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Pacific Intrigue starring Viper, Elle Rio, Sheri St Clair, Keisha
Breezy Lane, Buddy Love, Nick Random, Randy Paul
A wise guy, trying to go legit, is called upon by the Mafia to rescue the
kidnapped daughter of the Godfather, as his one last favor to the family in exchange
for his being allowed to walk away.

Pajama Party X 1 starring Crystal Gold, Sarah Jane Hamnilton, Leena
Alicia Rio, Tiffany Mynx, Crystal Wilder, Nina Hartley, Porsche Lynn, Celeste, Misty Rain, Brittany O'Connell
Kylie Ireland, Sahara Sands,
Summer Knight, Lynden Johnson, Gerry Pike, Vince Vouyer, Jon Dough
Synopsis: When Jim Holiday came up with the idea of a real Pay Per View event featuring porn's top starlets at the time, he came up with the idea of an all night pajama party. The event was a huge success and out of it, came 3 video tapes that were just as successaful. Of course we had all the girl/girl action any lez fan could handel, but what pajama party would be complete without a couple of guys crashing the party?

The Palace of Pleasure starring Nici Sterling, Crystal Gold, Melissa Hill
Madelyn Knight, Stephanie Swift, Felicia, Sid Deuce, Caressa Savage
T T Boy, Jonathan Morgan, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley, Peter North
Steven St Croix Synopsis:
A beautiful madame runs the most successful & exclusive brothel in the USA, and a newspaper reporter wants the inside scoop on who attends the infamous parties and what their fetishes & kinks are. So he cons his way in, but will he really get what he wants, or will he pay the price for investigative reporting?

A Paler Shade of Blue starring Kim Acosta, Raven, Alice Springs
Sunny McKay, Debi Diamond, Joey Silvera, Wayne Summers, Tom Byron
Marc Wallice
How far would you be willing to go for one year of unbridled, uninhibited sex with anyone you want, whenever you want? Would you be willing to turn over your life? That's the questions these women must answer
as a magical broach is passed down from generation to generation.

Palomino Heat starring Erica Boyer, Stacey Donovan, Deidra Hopkins
Vivian Thomas, Mimi Daniels, Olga, Renee Tiffany, Shari Stewart
Synopsis: Erica Boyer, a voluptuous Riding School mistress with an insatiable lust
for the delicate flesh of young women, welcomes five beautiful new students into her stable on a hot summer day.

Pamela Anderson: The HARDCORE Tapes
 starring Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee, Brett Michaels
Here They are...You've Heard about them. The infamous Pamela Anderson 'Honeymoon' Tapes from her marriages to Tommy Lee & Brett Michaels. Pamela & the boys never wanted these to get out, but they did...& we got 'em. This DVD features both of those lovely tapes!!! Pamela missed her true calling....she should've been a porn star.
*Please note, both of these tapes are very hard to find at this point. The Pamela/Tommy portion of this DVD plays excellent and at the correct speed, but for some reason the voices seem "squeaky". The Pamela/Brett portion has no problems at all.

Pandora's Mirror starring Veronica Hart, Tiffany Clark
Marlene Willoughby,
Merle Michaels, Annie Sprinkle, Kandi Barbour Hillary Summers, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, Ron Hudd
Pandora goes to an antique-furniture store and discovers a remarkable mirror. The owner won't sell it; he claims it's possessed. But she insists, and the owner allows her to "borrow" it for a few days. When she gets home, she stares into the mirror and discovers that it shows her sexual episodes that took place throughout the ages. This elegant, high-class entertainment
presents a variety of costume sex-dramas and some wonderfully kinky action.

Panty Raid starring Ginger Lynn, Stacey Donovan, Crystal Breeze, Raven, Lois Ayers, Roxanne Rollan, Jerry Butler Jay Serling, Ken Starbuck
Synopsis: When a guy breaks up with his girlfriend, his buddy talks him
into a getaway on a tropical island where they hook up with a bevy of babes

Paper Dolls starring Shauna Grant, Linda Shaw, Tina Marie, Cara Lott
Crissie Beauchamp, Bobby Hollander
Synopsis: Old Bobby gets the job done in the 80s by using video to
intyroduce new babes to the public.

Paprika starring Erika Bella, Dina Pearl, Shalimar, Christina Valenti
Luistia Duarte, Suzy Cat, Roberto Malone, Phillippe Soine, Alberto Rey
Synopsis: A woman has a series of trysts and flings with various men until she finds Mr. Right. Right inside of her ass. Anal Paprika is seasoned with a myriad
of scenes that contain all of the spicy anal action you could want, especially when it comes down to the super orgy at the end of the movie.

