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Racconti Di Natale starring Beatrice Valle, Lydia Chanel, Anita Rinaldi
Valy Verdy, John Walton, Christoph Clark, Richard Langin
n this Nicky Ranieri video, there are 5 scenes with stunningly beautiful women exhibiting the essence of sensuality and eroticism. Each lady has her own
specific desires met, from a steamy back door session to a fever pitched threesome. You'll have little doubt that these ladies certainly received what they wanted for Christmas!
* In Italian w/ no subtitles

Racquel in The Wild starring Racquel Darrian, Christy Canyon
Kelly O'Dell, Marissa Malibu, Jon Dough, Derek Lane, Nick East
Biff Malibu Synopsis:
As the sequal to 'Christy in The Wild', the story picks up
right where theoriginal left off, as our traveling foursome must contend with a biker
gang out to take the women for their own and dispose of the guys.

Racquel Released starring Racquel Darrian, Trixie Tyler, Bianca Trump
Mimi Miyagi, Alyssa Jarreaux, Jon Dough, Derek Lane, Tom Chapman
Tim Lake Synopsis:
Guy follows girl. To dinner, and home. To the shower.
Everywhere. And she has no idea she's being watched. Is it real, or a game between lovers?

Racquel Untamed starring Racquel Darrian, Chessie Moore, Alex Storm
Jerry Butler, Derek Lane, Rick Savage Synopsis:
There's nothing wrong with
the patients at this clinic for sexual disorders. The problem is with the staff, that keep these patients in the clinic to fulfill their own sexual needs.

Racquel’s Addiction starring Racquel Darrian, Savannah, Madison
Patricia Kennedy, Jacqueline, Derik Lane, Jon Dough, Peter North
Micky Ray Synopsis:
Slap any walkman on your ears and all you hear is music, unless you have the kind of special cassette Racquel and her pals have been grooving to. It doesn't play tunes - it plays fantasies...your fantasies in living color! Just press play....

Racquel's Treasure Hunt starring Racquel Darrian, Busty Belle, Brittany
Tracey Adams, Derek Lane, Gregor Samsa, T T Boy
Racquel and her friends gather at her house for a treasure hunt party, and
everyone finds their own fortune.

. Radio K-KUM starring Susan Hart, Rose Marie, Raven, Danica Rhae
Athena Starr, Cindy Carver, Jesse Adams, Tom Byron, Mike Ranger
Greg Derek Synopsis:
The plot, such as it is, centers on the wild and wanton antics of the folks behind a radio talk show. The storyline doesn't exactly hold itself to the high standards of 'Newsradio' or 'Frazier,' but then again, neither of those programs features any down and dirty hardcore action, either. What you get is a series of frantic, frenzied couplings featuring some explosively talented tarts

Raffles starring Crystal Breeze, Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Beverly Bliss
Dan T Mann, Francois Papillion, Nick Niter, Jay Serling, Shone Taylor
Jimmy Star Synopsis:
A woman is married to a male stripper, who claims it's only
a job & that he doesn't screw around with the rich lady customers. However, she finds
out that there is a raffle going on at the club where women can have the dancer
of their choice if their number gets drawn.

Raging Hormones starring Christine Appleigh, Makala, Toni Chase
Jerry Butler, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Drake Synopsis:
A young married
couple is having the greatest life they could've imagined, until their best friends move
in next door, and everything begins to unravel.

Rags to Riches starring Barbii, Kathleen Gentry, Laurel Canyon
Tawnee Lee, Ray Victory, Randy West, Max Delong Synopsis:
Barbii brings her dazzling natural assets to this torrid tale of a country gal who gets caught up in the Big City's fast-paced lifestyle. She plans to stay with a gal pal, but when she goes to the address she has, Barbii finds out that her friend has moved away! Now she's stuck with no job, no money and no place to live! She's rescued from her situation by swarthy pimp Ray Victory, who takes her under his wing and teaches her the ropes of pay-for-play passion. Barbii goes from street walker to madam in a hurry

Raincoat Fantasies starring Devon Shire, Deborah Wells, Lynden Johnson
Genevieve LeFluer, Shelby Stevens, Stephanie DuValle, Ron Jeremy
Jonathan Morgan, John Decker, Ian Daniels  Synopsis:
  2 magazine editors go
on TV to read some of the hottest reader’s letters that have come into their office, and lucky us, we get to see the letters acted out right in front of us!!

* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate has a thin line of distortion running thru the picture a few times during the movie.

Raising Hell starring Siobhan Hunter, Keisha, Shanna McCullough
Nikki Knights, Dana Dylan, Frank James, Billy Dee, Sasha Gabor
Synopsis: One sees this kind of small story everywhere. A little magic supply shop doing hardly any business. How do they survive? That was the problem facing shop owners Gwen and her husband Don. When Don leaves town to geta loan from his tight-fisted uncle, in comes Gwen's friend Lucille and convinces her to turn the store's big and vacant warehouse into an "establishment of pleasure." What ensues is a raunchy, racy fun-filled romp within this whorehouse warehouse.

Raising Kane starring Meekah, Honey Jarre, Sheila Stone, Treasure
Cal Jammer, Don Fernando, Tom Chapman, Scott St James
When a woman is attcked and left for dead, she is taken to a hospital
where the doctors & nurses take more care in getting off than letting patients get well.

Ramb-Ohh starring Careena Collins, Candie Evans, Krista Lane
Bunnie Blake, Peter North, Tom Byron, Francois Papillion, Buddy Love
Ray Wells Synopsis:
When a patriotic war vet stumbles onto a plot to take over
the US government, disguised as a human slavery ring, he decides to take the criminals head-onand in the process finds true love or at least a great sex partner.

Rambone The First Time starring Siobhan Hunter, Carol Cross, Danielle
Mai Lin, Jack Hammer, David Ruby, George Payne
A Russian plot is uncovered to take over the sex drive of the entire world, and the US can turn to only one man to stop the evil red scourge....RAMBONE!
Carter Stevens directed this last of the NYC pornos

Rambone Does Hollywood starring Buffy Davis, Kristara Barrington
Bunny Blake, Tracy Dione, Dick Rambone, Billy Dee, Dan T. Mann
Herschel Savage Synopsis:
Rambone arrives in Hollywood as the video begins, fresh from the backwoods of Georgia and looking for work. He goes to the mansion of his cousin Bunny Blake, a woman who supports her lavish lifestyle by running prostitutes out of her house. Of course, Bunny doesn't discriminate, and she hires both men and women to ply their passionate trade under her auspices. One look at Dick and Bunny's ready to hire him, but she first has to put him through his paces.

Rambone The Destroyer starring Kari Foxx, Heather Wayne, Lois Ayers
Keli Richards, Patti Petite, Rachel Ryan, Tom Byron, Dick Rambone
Marc Wallice, Troy Tanier, Steve Powers Synopsis:
The action takes place in and around the Dancers Anonymous Studios, where students learn what it takes to get to the top of the dance game. Of course, in this particular dance studio, it takes more than just long legs and flexible muscles. It also takes a willingness to engage in some sultry shenanigans with the feisty folks who run the place! Ravishing Rachel Ryan's at the center of most of the hottest action, particularly when she's kidnapped by the dance troupe and forced to frolic with their hardiest stud. Little do the dancers suspect that Rachel's boyfriend Rambone is on his way!

