, Mike Horner, Robert Bullock
Gordy is an advertising "whiz kid" who always seeks kinky yet creative solutions to his sexual needs, and who discovers the finer points of "upward mobility" with Manhattan's most wild and willing women! But even Gordy knows too much of a good thing can ruin his life, so he undergoes a special treatment to curb his carnal appetite. What he experiences instead is Sexually Altered States, an affliction of the heart that brings out the animal in Gordy

Sexvision starring Tiffany Mynx, Tonisha Mills, Mona Lisa, Chanel
Peter North, Tony Tedeschi, T T Boy
The fiery fun starts when pulp author T.T. Boy discovers that he's tapped into a world of erotic imagination through his typewriter. It seems that whatever sexy subject he writes about comes to lascivious life!

Sexy starring Hyapatia Lee, Blondi, Ebony Ayes, Rose Marie, Joey Silvera,
Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Tony Montana, Jon Martin, Scott Irish
She's sexy alright, and licensed to thrill! Hyapatia Lee stars as a sultry sexologist who insists on getting up close and personal with her clients in this
scintillating romp from 1986. Hyapatia begins her day by helping a couple get
over their fear of oral sex -- and by watching the wanton results! But when her
jealous hubby calls the office, Hyapatia is forced to make a choice. He wants to
watch her at work, but she isn't sure that would be ethical. In the end, she decides
to let him peek through a two-way mirror as she dispenses advice and eroticism in dazzling doses. Hyapatia is at her bawdy best, taking on men and women with utter abandon while hubby watches from next door. A voyeur's delight!

Sexy & 18 starring Tanya Fioxx, Krista Lane, Fallon, Peter North
Scott Irish, Tom Byron, Tim Beau
a young woman has just turned 18, and is out to find out that being an adult means adult fun!!

Sexy Delights Series
Sexy Delights starring Candie Evans, Erica Boyer, Stacey Donovan
Bunny Bleu, Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallice, Rick Savage, Randy West
A quaint little pajama party for couples, turns into a sex filled
free for all throughout the entire house

Sexy Delights 2 starring Krista Lane, Angel Kelly, Shanna McCullough
Dana Dylan, Paula Winters, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler
Mike Horner Herschel Savage Synopsis:
The sex toy business is booming,
and their top sales lady is looking to expand by buying a few more franchises. Now she has to interview some perspective reps..... IN DEPTH interviews.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Sexy Nurses 3 starring Stacy Valentine, Stephanie Swift, Sana Fey
Paris Bleau, Melesia Maleens, Dayton Rain, Reka Gabor, Dolly Golden
Mark Davis, T T Boy, Julian, Michael J Cox
Synopsis: It's Kafka gone hardcore as a nameless young man mysteriously ends
up in a hospital packed with the horny, gorgeous and wild nurses who give him the
erotic ride of a lifetime. The only problem, he doesn't know why.

Seymore & Shane Do Ireland starring Kylie Ireland, Shane, Yvonne
Vanessa Chase, Amanda Addams, Missy, Nicole Lace, Seymore Butts
Alex Sanders, Mark Christopher
Synopsis: While out doing some shopping, Seymore & Shane, bump into
up & coming porn starlet, Kylie Ireland, and the trio spend the rest of the
day, screwing everywhere they can think of.

Seymore & Shane Live on Tour starring Shane, Chele, Melanie Stone
Jordan Michaels, Shawna Seymore, Seymore Butts, Christopher
Synopsis: Shane goes on tour to feature strip with Seymore in tow and the
two found enough time between gigs to screw one another & others

Seymore & Shane Meet Kathy Willets The Naughty Nymph
starring Shane, Kathy Willets, Yvonne, Seymore Butts, Vice Vouyer
Synopsis: Seymore & Shane swing thru Palm Beach, FL to meet up with
Kathy Willets, the infamous prostitute, who along with her vice detective hubby,
were caught up in a sting where he was filming her encounters with powerful johns in order to blackmail them for money and favors. A hot night indeed.

Seymore & Shane Playing With Fire starring Shane, Yvonne
Vanessa Chase, Crystal Gold, Seymore Butts, Vince Vouyer, Alex Sanders
Synopsis: Seymore & Shane take their camera & hit the road to NYC to visit
the world famous fire department and secretly film shane boffin one of their
firefighters and a few other stops in the Big Apple as well.

Seymore Butts Meets The Cumback Brat starring Julianne James, Meekah, Tanya Summers, Brazil
Laurie Cameron, Shelene, Seymore Butts,
Ron Jeremy, Rocco Siffredi
Synopsis: Seymore takes to the road with camera in hand, & with the help of a
few friends get into some pretty hot action, as well as finding retired pornstress,
Julianne James and luring her out of retirement for an intense hot scene. Oh yeah...
she still likes up the ass!!!

Shades of  Blue starring Nikki Dial, Francesca Le, Alex Jordan
Summer Knight, Tiffany Million, Mike Horner, Nick Rage, Tom Byron
Jerry Butler, T T Boy Synopsis:
A woman who is part owner of a restaurant
 lives with her two partners in the business. She despises one of her partners, but can't stop fantasizing about him. She must choose before keeping up appearances, or satisfying her animal desires.

Shades of Ecstasy starring Janey Robbins, Misty Dawn, Desiree Lane
Karen Summer, Cara Lott, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron Synopsis:
An outrageous combination of intrigue, humor, love and endless, explicit erotic sex. Janey Robbins in her first erotic Motion Picture and eight of her foxy co-workers have a Work Incentive Program that can’t be beat! Their beauty, youth and enthusiasm would convince anyone that the American Worker’s Dream can still come true. But hard work is not always rewarded at least not until these gorgeous ladies bend over backwards trying!

Shame starring Leena, Debi Diamond, Dyanna Lauren, Asia Carrera
Isis Nile, Kaitlyn Ashley, Mia Tran, Mike Horner, Tony Tedeschi
Vince Vouyer, Steve Drake, Frankie Ray Synopsis:
When her tribe is brutally massacred in front of her as a child, Shame wanders the west in search of the one
eyed man and his band of outlaws to avenge her people. 20 years later she tracks him down and now must reclaim her honor. This was Leena's finest & final film.

Shameless Lady starring Sydney St James, Sahara Sands, Tara Monroe
Randy West, Steven St Croix
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a beautiful
woman tell you her innermost fantasies: and then act then out, right before your eyes? Well, Sydney St. James does just that in this horny expose of one hot woman! Shameless Lady...She'll do anything to please!!!

Shane's World 4 (aka Wet & Wild 1) starring Shane, Raylene, Yvonne
Johnni Black, Anna Malle, Honey, Mark Davis, Hank Armstrong
Michael Black

Synopsis: A day at the lake with Shane & her friends turns into a wild sexfest

Shane's World 21 (aka Cliffhanger) starring Cassidey, Daytona Rain
Halli Aston, Jane Lixx, Vince Vouyer, Ian Daniels, Billy Glide
In the 21st installment of the Shane's World Series, Shane takes some
guys & babes to Joshua Tree in California for some rock climbing & outdoor sex play.

Shared With Strangers starring Dominique St Clair, France Lomay
Sophie Duflot, Gabriell Pontello, Jacques Gatteau, Guy Berardant
Discover what happens when the two young newlyweds, John and Ann, embark on a versatile sexcapade into the free-swinging lifestyles of another couple, which prefer their sex…Shared with Strangers. John and Ann soon acquire an unquenchable sexual appetite

The Shark starring Serenity, Nina Hartley, Bridgette Kerkove, Tracy Love
Ginger Paige, Mickey G, Evan Stone Synopsis:
A woman, tired of watching her
no luck man, losing over & over again at the card table, then pushing them
further & further into debt, takes matters into her own hands, deciding to learn the
game of poker, finds out she is a natural, and enters a high stakes tournament to save
their futures. But their future may not be as a couple when all is said & done.

Sharon starring Jean Jennings, Susan Mcbain, Sharon Suanders, Veri Knotty
Bobby Astyr, Herschel Savage, Jamie Gillis
A young virgin, eager to get on with her sexual life, seduces her father. Afterwards she feels there is still so much to learn so she hooks up with one of the town's more experienced sluts, and her real education begins.

Shattered starring Alicyn Sterling, Raven, K C Williams, Monique Hall
Randy West, Tom Chapman
Synopsis: Jill Donnelly, committed to psychiatric hospital, suffers from multiple personalities. But her case is unique, When Donnelly transforms into the sex starved Eve, or the lustful but dangerous Cybill, she not only adapts their mindsets, but somehow morphs into their physical manifestations as well.

Shattered Vows starring Sydnee Steele, Liza Harper, Tina Tyler, Sid Deuce
Lauren Montgomery, Keri Windsor, Jonathan Morgan, Ian Daniels
Brian Surewood, Mickey G
Some people have some vows that are a little looser than others. And both this bride and this groom are ready to enter into the sanctity of marriage as long as it means they don't have to leave behind banging other people!

Shauna: Every Man's Fantasy starring Shauna Grant, Amber Lynn
Chelsea Blake, Karen Summer, Sharon Kane, Rachel Ashley, Gina Carrera
Tiffany Clark, Paul Thomas, Kevin James, Jerry Butler, Francois Papillion
George Payne, Jay Serling, Michael Knight
A Life of Desire! Shauna Grant was every man's fantasy. Leaving her hometown at the tender age of eighteen, within a year, this dazzling woman-child rose to meteoric fame as an adult superstar. But how did Shauna become the erotic enigma who launched a thousand wet dreams? Journalist/Director Joyce James takes you behind the scenes of the adult film industry as she tries to unravel the puzzle that was Shauna. Taking a hot and horny look at this blonde beauty's mystique, James meets the people who knew and loved Shauna, watches them make love for the camera, and then discovers the real Shauna herself. In film footage never before seen, this vibrant sexual Venus makes love with all the passion and desire that consumed her life. Filled with scene after scene of mouth watering action, Shauna Every Mans Fantasy features the most beautiful women and the hardest men in the erotic cinema today at their blistering and bawdiest best.

Shave Tail starring Erica Boyer, Aurora, Cara Lott, Elaine Southern
Steve Powers, Dan T Mann, Jeff Conrad Synopsis:
When one of the guys
at the office tells his buddies about the incredible turn-on it is from pounding his girlfirends freshly shaven beaver, all the guys decide to get their ladies to shave their pussies as well, but that's easaier said than done.

Shaved Pink starring Tami White, Tanya Foxx, Buffy Davis, Jennifer Noxt
Maggie Randall, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Francois Papillion, Scott Irish Synopsis:
A woman , about to be married, tells her bridesmaids about her and her fiance's backdoor loving sessions, and the ladies talk her into shaving bald for a new experience. And her sex life really takes off, with the help of her friends and their men
of course.

Shayla's Web starring Shayla LaVeaux, Jessica Drake, Keri Windsor
Mia Smiles, Alexandra Nice, Brooke Lane, Alec Metro, Brick Majors
Devin Wolf, Erik Everhard, Randy Spears, Mickey G,  Dillon Day
Many men, upon visiting Shayla's website, become helplessly addicted
to her.

She Got Game starring Monique, Tina Tyler, Nico Treasures, Carolina
Meka Johnson Crystal Knight, Eric Price, Mr Marcus, Darren James
Synopsis: A bunch of woman at a card game, bragging about which one gets
more action

She Loves The Four X Feeling starring Amber Lynn, Kathlyn Moore
Colleen Brennan, John Leslie, Jerry Butler, Alan Adrian Synopsis:
Two porn actors on vacation, decide that they want to produce their own adult films, and start up a production company. They've latched onto a stewardess, who along with her friends, want to star in the film. Now they have to convince the new producers to cast them.

She's A Boy Toy starring Amber Lynn, Gina Carerra, Lois Ayers
Melissa Melendez, Tamara Longley, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera
Buck Adams Synopsis:
Joey Silvera plays a struggling writer who's on the horns of a dilemma. He's in love with shapely Amber Lynn, but her father won't let them get married unless Joey can sell a screenplay! He gives him only one week to make the sale or join him in his toilet seat business. Joey ends up hooking up with gorgeous Gina Carrera, who vows to help him peddle his script. But the only person who seems interested is a porn producer who's looking for a vehicle for his sultry star! The heated hi jinx pile up, eventually leading Joey and Gina into one another's arms. That's not exactly what Amber's daddy had in mind, though! It's a fast-paced frolic that doesn't let up until everyone's completely satisfied!

She's No Angel starring Marlene Willoughby, Bethanna, Sharon Mitchell
Alexandra Cass, Ashley Moore, Leo Lovemore, Russ Carlson
When this couple gets married, its for better or for worse. Evrything starts out better, but soon the hubby is caught cheating, the wife walks out, then she becomes an insatiable nymph, and criminal, and liar etc etc...

She's So Fine starring Taija Rae, Sharon Kane, Gloria Leonard
Rachel Ashley,
Sharon Mitchell, Melanie Scott, Jerry Butler, Paul Thomas,
Joey Silvera
Erotic auteur Henri Pachard dishes up a sinfully delicious tale of a wedding reception gone sexually haywire in She's So Fine. Between the bride and her old flame, the New Wave party guests, and other assorted Sybarites, this is one nuptial celebration you won't soon forget!

Sheer Delight starring Drea, Pat Manning, Shaun Michelle, Jerry Davis William Margold, Jerry Davis Synopsis: Soft to the touch, comfortably cool on overheated flesh and arousingly tight in all the right places, a pretty pair of pale blue panties truly brings "sheer delight" to a hot-and-horny household. As the sensuous garment makes its wanton way around the home, each member is treated to a myriad of sexual adventures. By amorous accident, or by decadent design, the panties play an important part in causing a family to come closer together -- much closer together! It's gender-bending fun at its freakiest as Drea and Sharon Mitchell head a cast of carnally crazed co-horts who give new meaning to the term cross-dressing. It's a fiery tale of love and lust that's definitely unlike anything you've seen before

The Sheets of San Francisco starring Candie Evans, Erica Boyer, Blondi,
Kristara Barrington, Kevin James, Tony Montana Synopsis: Contrary to what the title might indicate, this 1986 romp is a takeoff on the TV classic 'Dragnet.' Kevin James stars and actually pulls off a competent impression of Jack Webb, delivering his lines with the staccato style that became Webb's trademark. His right-hand woman is played by Candie Evans, who brings her own prodigious skills to bear on the part. The plot concerns the mysterious disappearance of movie star Mike DeMarco, who's vanished into thin air while filming a feature about terrorists. It seems that his script hit a little too close to home, and now some real-life terrorists have taken him hostage. Along the way Kevin and Candie find themselves getting involved in a wild subplot about a ravenous Reverend who spends most of his time checking out the amorous assets of his female parishioners. Candie is terrific in her supporting role, lending her sizable bra busters to a couple of steamy sequences, including a lusty tryst with Erica Boyer early on. Candie even turns up in the grand finale, a crazed group grope in which the religious leader gets down and dirty with a whole host of hot-to-trot harlots. Fast paced and lasciviously light-hearted, 'Sheet of San Francisco' is a fun-filled romp that's sure to satisfy fans of old-school hardcore.

Sheila's Payoff starring Mimi Morgan, Michelle Jennings, Joey Silver
Paul Thomas, Ken Scudder, Jon Martin Synopsis:
Mimi Morgan's boyfriend is killed by the Mob- to pay off a debt and now she is forced into prostitution. She now must work to get her - Revenge! Sheila's Payoff will be huge!

Shipwrecked (aka Hot Yachts) starring Rachel Ashley, Savannah
Heather Hart, Sunny Day, Lacey Logan, Ron Jeremy, Blake Palmer
Dan T Mann Synopsis:
When 2 girls go out on the ocean, these inexperienced ladies get themselves stranded on a small island off the coast of California. And that's when the fun starts as they are found by a Park Ranger assigned to the same island.

Shoe Store starring Cheyenne Silver, April Flowers, Kelsey Heart
Bree Brooks, Ann Marie Rios, Nikki Loren, Brian Surewood, Evan Stone
Lee Stone, Marty Romano
Synopsis: Ever notice how erotic a shoe store can be? The smell of leather and oils wafting through the air, long legs stretching out to rest in the gentle arms of a salesperson who gently slip beautiful feet into the tightest of spaces.
Cheyenne and Kelsey work at a shoe store. Cheyenne is very shy and Kelsey is very bold. Watch as Kelsey talks Cheyenne into a sexually free lifestyle

Shoot to Thrill starring Stephanie Rage, Siobhan Hunter
Christine Robbins, Damien Cashimere, Randy Paul Synopsis:
When a newlywed wife suspects her husnband is already cheating on her, she hires a PI to track down the harlot, but the PI finds both women fetching to his eye as well.