Paradise starring Jenna Jameson, Holly Body, Avalon, Missy
Johnni Black,
Kaitlyn Ashley, Nikki Lynn, Peter North, T T Boy
Steve Drake, Mickey G,
Mark Davis, Jonathan Morgan
Brad Armstrong

Synopsis: Jenna's discovered her own little slice of paradise. A place where all her wildest fantasies and secret desires are realized. Take a trip with her and see what it is like to reach the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. She's joined by several hot babes all eager to shed their inhibitions and explore their deepest sexual urges with smokin' threeways, hot girl/girl action and an orgy that will leave you begging for more.

Paris Telefone 666 starring Brigitte Lahaie, Desiree Cousteau
France Lomay, Karine Gambioere, Morganne, Cathy Stewart
Monique Carrere,
Patrick Marin, Richard Lemievre Synopsis:
An investigative reporter starts a relationship with a mysterious beauty. When he decides to find out why she is so mysterious he learns she is the madame of a high end escort business, specializing in blackmail of the rich & famous. In German w/no subtitles

Parlor Games starring Janine, Alex Jordan, Brittany O'Connell
Roxanne Blaze, Tom Byron, Randy West, Steven St Croix
Partygoers stick around after the fun is done, and swap secrets as part
of an off the hook version of 'Truth or Dare'.

Parted Lips starring Siobhan Hunter, Annette Heinz, Nina Preta
Vana Paymore, Michael Knight, Alan Adrian, Bobby Spector Synopsis:
When a beautiful Russian defector hides out at a friends house, the KGB is hot on her tail....and her friend's tail as well.

Party Animals starring Stephanie Rage, Frankie Leigh, Alexa Parks
Dana Lynn, Billy Dee, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Gabor
Everyone's stressing over putting together the ultimate party. So much
so that everyone needs to relieve their stress. How are they gonna do that??
*In English w/ German subtitles

Party Doll A Go-Go Series

Party Doll A Go-Go starring Jeanna Fine, Tianna, Bionca, Madison
Raven, Patricia Kennedy, Nikki Wilde, Tom Byron, Peter North
Randy Spears Synopsis:
Put on your coolest shades and fluorescent beret, 'cause here comes the wildest, wettest, weirdest excursion into day-glo desires. PARTY DOLL A-GO-GO. Here you'll find your favorite stars lost in a nether world of non-sequitors and nookie which is just the way they like it

Party Doll A Go-Go 2 starring Jeanna Fine, Tianna, Bionca, Madison
Raven, Patricia Kennedy, Nikki Wilde, Tom Byron, Peter North
Randy Spears Synopsis:
Picking up at the exact moment the original left off at, we find our wacky assortment of beauties & beaus still locked in an amazing dreamworld of raunchy, kinky & devious sex.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Party Favors starring Stephanie Adams, Dominique Simone, Tara Gold
Saki St Jermaine, Keanna, Chris Collins, Jazzmine Rose, T T Boy, Bruce Lai
Ted Wilosn, Rick Blaine Synopsis:
Girls, boys & toys....sounds like themakings for a good time!!!

Party Pack starring Danielle Rodgers, Devon Shire, K C Williams, Champagne, Celia Young, Cassandra Dark
It's a wild all girl party indeed when these gals get together to tryout the newest toys and techniques on one another.

Party Stripper starring Shauna Grant, Kimberly Ashley, Eric Edwards
Synopsis: It's Eric's birthday, and his thoughtful girlfriend has hired him a stripper for the event...lucky son'obitch!

Passage Thru Pamela starring Pamela, Sharon Kane, Kimberly Carson
Kathlyn Moore, Sarah Bernhard, Asley Moore, Johnny Nineteen
Joe Santinni
Synopsis: Looks Can Be Deceiving...
Are you ready for an utterly unique erotic experience? Are you ready for Passage Thru Pamela? Pamela is an Argentinian beauty who has all the right assets to make it as a model in New York - as long as no one discovers her shocking secret. Rising quickly in the high-gloss world of sexy models and horny shutterbugs, Pamela takes charge of every situation with her lusty Latin charms. She jumps head-first into a torrid affair with a delicious female photographer, Ashley, who turns Pamela into the toast of Manhattan - and keeps Pamela's secret safe from the world. But when a rival agency tries to reveal the truth about Pamela, they set the stage for one of the most unusual climaxes in erotic film history

Passages Series
Passages starring Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart, Heather Hart
Carolyn Monroe, Blake Palmer, Marc Wallice, Peter North
The story of 2 woman who have grown up as friends embark on college together as roommates.While Christy's more than a little experienced with sex, Jennifer is still a virgin who's shy and unsure about it. Luckily she has Christy to question about sex and to give her support, but Christy might be feeling a little more than just friendship towards Jennifer

Passages 2 starring Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart, Heather Hart
Carolyn Monroe, Marc Wallice, Peter North, T T Boy
Jennifer might be schooled in books & such, but not in real life. She finds herself in a strange new world, as she embarks on her first real, adult relationship. Her best friend Christy is always ready to help her friend out, but she too is finding it hard to balance education & a real sex life.