Rambone Meets The Double Penetrators starring Tanya Foxx
Buffy Davis, Keli Richards, Patti Petite, Sheena Horne, Dick Rambone
Scott Irish, Frank James, MarcWallice, Rick Savage Synopsis:
Two, young, beautiful women are in search of the ultimate thrill...the DP. But not just any DP, they want the services of Dick Rambone to be included. Now they have to find him.

Randy The Electric Lady starring Desiree Cousteau, Juliet Anderson
Jessie St. James, Monica Sands, Richard Pacheco, Roger Frazier
Adorable Desiree is put through rigorous scientific sexual training to obtain the ultimate orgasm, when it is discovered that her juices contain the secrets
of Orgasmi, an aphrodisiac that can make any woman into a sex machine. Of
course, the forces of evil want this for their own.

A Rare Starlet starring Alicia Monet, Veronica Dol, Laurel Canyon
Barbie Dahl, John Leslie, Blake Palmer, Anton Rector
Synopsis: The lines become blurred when John Leslie portrays a director of X-Rated movies in 'A Rare Starlet'. This unusual video gives the viewer the feel of being right there on the set, to see what goes on Behind the Cameras and In The Dressing Rooms!! This excitement is multiplied by the presence of the internationally known European model Veronica Dol

Raunch 2 starring Racquel Darrian, Selena Steele, Brittany Stryker
Alice Springs, Tiara, Derek Lane, Jon Dough, Joey Silvera, Jake Steed
Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Racquel is a patient. Her doctor is crazy. Her nurse is
having sex with two orderlies. Whenever anyone goes in for treatment, they end up having convulsions from sexual pleasure. Welcome to Raunch 2, for the sexually insane. Strap yourself in. You are about to be shocked.

Raunch 3 starring Teri Weigel, Ashley Nicole, Carolyn Monroe
Traci Winn, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Julian St Jox, T T Boy
Don Fernando Synopsis:
A certain centerfold model, mysteriously passes away
and is cast into a sexual pergatory, and she desperately needs to find her out or back
to the life she left behind

Raunch 4 starring Deidre Holland, Silver Forrest, Shawnee Cates
Tianna Taylor, Bianca Trump, Jon Dough, Peter North, Sean Michaels
Europeon superstar Silver plays an heiress to a chocolate fortune, in
town from Holland to promote her dad's fudge. And just when everyone is believing she's the perfect ambassador for sweet, she's melting streetboys hearts and zippers
all over America.

Raunch 6 starring Tabatha Cash, Sunset Thomas, Micky Lynn, Tina Tyler
Peter North, Rex Morrison, Tom Byron
A man & woman have a pen pal romance, and when she shows up
at his door, unexpected, he finds himself not kinowing what to do or how to
treat a woman. You see, despite his boastings in the letters, he is a virgin

Raunch 8 starring Dyanna Lauren, Debi Diamond, Celeste, Isis Nile
Peter North, Woody Long, T T Boy, Brad Armstrong Synopsis:
When a computer salesman, eager to make a big sale, pimps out his secretary to close the deal, she goes along with it only to find her way to get revenge on both of them.

Raunch 10 starring Veronica Sage, Nicole Lace, Tammi Ann, Sindee Coxx
Christina Angel, Shelby Stevens, Nick East, Randy West, Tom Byron
Jewel is a gorgeous woman - but she's just a bit shy. Her friends take her to a strip club, hoping to loosen her up but when they hook up with the stripper, she's left alone to drown her sorrows with the bartenders. Finally Jewel gets a man, bound in her basement. Will she ever get the hard boning she's after?

Ravaged starring Racquel Darrian, Sharon Kane, Cara Lott, Bionca, Sabre
Derek Lane, Jon Dough, Randy Spears
When a girl gets what she wants, she's usually happy. Whenever this
girl got what she wanted, she was usually ravaged.

Ravaged Rivalry starring Alice Springs, Briana Lynn, Jackie
Buck Adams, Randy West, Wayne Summers
3 guys get together for a few brews, and eachj one tries to outdo the others in thier stories of conquest over the women the have bedded down.

Raw starring Kylie Ireland, Keisha, Jessica Jewel, Anita Cannibal
Mindori, Donita, Syren, Violet Love, Ian Daniels, Herschel Savage
Kyle Stone, Michael J Cox, Steve Hatcher, Tyce Bune, Lancxe Romance
A down on his luck actor takes a job doing porn to pay for his
upcoming wedding behind the back of his hot as hell fiance.

Raw Sewage starring Cheri Taylor, Arcie Miller, Raven Richards
Kassi Nova, Peter North, Scott Irish, Jeff Golden, Rod Garetto
2 girls go to answer an ad for 'modeling' work and find themselves taking the bait and jumping into the world of porn.

Raw Sex 1 starring Christina Angel, Krista, Sandi Beach, Maggie May
Umma, Jordan McKnight, Randy West, Steve Drake, Mark Davis
Synopsis: Randy gets his camera and he starts rolling. No story, no script, just
pure & raw sex, with some true beauties. Featuring Chriastina Angel's very
first anal scene!

Raw Silk starring Nici Sterling, Rayveness, Chelsea Blue, Emily Hill
Tony Tedeschi, Wilde Oscar, Eddie Fierce
The girls of the Raw Silk modeling agency will do whatever, and whoever, it takes to make it to the top.

Raw Talent Series

Raw Talent starring Cassandra Leigh, Lisa De Leeuw, Taija Rae Danielle, Tish Ambrose, Chelsea Blake, Rhonda Jo Petty, Jerry Butler Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera Synopsis: This is one porn movie you'll watch every second of! It's critically acclaimed, award-winning film. It's also the most shocking and outrageous adult film ever made. It's Raw Talent and there's nothing like it. A prize-winning screenplay rivets you with a compelling story. Unusually entertaining. It's pure dynamite for couples; an erotic experience you'll never forget....The Original UNCUT feature

Raw Talent 2 starring Cassandra Leigh, Jamie Summers
Colleen Brennan, Tasha Voux, Sheena Horne, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams Jamie Gillis Synopsis:
Picking up where Raw Talent left off. Raw Talent II finds Eddie (Jerry Butler) starring in a movie directed by his arch-enemy Carolyn. What Eddie doesn't know is that his role requires some sexual skills as well – the kind he promised his girlfriend, Nancy (Cassandra Leigh), he wouldn't act on film anymore. So the stage is set for some sexy trickery as Eddie tries to get his revenge on Carolyn while keeping Nancy in the dark. Add to this spicy situation, the evil intentions of Carolyn's boyfriend (Buck Adams), an escaped tarantula, and the x-rated debut of Eddie's sister (Jamie Summers) and you have the makings of a blockbuster even bigger, bolder and bawdier than the original.