Shoppe of Temptations starring Juliet Anderson, Liza Dwyer
Nikki Masters, Andrea Lange, Angel Ducharme, Blair Harris, Mike Ranger John Leslie, Ken Scudder Synopsis:
A curio shop is the setting for this offbeat story of an incense burner that doubles as the world's most powerful aphrodisiac. Just one whiff will have your temperature rising. The customers are always right at this shop--right on top of the counter and the floor and each other, that is! And the nasty lady who runs the place is happy to help her customers with their every sexual need.

A Shot in The Mouth starring Paula Price, Raven Richards, Kim Acosta
Lauren Brice, Eric Price, Randy Spears, Tom Byron
When a man has a rare diamond stolen from his home by a call girl, he
hires a famous, but somewhat inept, detective to crack the case and retirieve the diamond.

Shot in The Pants starring Anna Malle, Nikki Sinn, Kimberly Cummings
Amber Woods, Whitney Wonders, Tom Byron, Vince Vouyer, Jay Ashley
Frank Towers, Alex Sanders Synopsis:
he story revolves around the poisoning
of Frank Towers, a porn producer, who was surrounded by a plethora of potential

The Show starring Christy Canyon, Jenteal, Krista Maze, Melissa Hill
Tracy Love, Petra, Dorian Grant, Alex Sanders, Steven St Croix
Tony Tedeschi, Vince Vouyer
Synopsis: Steven St. Croix is a talk show host whose behind-the-scenes antics are even more of a variety show than his onstage shtick!

Show & Tell starring Kobe Tai, Julie Rage, Krista Maze, Sindee Coxx
Stephanie Swift, Gina Rome, Lexi Leigh, Alex Sanders, T T Boy, Claudio
Synopsis: Find out what makes adult's next superstar tick, as Paul Thomas gets a host of porno's most illustrious beauties to open up and tell it like it is. Find out how wonderfully uninhibited a fox can be, as you learn the secrets that motivate young girls to get naked and nasty for a director, a crew and a camera.

Showdown starring Gina Carrera, Shanna McCullough, Patti Petite
Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell, Herschel Savage, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner
Joey Silvera, Nick Random
Out of the wild west comes the tantalizing tale of the lusty gals at the Bar Nothing Ranch. The Madame of this bawdy bunch is always disturbing the peace of Judge Morgan in exchange for protection. Take aim at this delicious duel that's one hot high-nooner!

Showdown starring Hayley Russel, Donna Warner, Elsa Winter
Liza Adorata,
Kirsten Halborg, Alain Lyle, David Perry, Dingo, Philippe Dean
Synopsis: An off the wall game show provides plenty of chances for the
contestants to get laid
*In German w/ no subtitles

Sid Deuced By the Night starring Sid Deuce, Alexandra Silk
Toni James, Johnni Black, Tricia Devoraux, Frank Towers, Ian Daniels
J J Michaels, Jonathan Morgan
A woman on the street with a camera crosses paths with couples in
the midst of sex and records the moments for posterity....but;'s there's so much more
to it. Something dark and sinister.

Silence of The GAMS starring Charlie LaTour, Tasha Voux
Kristara Knight, Michelle Gabriel, Jose Duval, Rick Savage Synopsis:
There is a serial cummer on the loose. But the Government Agency for Monitoring Sex will do their best to stop him. Head agent McDick hires the luscious Charlie LaTour. And she guaranties she won't stop until she finds her man

Silent Strangers starring Racquel Darrian, Alex Jordan
Brittany O'Connell, Rasha Romana, Derek Lane, Steve Drake
Alex Sanders Synopsis:
The action takes center stage as conversation takes a back seat in this scorcher. Silence has never been so erotically pasionate.

Silk Elegance starring K C Williams, Bionca, Charisma, Tianna Taylor
T T Boy, Woody Long, Craig Roberts Synopsis:
A woman whose relationship
has lost its romance, seeks out the help of an expert to help her add elegance back
into her love life.

Silk Stockings: The Black Widow starring Tiffany Million
Jenna Jameson, Tiffany Mynx, Barbara Doll, Nicole Lace, Jordan Lee
Olivia, Tom Byron, Steve Drake, Vince Vouyer, Steven St Croix
Bobby Vitale Synopsis:
The Black Widow is a very dangerous woman. She plots, she plans, and she uses her man to obtain anything she craves. She wants the best for herself. The most expensive jewels, the finest cars, the spiciest men, and the hottest sex! Driven by the raw erotic power pulsing through her beautiful body, she will stop at nothing to satisfy her lavish desires!

Silky starring Merle Michaels, Hillary Summers, Gloria Leonard
Robyn Bird, Christine DeSchaffer, Ron Jeremy, Bobby Astyr, Ron Hudd
R. Bolla, George Payne Synopsis:
"“Hi, my skin is soft and silky, all my lovers call me Silky." So purrs beautiful blonde bombshell, Merle Michaels, as she takes us on a journey of her sexual exploits, plus those of some of her highly erotic friends.

Simply Blue starring Ashlyn Gere, Anna Malle, Felicia, Dallas
Roxanne Hall, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Bobby Vitale, Alex Sanders Synopsis:
Ashlyn is a sensitive artist; content with her career and the lifestyle it's afforded her. But apparently, her sensitivity spreads beyond the canvass. She's despondent over an affair she'd had with her boss-the one that turned into a three way with his best friend joining in. Now it's time to move on, but can she? Will she?

Sin City starring Lois Ayers, Lili Marlene, Barbara Dare, Nina Hartley,
Jessica Wylde, Alexis Greco, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, Don Hart, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Where do they send aging pornographers to live out their last days in peaceful bliss? The Sunshine Home for Retired Pornographers, that's where! Check into this 'Sin City' for some jaw-dropping good times with Willy (Billy Dee) and Vern (Joey Silvera), as they recall their wildest exploits in full throbbing color! The old geezers may not be able to perform like they once could, but their memories are still vivaciously vivid.

. Sin City starring Samantha Strong, Ona Z, Diedra Holland, Chanel, Meekah
Brooke Ashley, Mikki Snow, Mike Horner, Jamie Gillis, Jon Dough
Wayne Summers, Cal Jammer Synopsis:
An uptight yuppie couple find
themselves on a guided tour of the sexual side of life when they break down on their
way to a party. From out of nowhere, a limo appears and whisks them off, taking them to an after-hours hot spot called Sin City. Once there, the pair are led through a series
of searing encounters that unleash the carnal creatures deep within them

Sinderella Series
Sinderella starring Savannah, Britt Morgan, Racquel Darrian, P J Sparxx
Joey Silvera, Randy West, T T Boy Synopsis:
The classic fairy tale gets a total re-working starring Savannah as the heroine who must tolerate the constant neglect of her by her stepmother & stepsisters, until her Fairy Godmother comes to her rescue.

Sinderella 2 (aka Stepsister) starring Savannah, Racquel Darrian
P J Sparxx, Derek Lane, Randy Spears, Joel Lawerence
A Sinderella gains the favor of the Prince, her stepsister isn't about to give
up so easily, and she's pulling out all stops.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Sindy Series
Sindy Does Anal starring Celeste, Deborah Wells, Micki Lynn, Steffi
Joey Silvera, Steve Drake, Woody Long Synopsis:
Sindy does it better! More importantly she does anything!! Her greatest love is taking a stiff cock deep inside her asshole. Now that is something to feel and see! This is a story that concentrates on her bodacious backdoor explorations and focuses on her most decadent desires. Cum see the fun.

Sindy Does Anal Again starring Celeste, Kaitlyn Ashley, Steffi
Misty Rain, Chante, Tammi Ann, Marc Wallice, Steve Drake, Tom Byron
Woody Long Synopsis:
ig titted Celeste returns as supermodel Sindy Crawlforward. This time in a story that concentrates on her bodacious back-door explorations and focuses on her most decadent desires.

Sindy's Sexercise Workout starring Celeste, Misty Rain, Heather Lee
Steffi, Tammi Ann, Marc Wallice, Woody Long, Steve Drake
Celeste shines in a series of very hot sequences that really let her show off her huge tits. She tries to
make a workout tape, but one with her own unique touch...titled 'How To Have Anal Sex'. The video is finished by Celeste watching in lusty admiration as Tammi Ann and Marc Wallice enjoy some nasty ass-fucking.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase The Entire Series for Just 34.95
(A Savings of 12.90)

Sinfully Yours starring Christy Canyon, Pamela Jennings, Stevie Taylor
Eric Edwards, Marc Wallice, Tony Martino Synopsis:
It's moving day for Mark and Paula. Their thoughts return to all the delicious sexcapades they shared here, and oh, what memories they have.

Single White Woman starring Ariana, Alex Jordan, Tiffany Mynx
Randy West, Tom Byron, Steve Drake
A woman takes on a roommate in her apartment, & the roommate
is a manipulating narcissist.

Sinset Boulevard starring Rachel Ryan, Shanna McCullough, Kim Acosta
Nikki Knights, Paula Winters, Mike Horner, John Leslie, Billy Dee
Jerry Butler
In a time where Jerry Falwell is President, porn cannot be delivered thru the mail or ups, so an out of work porn writer takes a job delivering porn tapes on a bicycle, and he ends delivering to one of the greatest porn queens of all time. She
takes him under her wing, but ends up controlling his life far more than he wants.
*In English w/ German Subtitles

Sirens starring Selena Steele, Trinity Loren, Paula Price, Heather Hart
Ron Jeremy, Don Hart, Eric Price Synopsis:
Eric Price and Mike Horner are a pair of ancient Greek sailors lost at sea and at the mercy of the gods and semi-divine beings who fill the ocean. Luckily for them, the Zeus ruling the skies above them is none other than Ron Jeremy. This Zeus can empathize with a pair of poor stiffs lost at sea with no lovin’ to look forward to. He himself has been carrying on an affair with a mortal and is in hot water with his immortal wife Trinity Loren. So the king of heaven sends the sirens Selena Steele and Paula Price to see after the boys, and man-oh-man do they. A fun, very erotic take on old Greek mythology.

Sissy's Hot Summer starring Sharon Kane, Candida Royale
Laurien Dominique, Sue Nero, Aubrey Nichols, Michelle Moore
John Holmes, Tony Bond Synopsis:
This story is an X-rated take-off of the hit T.V. series about three roommates, Sissy, Janet, and Jack. Their coxy sexual threesome becomes endangered by eviction when they fall behind in the rent, so they must hustle the only thing they know how to do for money. What follows is a comical account of their sexual endeavors. Along the way, Jack and Janet meet a rich, kind socialite and a teenage hustler, while Sissy finds an eccentric playboy who thinks he's Tarzan and lives out his fantasy in the trees with her. After a day filled with hot erotic escapades, these three roommates find enough money to pay the rent, and more than enough new sensual tricks to keep their threesome hot for a long time

Sister Snatch starring Leena, Tiffany Mynx, Rebecca Wild, Chante
Steven St. Croix, Nick East, David Christopher Synopsis: 
Leena turns in one
of her all-time best performances here, playing a wanton woman who's searching for the perfect mate. Of course, she has to try out each of her potential playmates in
scene after scene of full-throttle sexual fire

Sister Snatch 2 starring Leena, Tiffany Mynx,Danielle Cheeks,Lacy Rose
Vanessa Chase, Jon Dough, Alex Sanders, T T Boy
Former amateur starlet Leena finds herself in the middle of intrigue
(and lots of red-hot sex) when she decides to start up her own porno production company. She’s challenged by a sleazy producer, who tells her that there’s no way she could pull it off (or take it off) without him. Well, Leena puts the lie to that notion
by churning out one highly-charged scene after another. Anyone who’s seen very much porn will appreciate what they’re doing in this one.

Sittin' Pretty Series

Sittin' Pretty starring Sunny McKay, Alicyn Sterling, Heather Hart
Ashley Nicole, Trixie Tyler, Joey Silvera, Jon Dough
A Sales executive is depressed about life in general. As his personal
& work life suffers, he seeks solice in numerous sexual encounters. Until his secretary shows him the light.

Sittin' Pretty 2 starring Sunny McKay, Alex Jordan, Amber Woods, Meekah
Teri Diver, Shawna Mason, Jon Dough, Nick East, Randy West, T T Boy
Synopsis: The secretary is discovered and offered a part in a major motion
picture & is then introduced to the fabled casting couch. But she's ready to pay her
dues to become a star

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Six Degrees of Seduction 3 starring Nicole Sheridan, Sydnee Steele
Kity Marie, Aurora Snow, Sky Taylor, Tavalia Griffin, Jeannie Rivers
Bamboo, Tanya Danielle, Dale DaBone, Eric Price, Voodoo, Mark Davis
Tyce Bune
Synopsis: Dirty magazine owner Mr. Adams goes through writers as often as he cheats on his wife. His new recruit, the beautiful Tanya Danielle, has her imagination put to the test when Mr. Adams gives her a few short hours to knock him out with the hottest sex scenarios he has ever read... Is she up to it? You be the judge!

Sizzle starring Merle Michaels, Candida Royale, Samantha Fox
Kandi Barbour, Veri Knotty, Christine De Shaffer, George Payne
Bobby Astyr Synopsis:
Five unrelated short stories add up to some scorching
action in this all-star collection. First, a gorgeous ladie gang leader commands a crew
of six thugs who service her every wicked need. Then an insatiable hillbilly girl nearly boinks her kidnappers to death. Then a married woman and her lover are enjoying themselves in her bedroom before they get interrupted by her hubby. Later, two
sisters end up in bed with each other’s husbands, and they seem to enjoy the confusion. Finally, distraught Samantha Fox drowns herself but returns from her watery grave to continue her sexual adventures.

Sizzling Summer starring Karen Summer, Don Fernando, Dan T Mann
Francois Papillion, Nick Niter, Jay Serling, Shone Taylor, Rocky Balboa
Karen gives us an inside look at her private life and even her private

Ski Bunnies 2 starring Veronica Sage, Nicole London, Dyanna Lauren
Alicia Rio, Nikki Sinn, Alex Sanders, Gerry Pike, Jay Ashley, Steve Drake
Every ski bunny in town is looking for the same thing, the perfect ski instructor. In this action packed sequel to the blockbuster hit, Ski Bunnies, the techniques are even better, keep those hips up and watch what happens as the crowd returns to the mountain for some truly hardcore action!

Skin (aka Another Letter From a Slave) starring Monika Baines
Leslie Struhanski, Mickey Ghaf, Madelyne Rhane, Jean Pierre Thurmod
Alister Ray Synopsis:
Prequal to the hardcore classic Euro feature, finds our favorite sex slave, Carole, writing her memoirs aand reflecting back on her life as a sex life to the rich & famous of the European jet set.
* In German w/ no subtitles

Skin Deep starring Rhonda Jo Petty, Debbie Truelove, Toni Alessandri
Darling Darla, John Colt, Rick Flick, Charles Anthony, Jerry Davis
What's a porn director to do on a relaxing day off? It sure as hell isn't
relax! This gut calls up a bunch off porn pals, and throws a knockdown sexer party!
And hey, he might even discover his next starlet along the way.

Skin Flicks starring Sharon Mitchell, Bethanna, Heather Young
Jill Munroe, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Herschel Savage Synopsis:
This is the movie that introduced us to the saga of Harry, a serious director who is forced into the world of porn. (the story continued in Sexcapades & Great Sexpectations). While on a porn set, he meets Susan and falls in love and marries her. Will their love be enough to pull them away from the world they have come to despise?

Skin Games starring Erica Boyer, Kari Foxx, Mindy Rae, Jamie Leigh
Keli Richards, Tonisha Mills, Rayanne Drew, Marc Wallice, Steve Drake
Peter North, Greg Rome, Tony Martino Synopsis:
It's your typical 80s pool party, it just gets a little out of control when evryone wants to pair up and swap and screw and.....

Skin on Skin starring Erica Boyer, Pat Manning, Eva Hausman, Mai Lin Juliet Anderson, Suzanne French, Richard Pacheco, John Leslie, Jon Martin Herschel Savage, Jon Martin Synopsis: Their fantasies will drive you bananas! - Skin On Skin, directed by Anthony Spinelli, is a highly erotic ride through the world of sexual fantasies. When real life lets these lovelies down then fantasy takes over. And when it comes to minds that can really dream up wild and crazy sexual situations, these hot babes have no limits!