Passages 3 starring Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart, Kahlia, Cal Jammer
Peter North, Micky Ray Synopsis:
Now out in the working world, the college roommates find it hard to fulfill thier dreams of love & romance, as they struggle to
make it to the top of thier chosen fields.

Passages 4 starring Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart, P J Sparxx
Jerry Butler, Peter North, Jon Dough Synopsis:
In the concluding chapter of Passages, Christy learns she can make it without the help of a doting, chauvinistic presence. And Jennifer finds she can be happy at home and beyond, as she balances
her domestic side with her wild side.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 4 Chapters for Just 41.95
(A Savings of 21.85)

Passion For Bondage starring Tantala, Erica Boyer, Cara Lott
Woody Long
A man ventures into to a world of kink, whem he picks up
his girlfriend for a date & meets her sexual perverted sister & mother.

Passion From Behind starring Erica Boyer, Kassi Nova
Debi Diamond Kristarah Knight, Chessie Moore, Susan Vegas
Austin Moore, Cal Jammer Blake Palmer
A series of vignettes, ALL ANALLY THEMED, show the tender caring side of backdoor loving!!! A Classic All Anal Feature!!!

Passion in Venice starring Juli Ashton, Deborah Wells, Anita Bond
Kelly Trump,
Valentina, Sean Michaels, Mark Davis, Frank Malone
An American business man is in Venice for reasons which remain purposefully obscure. He obviously has an eye for the ladies, and although he repeatedly indulges himself, we get the distinct impression that he's in town for reasons other than those centered below his belt. Eventually it becomes clear that the American and his horny confidants are in the middle of a swirling game of industrial espionage. With this backdrop, we are treated to scene after scene of beautifully-shot, scalding hot coitus starring the cream of Europe's porn star crop.

Passion Prescription starring Sabrina Dawn, Carol Cummings
Saki St Jermaine, Bridgette Monroe, Arcie Miller, Dee Jay, Cal Jammer
T T Boy, Frank James, Don Fernando, Tony Montana
The doctor is in and he's seeing all kinds of patients at thgis clinic for sexual disorders. But never fear, the cure is just a zipper away.

Passion Princess starring Suzanne St Lorraine, Sharon Mitchell
Renee Morgan, Mandi Wine, Kimberly Kane, Marilyn Rose
Purple Passion,
Angela D'Angelo, Amanda Tyler, Dan Steele
Frank James, Ray Victory,
Wayne Summers, Dom Fernando
Synoposis: She is going to teach you why some things in life are worth waiting
*Please Note: Missing closing credits

Passion Unlimited on CD
Erica Boyer's One & Only Album Available Now on CD.
Comes in CD Jewel Case with Packaging Based on The Original Album Cover

The Passion Within starring Nina Hartley, Shanna McCullough
John Leslie,
Joey Silvera Synopsis: A beautiful woman finds the true love of her life, only problem is, he' s already taken & he knows way too uch about her.

Passionate Angels starring Victoria Paris, Paula Price, Kim Acosta
Marilyn Rose, Eric Price, Peter North, Tom Byron
Victoria Paris delivers one of her finest performances in this story of an amorous apartment building and the feverish freaks who live there.

Passionate Lee starring Sharon Mitchell, Amber Lynn, Kimberly Carson
Bunny Bleu, Renee Tiffany, O Larencin, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy
Paul Thomas, William Margold, Dino Alexander, Shone Taylor
When a big time porn star decides to go back home for a vacation, and
leave the industry behind for a while, it turns out to be harder than she thought. When
she is recognized, she's talked into bringing her friends down to start a high priced
escort service.

Passionate Lips starring Bridgette Monroe, Barbie Dahl, Sabrina Dawn
Cassandra Dark, Mia Powers, Randy West, Tom Byron, T T Boy
A group of girlfriends get together and compare romance to down & dirty sex, thru a series of tales comparing their personal tales of each.