Raw Talent 3 starring Ona Zee, Siobhan Hunter, Stephanie Rage
April West, Jerry Butler, Rick Savage, Scott Baker Synopsis:
Get ready for a full-blown sex spoof of ego-crazed porn directors in this third installment of Raw Talent saga! It's pure erotic entertainment on the half shell!

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 3 Chapters for Just $36.95  
( A Savings of  $10.90 )

Rayne Storm starring April Rayne, Heather Hart, Cameo, Tianna, Kahilia
Cal Jammer, Marc Wallice. Tom Byron, Micky Ray
Synopsis: April Rayne guides us thru a series of vignettes featuring some
wild friends of hers

Read My Lips, No More Bush starring Erica Boyer, Alicia Rio
Jessica Foxxx, Tina Tyler, Lili Xene, Tony Tedeschi, Cal Jammer, Nick East
When Erica Boyer shaves the lovely mound between her lages bare, she sets in motion the hottest, most erotic bet ever. Two men see Erica's bald beaver and bet on who will be the first to get their girlfriends to do the same.

REAL ( Rear Entry Action Lesbians ) starring Tiffany Mynx, Bionca
Vixxxen, Debi Diamond, Kim Chambers, Nina Suave, Selina St Clair
Six Horny girls with an insatiable appetite for rear entry action create an organization to fill this gap! Together they fill each others needs as well as their rears! Except no imitations. These whores are the R.E.A.L. deal. These licking lesbo know how to put the most well hung stud to shame!

Real in Windows (aka Rear in Windows)starring Debi Diamond
Alicia Rio, Gabriel, Alex Jordan, Stepahnie DuVall, Ron Jeremy
Randy West Dick Nasty
Monique is suspended from college by the Dean, so she
must stay home. While home, she looks out the window, and of course can see into
or onto three different houses whose blinds must really be up, because she gets a sex education that can't be taught in books.

Real Porn Auditions 3 starring Christina Angel, Frankie Bee
Ryen Ryder,
Michella Rae, Regan Senter
Synopsis: Real porn agent Regan Senter, started a porn company where he auditioned his own talent ( this is before most of the babes quickly movd on to greener pastures). He of course taped the auditions. (It appears to be under the premise that he was going to shop these auditions around, but it seems more like this was all an excuse to get hot women into bed with him) Anyway, he produced this series tapes unvieling these audtions. There were 10 volumes, and this 3rd installment features the audition and first onscreen action of Christina Angel.

Real Sex Magazine 10 starring Cheyenne Silver, Temptress, Vanessa
Passion, Randy West, Rick Masters, Colt Steel
Synopsis: The 10th installment of this video showcase series features early
appearances for both Cheyenne Silver & Temptress

Realities 2 starring Ashlyn Gere, Teri Diver, Bionca, Melanie Moore
Marc Wallice, Steve Hatcher, T T Boy, Tim lake, Todd Alexander, Kris Newz
Rick Masters Synopsis:
Ashlyn takes us on a tour of her 'fan mail' as she and her friends act out the fantasies in the letters. This film features Ashlyn's one & only DP scene!!

Reality & Fantasy starring Kaitlyn Ashley, Nikki Randall, Summer Knight
Sandi Beach, Kylie Ireland, Brittany Fox, Dru Berrymore, Jon Dough
Steve Drake, T T Boy Synopsis:
Jeffrey Stone is a high-powered studio
executive in the fantasy world of Hollywood. He's got the world by the balls...and a different babe in his bed every night. However, Jeffrey's real world is falling apart. His bookie is demanding that he pay off his gambling debts and his ex-wife is demanding that he pay off back alimony. What's a poor guy to do? You can find out.

A Rear & Pleasant Danger starring Kaitlyn Ashley, Barbara Doll
Jordan Lee, Nikki Sinn, Stacy Nichols, Tess Newhar, Tom Byron
Jonathan Morgan Synopsis:
When a couple break up, both the man & the woman go in search of the ultimate sexual thrill, but finding emptyness, end up back with each other.

Rear Action Girls Series
Rear Action Girls starring Erica Boyer, Cara Lott, Lynn Rae
Mandy is a photographer in desperate need of a special kind of model. She needs girls who can enjoy anal sex and is willing to pay extra for it. Mandy, with the help of her assistant Val, show how it is done in the eye-popping scenes, complete with love beads. Val auditions two aspiring starlets, Cara and Debbie. Meanwhile, Mandy interviews Sandra, a dancer. After Sandra turns on her room-mate Tina, the girls end up together with the entire group of beauties, in a wild big butt gang bang in Mandy's photo studio.

Rear Action Girls 2 starring Nina Hartley, Little Oral Annie, Lili Marlene
Ashley Welles, Grace West
The girls from the original go on vacation and have 'Little Anal Annie',
do some housesitting fro them. What happens when Little Annie Annie AND
Little Oral Annie invite some friends over and add some toys to the mix? Watch &
find out.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Rear Burner starring Moana Pozzi, Alice Springs, Bridgette Monroe
Renee Foxx, Jerry Butler, Jon Dough, Rocco Sifferdi
A photographer has an endless supply of beautiful woman coming through his studio, but the one he can't possess is the one that he can't get out of his mind, Moana. Temptation reaches the boiling point between the two as their attraction for one another  grows over time

Rear Ended starring Chanel Price, Jessica Wylde, Buffy Davis
Tami Lee Curtis, Janey Rummy, Steve Drake, Marc Wallice
Francois Papillion, Tony Martino, Ted Wilson Synopsis:
When a woman gets
into a rear ender accident, she asks to use the phone at a nearby house. After calling
for help, she finds out that the people in this house really enjoy rear ending.... as in sex!!
* In English w/ German Subtitles

Rear Entrance (aka Clark 17) starring Erika Bella, Nikita, Lana Jolta
Aliona, Sylve Szanto, Christoph Clark, David Perry, Mike Foster, Tao
Synopsis: The owner of a posh Euro has an uncanny ability to get all the women
guests to sy yes to backdoor loving.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Rear View Series
Rear View starring Krystina King, Rachel Ryan, Kimberly Kane
Raven Richards, Biff Malibu, Randy West, Marc Wallice
A down & out PI is hired to get the goods on a husband doing his lady
wrong...or is he?

Another Rear View starring Jamie Leigh, Ashley Nicole, April Rayne
Devon Shire, Randy West, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Synopsis: In the sequal to the adult film hit, 'Rear View', Randy West reprises
his role as the gritty PI and this time he is on the trail of a pair of ruthless killers.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Rebecca Lord's World Tour starring Rebecca Lord, Liza Harper
Channone, Camilia, Zabou, Penelope, Jonathan Morgan, Julian St Jox
Marco, Phillipe Dean, Michael Breton
Synopsis: Join hot French import Rebecca Lord as she takes you on an erotic
tour of France! Meet all her nasty French friends and check out the incredible
double anal scene. The French sure know how to have a good time!

Rebecca's starring Lisa De Leeuw, Candace Daley, Linda Wong, D J Cone
Rene Summers, Gayle Sterling, Eric Edwards, Jon Martin, Blair Harris
Sasha Gabor, Chris Chase
Welcome to the wildest and off the chain, Bed & Breakfast in the
California Hills. Where sexual fulfillment is served on a regular basis.