Skin on Skin starring Lanny Barbie, Barbara Sumner, Gen Padova
Jezebelle Bond, Lexi Marie, Texas Presley, Tommy Gunn, Tren Torsoro
Jerry, Eric Masterson
Synopsis: Lanny Barby describes her fantasies for the cameras, and guess what!
They all involve skin. What it tastes like, what it feels like, and how she craves it.

Skintight starring Annette Haven, Maria Tortuga, Lee Carroll, Mai Lin
Connie Peterson, Lisa De Leeuw, Cris Cassidy, Starr Wood, Paul Thomas
Michael Morrison, Randy West, R J Reynolds
3 sex therapists struggle between their lives at work and the lives they crave for their own private lives.

Skippy Jif & Jam starring Debi Diamond, Savannah, Tera Heart, Flame
Trixie Tyler, April Rayne, Heather Sinclair, Lance Heywood, Blake Palmer
Biff Malibu
Synopsis: The adventure of 3 guys and their never ending quest for sticky, gooey
sexual escapades.

Sky Pies starring Raven, Gina Carrera, Stacey Donovan, Misty Regan
Nicole West, Pamela Jennings, Ron Jeremy, R. Bolla, Tom Byron
Sasha Gabor Synopsis:
Climb on board and welcome to the most amorous airliner in the sky! This fast-paced scorcher presents the airline industry as one non-stop carnal carnival in the sky, filled with buxom stewardesses, passionate pilots and even a few puerile passengers. One thing that makes this one stand out is that it was actually shot on a real 747! How they managed it is a mystery, but the result is a flick that has a real 'on the spot' feel

Sky's Day Off starring Sky, Samantha Stylle, Kamy, Kristina Black
Adajja, Lindsey, Billy Glide, Nacho Vidal, Jason, Tony Ribas, Joey
Sky has earned a nice relaxing day off from the porn world, but she
ends up doing shows she should have just went to work after all.

Sleazy Rider starring Taija Rae, Fallon, Tami White, Buck Adams
Jerry Butler  Synopsis:
Suburban bliss gives way to sexual sizzle in this wild sexvid treat from 1988. Jerry Butler and Fallon star as a (relatively) demure young couple whose sex life seems to be going just fine. That is, until rough-and-tumble biker couple Taija Rae and Buck Adams move in next door! It turns out that Buck and Taija are wife-swapping swingers who find their ultimate pleasure in switching things up! Of course, Fallon and Jerry are suitably scandalized, but soon loosen up and get into the swing of things. In the end, their sleepy bedroom community turns into a steamy cauldron of unleashed lust, as they get down and dirty with all their friends and neighbors! So come on down and join the feverish fun!

Sleazy Riders 1 starring Harmony Grant, Regan Starr, Autumn Haze
Lee Ann, Jade Marxx, Mariah Milano, Rob Scott, Earl Slate, Frankie
These ladies came into town during the biker rally with one agenda in
'mind....to get laid by a biker.

Sleeping Around starring Ashlyn Gere, Flame, Mercedez Lynn, Jon Dough
Buck Adams, Cal Jammer Synopsis:
They’re suburban sinners who swap not only their spit, but their wives, husband, and lovers as well! Danny is a modern day Don Juan who gets any woman, anywhere, to do anything his erotic will desires! His sexual conquests become more and more daring as he orchestrates the ultimate suburban orgy where anything goes and everyone indulges their deepest fantasies with shocking results

Sleeping Beauty Aroused starring Hyapatia Lee, April West, Tori Welles
Ona Z, Tami White, Robert Bullock, Randy West, Bud Lee, Tom Byron
In this porn version of the fairytale, the king, apparently from the Bronx,
has pissed of a fairy that places an evil curse on the King's offspring. The Princess will
fall into a deep, deep sleep after being eaten out when she turns 21. She'll stay that way till a prince kisses her.

Sleepless starring Isis Nile, Rebecca Bardoux, Sahara Sands
Roxanne Blaze, T T Boy, Marc Wallice, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: Anyone that suffers from insomnia and doesn't have a clue in what
steps to take should tune in to K.L.O.X. Radio's love line, because they keep people
 up... all night long! Sean Michaels is the charismatic host with stories that'll steam
up the thickest pair of glasses in the room, and at the end of the night when it's all
said and done, he gets to live his own raunchy tale out!

Sleepless Nights starring Lili Marlene, Helga Sven, Jacqueline Lorians
Rita Ricardo, Jon Martin, Francosi Papillion, Rocky Balboa, Blair Harris
A woman's strange & erotic dreams force her to live them out during her waking hours regardless of who she hurts & at the peril of destroying her marriage.

Sleepwalker starring Alice Springs, Lauren Brice, Cameo, Jeanna Fine
Tracey Adams, Cal Jammer, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, T T Boy
Synopsis: A sorceress brings a couple under her sexual spell and turns thier lives
upside down.

Sleepy Head starring Georgina Splevin, Tina Russell, Darby Lloyd Rains
Judith Hamilton, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens, Jason Russell
Two sisters are in complete opposite of each other. One a sexual free spirit, the other a shy virgin. When the shy virgin comes for a visit, the free spirit tries to hide her lifestyle, as to let her sibling remain pure. But soon all is revealed and the shy virgin leves her sister's home, as anything but.

. Slick Honey starring Selena Steele, Rachel Ashley, Heather Torrence,
Sasha Strange, Charli,
Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallice, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner
It was a sunny day when she walked into my office. Or was is cloudy? Rain or Shine, she was gorgeous – drop dead gorgeous – and she wanted me to get the goods on her no – good cheating husband. No problem, I said, an open and shut case. Little did I know the I was about to embark on the wildest, wettest, wackiest case ever test a private dick's sexual stamina…the case of SLICK HONEY. A very sticky Affair indeed

Slightly Used starring Ona Z, Sharon Kane, Gina Gianetti, Tanya Foxx
Tiffany Storm, Eric Edwards, Tom Byron, Blake Palmer, Buddy Love
Frank James,
Peter North, Don Fernando, Robert Bullock Synopsis: A madame & her beautiful staff take a vacation after a trick dies in their house after servicing. Only to find out that they want to fuck on vacation..THEIR WAY!!

Slip Into Silk starring Kelly Nichols, Laurie Smith, Janey Robbins, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis
Kelly Nichols is the a silky smooth lady DJ whose night-time show attracts lots of lusty listeners. Why? It must have something to do with her seductive voice and sultry imagination, qualities which she puts to wicked use whenever her turntables stop spinning. But there’s trouble brewing at the station. Janey Robbins, the sneaky, kinky mistress of the general manager, likes the little niche Kelly has carved out and she wants it all to herself. When Kelly gets wind of the plot, the cat fight which ensues kicks up plenty of dust. Kelly is at the top of her form here, and turns in a stellar performance, both in the acting and sexual arenas. But it’s Ms. Robbins who steals each scene with her combination of earth sensuality and mesmerizing beauty and sophistication. A classic.

Slip Up starring Darby Lloyd Rains, Day Jason, Ginger Snaps, Lynn Ashley
Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens
: A mad scientist has devised a machine which will furnish every man
on the face of the planet with an instant and permanent erection. While at first this
will bring smiles to men and women all over the globe, the villian plans to use that
chaos to take over the world. Luckily, secret agent Darby Lloyd Rains is onto the devious doctor, and determined to stop him.

Slippery Meeting starring Holly Black, Annette Montana, Suzy Sex
Will Montana, Claudio Meloni, Rene Bar
Synopsis: A trio of strumpets all in search of the perfect quickie with a
stranger...or 2...or 3
* In German w/ no subtitles

Slippery Slopes starrong J R Carrington, Missy, Rayveness, L'il Cinderella
Alex Sanders, Steven St Croix
This non-stop sex ramp on the slopes is wet thought. There's some nasty
anal in the snow ...girl,girl action that rocks. And oral cumshots that you want believe. Take out your polo and enjoy all the action.

Slippery When Wet starring C.J. Lang, Annie Sprinkle, Crystal Sync
Roger Caine, Sonny Landham
slice of sensual pie from director Eric Andersson. There is no lack of  plot in this potboiler about college chums reuniting to discover the latent and unrealized passion that was always there.
The film is a virtual who's who guide to some of the underappreciated but always erotic New York performers of the 70's. Annie Sprinkle plays an offbeat artist, Crystal Sync has a field day as a hedonist  with a shitkicker Southern drawl and the scene with a salami sausage is one you will never forget. Sonny does his Elvis impression, and all of them become victims of Crystal Sync's strange sexual orchestration control. Ultimately, C.J. and Hope resolve their problems with an assist from Annie. This is one of those rare films that keeps piling people on people, scene after scene, and yet never loses the erotic edge.

Slippery When Wet starring Erica Boyer, Candie Evans, Barbara Dare
Tamara Longley, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Tony Martino Synopsis:
Find out what happens when a tow truck driver, a divorced mother, her wacky daughter, two zany couples and a clumsy burglar are brought together on a wet stormy night. The result is tantalizing, DON'T GO HOME WITHOUT IT

Slit Skirts starring Joanna Storm, Rachel Ashley, Sharon Kane,
Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
Imagine a clinic for the sexually perverted with an epidemic raging within its walls of sexual madness! Hospital nurses with their own special, steamy therapy, doctors who consult under the covers, and luscious, lustful Joanna Storm, who seduces her friend for a wet and wild climax. If you want pounding, non-stop action, peeking into Slit Skirts is a sure cure for whatever ails you

Sloppy Seconds starring Angela Summers, Debi Diamond, Tiffany Mynx
Bionca, Lana Sands, Tammi Ann, Alex Sanders, Peter North, Jon Dough
Nick East, Marc Wallice, T T Boy
Welcome to the best greasy
spoon in the west. Where the food is overpriced, the menu is dull, the coffee sucks
and the waitresses go the extra mile when it comes to dessert. Eating out don't get
better than this!

Slow Dancing starring Hyapatia Lee, Melanie Moore, Teri Diver
Jonathan Morgan, Marc Wallice, Mike Horner
Synopsis: Hyapatia Lee as a newly divorced woman facing the dating scene
- circa 1992. 1-900-what? Video dating? Swinging? Chicks? Joy Jelly? Watch Slow Dancing. It's a whole new look at a whole new world.

Slumber Party starring Ginger Lynn, Susan Hart, Raven, Danica Rhae
Athena Starr, Eric Edwards, Tom Byron, MarcWallice Synopsis:
These four gorgeous girls are having a Slumber Party tonight, and you're invited!Whether they're in a van, a hot tub, or just hanging out, our foxy girls always have a good time' and if it has to do with sex… they'll try anything once. Especially after the guys show up to crash the party! So why not take these four young lovelies home with you tonight.

Slumber Party Reunion starring Rachel Ashley, Fallon, Stephanie Rage
Tanya Foxx, Tasha Voux, Eric Dylan, Johnny Nineteen, Lee Baldwin
Rugby Rhodes Synopsis:
A kinky quartet of Moore High's lustiest girls are coming together for their first reunion in five years. Ring leader Fallon plans and puts together
the entire thing!

The Slutty Professor starring Tami White, Lois Ayers, Mandi Wine
Rick Savage, Scott Irish, Seymour Love Synopsis:
A female scientist invents
the ultimate sexiual toy and sets 6the world on fire.

Small Town Girls starring Serena, Dorothy LeMay, Sharon Kane
Bonnie Holiday, Kandi Barbour, Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, Dave Morris John Seeman Synopsis:
San Francisco is the setting for Play-around Magazines's "Most exciting sexual Experience" contest. Four beautiful Small Town Girls, are chosen by the magazine as finalists to compete for the $50,000 in prize money. Our story begins as Cindy, Barbarella, Ann and Dannielle arrive at the editor's office. Anticipation fills their minds and bodies as they learn that they have 48 hours to act out the fantasies they submitted as entries. Unbeknown to them, the magazine has assigned an "able-bodied" young man to take part in each adventure and so verify the stories. Which story will the editors choose for their feature article? We'll never tell.

The Smart Ass starring Susan Vegas, Rachel Ryan, Renee Foxx, Rayne
Kristina King, Peter North, Steve Vegas, Tom Byron
Never mind the Squirt! Forget about The Brat! Here comes the smart ass. She's sassy, she's sexy, and she's a major tease! But don't worry, she gets what she deserves in the end!

SMASH*D starring Annie Sprinkle, Andrea True, Kaye Post, Sandra Sweat
Roger Caine, Justin Case, J J Jones, Byron Stress Synopsis:
Hillarious porn send up of the hit movie ' MASH '. These doctors & nurses pick up where the original leaves off.

Smeers starring Summer Knight, Tiffany Million, Devon Shire, Bionca, Pearl
Jon Dough, Ron Jeremy, Tony Tedeschi, Joel Lawerence, Tony Martino
You've always dreamed of a neighborhood watering hole like this. Come
to the bar where everybody knows your name and your sexual preferences. Join all the zanies for a night on the town you'll never forget. Great porn spoof of the TV show 'Cheers'

Smells Like Sex starring Jenna Jameson, Kylie Ireland, Felicia, Juli Ashton
Nici Sterling, Shayla LeVeaux, Lana Sands, Marilyn Star, Jon Dough
T T Boy, Tony Tedeschi, Mark Davis, Tom Byron, Vince Vouyer
Wilde Oscar Synopsis:
A scientist goes to great lengths to capture the actual smell
of sex, and use it to enhance the world's lovemaking

Smoke Me starring Farrah, Johnni Black, Brooke Ashley, Raylene
Randi Lee, Bobbi Bliss, Alec Metro, Kyle Stone
Intrigue mixes with fine cigar smoke and smoldering sex. A shady figure named Rutger searches for the secrets behind the erotic behavior of those who smoke
a brand of cigar that carries the name Farrah. There's nothing quite like a Farrah. So palatable...the aroma...the taste...the bite

Smoker starring Sharon Mitchell, Joanna Storm, Diane Sloan, Troye Lane
Ron Jeremy, John Leslie, Eric Edwards Synopsis:
Sharon Mitchell is a leftist revolutionary whose sex boutique serves as very effective cover. But now she's blown it big time. One of the vibrators in her shop contained a super-sophisticated bomb. But Sharon lost track of it and sold it. Now the KGB & the CIA are on the trail of the bomb.

Smokescreen (aka Hannah) starring Jenteal, Missy, Kirsty Waay
Melissa Hill,
Nicole London, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallice, Steven Sy Croix
Synopsis: Elizabeth's friend Hannah has come to visit. The two have not seen one another for ten years and have a lot of catching up to do. So imagine Elizabeth's surprise when she overhears Hanna speaking in hushed tones about the death of someone named Zelda. Elizabeth's imagination takes over. In her mind, Hannah is now Zelda, a stripper in New Orleans, or a wild lesbian in a tryst with a jealous club owner, or anything she dreams her to be. And what's even stranger than the fantasy...is the reality. Vivid presents Smokescreen. You can run, but you can't hide.

Smooth as Silk starring Taija Rae, Viper, Dana Dylan, Nina DePonca
Sharon Kane, Scott Irish, F M Bradley, Troy Tanier
A group of women decide that a shaved pussy is what their men really want, & judgeing by the reponse, these women are right on the money.

Smooth Ride starring Jill Kelly, Kylie Ireland, Christi Lake, Tracy Love
Alex Sanders, Peter North, Woody Long, Tony Tedeschi
A woman runs an escort service disguised as a limo service

Snack Time starring Sandy Reed, Eileen Welles, Melanie Scott
Crystal Dawn, Kelly Shaw, Jane Lindsay, John Leslie, Tom Byron
Jesse Adams, R J Reynolds, Ric Lutz Synopsis:
The things these video store employees do on their breaktime, after watching hot porn all day would make anyone apply for a job here.

Snatch Motors starring Jeanna Fine, Sally Layd, Stacy Nichols, Kytana
Sophia Ferrari, Jordan Lee, Peter North, Marc Wallice, T T Boy, Alec Metro
The sales force at a luxury auto dealeship is determined to make the
monthly sales quota any way they can.  Car sales people screwing their
customers?  That's nothing new.

Snakedance starring Hyapatia Lee, Devon Shire, Shawnee Cates
Mike Horner, Jon Dough, Randy Spears, Don Fernando
From the tip of the south America to the top of canada throughout the
entire Indian nation, they pass on from generation to generation a very unique brand of sex unlike any other in the world. It is the most intense form of sexual energy a soul can experience, as the teaching goes. Now, for the first time, Vivid and Hyapatia take you into this wonderful mysterious, erotic world.