Passione Indecente starring Cicciolina, Deidre Holland, Cindy LaBare
Natalie Streb,  Katina, Adeline Pollicina, Jon Dough, Ron Jeremy
Cicciolina sits as CEO of the most exclusive & expensive outcall
service in all of Europe, but beware, she has a mole in the organization that wants to take control.
* In Italian w/ No Subtitles

Passions starring Angel, Kelly Nichols, Lili Marlene, Gayle Sterling
Stacey Donovan, Mauvais DeNoir, Diane Sloan, Roxanne Rollan
John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Dan T Mann
Alex de Renzy, master of erotica has outdone himself. Breaking
beyond all sexual boundaries, daring to tread where others fear, de Renzy leads
his all-star cast into sex film history in Passions

The Passions of Carol starring Mary Stuart, Kim Pope, Susan Sloan
Alan Marlow, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens, Asley Moore, Sonny Landham
A sexy retelling of the Dickens holiday classic A Christmas Carol
, with Mary Stuart as the mean publisher of a skin magazine, who is visted upon Christmas Eve by 4 ghosts showing where she came from and where she's headed, sexually, of course.

Patriot Dames starring Cameo, Alicia Rio, Francesca Le, Meekah
Peter North, T T Boy, Cyd Morrison
Synopsis: These army wives go above & beyond to serve thier men who are
out there serving thier country.

Patriot X starring Veronica Sage, Amanda Addams, Roxanne Hall
Selena, Jonathan Morgan, Peter North, Kyle Stone
America never fear, Veronica Sage is here & on the case as the French
government seeks to infiltrate our financial system as payback for the fiasco of
Euro-Disney. Hey, they make up for their loses somewhere.

Patty Plenty's Home Video 1 starring Patty Plenty
This series was produced exclusively for members of Patty Plenty's Private Fan Club. The first volume in thius featurette series, has Patty masturbating while reading one of her fan letters, then we are treated to a private striptease from Patty, capped of with Patty getting off with an array of her favorite toys.

Patty Plenty's Home Video 2 starring Patty Plenty, John Henderson
The second volume in this featurette series finds Patty starting her day
with some fantastic masturbation complete with toys. Next we see 'Nurse Patty'
making a house call and doing whateever it takes to make her well hung patient feel
all better.

Patty Plenty's Home Video 3 starring Patty Plenty, John Henderson
The third volume in this featurette series finds Patty using her natural
gypsy powers to help a fan get laid. We also see Patty in a naughty version of Mr
Roger's Neighborhood.

Paul, Lisa & Caroline ( aka Forbidden ) starring Gena Lee
Hillary Scott, Honey West, Jana Knox, William Margold, Robert Bullock
When a husband persuades his wife to enter with him into the world of swinging, his regrets turn into her fulfillment. However, his possessiveness becomes a major issue to their marriage.

Pawn Broker starring Sabrina Dawn, Alexandra Quinn, Cameo
Nikki Wilde, Kristarah Knight, Chessie Moore, Tonisha Mills
Ashley Dunn, Renee Fox, Biff Malibu, Randy West, T T Boy
Sebastian, Wayne Summers, Cal Jammer Synopsis:
In this pawn shop, you don;t pawn your stuff for money, but for the fulfillment of your depraved fantasies. But do you lose more than just your pawned items & what doea your ticket really entitle you to get?

Peaches & Cream starring Annette Haven, Holly McCall, Sandra Martin
Chelsea Manchester, Sparky Vacs, Mike Horner, Jon Martin, Paul Thomas
Jesse Adams, Aaron Stuart Synopsis:
A down-on-the-farm girl who decides,
after nearly being taken by her stepfather, to head out to the big city. There she finds that she has to sell her body if she wants to make the really big money, so she jumps right into action and becomes the classiest hooker in the Big Apple.

The Pearl Divers starring April West, Shanna McCullough, Stephanie Rage
Ron Jeremy, Rick Savage, Randy Paul, Joseph Darling
A pair of slumlords end up renting one of their apartments out to
group of women who running an escort service out of thier humble abode. When
the slumlords catch on, they decide to enjoy the women's company for breaks on
the rent and a few other things.

Peepholes starring Anna Turner, Mai Lin, Champagne, Long Jean Silver
Ginger Jay, Velvet Summers, R Bolla, Bobby Astyr, George Payne
Sean Elliot Synopsis:
An NYPD Detective Squad, trails a major drug dealer and
see a lot more than they intended to.

Peeping Tom starring Jerry Butler, Kimberly Carson, Tracey Adams,
Nina Hartley,
Kristara Barrington, Robert Bullock, Shanna McCullough,
Honey Wilder, 
Sherri St. Clair, Joey Silvera, Buck Adams
Peeping. It's the secret pastime that everyone has and no one will admit to. It's making William Burke (Jerry Butler) loose touch with reality and he loves it,  so much so, that every occasion, from press conferences to a dinner in his honor, turns into private sexual experiences. Kimberly Carson, as his conscience, only  makes things harder, urging him to indulge. Burke ends up almost getting caught, (is that what he wants?) when he watches Nina Hartley
and Buck Adams in an arousing encounter, where they perform at their absolute best…Twice!! Don't miss what happens when Burke discovers his ultimate fantasy in a hospital room mirror. You will agree when he says, "I'm just an artist working in an unpopular medium."