Rebel starring Chaz Vincent, Rebecca Steele, Kimberly Kane, Brittany
Marc Wallice, Wayne Summers, Todd Alexander
When a woman decides to enter the world's oldest profession, she
chooses the most exclusive brothel in town. It's decided that she needs some on the
job training, but when her first solo flight is handed to her, will she stick it out or leave
it all behind?

Rebel Cheerleaders starring J R Carrington, Sindee Coxx, Roxanne Hall
Rebecca Bardoux, Dallas D'Amour, Olivia, Alec Metro, Bobby Vitale
Nick East, Jay Ashley, Chaz Chase, Tom Byron
Synopsis: These Wildcats never lose because of the cheerleaders and how they
play the game. Led by hot Yell Captain JR Carrington they ball the opposing team
into fatigue, leaving them thinking about pussy not points.

Reckless Passion starring Erica Boyer, Blondi, Candie Evans, Keisha
Frank James, Tony Montana, Kevein James
A woman who inherits a house finds the house to be haunted by the
spirits of her great grandmother and her lover, who were killed while in the throws
of passion, by her great grandfather. The spirits decide to help the young woman
with her stagnet love life.

Red starring Raylene, Sydnee Steele, Malitia, Tony Tedeschi
Herschel Savage Synopsis:
Rob and Lizzie are having a costume party. But don't
look for the usual angels, devils, Snow Whites and Supermen. Look for a dominatrix spanking the tar out of a guy. A bomber pilot dropping a load. And a chef who really whips the cream. And by the way, who's the masked man teabagging Pochontas?

Red Baron starring Angela Baron, Nina DePonca, Carol Cummings
Stacy Lords, Elise, Jon Dough, Marc Wallice, Randy Spears, Ray Victory
Once again, we find a group of guys sitting around drinking & comparing stories of the babes they've banged, and we get to see all of the action!!

Red Garter starring Hyapatia Lee, Nina Hartley, Kari Foxx
Tish Ambrose,
Colleen Brennan, Mauvais De Noir, Alex Greco
Richard Pacheco, Randy West,
Herschel Savage Synopsis:
In this scorching 1986 sizzler, The Red Garter is the name of a steamy L.A. strip club that's owned by luscious Hyapatia Lee. It's a place where guys go to dream away the cares of the day, and where the strippers actually enjoy their time in the spotlight. But now Hyapatia's lesbian gal pal Colleen Brennan wants her to sell the joint and come live in luxury with her. She doesn't want to sell, and instead spends her time dreaming of erotic encounters with her well-built lawyer Richard Pacheco. Okay, so the plot's not all that amazing. The action certainly is! Filled with luscious natural beauties and plenty of strip club bump-and-grind, 'Red Garter' has what it takes to get a rise out of any audience!

The Red Head starring Tami Monroe, Heather Hunter, Siobhan Hunter
Rick Savage, Robert Bullock Synopsis:
A perverted scientist & his assistant find
an unwitting volunter for an experiment that turns her into an insatiable vixen...one who cannot be easily contained.

Red Hot Lover starring Kaylan Nicole, Stacy Nichols, Jenteal, Misty Rain
Melissa Hill, Jon Dough, Joey Silvera, Vince Vouyer
When an actress gets the lead in a remake of a very famous film, she is
visited by the ghost of the lead from that film. After meeting several times during the filming, she and the ghost maybe falling in love.

Red Hot Pepper starring Jeannie Pepper, Tonisha Mills, Gayle Sterling
Renee Lovins, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams
After literally being screwed over by her boss, a bartender sets out to
even the score.

The Red Hot Roadrunner starring Elle Rio, Angel Kelly, Tiffany Storm
Lisa LaRue, Frank James, Ray Victory, Blake Palmer, Dan T Mann
Don Fernando Synopsis: The raw, racy, and raunchy exploits of a man forever looking to get laid.

Red Vibe Diaries starring Stacy Valentine, Misty Rain, Alyssa Love
Charlie, Deva Station, Maya Souls, Alex Sanders, Marc Wallice
Vince Vouyer, Tony Tedeschi
The wife of a prominent Beverly Hills neurosurgeon has suddenly felt a new surge of sexuality open up her mind and loins.

Red Vibe Diaries 2 starring Stacy Valentine, Misty Rain, Alyssa Allure
Holli Woods, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Tony Tedeschi, Julian
Ian Daniels, Vince Vouyer, Sean Rider
The sequal focuses on Samantha's burgeoning secret sex life as an in-demand Beverly Hills whore. Her sex life is becoming unsatisfying again and she's desperately looking for pleasure at any venue. But, she has a client that  wants her to himself and he doesn't want Samantha selling her body any longer. But, whose
decision is it to make?

Reel Sex World starring Leena, Isis Nile, Tara Monroe, Wednesday
Jonathan Morgan, Steven St Croix, Scott St James
Witness the beginning of the ultimate sex adventure. Reel Sex World is
an ongoing sexcapade combining exotic worldwide locations, glamour and sizzling
action. Join us for a limo ride to the sublime

Reflections starring Annette Haven, Kristine Heller, Bonnie Holiday
Linda Wong, Paul Thomas, John Leslie, David Pinney, Joey Silvera
A brother & sister, living a taboo lifestyle, are excited when their beautiful cousin comes for an extended visit. The cousins then plot to bring her in to their lifestyle

Reflections of Lust starring Houston, Gina Ryder, Linda Thoron
Renee Larue, Alec Metro, Herschel Savage, Chris Cannon, Brick Majors
A married couple has constant fantasies of being with an other couple.

Regarding Hiney starring Kelly Blue, Carolyn Monroe, Courtney, Stevie
Dallas Deniro, Woody Long, Cole Stevens, J T Taylor
When a box of sex toys falls on a man's head, he is knocked unconscious and wakes up with a burning desire for anal sex with any woman he meets.

Regina Dei Sogni starring Moana Pozzi Synopsis: The story of a woman and her journey into a sexual awakening
* Please note, this is a European feature and it is Italian w/ no subtitles.

Reincarnation of Serena starring Serena, Maria Tortuga, Tiffany Clark
William Margold, Rodney Rocker Synopsis:
A sinful Juliet out to get her
Romeo with lavish costuming and props...A devil red Serena in a 1950's version of Bonnie
and Clyde

Remember Connie starring Ashley Welles, Hillary Summers
Maria Tortuga, John Holmes, Mike Ranger
A group of friends get together after their friend's funeral to look back & fondly remember the good times they all had with Connie.