Snatchbuckler starring Kimberly Carson, Kathlyn Moore, Ron Jeremy
Randy West, Tom Byron, Jennifer Noxt, Careena Collins
Now here's an adult film that's truly something different. It's an ambitious period piece set in the 18th century, about an evil pirate captain (Ron Jeremy) who kidnaps demure young princess Kathlyn Moore. Soon adventurer Randy West comes to the rescue and more than swords will be unsheathed. Shot almost entirely outdoors on a deserted beach and on an authentic old sailing ship, this video gets high marks for realistic sets and costumes. It's tongue-in-cheek attitude doesn't detract from the frenetic couplings, and the ladies certainly do look lovely in their corsets and lace. A fast-paced frolic that keeps the humor and the sex in a nice balance, this is one of the best sex films of the mid-80s.

Snatched to The Future starring Erica Boyer, Sandra Scream
Victoria Paris, Angela Summers, April Rayne, Jamie Leigh
Two young women from the 1950's get transported through time to
the set of a 1990's lesbian porn movie. This is a nice hardcore film with nothing but wall-to-wall carpet munching!

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs starrting Julia Larot, Vicca, Ursula Moore
Judith Leigh, Little Sweet Heart, Magda, Nicolette Lars, John Walton
Attila Schuster, Julian St Jox, Zoltan, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: The classic tale with a porn twist..This sure ain't Disney

Society Affairs starring Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols, Honey Wilder
Tara Aire, Tiffany Clark, Anna Ventura, Laurie Smith, Lisa Centrice
Harry Reems, R. Bolla, Ron Jeremy, Don Hart Synopsis:
This film marked the return of porn legend Harry Reems after an eight-year hiatus from adult films, and Harry comes back with a characteristic bang. Playing two roles - a crass, lascivious crook and a polite, boring rich guy Harry also puts in double time when he discovers in the middle of a caper house full of really horny women. Turning in an amazing olympic-caliber sexual performance, the incredible Mr. Reems first thoroughly boffs each gorgeous young woman in succession, and then in a torrid clustering. Great acting and blistering sex abound in this killer return for Harry Reems, which also features Veronica Hart in a pair of mind-blowing fornication scenes.

Sodom & Gomorrah starring Joan Devlon, Sharon Thorpe, Gina Fornelli
Jacquie Brodie, Deborah Brast, Mira Vane, Susan Catherine, Priscilla Aldan
Johnnie Keyes, Ken Scudder, George S McDonald, Tyler Reynolds
A pornographic take on the classic tale of 2 cities destined for destruction.

Sodom & Gomorrah starring Nikki Dial, Lacy Rose, Danielle Rodgers
Sierra, Brigitte Aime, Jerry Butler, Randy West, T T Boy, Steve Drake
A traveling salesman who sells sex toys, stumbles into the city of Sodom,
& is granted an audience with the Queen who likes his sex toys so much that she beds him in gratitude, and soon he is overcome by orders and adoration. But something is wrong as he feels the city is about to face a terrible disaster.

The Sodom Chronicles starring Christina Angel, Kimberly Kummings
Misty Rain, Candy Vegas, Gina Delaney, Chad Thomas, Dave Hardman
Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Paul Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Rick Masters
In the High Desert two women are on the run from two fueding brothel
owners. Don't miss the slam bang rear action in this wild wild, anal packed adventure!

Sofia: A Gang Bang Fantasy starring Sofia Ferrari, Guy DiSilva
Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Cal Jammer, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters
Welcome to Sifia's fantasy world, where her inner most desire to be
gang banged in a furious sexual frenzy.

Soft Warm Rain starring Siobhan Hunter, Tracey Adams, Sheri St. Clair
Keisha, Randy West, Buddy Love Synopsis: A gold prospector searching for the legendary treasure of an ancient Indian tribe is dying of thirst in the barren western desert when he stumbles on a golden medallion in the sand. A vision of a breathtakingly beautiful young woman appears, dressed in regal Indian garb. She revives him with water and leads him to a secret place where his ultimate fantasies are fulfilled.

. Soft Places starring Annette Haven, Cris Cassidy, China Leigh
John Seeman, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
Returning from the funeral of her very wealthy and prominent husband, the widow, accompanied by her family attorney, discusses the unusual will her husband has left. In order to inherit the full benefits of this "spoken will" it is required that the widow experience every known sexual activity . Through these outrageous activities, possibly her frigidity will fade, and a truly loving woman will be unleashed.

Some Kind of Woman starring Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn
Heather Wayne, Colleen Brennan, Joanna Storm, Paul Thomas
Harry Reems, Herschel Savage, Jon Martin Synopsis:
This feature
is all about the business of show business… the TV talk show hosts who dare it all, the guests who bare it all… the producers who screw them all… the commercials that are off the wall… and the audiences that have a ball watching some of the greatest adult performers doing it all.

Some Like it Big starring Raven, Leanna Foxxx, Nikki Wilde
Rusty Rhodes, Mike Horner, Jon Dough, Tom Chapman, Joey Murphy
Porn take off of the Hollywood classic 'Some Like it Hot', finds two
out of work musicians posing as women to get a job in a mob run nightlub as part of
the club's all-girl band.

Some Like it Wet starring Sandi Beach, Holly Body, Morgan LeFay
Alex Dane, Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Vince Vouyer, Bobby Vitale
When a farm girl gets accepted to a West Cost college, shemoves in with
her swinger uncle and is introduced to his lifestyle. Soon shehas to make a decision
whether to pursue her education or sexual identity.

Someone Else starring Ashlyn Gere, Bianca Trump, Danielle Rodgers
Mona Lisa, Jesse Eastern, Mike Horner, Randy Spears, Randy West
Synopsis: Is the grass always greener on the other side? That's what this couple thinks- especially after having lived together for the past 10 years. Will one wild weekend apart prove them right- or will they discover that there's no place like h
ome. So many questions- so many answers- so much sex

Something Blue starring Kaylan Nicole, Melissa Hill, Nici Sterling
Sid Deuce, Shelby Stevens, Tom Byron Alex Sanders, Vince Vouyer
Joey Silvera, Ian Daniels
Synopsis: She's going to the chapel and she's gonna get married. But everyone who knows her, knows it's not in her. What is in her is every guy who evere speeds down the fast lane in a Porsche 911. Join superstar Kaylan in a story that had to be told
about the girl who didn't need to be married.

Sophisticated Lady starring Zara Whites, Alice Springs, Alicyn Sterling
Peter North, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
A man is visited by the spirit of his sexual
drive while sleeping, and taken on a whirlwind tour of what he dreams about being
made real.

The Sopornos Series
The Sopornos starring Tabitha Stevens, Laurel Canyon, Kendra Jade
Johnni Black, Phyllicia Anne, Bobbie Barren, Herschel Savage, Guy Desilva
Steve Hatcher, Julian, Tyce Bune Synopsis:
Meet Bobby Soporno: wiseguy. Casino owner. Ladies Man. He's a man in control. A man who commands respect. If his casino patrons don't lose their shirts gambling they're sure to lose them to the bevy of babes ever ready to take their last dime. It seems Bobby's got it all, but it's starting to slip. Someone is ripping him off. eating away at his dynasty.... either that or maybe it's just another anxiety attack.

The Sopornos 2 starring Bridgette Kerkove, Kendra Jade, Lola
Jewel DeNyle, Heather Lyn, Juliet Sheridan, Samantha Sterlyng
Alec Metro, William Margold, Herschel Savage, Tony Tedeschi
Tyce Bune, Adam Wilde Synopsis:
Bobby Soporno has a new business venture. He has entered the world of porn. Convinced by a low-life porn director that the best way to recover his man is to allow him to direct a movie, money-minded Bobby realizes that this could also turn into a lucrative business venture for the future. Then why does Bobby still have this nagging anxiety? Well, one thing we do know: the only thing he's accomplished in therapy is driving his shrink to drink.

The Sopornos 3 starring Julie Meadows, Nikita Denise, T J Hart
Monique DeMoan, Brooke Lane, Bronze, Cherie, Herschel Savage
Tony Tedeschi, Adam Wilde, Mr Marcus, John Strong
In this third installment of the award-winning Soporno's series, we find Bobby Soporno in a very vulnerable position. Bobby has discovered that a close family friend, Tamara, is plotting to undermine him by working a deal with their top garment in industry competitor - the Russian mob. But just when he thinks that they are his only problem he finds that another threat is just around the corner. what's a guy to do? Go see his Shrink of course!

The Sopornos 4 starring Tawny Roberts, Dru Berrymore, Kody Koxx
Kat Kleevage, Sabrine Maui, Shayla LaVeaux, Tony Tedschi
Herschel Savage, Steve Hatcher, Kyle Stone Synopsis:
Is Bobby Soporno losing his mind? He's definitely losing sleep. It's bad enough that his crew at Sopornos' wrecking yard is trading parts for sexual favors, but when he finds out that his own daughter (Tawny Roberts) is screwing around with them, he goes ballistic. After a tense confrontation, Bobby ends up in the hospital where he tries to recover from his injuries and plot his revenge at the same time.

The Sopornos 5 starring Sunset Thomas, Brecca Brat, Brooke Lane
Katie Morgan, Cynara Fox, Joelean, Dana Vespoli, Lady Victoria
Missy Brunette, Windy Nite, Steve Hatcher, Kurt Luckwood, Scott Styles
Rick Patrick, Alec Metro Synopsis:
Apparently Bobby Soporno can't catch a break. His Prize Fighter decides that he won't take a fall, so Bobby is made to "replace" him with a hot new prospect who will gladly play Bobby's game for a nice cut and a hot piece of ass. Then, just when it all seems like it's going to come together, Bobby's screeching sister and lesbian mother start harassing him and try to teach him some family values he's not so willing to learn.

The Sopornos 6 starring Sunset Thomas, Felicia, Aria, Lady Victoria
Noname Jane, Stevie, Tony Tedeschi, Kurt Luckwood, Sergio, Dirty Harry
If you think Bobby Soporno has problems now...10 years ago, the Feds were breathing down his neck, and each others. 10 years ago. Bobby Soporno wasn't even in line to head his own crew, they were too busy banging' the boss' daughter. 10 years ago, the Badda Boom was only a wet dream, with Sunset Thomas no less...10 years ago, Bobby Soporno was actually...happy!

The Sopornos 7 starring Gina Ryder, Samantha Slator, Alisha Bizart
Arianna Jollee, Boo D Licious, Serena South, Chrissy Taylor, Tommy X
Talon, Herschel Savage, Dick Tracy, Steve Hatcher, Rick Patrick
Bobby Soporno is dead...or so it appeared the last time we saw him. But when Bobby's sister Cecilia and his best friend Nick begin their search for the killer, things take a turn for the bizarre - as in sexually bizarre. Just when you think they have the answer, Nick finds himself entangled in a twisted web of erotic retribution that pushes the limits of perversity - and ultimately reveals the disturbing truth about Bobby Soporno.

The Sopornos 8 starring Jessica Jaymes, Fallon Summers
Alisha Bizart, Victoria Givens, Samantha Slater, Cailey Taylor, Lee Stone
Talon, Herschel Savage, Steve Hatcher, Rick Patrick Synopsis:
The final episode will blow you away! Bobby Soporno is wanted, dead or alive. But, as he fights to prove that the rumors of his death aren't true, Federal Agent Victoria Givens closes in on Bobby's DVD pirating operation by sexing up some key personnel. Trust turns into betrayal and law gives in to lust when Nick makes an offer to the judge that she cannot resist. In the end, Bobby finds himself fighting his own crew for control and leaves everyone reeling in disbelief as he comes to the realization that if you are wanted dead or alive, perhaps it's better to simply be Undead.

Each Available Seperately or Purchase the Entire Series for 99.95
( A Savings of 27.65 )

Sore Throat starring Christy Canyon, Heather Wayne, Jessica Longe
Jessica Wylde, Nicole West, Robin Cannes, Summer Rose, Susan Hart
Ron Jeremy, Blake Palmer, Paul Thomas, Blake Palmer, Steve Drake
A truly goofy story serves up a series of scintillating sexual encounters in this salaciously satisfying treat from 1985. Legendary porn stud Paul Thomas stars as a man who can't seem to keep his spirits up enough to please his long-deprived wife. It seems that his mother once caught him having sex with the maid, and ever since he hasn't been able to keep his energies from drooping in the clinch. When his wife's father finds out about his daughter's lack of sexual fun, he gives Thomas an ultimatum. He has three days to have sex with his wife, or else

Sorority Pink 3 starring Nikki Dial, Cameo, Summer Knight, Gail Force
Sappho, Charolette Leigh, Jerry butler, Steve Drake
The campus slut decides to join a professed 'lesbians only' sorority, in
an attempt to remove her from being preyed upon by the guys looking for only a good time. In time, hopefully, the 'slut' reputation will fade away...or so she thinks.

Sorority Sex Kittens 1 starring Ashlyn Gere, Victoria Paris, Madison
Selena Steele, Bionca, Melanie Moore, Stacy Nichols, Tiffany Mynx
Teri Diver, Angela Summers, Kelly O'Dell, Shayla Laveaux, Summer Knight Lacy Rose, Shawnee Cates, Jon Dough, Peter North, Mike Horner, T T Boy, Tony Martino Tim Lake Synopsis:
The Upsilon Sigma sorority on the campus of the diminutive Lost River College has something of a mystery associated with it, and E.Z. Ryder is trying to figure out what it is. Ashlyn Gere is the sorority's head, and a member of her family has been involved with the sorority ever since the school's foundation. But that's not the mystery. The mystery is why, ever since the sorority was formed, guys who have started dating US sisters have turned up missing. Throughout the feature, we see guys, just after wrapping up ravenous pairings with the sorority girls, blindfolded and led away. But where? And why? Of even more interest than the mystery is the plenitude of volcanic sex here. The closing 25-girl orgy may set an all time record for modern age sapphic soirees

Sorority Sweethearts starring Bridgette Monet, Lisa De Leeuw
Linda Shaw, Becky Savage, Don Hart, Marc Wallice, Dave Cannon
Ever wonder what goes on in Sorority house filled with beautiful young coeds? You’ll think you’re dreaming when you get a long, sensual look at all the lusty lessons learned in every part of the house, including the bathtub! Cindy is the last of the virgins and there’s no holds barred to get her de-flowered in the best possible way. It’s a houseful of steamy excitement when Cindy, the girls, and their obliging lovers celebrate the occasion with the most explosive simultaneous orgasm ever experienced on film!

Sound FX starring Dana Lynn, Gail Force, Doreen Belmont
Sherry Pleasure, Billy Dee, Jesse Eastern, Jon Dough, Ron Jeremy
A man builds up evidence for his impending divorce by secfretly taping his wife boffing everyone when he's at work.

Sound of Love starring Annette Haven, Jessie St. James, Loni Sanders,
Misty Regan,
Herschel Savage, Don Hart Synopsis:
If you like to hear Annette Haven and several other ladies reach a climax, this one deserves a collector’s choice. The only male star, Don Hart, takes care of all the females. Seems that Annette’s husband, Richard, a musician, never takes care of her properly in bed, but with a $3 million sound studio, he’s determined to capture the sound of human orgasm. Richard, hires Don Hart to tap telephones and generally bug the premises of nice young ladies so that he can record their climaxes. In one scene Annette and Jesie St. James make very romantic bisexual love after Jesie has been rejected by Annette’s husband. Finally, when Richard discovers that Annette is having the ultimate in noisy climaxes with Don Hart, he suddenly gets jealous and does just what he promised to do in the beginning. He blows the house, the studio and everybody to kingdom come!

Sounds of Sex starring Tantala, Cara Lott, Karen Summer, Maria Tortuga
Pamela Jennings, Shaun Michelle, Tom Byron, Sasha Gabor, Marc Wallice
Francois Papillion
Synopsis: Tantala plays Ms. Hunnicut, a beautiful divorcee with a kinky hobby using sophisticated electronic equipment, she can listen and record people in passion across the canyons from her hill top home. These sounds of sex are like music to her ears as she plays the tantalizing tapes and subsequently gets involved with the people on them.