Pen Pals starring Mary Stuart, Toni Scott, Levi Richards, Mel White
Ashley Moore, Davey Jones
Synopsis: 2 women start pen pal relationships with mulytiple men at the
state prison. They think its fun teasing these guys, but that all changez when
the men break out and pay these women a vi

The Penetration of Elle Rio starring Elle Rio, Sharon Mitchell, Viper,
Tanya Foxx, Marc Wallice, Wayne Stevens, Buddy Love
Elle Rio exhibits all her raw talent as she portrays the nasty other
woman in a story which includes six penetrations. A must for sex vid fans - The Penetration of Elle Rio is fast, furious, hot, steaming and passionate

Penetrator starring Angela Summers, Brigitte Aime, Flame, Nikki Wilde
Traci Winn, Trixie Tyler, Woody Long, Ron Jeremy, Biff Malibu, Sebastian, Marc Wallice
When mankind rises from the ashes of the nuclear fire, the struggle
to overcome the tyranny of the machine and regenerate the human race will
rage for decades. But, the final battle will be fought here. In our present!
Tonight! I'll be back!

Penitentiary starring Crystal Gold, Bunny Bleu, Nikki Sinn
Gina Rome,
Rachel, Ron Jeremy, Tony Montana, Warren Scott
Synopsis: Caged behind cold, steel bars, these beautiful bad girls seethe with sexual need. When pleasuring one another is not enough, the cold-eyed male guards are more than willing to service these lust-crazed women!

Penocchio starring Maria Bellucci, Lily Love, Christina Bella, Michela
Mya Diamond, Nikki Montana, Tera Bond, Lara Stevens, Nick Lang
James Brossman, Francesco Malcom, Horst Baron
Synopsis:  Porn spoof on the famous fairytale, but instead of his nose growing
when he lies, his schlong grows.
*In Italian w/ No Subtitles

Pensionat Heibblutiger Teens starring Dominique St Clair
Marilyn Jess,
Elisabeth Bure, Julia Perrin, Brigitte Verbecq
Mika Barthel, Tony Weber, Edwige Failel, Muriel White
Jean Pierre Armand, Ivan Duvan

Synopsis: An all girl school where the main courses all deal with the sexual pleasure of men...and each other.
*In German w/ no subtitles

People starring Serena, Christie Ford, Marlene Willoughby, Samantha Fox
Susan McBain, Heather Young, Ellyn Grant, Kasey Rodgers, Kelly Green Michelle, Jamie Gillis, R Bolla, Eric Edwards, Bobby Astyr, Herschel Savage
The crafty storytelling of Gerarad damiano leads us through s eries of 6 vignettes, each exploring the sexual relations & fantasies these couples share.

The Perfect Gift starring Juliet Anderson, Bonnie Holiday, Liza Dwyer
Blair Harris, David Morris, Don Fernando
This little dandy was the first shot on video feature ever made to star BIG name porn stars. A series of vignettes centering around giving your lover..The Perfect Gift!!
*Please note this is an EXTREMELY rare and hard to find item, and the quality falls into the good range.

The Perfect Girl starring Suzanne St Lorraine, Sharon Mitchell, Fallon
Renee Morgan, Iesha, Marie Nicholson, Angela D'Angelo, Cindy Labare
Dan Steele, Eric Monti, T T Boy, Ray Victory, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: a series of vignettes where these guys are all searching for the
perfect girl....at least in bed anyways

The Perfect Pair starring Alexandra Quinn, Nikki Wilde, Ashley Nicole
Alexis DeVell, Jon Dough, Mike Horner, Peter North
A total geek tracks down a popular TV therapist to get some personal counseling to help him get laid.

Perfect Partners starring Tamara Longley, Amber Lynn, Sheri St Clair
Lili Marlene, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner
Two brothers, have shared nearly everything in their lives,
everything but their wives. The duo enlist the help of a lady doctor, Dr. Jean Valjean, who agrees to help them with their "conservative" wives if they first share her.

The Perfect Stranger starring Erica Boyer, Sharon Mitchell, Alicia Monet
Trinity Loren, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Billy Dee
A young couple shares their home with a hot roommate who lives a
carefree lifestyle. Thinking thier missing out on something they decide to make their marriage an open relationship and set off to find sexual thrills, but they may have made a mistake.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Perfection starring Heather Wayne, Tami White, Karen Summer,
Gail Force,
Tish Ambrose, Jessica Longe, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice,
R. Bolla, Tony Martino Synopsis:
he hot glare of stardom lures the most talented drama class to a five-year reunion at their former teacher's mansion. A Voyeuristic producer films the ensuing sexual interchanges for his own purposes.