Restless Passion starring Janet Littledove, Keisha, Brittany Stryker
Sheri Sloan, Fallon, Dana Dylan, Buck Adams, Ron Jeremy, Peter North
Jon Dough Synopsis:
Brittany Stryker and Buck Adams have just moved into their dream home, a gorgeous house with lots of space, a great view and terrific, sexy neighbors. The house also really has that lived-in feeling, which isn't surprising since it also has one little feature that the real estate agent didn't tell Buck and Brittany about. Put simply, their new dream home is swarming with restless and super horny ghosts. What to do? Well, if Buck and Brittany are any indication, the living really can get along with the dearly departed who have yet to move on the the next world, and especially if the libidos of the living mesh as well with the libidos of the dead as they seem to here. The sex is definitely otherworldly as Buck and Brittany have at it with their spirit-world roommates. Brittany is a certifiable sex machine, and she's joined here by a selection of the porn world's best and brightest talents circa 1987. Look especially for the stupendously-endowed Kiesha, whose work here is among the very hottest of her legendary career.

Resurrection of Eve starring Marilyn Chambers, Mimi Morgan,
Johnny Keyes, Jon Martin Synopsis:
Marilyn Chambers' second adult classic, produced by the legendary Mitchell Bros. Eve is a rejected "Plain Jane" who is seriously injured in an auto accident. After extensive plastic surgery, she emerges as a sexy beauty. Now Eve can use her newfound wanton beauty to get what she wants and give everyone else what they deserve.Strong on storyline, Ms. Chambers gets to speak (she was silent in "Behind the Green Door") and proves herself a capable actress as well as smoldering sexual performer.

Return Engagement starring Julia Ann, Jill Kelly, Jessica James
Misty Rain, Madelyn Knight, Kim Kitaine, Tom Byron, Steve Hatcher
Tony Tedeschi, Steven St Croix, Brent Beckett
An aspiring actress gets robbed and left on the roadside penniless in a
freakish town where she embarks on an adventure somewhere between Alice in Wonderland & Willie Wonka.

The Return of Dr F starring Kym Wilde, Sabrina Dawn, Fallon
Kim Acosta, Angela D'Angelo, Mike Horner, Don Fernando, Ray Victory
Jack Baker Synopsis:
Picking up where the original left off, Dr F's infamous love potion has been replicated and a new menace is on the streets turning women into wanton love slaves.

The Return of Johnny Wadd starring Kimberly Carson, Mai Lin
Sheri St. Clair, Melissa Melendez, Bunny Bleu, John Holmes, Nick Random

Synopsis: John Holmes' final movie , finds him reprising his legendary role, as he tracks down the killers of his partner and the stolen diamonds he was on the track of, along with plenty of that trademark Johnny Wadd action.

The Return of Tori Welles starring Tori Welles, Sydney Steele, Emily, Jewel, Malitia, Herschel Savage, Tony Tedeschi, Nick East Synopsis: Tori's husband is searching for something to put the spark back in their love life ( as if Tori wasn't enough? ), so he turns to porn. But Tori isn't about to lose her man to hardcore tapes, so she decides to give him the one thing she has never given to anyone...her ass!! See Tori's ONLY EVER, anal scene!!!

Return to Alpha Blue starring Sharon Kane, Taija Rae, Chelsea Blake
Spring Taylor, Jill Morehead, Jerry Butler, George Payne, Johnny Nineteen
This sequal centers around a new group of Satisfiers, that are searching for a higher purpose. They want to be satisfied instead!

Return to Camp Beaverlake starring Danielle Rodgers, Cameo
Mercedez Lynn, Sunny McKay, Sharon Kane, Marilyn Rose, Ron Jeremy
Biff Malibu, Dick Nasty, Randy Spears Synopsis:
Camp Beaverlake is being
shut down by the local authorities, and a foriegn investment company is swooping in
to by the land real cheap. But the nudists at thge camp aren't ready to call it day yet,
as they fight to keep the nudist camp alive & kicking.

Return to Sex Fifth Avenue starring Tanya Foxx, Buffy Davis
Karen Bree, Careena Collins, Maggie Randall, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas
Jack Baker, Peter North, Tom Byron, Steve Powers, Troy Tannier
America's favorite sex club is back, but this time they are in big trouble
One person in town, however, the frigid, anti-sex newspaper columnist Ann Artica,
finds the club and its illicit, immoral sexual fever completely offending, and she launches
a public campaign to shut it down.When the club takes drastic action to save itself, the results is one of the most original and explicit orgy scenes ever filmed, and when Ann Artica, played by the luscious Liz Randall, finally comes out of her shell, the screen explodes with raw sexual power guaranteed to make you reel.

Revealed starring Cameo, Samantha York, Kiss, Chanel, Meekah
Peter North, Cyd Morrison, Randy West, Steve Hatcher, Don Fernando
Cameo is in marraige where the spark has vanished, so she sets about to reignite the flame only to discover deep dark passions inside herself.

Revenge starring Dee, Brittany Andrews, Lola, Vivian Valentine, Kary Even
Cherry Mirage, Tyce Bune, Mark Anthony
Synopsis: Beth likes David, David likes to eye Beth's girlfriend. So, what do jealous girlfriends do? Beth throws a fit and throws David out the door. Eager for revenge. David sets out to seduce each of Beth's closest friends! Soon, he's exhausted from trying to keep all of these women happy. He patches things up with Beth to get some relative peace and quiet. But how much peace and quiet do you think he's going to get when Beth throws a surprise party and invites all of her girlfriends.

Reves De Cuir Series

Reves De Cuir ( aka Leather Dreams ) starring Zara Whites
Sunny McKay, Deborah Wells, Penelope, Christopher Clark, Frank Ballard Synopsis:
A woman is transported, by viewing a videotape, into a world of sexual pleasure and kink. With the aid of her maid, she must decide whether to remain or return to the world she is accustomed to.

Reves De Cuir 2 (aka Leather Dreams 2) starring Tabatha Cash
Deborah Wells, Carol, Natacha Borisavna, Cloe, Julia Channel
Patrick Bulnes, Alan Champion, Sergio Demon, Jack Striker
Meeting the challenge of being a love, mystery, violence and sex thriller. Each shot of this picture that has won countless awards & breaks every taboo possible and will free your most perverse impulses. A film you'll never forget! A fantastic sequal to the classic original.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Ribald Tales of Canterbury starring Hyapatia Lee, Colleen Brennan
Josephine Carrington, Buffy Davis, Patti Petite, Cheri Janvier, Mike Horner Marc Wallice, Jon Martin
Hyapatia Lee is your hostess in the most erotic version of Geoffrey Chaucer’s 13th century classic you’ll ever see! The sets are fabulous, the costumes sensational, and the sex is hotter than HOT. Join in the lusty merriment as a group of pilgrims recounts one ribald tale after another on this way to Canterbury.

Rich Bitch starring Ali Moore, Susan Hart, April Maye, Marc Wallice,
Paul Thomas
Ali Moore likes her men to have big bank accounts, bulging stock portfolios, and absolutely no backbone. Nothing pleases her more than ordering them around and telling them where to get off -- but not before she does. Cold and calculating, she uses and abuses every single man she meets. Living fast and flying
high, she rents a private jet and orders the attendant, to please her -- then she leaves him high and dry! Ali finally meets her match when she tries to put her money where
her mouth is and bribe her best friend's beau into some sex. He denies her, only
giving in when she agrees to make it a threesome. In the end, Ali learns the error
of her ways -- as well as a few freaky new positions!