Souris d'Hotel starring Tracey Adams, Deborah Wells, Caline Ferry
Christine Deballiere, Monikat, Christoph Clark, Jean Badger, Philippe Stone
A couple that has lost the spark, decide to vacation at an exclusive
European Hotel, where swinging and recieving special services from the staff in
highly encouraged. In English

South By Southeast starring Vicca, Nikita, Brittany Andrews, Alyssa Love
Tom Byron, T T Boy, Tony Tedeschi, Peter North
2 witless models accidentally get yanked into a world of espionage & intrigue when the CIA mistakes them for Russian spies.

Southern Cumfort starring Celeste, Lacy Rose, Isis Nile, Lana Sands
Peter North, Woody Long, Terry Thomas Synopsis:
'Southern Cumfort' is high-spirited bio-pic/lampoon of Jim South, one of the porn industry's biggest talent merchants. Peter North plays South, and captures him perfectly -- from the Southern accent right down to big Jim's distinctive limp.Whether or not you're familiar with South, this one's got enough eye-popping eroticism to make it one of your all-time faves

The Specialist starring Alice Springs, Mai Lin, Cassandra Capucci
Ron Jeremy, Wayne Summers, T T Boy
A sex clinic that specializes in mens problems, and thanks to a fantastic
head nurse, all the patients seem to get cured in the grandest fashion!!

The Spectacle starring Savannah, Sandra Scream, Mercedez Lynn, Avalon
Biff Malibu, Tom Byron, Woody Long, Wayne Summers, Blake West
Synopsis: A school reunion is coming up and while a woman is eager to go, her
husband is totally against it.

Spectators starring Kay Parker, Gayle Sterling, Helga Sven, Toni Brooks
Herschel Savage, Jon Martin, Richard Pacheco, Rocky Balboa
Kay and her man, Paul, have become dissatisfied with their sex life. At
his insistence, Kay agrees to bring others into their bed, but all he wants to do is watch, then have sex with her afterwards, one-on-one. After a series of couplings, Kay finds
a new appreciation for her sexuality, and she walks out leaving a clueless Paul
wondering what happened

Speedster starring Savannah, Heather Hart, Summer Knight, Marc Wallice
T T Boy Synopsis:
When a television screenwriter (Wallice) and a horny young star-lover (Savannah) get their phone books mixed up it creates some sexual situations that could only happen in a porn movie. It's about fast girls with little black books. It's about chance encounters and mistaken identities

Speedway starring Raylene, Janine, Shanna McCullough, Sindee Coxx
Julia Ann, Alexandra Silk, Inari Vachs, Charlese Lamour, Phyllisha Anne
Elle Devyne, Tye, Nick East, Randy Spears, Tony Tedeschi, Steve Hatcher Rick Masters Synopsis:
2 women battle for the driver's seat on a championship NASCAR team, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Gentlemen start
your engines!!

Spellbound starring Teri Weigel, Zara Whites, Britt Morgan, Barbie Doll
Bridgette Monroe, Peter North, Randy West, Tom Byron, Murrill Maglio
A woman, house sitting for a friend, ends up becoming the center of attention for all the guys in the neighborhood, much to the dismay of the wives & girlfriends.

Sperm Busters starring Ginger Lynn, Heather Wayne, Cara Lott
Bunny Bleu, Raven, Jessica Longe, Tiffany Blake, Pamela Jennings
Peter North, Ron Jeremy Tom Byron, Steven Powers
Ever wonder how to break into the adult industry? Ginger Lynn stars in this ode to homemade videos as the director with the sizzle. She and her sultry girlfriends give us erotic action from beginning to end with an astonishing array of scenarios! 

The Sperminator starring Rachel Ashley, Crystal Breeze, Karen Summer
Honey Wilder, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, George Payne
Honey Wilder runs a renowned sex thereby clinic which boasts an amazing success rate. During a series of incredibly carnal scenes featuring the
cream of the adult film crop circa 1985, we get to see just why he clinic does so well.

The Sperminator Cums Again Series

The Sperminator Cums Again 1 starring Holly Black, Lara Sanchez
Alexandra, Agnes Rondo,  Dagmar Lost, Rocco Siffredi, Franco Roccaforte
Sean Michaels
Take cover! Here come the Sperminators! They are the ultimate fucking machines from the future. They know no hunger and no thirst. They will not get tired and do not have to go to the bathroom. Nothing can stop them. They were sent from the future to fulfill their mission. Their mission is to find the girl Christa D. to fuck her and make her pregnant - no matter what the price! Equipped with the biggest cocks in the galaxy and an unfailing power to make the super hot fucking machines on the search

The Sperminator Cums Again 2 starring Holly Black, Sally Palmer
Sonja Simon, Angi Baletti, Franco Roccaforte, Georg Douglas, Nick Dorsan
Rex Morrison
Synopsis: The Sperminators have yet to complete their mission but they have no intentions of failing. Christa D must be found & impregnated!!!
* In German w/ no subtitles

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Spin For Sex starring Christina Angel, Tianna Taylor, Shelby Stevens
Deborah Wells, Nikki Shane, Tony Tedeschi, Colt Steel, Marc Wallice
Synopsis: it's the game show everyone is tuning into. it's 'Wheel of Fortune' meets 'Blind Date' with a lot of sex thrown in. Sure to be a ratings hit!!

Spirit of Seventy Sex starring Annette Haven, Abigail Clayton
Desiree West,
Kristine Heller, Angela Haze, Sandy Pinney, John Holmes
Jon Martin,
Tyler Reynolds, Ray Wells, John Seeman, Jeff Lyle, Kent Hall
Synopsis: Turns out our founding fathers were just s depraved and perverted as we
Americans are today

Splendor in The Ass 2 starring Rebecca Bardoux, Sierra, Kiss
Shelia Stone, Joey Silvera, Jonathan Morgan, Peter North
A woman learns the HARD way that a guy will promise ANYTHING in order to plow her untouched, virgin ass. But once the door is opened, she craves
Greek loving more than the traditional way....We have created a monster!!!

Split Decision starring Tanya Foxx, Renee Morgan, Sharon Mitchell
Denise Connors, Cory Monroe, Gino Colbert, Jeremy Scott, Kevin Glover
When a quiet, conservative couple gets tired of fighting with their partying
neighbor, they decide to give the neighbor's lifestyle of partying a try. What they find
is a world of kink & sex they never imagined. Shot during the industry's mini 'Bi-boom' in the 80s, this is one of the rarest and most hard to find titles of that genre.

Spoiled tarring Taija Rae, Laurel Canyon, Nina Hartley, Jennifer Hurt
Shanna McCullough, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, John Leslie
It's all about how a beautiful woman decides which one of her three suitors is the right man for her. At the Christmas party they all get a mysterious package that unleashes their wildest, most revealing fantasies and deep decadent desires.

Spooked starring Samantha Strong, Dana Lynn, Jessica Longe
Frank James, Marc Wallice, Buddy Love Synopsis:
When a guys roommates can't get any action becasue he is a stud, they find the recipe for an ancient spell that turns the guy into a monster.

Spread Sheets starring K C Williams, Kym Wilde, P J Sparxx
Stacy Nichols, Jenna Wells, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera, Rocco Siffredi
Scott Irish Synopsis:
K C Williams plays a woman determined to make it to the
top of the company she works for, doing whatever it takes. Office politics was never so much fun!!

Spreading Joy starring Gina Valentino, Susan Hart, Rikki Blake
Tom Byron,
Michael Morrison, Paul Barrisi, Louis Shortstud
Adult kids ask Santa for the darniest things, as St. Nick and Mrs. Claus discover when they open the Christmas Eve mail. All the men write requesting 'boy toys' of the hottest and sexiest kind. And Santa's wives are just the sort of girls to
make their most erotic fantasies come true.

Spring Break starring Farrah, Jessie James, Courtney, Nicole Ann
Gabriella Gotti, Mya Luv, Christopher Cruise, Frank James, Tony Martino
Synopsis: Buttman takes his camera to the beaches of spring break to capture
all those drunk and eager college babes.

Spy Cam starring Ruby, Sally Layd, Nina Hartley, Laura Palmer, Chandler
Anita Cannibal, Mike Horner, Tom White, Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels
: U
ltra-modern Surveillance. Private lives, caught on tape. Anal. Lesbian. Diners, trucks, motels, pools. No place is safe. Welcome to your secrets

Squalor Motel starring Colleen Brennan, Desiree Lane, Cody Nicole
Beverly Bliss, Tantala, Lisa De Leeuw, Jamie Gillis, Nick Random
Herschel Savage Synopsis:
Check into your wildest dream... The beckoning glare of the neon sign lures lovely newlywed Nancy into the twenty-dollar-a-night freak show called Squalor Motel.

The Squirt Next Door starring Alyssa Allure, Candy Apples
John Strong, Steve Hatcher Synopsis:
Sensual, uninhibited and ready to screw like a rabbit in heat...She's the perfect girl. Just knock on her door, ask to borrow a cup od sugar and you'll end up with the hottest blow-job, pussy drilling, ass banging good time ever. Her specialty...a squirt job that will leave you wet all over

Squirt 'Em Cowgirl starring Fallon, Debi Diamond, Chaz Vincent, Cameo
Cal Jammer, Todd Alexander, Dan Cooper
Life on a quiet, secluded ranch in the old west can be boring, so these
folks do whatever they have to to keep it exciting

St X Where Series
St X Where starring Danielle, Nikki Randall, Porsche Lynn, Tiffany Blake
Carolyn Connoly, Billy Dee, Jesse Eastern, Joey Silvera, Shone Taylor
Horny doctors, naughty nurses and sex-hungry patients. Need some racy reviving? Play dead and see how Nurse Grace tries to pump and inject some life into you. And you never saw doctors operate so sensually and skillfully as they do on Nurse Sue Ann and Nurse Pinkley. If you're lucky you might be a part of the mind blowing climaxes where the pill popping interns, disorderlies and angels of sexual mercy join in to make the whole horny hospital vibrate with their special type of erotic cures.

St X-Where 2 starring Shanna McCullough, Alexa Parks, Britt Morgan
Laurel Canyon, Keisha, Nikki Knights, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Jesse Eastern
The kinky nursing staff from the original St. X Where is still treating their patients to a very special brand of bedside manner, and their physical therapy sessions are just as kinky as ever.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Stacked 5 starring Caroline Cage, Harmony Grant, Olivia, Chalie Angel
Donita, J J Michaels, Brandon Irons
Synopsis: A woman is fed up with her slacker son and wants him to move out of
her basement. She loans him enough money to get his car fixed and find a new place,
but he has other plans for that money.....hire a bunch of call girls to party with and
keep on living in mom's basement.

Stagehand starring Sabre
After a rough day of shooting on the porn set, our stagehand is busy
putting all the props away, but when she reflects back on what played
out in front of her all day, she finds a few props of her own and takes care of  herself since her boyfriend hasn't been in town for a few days.

Stalag 69 starring Heaven St. John, Dorothy LeMay, Stacy Evans, Nadra
Gene Culot, Bob Movepski Synopsis:
During WW2 it's discovered that the Nazi's are running a POW camp, where they use a form of sexual torture on the prisoners to get vital information. This HAS to be against the Geneva Convention!

* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate falls into the "Good" quality range. There is some graininess in the picture.

The Star starring Dyanna Lauren, Tina Tyler, Nikki Sinn, Isis Nile, Krista
Melissa Hill, Alex Sanders, Brad Armstrong, Brick Majors
A Hollywood starlet fights to keep her life, career & marriage afloat amid the wild & wicked backdrop of the movie business.

Star 84 starring Tina Marie, Erica Boyer, Cara Lott, Cody Nicole
Laurie Smith, Marc Wallice, Blake Palmer, Frank James, John Stagliano
Synopsis: A fictionalized account of Tina's story. From getting into the biz to her personal fantasies, all acted out in super hot sex scenes and intros to each scene from Tina herself.

Star 85 starring Kari Foxx, Rachel Ryan, Mindy Rae, Bunnie Blake
Rayanne Drew, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Steve Drake, Francois Papillion
Tom Byron, Troy Tannier Synopsis:
The fictitious story of how Kari Foxx got into
the porn & some of the things she did along the way to get there

Star 88 starring Dana Lynn, Rachel Ryan, Dana Dylan, Marc Wallice
Frank James, Ray Victory Synopsis:
It's official, Dana Lynn has been named THE starlet to watch in 1988, and she is on the rise. As she talks to the cameras about her inner most fantasies & hidden desires, we are treated to a bird's eye view of what she really thinks about. Hot stuff indeed!

Star 90 starring Christy Canyon, Bridgette Monroe, Suzie Bartlett
Chantel, Frank James, Don Fernando, Marc Wallice, Tony Montana
Joey Silvera Synopsis:
Fictionalized & very hot, story of how Chrsity Canyon
rose to become one of the biggest stars of all time in adult cinema.

Star Crossed starrung Crystal Wilder, Sunset Thomas, Dallas
Shelby Stevens, Tess Newhart, Rachel Love, Crikila, Atlanta Rizzen
Steve Hatcher, Vince Vouyer, Brick Majors, Mark Davis, Bobby Vitale
Frank Towers Synopsis:
A hot bartender ends up going out with one of her customers. He has a great time, but she decides she wants something more out of life. They both end up searching out the right one, and end up finding out they are the
perfect couple after all.

Star Hunter starring Heather Hunter, Chloe, Katie Gold, Dee, Kyle Stone
Mark Davis, Nick East, Steve Hatcher
An aspiring singer is trying to get the top director in Hollywood
to film her debut video, but he's hesitant to take on an unknown.

Star Virgin starring Jeanette Harlow, Tantala, Hillary Summers, Kari Klark
Mike Ranger, Brian Flynn Synopsis:
As a visitor from another galaxy spies on the sexual going-on's of earthlings she finds herself drawn into the action.

Starbangers starring Savannah, Marc Wallice, Joey Silvera & 6 other guys
The Ultimiate Savannah Gang Bang!!! Savannah's all time, most fun to watch video would undoubtedly have to be Starbangers, where she takes on a parade of porn stars, fulfilling every stroker's fantasy of copulating with this almost angelic adult movie legend. As the title implies, the most notorious blonde vixen in the porn industry since Seka, takes on eight superstuds in her very first, and only erotic gangbang. British porn impresario John T. Bone, who later went on to gangbang history with Annabel Chong in The World's Biggest Gangbang, realizes that every porn fan desires to see the hottest hardcore stars take on a gang of stiffs. Part of Sanannah's appeal has always been that unreachableness -- therefore making her one of the most desirable adult movie queens of the '90s. Director Bone uses black and white photography to give a documentary feel to the picking of the men by Savannah ( when the actual action starts it all turns to color!!). We go from this bit of her-story to the actual arrival of the porn males, who procede to wait around, something Savannah has been known to make everyone in adult movies do from time to time. She eventually shows up, enters into make up, gets dressed and the action begins. Savannah sits idly in a chair, sipping a glass of wine while the guys take turns licking her star. She occasionally opens her mouth to the flailing members before getting carried to a bed where the guys trade off. The guys waiting fill their time by jockeying for position. This remains Savannah's most notorious adult movie ever

Starbangers 3 starring Sarah Jane Hamilton, T T Boy, Blake Palmer
Jon Dough, Joey Silvera, Derrick Taylor, Micky Ray, Shawn Ricks, Tom T
Incredible squirting porn star sensation Sarah-Jane Hamilton, soaking wet with insatiable love, has her way with eight porno studs in the wildest, wettest and the wickedest Starbangers ever! This is a collector's item, it will never leave your head, it's definitely one to watch out for!

Starbangers 5 starring Samantha Strong, Alex Sanders, Sean Rider
Micky Ray,
Steven St Croix, Shane Hunter, Peter North, Rick O'Shea
Steve Hatcher,
Damien Zues, Blake Palmer
The 5th installment of the highly popular gangbang series, stars the go
getting Samantha Strong showcasing all of her delightful skills.

Starbangers 6 starring Tiffany Million, Marc Wallice, T T Boy
Ron Jeremy, Tony Martino, Sean Rider, Damien Wolf, Ian Daniels
Rick O'Shea, Mickey Ray Synopsis:
Imagine o hot, sweaty gym, where all kinds of guys are working out, then in walks a fox.....and she wants all the guys at the same time....RIGHT NOW!!!