Performance starring Heather Hunter, Cameo, Jacqueline, Kelly Royce
Eric Edwards, Peter North, Cal Jammer, Jon Dough Synopsis:
An all day improv class where the students are given the situation of public sex, gets out of hand. Everyone of these actors & actresses is well deserving of an oscar!!

The Performers starring Erica Boyer, Lili Marlene, Nina Hartley
Mike Horner, Francois Papillion, Don Fernando, Kevin James
A sexual psychologist conducts a study on partner swapping, and the test subjects take the study to new heights of sexual thrills.

Personal Services starring Cyndee Summers, The Krumpert Twins
Daphnie Bliss, John Holmes, Peter Bohl Synopsis:
An enterprising young woman is the target of an undercover investigation by a local reporter. He's to prove that her personal ad in the local paper is really an ad for high a priced escort service under the guise of "Personal Advisor".

Personal Touch starring Shauna Grant, Sharon Mitchell, Misty Dawn
Blake Palmer, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas Synopsis
: This feature adds a new dimension to Erotica by involving you, the viewer, in every intimate scene, as if you were right there. Shauna Grant and friends share their feelings and tell you what they want you to do with them ... VERY HOT!!!

Personal Touch 2 starring Shauna Grant, Honey Wilder, Cody Nicole
Joanna Storm, Stephanie Rage, Pamela Mann, Paul Thomas, Tom Byron
Ray Victory, Jesse Adams Synopsis
: Picking up where the original left off, we are treated to a new bunch of fantasies re-enacted for the cameras, with the stars talking directly to you.

Personal Touch 4 (aka This One's For You) starring Cheri Taylor
Trinity Loren, Kassi Nova, Jade East, April Sommers, Eric Price
Don Fernando, Ray Victory, Shane Hunter, Rocky DeLorenzo
Personal Touch adds a new dimension to erotica by involving you, the viewer, in every intimate scene, as if you were right there! Shauna Grant and friends share their feelings and tell you what they want you to do with them, you cannot get much hotter than this.

Personalities starring April Rayne, Devon Shire, Madison
Angela Summers, Tom Byron, Buck Adams, Biff Malibu, Blake West
A woman with multiple personalities, must come to grips with the
fact that each of her personalities has a different sexual fetish & drive.

Perversions of The Damned starring Harmony Grant
Amber Michaels,
Alexabdra Nice, Alexis Amore, Alysin Embers
Anna Moore, Olivia,
Rachek Moore, Anastasia Blue, Zarina
Dick Nasty, Billy Glide, Evan Stone,
Frank Thring, Herschel Savage Nark Wood, Rob Scott, Todd Alexander
Synopsis: A group of international high end escorts all attend a weekend party
at a private island where fetishes and fantasies are satisfied.

Perverted Stories 9 starring Brooke Ashley, Candy Apples
Johnni Black, Precious Silver, Dick Nasty, Dave Hardman, Devlin Weed Warren Scotts, Dave Dodge, Shawn Ricks
A Series of  vignettes tells the stories of these outrageous situations
where these lovely ladies take the biggest tools up their tailpipes.

Perverted Stories 15 starring Erika Bella, Candy Apples, Teri Starr
Candy Hill, Brian Surewood, Dave Hardman, Napolean, John West, Red
James Bonn, Steve Taylor, Johnny Thrust, Brandon Iron, Rick Masters
Synopsis: A series of vignettes that show just how perverted sex can get with
the RIGHT people

Phantasm starring Jenna Jameson, Asia Carrera, Anna Malle, Selena
Bridgette Monroe, Goldie Star, Paisley Hunter, John  Decker, T T Boy
Tom Byron, Steve Drake
Synopsis: The games people play...join Asia on an erotic journey to a nightclub
unlike any you've experienced. All 'guests' are captive until proving themselves
worthy of the perverted pleasures that await them. No one can escape Jenna's watchful eye as she oversees the proceedings with mouthwatering glee. It's time to open...your mind.

Phantom Lover starring Kristi Myst, Holly Body, Laura Palmer
Kimberly Cummings, Kimberly Jade, Kyle Stone, Jonathan Morgan
Beautiful Buffy (Kristi Myst) stars in this hot and mysterious feature.
Watch the horny happenings surrounding a mask of sexual secrets. The steamy
intrigue will really get you off!

Phantom X starring Aja, Shanna McCullough, Kim Acosta, Kristy Leigh
Nikki Knights, Francine Lowery, Pamela Rose, Rebecca Granger
Wendy Foster, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Rick Savage
Bret Singer Synopsis:
The classic tale, 'Phantom of The Opera' with a porn twist.