Riding Lessons starring Jenteal, Nina Hartley, Toni James, Chloe
Mickey G, Tony Tedeschi, John West
A rich man brings his troubled daughter to live with him in the
California mountains, and as a way for her to stay out of trouble, enrolls her
in riding lessons. But her mischevioius ways take hold as she goes after her
married instrcutor & a local blue collar man, in spite of his engagement.

Riding Miss Daisy starring Aja, Mandi Wine, Ashley Winger, Penny Lane
Charlotte Leigh, Frank James, Steve Austin, Scott St James, Tony Montana
Synopsis: A group of girls are planning a wild birthday party for thier friend
Daisy...including a male stripper.

Right Tool For The Job starring Krista Lane, Siobhan Hunter
Megan Leigh, Ron Jeremy, Carlos Valentino
When 2 friends get together and hatch a plot to liven up their depressed friend, whose hubby is away at war, sex is at the top of the list.

Right Up Her Alley starring Nici Sterling, Stephanie Swift, Selena
Liza Harper, Taylor Dante, Tom Byron, Steve Drake, Tony Tedeschi
Think the girls can't hang with the guys? The members of the macho male bowling team, the "Pocket Jocks", seem to think so. When the men are challenged by the "Alley Cats", an all girl team, the guys think the trophy is in the bag, but the girls have hidden talents that give them the edge, including their infamous "flirt bowling" technique. These guys better watch their balls! STRIKE!!!

Ring of Desire starring Georgina Spelvin, Jennifer West, Gena Lee
Hillary Summers, Kitty Shayne, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, William Margold
Kevin James Synopsis
A  magical ring bestows erotic energy on everyone who possesses it in this tantalizing treat. We follow the ring as it travels from one hand to
 the next, each time driving its owner into a frenzy of pure passion. Among the heated highlights is a feverish coupling between Jennifer West and photographer Paul
Thomas, and an intense lesbian liaison with Georgina Spelvin and Jennifer. As the ring passes from one person to another, it wends its way closer and closer to its source. This is old school porn at its best, filled with gorgeous natural beauties and plenty of fun-filled frolicking. So forget about Frodo and all the rest, this is the REAL Ring of Power -- Passionate Power, that is!

Ringside Knockout starring Cameo, Sabrina Dawn, Danielle Rodgers
Rayne, Randy Spears, Cal Jammer
Synopsis: A boxer has no teammates to rely on, or to blame. A boxer has only
himself (or herself) and must defeat his (or her) opponent simply by exercising more
brute strength. But it's what happens behind the scenes that makes boxing so
intriguing ....

. Rio Heat starring Elle Rio, Erica Boyer, Siobhan Hunter, Sheena Horne
Leslie Winston, Buck Adams, Eric Edwards, Kevin James Synopsis:
With this video you are witnessing the awesome debut of the Brazilian sensation, Elle Rio, in a role only she can do justice to. Fresh from Brazil, she gets hired as a housemaid for a rich and raunchy American family. Once this household of horny relatives and friends get a load of her incredible charms and her insatiable hunger to satisfy everybody's sexual whims – they become her willing slaves!

Riot Grrrls starring Veronica Sage, Sierra, Vixxxen, Kaitlyn Ashley
Sarah Jane Hamilton, Peter North, Joey Silvera, Steven St Croix
A woman, writing for a moralistic magazine, sets out to right a pure
expose on America's true sexual morality, and enlists the help of her, less than
moral friends to do so.

Rise of The Roman Empress Series
Rise of The Roman Empress starring Cicciolina, Amber Lynn
Tracey Adams, Jacky Del Rio, Marianna, Marissa Costa, John Holmes
Christoph Clark, Erminio Bianchi, Jean Pierre Armand
Cicciolina, porn star and elected politician, stars as a woman convicted of lewdness in her exotic club act. Her sentence is to perform social work consisting of making house calls to help people with their sexual problems, which end up in the inevitable orgy. And the erotic mass of undulating flesh at the final proves to be well worth the wait, This was John Holmes LAST movie.

Rise of The Roman Empress 2 ( aka Lust Resort )
starring Moana Pozzi, Ciccolina, Rachel Ryan, Ebony Eyes, Marc Wallice Peter North, Ray Victory Synopsis:
When the owner of a swank resort becomes more pre-occupied with sex than she does running the business, rooms begin to become double booked and all mayhem breaks loose, but the guests have the perfect solution...make the best of it.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

A Rising Star starring Ashlyn Gere, Sandra Scream, Amanda Addams
Jamie Leigh, Tom Byron, Woody Long, Tony Montana
A bawdy, blistering behind-the-scenes peek at the making of a porn
video. We get to meet the hot-to-trot starlets, their swarthy and studly beaus, and
watch all the kinky carnality that goes on even when the cameras aren't rolling.

Rising Star starring Kimberly Carson, Sharon Kane, Liberty Reigns
Lorena Minor,
Dick Howard, Eric Edwards, Jack Wrangler Synopsis: A struggling actor comes to NYC for his big break, but finds out it's in porn, not broadway. Can he make it legit?

Ritual starring Vicca, Nikita, Danielle Rodgers, Dee, Keri Windsor
Jenny McArthur, Katja Jean, Brick Majors, Eric Price, Damian Wolf
Evan Stone, Julian, Randy Spears, Tyce Bune, James Bonn
Synopsis: Meet Katherine Yate, adult film icon. The year 2008. Katherine is an exquisite creature, a sexual being the likes of which are rarely seen. Pursued
relentlessly by her fans, Katherine begins a downward spiral of depression and
anxiety ultimately ending with her emotional destruction. Replete with bizarre
medical procedures and surreal sitcom parodies. Ritual is an edgy look at the life
of a psychotic porn star pushed to the brink by those who created her and th
 industry that allowed them to do it

The River starring Ashley Long, Kianna Dior, Austin Starr, Gia
Jade Hsu, Tony Martino, Mark Asley, John West, Pat Myne
A bunch of girls on spring break in Laughlin, NV are out to get laid.
Gee, I wonder if they'll have any luck with that?

Road Girls starring Kelly Royce, Victoria Paris, Danielle Rodgers
Kristarah Knight, Randy Spears, Randy West, Eric Price, Peter North
When baseball's all american, wholesome. superstar complicates his life
by keeping women in multiple cities, his life crashes down on him when a scandal
erupts that threatens his career, image & legacy.

Robin Head starring Paula Price, Charisma, Sharon Kane, Samantha York
Angela D'Angelo, Gloria, Avalon, Kassandra, Cathy Collins, Eric Price
Mike Horner, Sean Michaels, Rick Maguire Synopsis:
All she wanted was a Little John! This means sure wood for Paula Price fans everywhere! A fantasy world
of mistresses and thieves, princes and paupers, wenches and whores! A story to
please the oral sex freak in everyone.