Starbangers 9 starring Jeanna Fine, Steve Hatcher, Jeremy Steele
Dave Hardman, Brick Majors, Jay Ashley, Max Caddy, Brian Surewood Synopsis:
Poor Jeanna, she's having a little party at her house. Lots of women & men invited. Only problem is...the women never show up & that leaves Jeanna by herself with 10 swinging dicks to entertain.....Hmmm

Starlet starring Nikki Dial, P J Sparxx, Kaitlyn Ashley, Tianna Taylor
Tony Tedeschi, Jay Ashley, Brad Armstrong
A big time Hollywood starlet has consented to an interview by a reporter who is one of her biggest fans, but the reporter finds out somethings about her idol that could ruin her career, and put herself in danger.

. The Starmaker starring Lisa Cintrice, Lisa B, Sharon Mitchell
Tish Ambrose, Copper Penny, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, R. Bolla, Marc Stevens, Ken Yontz Synopsis:
After Seka leaves her real life husband, Ken, we find Ken in a funk until his friends suggest that he can find a new starlet to make the next #1 Porn Queen...so the search is on. He & his buddies set up a contest to find the girl, and in the process, audtion plenty of new girls with the help of some of the industry's top male stars.

Starr starring Teri Weigel, Traci Winn, Gail Force, K C Williams
Peter North, Marc Wallice, Murrill Maglio, David Angel

Synopsis: Starr has it all and knows just what to do with it, especially when her ex-boyfriend rolls into town with his band of bad boys, and they all get their instruments fine-tuned! But, girls will be girls, and if these boys aren't careful, they'll
never make it to the show on time, and wouldn't that be a shame!

Starship Eros starring Lily Rodgers, Becky Savage, Holly Joy, Tara Flynn
Mike Ranger, Quasar
The crew of the Eros are out to find a bomb that will end the sex drive
of the entire universe, however among the trusty crew, there is a traitor.

Starting Over starring Jenna Jameson, Anna Malle, Roxanne Hall
Dallas, Felicia, Bobby Vitale, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Synopsis: Allison, a young woman with a heart of gold. Actually, a broken heart of gold. Allison's boyfriend has been unfaithful, and the diamond adorning his mistress' fingers were bought with money from her purse. So she leaves town and winds up in Vegas ... with no job, no cash, but one hell of a body. If you're human, you can appreciate the value of a fresh start!

Starved for Affection starring Nikki Charm, Tess Ferre, Joanna Storm
Tami Lee Curtis, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Jay Serling Synopsis:
3 adventurous men leave their wives at home for an weekend of roughing it in the mountains. But when they arrive they discover that the cabin is too dismal for even the most hearty of campers!So  the guys hire three lovely ladies from the 'Starving Students Labor Force' to help brighten things up

Statues starring Lori Michaels, T J Hart, Lauren Montgomery, Dee
Shelbee Myne, Leanni Lei, Deva Station, Bobby Vitale, Julian, Brandon Iron
A woman finds solace & peace when she visits a statue garden, but
the garden is a magical place where the sculptures come to life and act out
her most innermost sexual desires.

Steal Breeze starring Jeanna Fine, Patricia Kennedy, K C Williams, Sabre
Alice Springs, Randy Spears, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler Synopsis:
A female cat burglar (Jeanna Fine) has flashbacks in this bizarre tale of jealousy, blackmail and crossdressing. Two kiddie show hosts, Jerry Butler and Randy Spears, are in a ratings war and it turns out that Spears has a very dark side to him.

Steal This Heart Series
Steal This Heart starring Deborah Wells, Brittany O'Connell, Sierra
Rebecca Bardoux, Randy Spears, Jonathan Morgan, Michael J Cox
Nick East, Tony Tedeschi Synopsis:
He robbed her home. He stole her diary.
Now he shares her fantasies, and he will stop at nothing to live them out with her.

Steal This Heart 2 starring Deborah Wells, Brittany O'Connell, Sierra
Shana, Tony Tedeschi, Randy Spears, Jonathan Morgan, Nick East
She now finds herself having an affair with the man who stole her diary. He's setting her up for a big score, her husband knows, and her heart is on the verge of being broken either way.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Steam Heat starring Nikki Randall, Cherry Hill, Nikki Cherry
Tony Montana, Buddy Love, Frank James
A woman moves from Alabama to LA and finds her dream house, but
it's a lot more than she can afford so she takes in roommates and toigether the girls
do everything they have to0 to keep their home.

Steamy Windows starring Rachel Ryan, Sunny McKay, Debi Diamond
Tianna, Danielle Rodgers, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Randy Spears
Randy West, Rocco Siffredi Synopsis:
A successful woman arrives at the top of her indsutry and looks back at everything she's done to get there, and everything she
had to go through sexually. At this point she decides to take control of everything in her life and that includes her sexual desires & do away with the male double standard.

Steele Butt starring Selena Steele, Patricia Kennedy, Leanna Foxxx
Stephanie DuValle, Chris Collins, Beatrice Valle, Rocco Siffredi
Tony Martino, Dick Nasty, Jeff Coldwater, Mark Davis Synopsis:
A porn producer is trying to make his next production the biggest ever. He wants it to be an anal packed feature, but there are plenty of those on the market. But, if he can talk Selena Steele into an anal scene, it'll put his movie over the top. Featuring Selena's 1st & ONLY anal!!!

Stella in Starlight starring Taylor Adams, Anita Cannibal, Liza Harper
Jamie Leigh, Joel Lawrence, John Decker
Stella, a starstruck girl just off the bus from a small town, dreams of
making it big in L.A. She'll do just about anything to see her name in lights. With the
help of her horny new friends she learns the way to the top starts on her knees. She
finds the sexual fulfillment She's looking for and all her kinky dreams come true

Stephanie's Lust Story starring Gena Lee, Drea, Chelsea Manchester
Jennifer West, Lisa B, Nicole Black, William Margold, John Hollyfield Synopsis:
This is the ultimate account of the lustful impulses that might suck any
pretty girl into the world of Hollywood pornography. Follow the story of a young
movie starlet, who decides to enter the world of porno, then her career crashes when the news gets out.

Stick it in The Rear 2 starring Chantilly Lace, Francesca Le
Shayla LaVeaux, Cal Jammer, Vladimir Correa, Jon Dough, Nick East
A porn director is having a terrible day on the set as he is trying to shoot
an 'All Anal' feature, and getting very little cooperation.

Stiff Competition Series
Stiff Competition starring Gina Carrera, Cyndee Summers, Susan Hart
Bridgette Monet, Kitten Natividad, Patty Plenty, John Leslie, Kevin James,
Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage, Dave Cannon
People compete in all kinds of contests, from frog hopping to smoke-ring blowing to skeet shooting, so why shouldn’t two of the world’s greatest oral acrobats dual it out in the ring just like any other competitors who have perfected their vocation to an art form? Bridgette Monet and Jenna Carrera are the two ladies with something to prove, and they meet in the ring to bring things to a head, and sort out who’s the greatest oralist on the planet. The contest is sweltering, with some great blow-by-blow coverage. When the  dust settles, only one woman can emerge as the winner, but everybody will for sure have enjoyed the stiff competition, the ladies most of all.

Stiff Competition 2 starring Julia Ann, Draghixa, Kylie Ireland, Misty Rain
Brittany O'Connell, Kim Chambers, Sahara Sands, Samantha York
Pamela Dee, Tricia Yen, Gerry Pike, Peter North, Nick East, Randy West
Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Gino Grand
It's been nearly ten years since the nationally acclaimed Suck-Off Championship that was filmed for the first "Stiff Competition." Now, we return with the half-million dollar winner-take-all championship "Fuck-Off" contest. It's 10 rounds of a no-holes-barred battle that showcases some of the world's sexiest and nastiest girls who are in it to win it.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Stiff Magnolias starring Rachel Ryan, Debi Diamond, Rene Summers
Tanya DeVries, Kimberly Kane, Jeff Golden, Mark DeBruin, Gregor Samsa
While on spring break, a bunch of coeds return home to find that they
can't control their sexual desires, as firends and even family become fair game.

Still Hard to Stop starring Nikki Dial, Bionca, Nicole London, Teri Diver
Melanie Moore, Alex Jordan, Jonathan Morgan, Tom Byron, T T Boy
Woody Long Synopsis:
A woman that has made it to the top of the world of porn
as a director & producer, finds that it's hard to stay at the top when everyone is doing thier best to knock her down.

Still Insatiable (aka Insatiable 3) starring Marilyn Chambers
Stacy Valentine, Juli Ashton, Kylie Ireland, Chloe, Vicca, Nikita,
Jack Garfield, Steve Hatcher, Julian, Tyce Bruce, Mr Marcus
Julian St Jox Synopsis:
A female Senator is caught between the moral movement and her own animal lust when the issue of pornography comes up in the national
political arena.

The Stimulators starring Melanie Scott, Cheri Champagne, Gail Parker
Silver Starr, Ron Jeremy, Billy Dee, David Ruby Synopsis:
An inside look at what makes the world of adult movies go 'round. Just how do people get parts in these movies? You've never been aroused like you will be by... The Stimulators

Stolen Hearts starring Danielle Rodgers, Cameo, Taylor Wayne
Holly Ryder, Dominique Simone, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher
A thief steals a diary while commiting a burglary. Upon reading the diary
he decides he must have the woman who wrote it for himself. He concocts a plan to work his way into her life and all is well until he must confess to her what he has done.

Stolen Kisses starring Aja, Victoria Paris, Sasha Strange, Jade East
Buck Adams, Jesse Eastern, Tom Byron Synopsis:
Poor Aja isn't getting any from Buck Adams. Not to worry! Today holds some surprises guaranteed to give
their love-life the lift-off!

Storie Di Ordinaria Follia starring Deborah Wells, Nikki Anderson
Judith Kostner, Ursula Cavalcanti, Reka Gabor, Marzia Lippi
Brumo SX, Reinhardt, Jay Lassiter, Zenza Raggi
Synopsis: A series of vignettes of people on the edge of insanity as these people
are addicted to sex
* In Italian w/ no subtitles

Stormy starring Cris Cassidy, Linda Wong, Connie Peterson
Angel Desmond, Constance Penny, Pheary I. Burd, Suzanne French
Eileen Welles, John Holmes,Joey Silvera John Seeman Ken Scudder Synopsis:
The highly acclaimed erotic-film producer, Sam Norvell brings to the screen the most scorching sex epic of his career, Stormy. Starring John Holmes as the sophisticated, red-blooded, wheeling and dealing head of the slickest, high-class, high-priced call girls in San Francisco, Stormy rips open the love-for-sale racket with unflinching realism. And when you see the fabulous beauties employed by Big John, you'll understand why his fees are so huge.

The Story of Joanna starring Terri Hall, Juliet Graham, Jamie Gillis
Zebedy Colt Synopsis:
irector Gerard Damiano's take-off on the French classic 'The Story of O' ranks among the best hardcore features of the 70s. Terri Hall stars as Joanna, a sexually naive beauty whose life takes a sensual turn when she meets debauched European aristocrat Jamie Gillis. Gillis brings her back to his gothic castle, where he puts her through a series of sexually-charged trials in order to prove her love

Straight A's starring Sierra, Chris Collins, Nina Suave, Chelly Supreme
Tom Byron, Steve Austin, Tall John
A woman decides it's time to give her man her geatest gift...HER ASS!!!
But before she can do that they goes to a sex retreat to learn the best way to the
backdoor boff.

Strange Behavior starring Patricia Kennedy, Miss Pomodoro, Tiara
Dora Dice, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, T T Boy
A popular hooker is missing, and a down & out detective is assigned to
the case, but he has no leads except that she worked for a high end escort service that operates in a downtown hotel. The detective send s his housekeeper in undercover, but then realizes, he may have sent her to her death.

Strange Curves starring Victoria Paris, Sasha Strange, April West, Charli
Keli Warner, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish, Tom Byron
Ray Victory Synopsis:
Two men, strangers, meet in a bar. One has a cheating wife, the other a domineering sister. And they're looking to be rid of them both. What ensures is an erotic entanglement worthy of award-winning director John Leslie – and suspense worthy of Hitchcock. A chance meeting… A misunderstanding… and murder

The Stranger Beside Me starring Sandra Scream, Lois Ayers, Avalon
Leanna Foxxx, Dusty, Woody Long, T T Boy, Joey Murphy, James Lewis
 A flashing neon light. A seedy hotel room. A down and out ex-cop with a chip on his shoulder and a bottle in his hand - and sex on his mind. An erotic tale of greed, decadence and seduction sinks deep into the sleazy underbelly of L.A.'s notorious tenderloin - where nothing is taboo, forbidden or even questioned - if you've got the price, the muscle or both

Strangers When We Meet starring Paula Price, Cameo, Tracey Adams
Lauren Brice, Eric Price, Cal Jammer, Bobby London Synopsis:
Two strangers meet in a park and fall in love. Their courtship is fast and furious until a fateful argument and harsh words cause a break in the relationship. They meet five years later, both now married with children. Their conversation invariably leads to their falling out and teaches them both a lesson in patience and the value of clean communication

Stray Cats starring Danielle, Brooke Fields, Cody Nicole, Chelsea Blake
Rene Summers, Joey Silvera, George Payne, Michael Knight
Johnny Nineteen Synopsis:
Mara and June, two high school classmates who haven't seen each other in years, meet early one morning while jogging. They go to Mara's apartment and find out that June is married to Mara's old lover, Wilson, of whom she still has fond and erotic memories. What follows is an endless array of sexual pleasures by both girls, together as well as on their own. In the end they decide that Mara, June and Wilson should live together so they can both have the man they want and also each other. They are Down and Dirty

Streamers starring T J Hart, Shelby Myne, Gia, Candy Daze, Elle Devine
Abajja, Herschel Savage, James Bonn, Mark Wood, Tyler Wood
The wonderful internet leeds a group of woman to make money on the
web, doing live sex shows. Streaming their escapades to a perverted and horny
world of men and women.

. Street Angels starring Jeanna Fine, Ashlyn Gere, Ona Z, Flame, Teri Diver
Britt Morgan, Summer Knight, Randy Spears, Sean Michaels, Joey Silvera
Johnny Nineteen, Jon Dough Synopsis:
In this sequel to the oh-so-hot 'City of Sin', a not so pious evangelist is hot to find a journal of sexual interludes kept by the infamous Los Angeles madam, Ashley Freelove. Apparently, the good Rev. isn't the only one who's been frequenting Ms. Freelove's love nest. As he discovers during his search, there are plenty of other poor sinners beating the bushes in search of the madam's little black book.

Street Girl Named Desire starring Summer Knight, Trixie Tyler
Chrissy Ann, Pearl, Hanaku, Cal Jammer, Jake Steed, Tony Martino
Summer plays a hooker who wants to break free of her pimp and set
up her own pay-for-play business with gal pal Trixie Tyler. Needless to say, complications ensue

Street Legal starring Nikki Tyler, Jill Kelly, Anna Malle, Melisa Hill
Bobby Vitale, Marc Wallice, Joey Silvera, Vince Vouyer
Synopsis: Nikki is the head of an all-girl car theft ring that hijacks imports, chops
'em down and sells them to a mysterious man, who happens to be a cop.

Streets of New York 11 starring Celine Devoux, Nicole London
Candy Vegas,
Jewell Marceau, Crystal Isis, Diana Cannon, Pierce Bentley
J B Hunter,
Ray Horsch, David Wells, Steve
Synopsis: a roving cameraman travels the streets and alleys of NYC to find thoser
in the middle of the do, or getting ready to get that way. Just like he's done for the first
10 volumes.

Strip Bowling starring Cheyenne Silver, Wendy Devine, Kelsey Heart
Majella, Kendra Lynn, Herschel Savage, Eric Masterson, Rafe
When a group of wives & girlfriends find out their men are bowling
at a bowling alley that doesn't allow women in, they decide it's time to change
the alley's policy by challenging the guys to a strip bowling tourney.

Strip Poker starring Shelby Stevens, Nikki Sinn, Melissa Monet
Jordan Lee, Tess Newhart, Eva Flowers, Tiffany Beane, Tom Byron
Alex Sanders, Brick Majors, Tom Chapman
A group of playwrites & producers get together with their lovely female assistants for a great night of poker, as they reflect on how bad their recently
produced, one night play, really sucked.

Stripped starring Devon, Monica Sweetheart, Nikita Kash
Monica Mayhem, Holly Hollywood, Daniella Rush, Julian
Herschel Savage, Barrett Blade
Synopsis: A woman follows her dreams to L A, but reality smacks her
in the face and she finds her way to the dance pole to make a living,
but the pole leads to another world she may not be prepared to deal with.

Strong Rays starring Samantha Strong, Renne Morgan, Kathleen Gentry
Denise Connors, Mike Horner, Peter North, Don Fernando
The 2 biggest tanning salons in Southern California are at war, & are
pulling out all stops to corner the market.