The Phoenix Series
The Phoenix starring Jamie Summers, Summer Knight, Kelly O'Dell
Jon Dough, Mickey Ray
A stunningly erotic story of tattoos and temptation, this white-hot video is a hardcore take-off of the Japanese feature "Irezumi." Jamie Summers and Jon Dough star as a married couple whose sex life had been getting increasingly tame. In an effort to spice things up, Jon suggests to Jamie that she get some tattoos done -- he knows she's into pain, and she readily agrees. But little does Jon suspect the raunchy way that the tattoo artist has of making his clients forget about their pain. He lets his amorous assistant take them on in steamy sexual encounters! Jamie gets her tattoo done (among other things), but Jon is less than thrilled when he finds out about her extra-marital romping. The whole thing escalates into a head-spinning series of sexual situations that are sure to get a rise out of any audience.

The Phoenix 2 (aka Phoenix Rising) starring Jamie Summers
Kelly O'Dell, Summer Knight, Amber Woods, Jon Dough, Nick East
Picking up where the original left off, we now find that Jamie is only
able to climax with people other than the jon, the man she loves. But is Jon willing
to accept this, or is he more willing to let Jamie help him to achieve the goal they
both want to reach?

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Phone Mates starring Alicia Monet, Megan Leigh, Renee Morgan
Shanna McCullough, Ona Z, Denise Connors, Joey Silvera
Randy Spears, Robert Bullock
It's a day of interviews for the new 'Debbie's Phone
Line', and since they are striving to be the #1 sex liine in America, the interviews are sure to be IN DEPTH!!

Phone Sex Fantasies starring Gloria Leonard, Karen Summer
Gina Carrera, Rachel Ashley, Sharon Kane, George Payne, Joey Silvera
Francois Papillon Synopsis:
For a good time there is only one number to call... Gloria Leonard's Phone Sex Fantasies! This hotline makes everyone's wildest fantasies come true. Magazine centerfolds come to life, a frustrated housewife finds relief in the form of her TV repairman, a virgin has his condition rectified, and more!

Phone Sex Girls Australia starring Misty Regan, Alice Springs
Kelly Blue, Deidre Holland, Sheila Kelly, Randy West, Jon Dough
Joey Silvera
Phone Sex Girls Inc, has decided to take their operation to Australia
and set up a branch office there. Getting the girls trained is the task at hand, but it's hard to get them to concentrate when they're all so damned horny down under... down under their panties, that is.

Photoflesh starring Ginger Lynn, Danica Rhae, Raven, Rose Marie
Susan Hart, Eric Edwards, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Jesse Adams
Photoflesh presents Eric Edwards as a flesh photographer with his foot in a cast. But a limp tripod doesn't stop him from heating up his flashbulb to bring you a rear window view of soft, silky skin and explicit, non-stop sex. With the hottest girls on film

Photoplay starring Vicca, Nikita, Stephanie Swift, Angelica Sin
Rayveness, Tyce Bune, Billy Glide, Steve Hatcher, Colt Steel
John Decker
A famous nature photographer brings way too much attention to he & his wife when he branches off to do a series of hardcore shoots for a famous
skin magazine. He seems to be fine with his new direction, but his wife clearly is not.

Photoplay starring Jenna Jamson, Anna Malle, Dallas, Ashlyn Gere
Felicia, Hank Armstrong, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders, Bobby Vitale
She's a fashionable photographer with a good career and a bad boyfriend. How bad? When he leaves, he takes all her money, and all her chromes, leaving her without a relationship and without a career. Fortunately, Jenna befriends
a local advertising executive - no not Darren - who tells her all about the huge client looking for a new "it" girl, guess what transpires: Jenna finds the girl, saves the career, and well, we won't tell you the ending

Physical starring Linda Shaw, Juliet Anderson, Bianca Perez, Angela Burroughs, Serena, Bonnie Holiday, Desiree West, Dorothy LeMay Samantha Fox, Lori Blue, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Don Fernando,
Jamie Gillis Jesse Adams, Mike Horner, Jon Martin, Mike Ranger
 Lee LeMay, John Seeman
When the owner of a struggling adult video company is on the verge of losing his business due to poor sales, he comes up with a plan to run a contest for the best amateur performance sent in to his company for $5000. Soon his office is flooded with tons of entries which he's going to sell as new talent through his company. When he claims a fictitious winner, an adult magazine wants to interview the winner and do a photo spread on the company. He quickly must come up with a new scheme to fleece everyone.