Robin's Nest starring Samantha Fox, Arcadia Lake, Crystal Daye,
Eric Edwards, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
The pressures of modern living explode when Alan and Robin’s one year marriage bursts into smithereens. Suddenly, Robin’s Nest is empty as the couples go their separate sex-filled ways in a wild wham-bam adventure of titillating hedonistic delights. For a change of taste, Robin shacks up with a gorgeous gay-gal while Alan and his buddy Larry celebrate his freedom by popping the cork on a bubbly young tart named Honey. The couple then proceed to expand the limits of their now wide open marriage until Larry’s wanton wife (Samantha Fox) unwittingly invites them separately to an outrageous orgy. There Alan and Robin find themselves (eventually) as they get into the swing of things in this free-wheeling fornication fiesta. Definitely the hottest battle in the sexual revolution. Drop into Robin’s Nest where the pretty little birds flock together.

Robofox starring Angela Baron, Lisa Bright,  Krista Lane, Erica Boyer
Alicia Monet,  Tom Byron, Randy West, Billy Dee
Poor, pretty little Megan Daniels is a lonely young lady whose computer date turns out horribly and leaves her walking the streets depressed and dejected. Wham! She's hit by a car and has to be surgically rebuilt by mad doctor Krista Lane. Once remade, the lonely girl becomes busty sex queen Angela Baron, but with a twist. The evil doctor has programmed her to hate men and to literally sex them to death! An unlucky orderly and two porn theater patrons find out the hard way that this Robofox is more than meets the eye. Soon the cyborg strumpet is wandering the late night city streets looking to wreck havoc on any man she runs into. She tracks down Megan's crass computer date and teaches him the meaning of respect, then dabbles in debauchery with a pair of hunks atop a pool table -- before leaving them in a punished pile. Meanwhile, the salacious scientist Krista is busy enjoying some Sapphic sizzle
with buxom beauty Erica Boyer. But when Robofox catches her come-hither creator with a man, what will be the erotic outcome? All we can say is that it's well worth finding out. This is one of Angela Baron's top performances, as she plays the deadly sex machine to the erotic hilt. Check out this bionic woman for some real super-powered sexual action.

Robofox 2 starring Angela Baron, Siobhan Hunter, Stephanie Rage, Ona Z
Randy West, Jamie Gillis, Rick Savage Synopsis:
Sensuous Angela Baron returns to her acclaimed role as the ultimate sex machine & is abducted into a white slavery ring that intends on using her for the sexual pleasure of themselves and their customers. But she will not be kept from returning to the doctor that gave her life, and he won't stop looking for either

Robovixens ( aka Batteries Included ) starring Bionca, Stephanie Rage
Laurel Canyon, Brandi Wine, Barbie Doll, Dana Lynn, Randy West
Scott Irish, Jon Dough Synopsis:
Set far in the future, this torrid sci-si sexvid shows to what wild ends technology has advanced. Take the Good Time Girls, for example. They're female robots who look and feel just like real women -- but with endless sexual stamina and without any inhibitions!

Rock & Roll Fantasies starring Cameo, Dominique Simone, Jacqueline
Leanna Foxx, Daphne, Biff Malibu, Cal Jammer, Wayne Summers
Ted Wilson Synopsis:
Men aren't the only ones with dreams of making big in
rock & Roll, and these ladies are determoned to pull it off and make it famous!!

Rock Erotic Picture Show starring Erika Bella, Nikita, Ursula Moore
Andrea Red, Sheila Stanton, Eniko Wrabel, Ketherin Brut, Christina
Magda, Marta Sokar, Andrew Youngman, Alain Lyle, John Walton
Attila Schuster, Frank Gun, Valentino, Leslie Taylor, Santino Lee, Zoltan
Synopsis: It's the classic telling of the tale of 'Beauty & The Beast' crossed with 'Frankenstein' with a porn twist, some musical numbers thrown in, and a great production not to metion Erika Bella in the lead role & Nikita as the evil witch.
*In Italian w/ no subtitles (except the musical scenes are in English)

Rocket Girls starring Angela Summers, Porsche Lynn, Victoria Paris
P J Sparxx,
Tiffany Mynx, Summer Knight, Traci Winn, Randy West
Steve Drake,
Mike Horner, Woody Long Synopsis: When a spaceship & crew are sent on a mission to restore the ozne layer, they encounter a cloud of cosmic dust that infects them with a lust virus. Succumbing to the virus, will the crew be able to save the world in the small 12 second window they have to accomplish their mission?

Rockey X starring Karen Summer, Melissa Melendez, Summer Rose
Nikki Randall, Vanessa D'Oro, Buck Adams, John Holmes, Jerry Butler
Like the famous boxing movies that Rockey X parodies, this production is a clear knock-out. Welcome back in time to the age of adult cinema, where budgets are big, acting is considered an important thing and large casts and lavish production values were the norm instead of the exception. You will be treated to what has become a monumental event in adult entertainment. John C. Holmes stars in Rockey X. See Buck Adams and Jerry Butler duke it out in a very realistic boxing scene. Even if you remove the sex from this movie, it would be very entertaining to watch. With the sex in, it's a real adventure, hitting on all of your emotions and settling firmly in your lap. Rockey X. Beautiful women, fighting mad men, big production and a lot of really hot sex. Rockey X has all of the ingredients which has made it a true classic in every sense of the word.

The Rocky Porno Video Show starring Tantala, Karen Summer, Bionca
Kristara Barrington, Francois Paillion, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
This spoof of the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' , goes where the classic
only hinted at as these lost travelers and thier hosts dive into decedence and sexual pleasures that only existed in dreams.

Roller Babies starring Terri Hall, Mary Stuart, Susan McBain
Barbara Ames,
Alan Marlow, Roger Caine, David Williams
The head of a struggling TV network, has come up with a great idea, a roller-derby / sex acrobatics game show, & it is a hit with the public, but not the decency groups. Can the network keep the show going in spite of the government pressure?

Rolling Thunder starring Racquel Darrian, Nikki Tyler, Tabitha Stevens
Jessica James, Bridgette Monroe, Felicia, Derek Lane, Bobby Vitale
An uptight corporate climber has a fuddy-duddy boyfriend who's no fun.
One day, she decides to throw caution to the wind and arrives at a biker bar looking
 for something wild and different, and the boyfriend tags along, neither quite ready
for what they find.

Rollover starring Julie Rage, Tabitha Stevens, Raven McCall, Skye Blue
Summer Cummings, Guy DiSilva, Kyle Stone, Dave Hardman
Girls borrow money from a loanshark and can't make the payments, so they go on the run. However the loanshark has more than enough guys to track them down, and when caught, the girls use their 'talents' to get away. But soon there'll be no where to run.

Roman Goddess starring Victoria Paris, Flame, Teri Diver, P J Sparxx
Courtney, Steve Drake, Sean Michaels, Biff Malibu Synopsis: The ancient goddess, Venus, is in her palace on Olympus, feeling that there is no passion & lust left in the world of mortals. Mars drops in for a visit and decides to show her how wrong she is, as the pair view in to the homes of humans having a little bit of fun. Soon our pair of gods decide to join in the fun themselves.

Romancing The Bone starring Tasha Voux, Sharon Kane, Annette Hienz
Angel Cash, Veronica Vera, Candace Daley, Satin Summer, George Payne
David Christopher, Frank T Lane, Joe Santini
A porn studio tour, gives the tour group a chance to reflect on memories
of their favorite skin flicks as well as encourgae the members of the group to develope their own fantasies.