Stud Hunters starring Joanna Storm, Misty Regan, Debi Diamond
Pippi Anderson, Desiree Lane, Marie Sharp, Lisa Lake, Marc Wallice
Paul Barressi, Randy West, Blake Palmer, Dave Cannon, Michael Morrison Synopsis:
A nude photographer sends her stable of stunning models out on the
streets in search of the ultimate stud for a mag layout she is shooting. What follows is pleanty of, ' in depth' interviews, and lotsa action!!

Stupri Gallery starring Anita Blond, Erika Bella, Kelly Trump, Penelope
Joy Karins, Andrea Czepke, Kristina Kovacs, Vivienne Clash, Jenny Fields
Don Fernando, Valentino, Francesco Malcom, John Walton, Mike Foster
Synopsis: A mockumentary on how porn affects the general public, portrayed
thru a series of vignettes with some of Europoes hottest porn vixens.
*In French w/ no subtitles. This Film is shot in black & white

Style 2 starring Lexus Locklear, Kim Kitaine, Kirsty Waay, Rachel Love
Alex Sanders, Steve Hatcher, T T Boy
Synopsis: A depressed fashion designer, falls for a model who may be the
key for him to get back to a normal state of mind.

Style 3 starring Annah Marie, Sahara Sands, Monique DeMoan, Felicia
Melissa Hill,
Bobby Vitale, Vince Vouyer, Tony Tedeschi
Synopsis: A columnist for a high profile fashion magazine, decides to write a serious
novel, but faces a case of writer's block and begins writing an autobiography based
around the ins and outs of the magazine.

Submission starring Chasey Lain, Vanessa Chase, Kylie Ireland
Sahara Sands, Shelby Stevens, Tiffany Mynx, Jon Dough, Randy West
Synopsis: As a companion piece to the movie, 'Domination' , this film tells
the flip side of the story, as Chasey is a content submissive willing to do anything
& everything to keep her master happy and satisfied. She is at his beck and sexual
calling and that is excatly as she wants it.

Suburban Lust starring Shauna Grant, Cody Nicole, LeslieWinston
Inez Acker, Tom Byron, Craig Roberts, Alan Royce
Infidelity is the name of the game in this neighborhood, or so it seems.

Suburban Seduction starring Viper, Holly Ryder, Leilani, Alicia Adams
Ron Jeremy, Tony Montana Synopsis:
This bodacious bedroom community simmers with a sexual undercurrent that's only brought out into the open during the naughty block parties that the neighbors throw. That's when the passionate partner swapping shenanigans begins, as husbands and wives switch partners and live out their wildest fantasies.

Succulent starring Kelly Nichols, Little Oral Annie, Annette Heinz
Chelsea Blake, Rhonda Jo Petty, Tanya Lawson, Sabrina Vale, Jerry Butler
Ron Jeremy, R. Bolla, George Payne, Jose Duval
A beautiful woman finds herself cast into an intense dreamworld
whenever she falls asleep. The dreams are so satisfying that she soon finds herself craving for sleep just in order to slip into this special world.

Sudden Urge starring Tera Heart, Paula Price, Alicyn Sterling
Ashley Nicole, Cassandra Dark, Scott St James, Tom Byron
Synopsis: A woman allows her best friend to move in with her & her boyfriend,
even though she's fresah out of the mental hospital for a sex addiction

Sue starring Emily Hill, Laura Palmer, Kiss, Valeria, Tony Tedeschi
Tom Chapman, Jeremy Joshua
When a man can't seem to forget the 'girl who got away', his wife
tracks her down and sets up a meeting for them to finally bang each other in the
hopes that her husband can finally move on.

Sugar Pussy Jeans starring Gail Force, Viper, Keisha, Beverly Glen, Sade Frank James, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Greg Derek, Scott Irish
executive Dino Valentino calls on sexy Margie Holiday to create a commercial for his Sugar Pussy Jeans, everyone wants to get into the act! Meet the flamboyant fashion designer Von Viengold and her boys. Meet the stunning Raven
who works for the infamous industrialist J.J. Johnson. See a real life Hollywood
casting session. Watch it all unfold as Margie's production company spares no
expense in creating the perfect erotic sales tool.

Sulka's Daughter starring Desiree Lane, Lisa De Leeuw, Colleen Brennan
Danica Rhae, Cynthia Brooks, Dushca, Stella England, Ron Jeremy
Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards, Blake Palmer, Craig Roberts Bruce Hope
Sulka is trying to find the right woman to star in porn's next big production, when Sulka's long lost daughter (?) shows up to fill the role.

Sulka's Wedding starring Sulka, Chelsea Manchester, Sharon Mitchell
Ron Jeremy, Paul Baressi, Craig Roberts Synopsis:
The most popular she-male in porn history has finallyt had the operation & is now a full fledged woman. So what is Sulka to do? Get married of course.

Summer Beach House starring Danielle, Becky Savage, Hillary Summers
Lauri Noel, Blake Palmer, Ray Wells Synopsis:
When 2 girls living in a beach house have a couple of extra rooms to rent out they run an ad in the paper. What answers the ad is a collection of screwballs, horny studs & hot babes. Time to PARTY!!!

Summer Camp Girls starring Shauna Grant, Kimberly Carson, Brooke Fields, Danielle, Joanna Storm, Tara Aire, Janey  Robbins, Paul Thomas,
Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards
A little rich girl is sent off to summer camp by her Mafioso daddy to hide her from the real world. Little does he know that at Camp Quim, sex wins out over arts and crafts every time. Shauna Grant is stunning as the virginal youngster who finds true lust behind closed cabin doors, and Joanna Storm and Kimberly Carson are really quite beautiful themselves. A steamy, sweaty video filled with some truly gorgeous bodies and authentically hot sexual action.

Summer Heat starring Desiree Cousteau, Juliet Anderson, Delania Raffino
Catherine Kenmore, Shady Skates, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Jack Wrangler
Jesse Adams Synopsis:
A beautiful woman recalls her orgy of sexual adventures
that she had last summer.

Summer Heat starring Mercedez Lynn, Heather Hart, Dusty
Buck Adams, Marc Wallice, Blake West Synopsis:
A Gypsy fortune teller,
comes to town and makes wild predictions of infidelity and turns a neighborhood
upside down.

Summer Lovers starring Janet Littledove, Sharon Mitchell
Siobhan Hunter, Randy West, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
This 1987 feature turns on the ever-popular notion of partner swapping. It's a topic that never goes out of style in hardcore circles, since it offers a handy way to line up a bunch of sexy swingers and pair them off in a variety of carnal combos. The plot of this one finds a few couples deciding to spend the summer swinging, swapping partners and seeing what develops. What ends up developing is a more permanent switching of who is with whom.

Summer of '72 starring Annette Haven, Loni Sanders, Bridgette Monet,
Lisa De Leeuw, Tara Aire, Nicole Black, Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco
This classic ranks as one of the best plot-driven porn flicks ever made
 Paul Thomas and Richard Pacheco star as a pair of Idaho college students who drive down for spring break in sunny Southern California. The guys are quite a contrast -- Paul is a lady killing stud who always ends up with a girl, while Richard is a virginal wallflower who merely dreams of getting women. The fun starts when the guys stumble across delectable Loni Sanders, Tara Aire and Nicole Black playing around on the beach. They all go back to the gals' place, where Loni and Paul end up hooking up in a steamy, sensual scorcher. Meanwhile, Tara and Nicole try to seduce Richard -- but when that doesn't work, they settle for a lusty lesbian liaison. The next day, while Paul is at a local brothel getting down and dirty with buxom Lisa De Leeuw, Richard wanders along the beach and meets gorgeous Annette Haven. Their mutual attraction leads them into one another's arms in one of porn's most romantic couplings. Filled with stunning performers, breathtaking scenery and a well-crafted plot, 'Summer of 72' is one of the best hardcore flicks you'll ever find. It's an old school breath of fresh air that will remind you of what porn can attain with a little bit of intelligence and care.

Summer of Laura starring Helen Madigan, Kim Pope, Marsha Moon
Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Wade Nichols, David Hunter
Along a lonely beach on a summer colony off the Long Island coast, a man walks slowly, reliving a summer, The Summer Of Laura, when he was nineteen. The summer he discovered love, lost his innocense, & became a man....The greatest summer of his life..

Summer School starring Sharon Kane, Laurien Dominque, Pat Manning,
Lysa Thatcher, Jon Martin, Don Fernando Synopsis:
A group of nubile freshman sorority sisters leave their virginal pasts behind and jump into their new classes with a gusto.

Summertime Blue starring Serena, Arcadia Lake, Samantha Fox
Bethanna, John Holmes, Eric Edwards, Ron Hudd Synopsis:
Two delightful high school co-eds are determined that the last day and night of their summer vacation will be memorable. And memorable it certainly turns out to be as the girls reveal themselves to their lucky dates for the occasion, and the boys in turn graphically relive their summer experiences.

Sunny starring Candida Royale, Merle Michaels, Marlene Willoughby
Christine DeSchaffrer, The Sloan Twins, Ron Hudd, Jack Teague
Randy West, Ashley Moore Synopsis:
Mark`s 25th birthday has him inheriting a large trust and loads of babes. But the money changes him for the worst, so his mother has our heroine Sunny try to set him straight. Instead, she fixes his wagon, hones his cone, honks his horn and puts a smile on his face they`re still trying to wipe off!

Sunny After Dark starring Sunny McKay, Bionca, Stacy Bell, Talia James
Marc Wallice, Jake Steed, Peter North, T T Boy, Sean Michaels, Dave Rock
A woman decides to drive a truck for Western Visuals in order to make
her own money and no longer be beholden to her controling boyfriend. A porn starlet introduces and awakens her to a whole new world she hadn't anticipated and for which she will be forever grateful

Sunny Side Up starring Gina Carrera, Dorothy Onan, Pamela Jennings
Tom Byron, Eric Edwards, Steve Powers, Rick Lutz
An adventurous woman talks her cautious husband into going on
a weekend hike in the mountains where they meet some wild mounatin people.

Sunrise Mystery starring Ashlyn Gere, P J Sparxx, Leanna Foxxx, Daphne
Samantha York, Lexy Cruz, Don Fernando, Joel Lawrence, Mike Horner
Peter North, Rob Tyler
When a beautiful PI turns down a job delivering a suitcase to some
foriegn businessmen, she becomes a target.

Sunset in Paradise starring Sunset Thomas, Jenny St James, Zumira
Jessie James, Vince Vouyer, Mark Davis, Sean Bonnery
When a superstar Sunset begins to masturbate, she dreams of roaming the beautiful white beaches of Florida with her gal pals, looking for hot sex under a hot sun. She doesn't have to look far… As they get it on in boast, on the beach and in the ruins
of an old Spanish fort. It's a lust travelogue. So have your travel log ready

Sunstroke starring Lauren Brice, Debi Diamond, Renee Morgan
Charlotte Leigh, Blake Palmer, Tom Byron, Jeff Golden
A woman tries desperately to put the spark back in her marriage, but must
decide if it's even worth it.

Super Tramp starring Debi Diamond, Tianna, Rachel Ryan
Scarlet Windsor,
Tom Byron, Marc Wallice Synopsis: Tianna stars as the lead actress on a daytime soap who has trouble acting. Will she be replaced? Tune in to see the evil doings in the beds of all the principal players, as each girl seduces the producer and the male members of the cast.

Supergirls Do General Hospital starring Ginger Lynn, Raven
Taija Rae, Carol Cross, Kristara Barrington, Chelsea Blake, Paul Thomas Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, George Payne Synopsis:
Ravishing Raven stars as a sexy movie star in need of a little peace and quiet. Fotunately, she gets niether when she checks into Gnereal Hospital - just a whole lot osf sex, instead.

Supergirls Do The Navy starring Raven, Taija Rae, Carol Cross
Sue Nero, Kristara Barrington, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera George Payne, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
It's 'Panties Away' as three gorgeous coeds spend their summer aboard a submarine – and discover it's not the only thing to go down! Between these college cuties and the oversexed crew, they manage to have a whale of a time

Supermodel Series
Supermodel starring Lene Hefner, Isis Nile, Leena, Asia Carrera, Chante
Shelby Stevens, Vanessa Chase, Buck Adams, Steven St Croix, Ian Daniels
Jonathan Morgan Synopsis:
Lene is a model studying to be a detective. The
friendly Buck is a gumshoe already. To help her get acquainted with the job, Buck lets Lene help out on a Murder-1 case -- the victim being a model herself!

Supermodel 2 starring Lene Hefner, Leena, Asia Carrera, Rebecca Wild
Kaitlyn Ashley, Vixxxen, Ivy English, Vanessa Chase, Chante, Buck Adams
Steven St Croix, Paul Morgan, Jay Ashley, Mark Davis, T C
She's still saving the world. Only now we see her at home, as well as on
top of 30-story office buildings, socking villains.

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(A Savings of 6.95)

Supermodels Do L.A. starring Cyndee Summers, Gina Carrera
Jessica Longe, Bunny Bleu, Francois Papillion, Jerry Butler, Billy Dee
Steve Drake Synopsis:
The most seductive models in America compete for superstardom in Los Angeles. Thrill to the non-stop explicit action in the hottest competition of the year!

Surf Babes starring J R Carrington, Holly Body, Sandi Beach, Alex Dane
Morgan LeFay, Kyle Stone, Dick Nasty, Bobby Vitale, Vince Vouyer
When 3 frat guys hit the beach at Spring Break, their old lines & BS are brushed off by the hot honies on the beach. They come across the all time beach score leader, The Big Bahoona who takes them under his wing & soon the guys are in high demand by all the beach bunnies.

Surf, Sand & Sex starring Barbara Dare, Laurel Canyon, Alicia Monet
Keisha, Tami White, Alexa Parks, Tom Byron, Dan T Mann, Derek Lane
Scott Irish Synopsis:
When Barbara accidentally come up with a sun tan oil that acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, she can't wait to share it with her friends. But when the side effects become evident, she must race the clock to get it vall back and destroy the elixir

Surfer Girl starring Taylor Wayne, Madison, Sierra, Trinity Loren
Chaz Vincent, Alicia Rio, Tom Byron, Steve Hatcher, Tony Tedeschi
While sitting in the drunk tank, Tom Byron gets lost in an odyssey in
his own mind, where everything revolves around the woman he is in love with.

Surfside Sex starring Aja, Trinity Loren, Tanya Foxx, Brandy Wine
Bobbi Sox, Jon Dough, Peter North, Woody Long Synopsis:
Feel the heat on the beach when passionate personal trainer Aja and her lusty girlfriends look for horny studs and sizzling sexual adventures!

Surfside Sex starring Kristara Barrington, Danica Rhae, Sharon Mitchell
Josephine Carrington, Tiffany Blake, Cheri Janvier, Paul Thomas,
Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Peter North, Greg Derek, Steve Powers Synopsis:
A wild time is had by all at this wife swapping party taking place at a surfside mansion.

Surprise starring Nikki Dial, Kaitlyn Ashley, Debi Diamond, Tianna Taylor
Vixxxen, Deborah Wells, Veronica Sage, Alex Sanders, Tom Byron, Nick East
Colt Steel, Tony Tedeschi, Micky Ray
It's Kaitlyn's birthday & Nikki is throwing her friend a surprise party.
Kaitlyn has other plans and no one knows if she is going to show up or not.

Surrender in Paradise starring Ginger Lynn, Lois Ayers, Stacey Donovan
Rene Tiffany, Jerry Butler Synopsis:
'Surrender in Paradise' represents everything that was great about 80s porn. Gorgeous, curvaceous women, lavish production values and a simplistic but effective plot combine to make this one of the greatest couple's flicks ever shot. Filmed entirely on location in some of Hawaii's most breathtaking locales, the film stars Jerry Butler as an escaped con who finds himself washed ashore on a deserted island after a jailbreak at sea. Well, not entirely deserted. It seems that the same storm that capsized his dinghy also wrecked the yacht of a group of beautiful fashion models on their way to a shoot.

Suzanne's Grand Affair starring Suzanne St Lorraine, Kimberly Kane
Dusty, Renee Morgan, Angela D'Angelo, Cindy Labrae, Ron Jeremy
Wayne Summers, Rod Sterling
She's sexy and sexual and always a willing participant in any sex charade! Settle back and watch Grand Affair and you'll see why sexy lingerie will get you everything that you ever desire or need!