Romeo & Juliet starring Kim Acosta, Nina Hartley, Megan Leigh, Keisha
Alicia Monet, Jerry Butler, Robert Bullock, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera
This may not have been what Shakespeare had in mind, but who cares?
It’s about a theater troupe doing a production of the classic, against the setbacks of a theater owner who’s plan is to, oddly enough, sell out to “porno movie people,” and a lead actor who’s a little too full of himself.

Roommates starring Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols,
Merle Michaels,
Jerry Butler, Jamie Gillis, Jack Wrangler, Bobby Astyr,
Ron Jeremy Synopsis:
Roomates are Billie (Samantha Fox), an ex-call girl, gambling everything she has to find a new life and finding that to get a second chance, she has to fight for it; Joan (Veronica Hart), fresh out of drama school and trying to make it on Broadway, young and naive, she's on her own for the first time, and growing up fast; and Sherry (Kelly Nichols), a beautiful California model about ot discover N.Y.C., she's chasing every thrill, every high and moving closer to the edge. When she meets Joel (Jamie Gillis), Sherry soon finds that she's fighting for her very life! Roomates is three women and three lives at the turning point.

Rosso & Nero starring Selen, Nikita Gross, Regina Sipos, Barbara Malot
Andrew Youngman, Zenza Raggi, John Walton, Zoran
A famous painter is the main suspect in a string of celbrity murders that seem to ceneter their themes arounds her well known paintings. But is she the killer or she being set up, or better yet... is she doing the setting up?
*In French w/ Greek Subtitles

A Round Behind starring Patricia Kennedy, Olivia, Lennox, Sahara Sands
China Lee, Alex Sanders, Bobby Vitale, Warren Scott Synopsis:
The world of professional boxing is the backdrop for this tale of fixed fights, organized crime and sexual abandon.

Route 69 starring Farrah, Tina Tyler, Danielle Rodgers, Heaven Leigh
Buck Adams, Mike Horner, Randy Spears, James Bonn, Christian Steele
Two girls hit the road looking for adventure. Are they tough enough for
the stretch of highway known as Route 69? Gina and Susan have more curves than a country road and no stop signs. Follow the sexual adventures of these 2 hot babes as they take you on the ride of your life!

Route 69 starring Helen Duval, Jill Kelly, Johnni Black, Shanna Edwards
Sophia Staks, Dorothy, Tommy Gunn, Mike Horner, Jake Steed, Eric Price
Dave Hardman, Frank Towers, Mark Davis, Nick East
Synopsis: A woman takes a drive down a mysterious highway full of  sexual

The Royale Treatment starring Candida Royale, Linda Wong
John Seeman Synopsis:
A married couple begin to explore relationships outside their marrige, but at what cost?

Rub Down starring Kimberly Carson, Amber Lynn, Bunny Bleu
Mindy Rae,
Harry Reems, John Holmes, Jerry Butler Synopsis: When 3 office workers are fired after not responding to the boss's sexual advances, they find the unemployment line is no fun. So they decide to set up shop in the world's oldest profession. Then they set about to getting revenge on their former employer.

Rude Girls 3 starring Anita Cannibal, Adajja, Amber Michaels, Sheila Rossi
Daniella Rush, Eva Roberts, Dave Hardman, Joel Lawrence, Lee Stone
Tyler Wood, Valentino
A series of vignettes showing woman becoming their men's sex slaves
& doing whatever they want

Rudy The Valentino Story (aka Lover) starring Kaitlyn Ashley
Heather Lee, J R Carrington, Sahara Sands, Laura Palmer, Roxanne Hall
Selena, Gina Rome, Nico Treasures, Carole DuBois, Guy Disilva
Valentino, Hakan
Valentino, a man, a myth, a legend. The most important events of his short life. In a detailed reconstruction of Americas early in this century, showing us the places and situation which made Valentino "the Italian Lover".

Rug Burn starring Kelly O'Dell, Amber Woods, Cody O'Connor
Kelsey Sheen, Mark Davis, Tony Tedeschi, Mike Horner, J Sheen
Synopsis: 2 guys use their carpet cleaning business to score with housewives
while the hubbys are at work

Rump Humpers 1 starring Nikki Dial, Alex Jordan, Shanna Rose
Justin Case, Ted Wilson
A series of vignettes shows these women taking it in the tailpipe for
the very first time (at least the premise). Featuring an ultra rare anal scene from Nikki Dial!!

Rump Humpers 2 starring Nikki Dial, Daphne, Shanna Rose, Yolanda
Marc Wallice, Ted Wilson, Dale
The vignette series continues featuring a rare toys & anal scene with Nikki
Dial highlighting this edition.

Runaway starring Savannah, Tianna, Randy Spears, T T Boy
She's on the move. But who is she running from? Her man? Her past? Herself? Maybe. It's not who she's running from, it's who she is running to. All we
know is on the way someone enters her life and it becomes very different very quickly. Start running.

Runway starring Farrah, Johnni Black, Yvonne, Nicole London
Morgan Fairlane, Michael J Cox, Michael Hurt
Synopsis: Story about the fashion industry and models who are blackmailed into providing sexual favors to clients.

Russian Rhapsody 2 (aka Operation Double Penetration)
starring Erika Bella,
Dina Pearl, Mary Eleniak, Alexandra Schiffer
Laura Black, Reka Gabor,
Andrew Youngman, Leslie Taylor, Zoltan Kabai
A Hungarian spy ring has infiltrated Russia & the US CIA sends a
group of operatives to break the cse and get evgryone to play nice.

*In English

Russian Roulette starring Victoria Paris, Houston, Keisha, Tiffany Million
Valeria, Blake Mitchell, T T Boy, Nick East, Dick Nasty, Alec Metro
Mike Horner, Marc Wallice
A jet set smuggler whose beauty is outpaced only by her daring; a sadistic ex-KGB agent, and English mobster, and the law all using sex and whatever means are available to them to obtain unbridled power and riches. But first they have to face the ultimate gamble.

The Russians are Coming starring Georgina Spelvin, Andrea True
Amy Matthew, Ashley Moore, Levi Richards, Jeffery Hurst, John Clemens
A woman working at the UN decides to help US/Russian relations by throwing a party at her apartment with a couple of her wild girlfriends and the Russian delegation. Talk about strategic missle talks....

Rx For Sex ( aka La Clinique Des Fantasies) starring Brigitte Lahaie
Barbara Moose, France Lomay, Cathy Stewart, Julia Perrin
Jean Pierre Armand, Richard Lemieuvre Synopsis:
The erotic exploits of a sex-crazed French gynecologist are the focus of this white-hot video treat. Shot in Paris, it stars some of the era's tastiest French tarts in scene after scene of come-hither Continental bopping. Whether convincing a sexually frustrated wife that she's still desirable or helping a huge-breasted beauty with her nymphomaniacal urges, you can bet that this doctor has got a distinctly hands-on approach.
* In English

More Titles Coming Soon