Suzie Superstar starring Shauna Grant, John Leslie, Laurie Smith,
Laurie Lazare, Ron Jeremy,
Joey Silvera, Jon Martin Synopsis:
An erotic masterpiece starring Shauna Grant as sexy rock star Suzie, a woman trying to escape her sleazy manager and establish herself on her own. This is an extremely well-acted, written, and shot film that stands as one of the best adult films of all time. Grant is perfectly cast as the ingenue who lights up the stage, and her scenes sparkle with energy and freshness. Her tryst with Joey Silvera is a classic combination of lust and sweetness. A must for any fan of erotic cinema

Suzie Superstar: The Search Continues starring Krista Lane
Sharon Kane, Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn, Alicia Monet, Alexa Parks
John Leslie, Jon Martin, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron Synopsis:
Suzie Superstar - first Shanna Grant, then Ginger Lynn and now the hot newcomer Alicia Monet… as the Search Continues. Sharon Kane, who not only writes but also sings the songs in this movie, has a manly get together with the bitchy club owner "Mr. S" played by Krista Lane, John Leslie again appears as Z.W. McCain. We see him remember meeting and loving Suzie Superstar II Ginger Lynn. Z.W. has lost it and has become a crazed and lost rock mogul to be sustained by his new friend the rock promoter Joe "Mon-Five", who brings him the sexy and talented Alexa Parks to satisfy his needs. Suzie watches her husband (Tom Byron) with Nina Hartley and throws him out and then gets even in the Suzie Superstar way. The beat goes on.

Suzie Superstar 3 starring Aja, Barbara Dare, Arcie Miller, Mandi Wine
Jessica Bogart, Ron Jeremy, Tony Montana, Don Fernando Synopsis:
She came to Hollywood like so man beautiful girls: beautiful, ripe, voluptuous, oversexed and willing to do anything to become a star. And like so many before her, she knew that she might have to use her fabulous body to get into that inner circle of international stardom. She was right. Fortunately, for Suzie, she loved every lurid moment of the wildest, wickedest, kinkiest sex with the most turned on people. So get ready for an opening night spectacular; we'll show you every blatantly erotic moment!

Suzy Cue starring Barbie Doll, Brandy Wine, Rachel Ryan, Dana Lynn
Samantha Hall, Buddy Love, Ray Victory, Ron Jeremy
This is the story of Strip Pool, and a hot little blonde with a particulary
good stroke. Of course with Strip Pool, it's always winner take all. And there's always
a hustler. Suzy Cue keep your eye on the ball, but watch out for the corner pocket. This was Barbie Doll's final movie.

Swallow starring Dyanna Lauren, Bionca, Debi Diamond, Melanie Moore
Nikki Shane, Brad Armstrong, Colt Steele, Alex Sanders, Jon Dough
Marc Wallice
Some of the most accomplished BJ Queens in the biz discuss their love
for giving head and then demonstrate for us.

The Swap Series

The Swap starring Jennifer Stewart, Sharon Kane, Patricia Kennedy
Madison, Paula Price, Heather Sinclair, Bridgette Moore, Rayne
Jerry Butler, Alex Horn, Eric Price, Tom Byron, Jake Steed
When a woman & her husband try over and over to concieve, they reach out to their best friends, another couple, for help. They decide to swap partners in an attempt to get knocked up. Then realize their is much more at stake.

The Swap 2 starring Lene Hefner, Leena, Asia Carrera, Isis Nile
Dyanna Lauren, Misty Rain, Veronica Sage, Christina Angel
Jon Dough, Marc Wallice, Tony Tedeschi, Brad Armstrong
When 2 couples embark on a journey into the world of singing and
swaping, the strain on the friendships as well as their narriages, may prove way
too much for them to handle.

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(A Savings of 6.95)

Sweat Series
Sweat starring Amber Lynn, Buffy Davis, Nina Hartley, Patti Petite
Angel Kelly, Jerry Butler, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie
Tony Montana, Mike DeMarco
A woman is in search of the ultimate sexual session, one where she sweats to the point where she is dripping & steamy. Oh yeah, did we mention she
is a prisoner who has escaped from hell?

Sweat 2 starring Amber Lynn, Shanna McCullough, Krista Lane
Alicia Monet, John Leslie, Rocky Delarenzo
The Devil has reclaimed his escaped prisoner but after talking to her, he know wants to see what he's missing on Earth. Problem is, he can't actually do that as long as he too, cannot sweat.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Sweat Shop 3 starring Jessica Jewel, Racquel Devine, Taylor Moore
Dick Nasty, Matt Jade, Jack Hammer
Synopsis: A small garment factory is the setting for making sweat the good old fashioned way & the BEST fashioned way

The Swedish Nymph starring Keisha, Erica Boyer, Veronica Doll
Ariel Knight, Eric Masterson, Kyle Stone
Veronica Doll is a foreign exchange student who come to America with
an insatiable urge to learn. She brings along other irrepressible urges, too. As
Veronica exhibits her voracious appetite to suck up loads of ...knowledge, she finds that American students also have huge appetites for foreign culture. They are all eager to swap information, and gorge themselves on such endless academic opportunities. Veronica Doll arrives expecting to learn, but becomes an expert tutor who teaches some interesting Swedish customs.

Sweet Alice starring Seka, Honey Wilder, Becky Savage, Lysa Thatcher
Desiree Cousteau, John Holmes, Kevin James, Jamie Gillis, RJ Reynolds
Paul Thomas Synopsis:
Sweet Alice combines the magic formula of a bittersweet love story, topnotch acting, high production values and a lush musical score. A lovable cowboy arrives in Hollywood in search of his runaway wife. He's aided by a beautiful but no-nonsense detective  who finds out that his wife has become an X-rated film star. Their quest leads them to some of the biggest box office names in the adult film industry and into the midst of a climactic X-rated film shoot where Alice is the center stage in a revealing orgy. Sweet Alice is no longer sweet.

Sweet as Honey starring Summer Knight, Stacy Nichols, Nikki Sinn
Melanie Moore, Jon Dough, Tom Byron, Sean Michaels, Nick Rage
A woman's support group for wives of cheating husbands has a
sure fire remedy for their problem....screw each other's husbands!

Sweet as Honey starring Houston, Channone, Anna Malle, Laura Palmer, Tabitha Stevens, Tom Byron
Dave Hardman, Hank Armstrong, John Deker,
Michael J Cox
Synopsis: Dan and Lisa are very hospitable folks. Their newest houseguest is a Swedish exchange student - a beauty named Ingrid - who is about to attend one of their infamous "Welcome to America" parties. Ingrid is about to find out that she is the main dish in Dan and Lisa's sexual smorgasbord. So stick around, Dan and Lisa are also planning on serving up Italian and Chinese. Hors D' Ouvres, anyone?

Sweet Cakes starring Jennifer Welles, Desiree West, Serena, Linda Wong
Jean Dalton, The Taylor Twins, Brooke Young, Ken Scudder, John Gault
Michael Ronds Synopsis:
When a porn queen gets interviewd for a popular magazine, she relates the stories of her many friends as well as herself, in brilliant flashbacks that smolder and turn the reporter into a man who can't control himself, & gives the porn queen a real story to remember. This is the full UNCUT feature!

Sweet Captive starring Rhonda Jo Petty, Dorothy LeMay, Brooke West
Denise O'Brien, John Holmes, Jesse Adams, Jon Martin, Paul Thomas
Mike Horner Synopsis:
A woman agrees to become the sex slave of 2 men she owes money to in order to pay off her debt.

Sweet Cheeks starring Becky Savage, Rhonda Jo Petty, John Holmes
Randy West, Kevin James, Mike Ranger Synopsis:
Magnificently filmed in Carmel, Monterrey, Pismo Beach, and Marina Del Rey, California, the cast takes us through breathtaking scenes of skydiving, car racing, motorcycling and snowmobiling. Regina (Becky Savage) only has three more months to live, and she set out to experience every sexual fantasy she has smoldering in her hot and willing body. These include a wild orgy on a 55-foot yacht, winning a double prize in the pit at the auto races and a sensual lesbian encounter. Our star Johnny West changes from macho to slave and back again before our eyes.

Sweet Dreams Suzan starring Rhonda Jo Petty, Dorothy LeMay
Sharon Kane, Brooke West, Laurien Dominique, Starr Wood, Jon Martin
Blair Harris, Jesse Adams Synopsis:
Obsessed with wild sexual fantasies, sensuous Suzan (Rhonda Jo Petty) calls and describes every erotic detail to her horny shrink, Dr. Henderson. Soon the telephone lines are ablaze as SWEET DREAMS SUZAN comes to life-not to mention Dr. Henderson and his eavesdropping secretary!

Sweet Hitchhiker starring Kimberly Carson, Lili Marlene, Jon Martin,
Yoko Wong, Dan T. Mann, Rebecca London, Blair Harris Synopsis : Kimberly stars as Dorothy, a shy and naive girl from Kansas who decides to see what the wide world has to offer her. She quickly packs up her things and hits the road, ready for adventure and eroticism -- although not necessarily in that order! She soon finds out that the guys who are picking her up are only out for one thing. Luckily, it's the same thing that Kimberly's after! This is 80s hardcore at its bawdy, bodacious best, with Kimberly leading the wanton way

Sweet Imagination starring T J Hart, Alyssa Allure, Candy Hill, Mila
Rayne, Racquel Devine, Mike Horner, Kyle Stone, Michael J Cox, Nick East
Two work-a-day guys do so much fantasizing, they jeopardize their employment. What's a white collar stiff to do? Set up the boss! With a fantasy right
out of their wildest imagination. Sweet? You just watch

Sweet Licks starring Alicyn Sterling, Kym Wilde, Helen Bedd, Traci Winn
Peter North, Tom Chapman, T T Boy Synopsis:
All a poor frsutrated wife wants is a good licking from her hubby. But he doesn't like dining at the 'Y'. She turns to her best friend, who does it real good, but she's a woman. So she has to go looking elsewhere. And so does the best friend., because someone has to teach the hubby.

Sweet Nothings starring Keisha, Bionca, Sheena Horne, Lisa Melendez
Blake Palmer, Marc Wallice, Frank James, Sasha Gabor
Warm, suggestively whispers are just feverish foreplay when a bunch of vivacious vacationers take to the high seas in a luxury yacht. Their Sweet Nothings lead to some sensual somethings

Sweet Punkin starring C.J. Lang, Marlene Willoughby, Crystal Sync
Jennifer Jordan, Eric Edwards, John Holmes, Tony Perez
C.J. Lang stars as Punkin', a luscious hillbilly porn starlet who loses her job early in this vivacious video. She's rescued from poverty by an elderly millionaire, but he has a heart attack and dies while in bed with her. Now it's C.J. who's got all the money, and she's determined to make the most of it. She turns the mansion into a bubbling cauldron of lust, inviting over some of her old porn pals to help liven up the joint. C.J. turns in the performance of her career, especially in the finale, when she shows off her throaty skills to massive studs John Holmes and Tony Perez. Punkin's sweet, but she's also sexually driven, a combo that makes this one of the hottest old-school sexvids around

Sweet Revenge starring Sheri St. Clair, Siobhan Hunter, Tasha Voux
Alexis Firestone, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Randy Paul
Classic porn spoof of the Hollywood hit 'Switch', as a real slob of a
guy, who uses women, is magically turned into a woman when he takes a header in
the East River, and has to stay with his/her best friend, until the spell wears off. Only problem is, the best friend is kind of attracted to the new lady, or man , or well....you get the idea

Sweet Revenge starring Madelyn Knight, Melissa Hill, Sahara Sands
Kaitlyn Ashley, Mia Ciccero, Steven St Croix, Bobby Vitale
Synopsis: A woman finds her man is cheating on her and plots revenge.

Sweet Revenge (aka Clark 13) starring Erika Bella, Angelica
Beata Beau,
Regina, Betty, Christoph Clark, Richard Langin, Andrea Nobli Mike Foster
Synopsis: A womanizing man whose cheating is discovered by his fiancee,
buys the price when she goes ahead and marries him for nothing more than
exacting her revenge on him.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Sweet Secrets starring Laurien Dominique, Violet White, Robin Luckley
Reta Lansing, Joey Silvera, Jim Slade, Jack Benson, R Calder
The sweetest secrets unfold in this obscure erotic tale as several couples reveal layers of unbridled sexual fantasies.

Sweet Sister starring Cris Cassidy, Eileen Welles, Miki Star
Richard Pacheco, Bob Bernharding
Synopsis: A woman takes her younger brother under her wing to get him laid
while he is at college

Sweet Spread starring Danielle, Siobhan Hunter, Carol Cross,
Michael Knight,
Rod Retta
When a beautiful young, but inscure woman, allows her sister & her
high school rival house sit for her while on a business trip, she returns to find that
they have not only made themselves at home, but have stolen her boyfriend in the process.

Sweet Stuff starring Savannah, Kym Wilde, Leanna Foxxx, Cathy Collins
Kylie Channel, Ron Jeremy, T T Boy, Jake Steed, Tom Chapman
SAVANNAH needs a new roommate... someone to share her bills (or should we say bed) with. She's conducting personal interviews with each lucky
applicant to see who will best suit her passionate needs

Sweet Sunshine starring Jordan St James, Kylie Chanel, Angel, Susie
Zack Thomas, Dan Steele, Lance Heywood
Zack is a filmmaker on a quest to find the perfect piece of porn sunshine.

Sweet Surrender starring Merle Michaels, Samantha Fox, Veri Knotty
Heather Young, Georgette Saunders, Pamela Presley, Tricia Ascot
Roger Caine, David Ruby, David Morris, Michael Gaunt, Alan Adrain
With his book on sexual con-men finally completed, York Madison
seeks a publisher to make his fortune. When the publisher turns out to be a woman,
he is apprehensive knowing that the subject matter might prove to be distasteful to
her. However, he is elated as she seems to show great interest in his work.

Sweet Tease starring Suzanne St Lorane, Carol Cummings
Bridgette Monroe, Alex Storm, Dee Jay, Christine Evol, Chantel, Jon Dough Tony Montana, Gary Vann, Dan Steele Synopsis:
Everyone's doing whatever they have to to get reservations to the most exclusive eatery in town.

Sweet Temptations starring Tamara Lee, Charisma, Renee Morgan
Cory Wolf, Purple Passion, Heather Torrance, Austin Moore
Billy Dee, Buck Adams, Tony Montana, Don Fernando
A series of unconnected vignettes all based around the theme of one's
deepest desires. Hot action all the way!!!

Sweet Things starring Nina Hartley, Carol Titian, Sharon Mitchell
Angel Kelly, Dina DeVille, Billy Dee, Jon Martin, Steve Drake
Lingirie models use their shows not only to sell the merchandise, but
try to land a rich man for themselves as well.
* In English w/ Swedish Sub Titles

Sweet Throat starring Bethanna, Clea Carson, Gloria Brown, Eric Edwards
David Ruby, Peter Andrews
A woman with the gift of being a FANTASTIC felatiest, uses that gift to get everything she wants from any man. But she can't seem to catch the heart of the man she loves.

Sweet Young Foxes starring Hyapatia Lee, Kay Parker, Cara Lott,
Cindy Carver, Pat Manning, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy, Bud Lee 
A group of young Southern California coeds spend their days and nights on the prowl looking for ways to satisfy their red hot passions!

The Sweetest Taboo starring Ginger Lynn, Kimberly Carson, Tantala
Desiree Lane, Mindy Rae, Cynthia Brooks, Paul Thomas, Peter North
Ron Jeremy, R Bolla, Larry Harwood
3 girls head out on the road in an RV, for a no frills vacation. But
the girls soon realize that no frills, is not the same as no cock, and they need to find
some along the road...and fast

Sweetheart starring Jean Jennings, Susan McBain, Terri Hall, Wade Nichols, John Black
A love triangle twisted by outsiders results in the subjugation of all parties involved. Mabel is a wealthy housewife. When her cheating husband leaves her one morning to go to "work", her house is invaded by two robbers. Seeing more than what they came for, the robbers subject Mabel to one sexual abuse after another. When Mabel's lover Jack arrives, he too is sucked into a trap to the
amusement of the robbers. While the robbers are indulging themselves, Mabel's  husband returns with his mistress. They discover what is going on and try to talk the robbers into getting rid of Mabel for them. The robbers, not wanting to miss an opportunity, take full advantage of the situation in a sexual revenge never seen on the screen.

More Titles Coming Soon