Physical Attraction starring Shanna McCullough, Pamela Mann
Bunny Bleu, Lisa Lake, Valerie Leveau, Paul Thomas, Blake Palmer
Greg Derek, Joe Elliott, Frank James, Dave Cannon
Shauna McCullough is
a prostitute,  who doesn't like her work, which is presented in a totally non-erotic manner: it's just a job. Her real passion is for running. She meets track coach, who eventually recruits her for his team and the Olympic trials.

Pickup Lines The Movie starring Jill Kelly, Leanna Foxxx, Missy
Stephanie Swift, Alex Dane, Nancy Vee, Tabitha, Nicole Lace, Nyrobi
Tatiana Tighera, Marine Cartier, Peter North, Alex Sanders
Vince Vouyer, Bam Bam, Frank Towers, Ed Powers, Gerry Pike
The movie that launched the successful series. Imagine if the worst and most ridiculous lines could still score you some serious babes and get you
laid. Imagine no longer as that is the premise for this entire series, with some
of the hottest babes in the world.

Pickup Lines 2 starring Lori Michaels, Jill Kelly, Alex Dane, Felicia
Nici Sterling, Kim Kitaine, Goldie Star, Demi Fairbanks, Nicole Jefferson
Taboo, Peter North, Sean Rider, Vince Vouyer, Wilde Oscar, Ed Powers
The first was so successful they had to make a second one and here it is.
This volume features Lori Michaels some of the hottest poontang at the time doing
what they do best. Sexing on screen.

Pickup Lines 3 starring Lori Michaels, Jill Kelly, Lana Sands, Casey
Marianne Catrier, Demi Fairbanks, Frankie Layne, Tracy Love
Peter North, Michael J Cox, Ed Powers, Steve Drake. Tony Martino
Sean Rider, Vince Vouyer
Volme 3 of this series jugs on with some of the sluttiest sexing yet,
highlighted by sweet & innocent Lori Michaels & Jill Kelly.

Pickup Lines 4 starring Lori Michaels, Alex Dane, Nici Sterling
Lana Sands, Tracy Love, Yasmine Pendavis, Marianne Cartier, Chelsea Blue
Eric Price, Ed Powers, Frank Towers, Justin Meyers, Peter North
Wilde Oscar, Sean Rider
Covergirl Lori Michaels makes her 3rd appearance in a row in this hot
series. She along with Alex Dane and others heat up the screen and many
zippers, with some down & dirty sexing.

Pickup Lines 6 starring Stacy Valentine, Selena, Alex Dane, Laura Palmer
Midori, Tatiana, Devin, Peter North, Frank Towers, Randy West
Scott Styles, Jeremy Steele, Wilde Oscar, Mitchell Grant
Volume 6 of this popuklar series features 2 scenes with superstar Stacy Valentine, along with hot work from Selena, Alex Dane & Laura Palmer

Pickup Lines 12 starring Toni James, Tabitha Stevens, Brooke Ashley
Lana Sands, Leanna Heart, Sandra, Mirisa De Sanchez, Xena, Alex Sanders
Jeremy Steel, Peter North, Oliver Sanchez, Steve Drake, Vince Vouyer
Instalment 12 has a few established porn starlets mixing up the action
along with those amateurs that the series always embodied.

Pickup Lines 13 starring Margo Stevens, Heaven Lee, Delphine
Maria De Sanchez, Michela James, Viviene Clash, Monica Baal
Frank Towers, Ian Stuart, Peter North, Oliver Sanchez, Sean Rider
Vince Vouyer, Todd Burnetti
Synopsis: The producers of Pick Up Lines have picked up some of the most
beautiful babes from around the world and assembled them in this award winning video.

Pickup Lines 15 starring Avalon, Nici Sterling, Raylene, Brittany Andrews
Margo Stevens, Holli Woods, Mocha, Coral Sanders, Steve Drake
Sean Rider, Wilde Oscar, Peter North, Alex Sanders, Julian
The 15th installment of thgis ever popular gonzo series ids full of facial & anal action in the Pickup Lines tradition.

Pickup Lines 17 starring Toni James, Brooke Ashley, Dee, Margo Stevens
Shanne, Crystal Knight, Maya Souls, Bridgette Belle, Alex Sanders
Colt Steel, Peter North, Steve Drake, Vince Vouyer
Installment 17 finds plenty of hot action including 2 scenes with
Toni James & action from Brooke Ashley & Margo stevens among others.

Pickup Lines 18 starring Avalon, Margo Stevens, Jessie James, Alexis
Monique, Taren Steele, Dee, Vince Vouyer, Steve Drake, Peter North
Frank Towers, Billy Glide, Alex Sanders
This time around these girls show what they're willing to do in front of
the cameras. Lez, Facial, Anal & even a squirt...it's all here.

Pickup Lines 19 starring Anita Blond, Alex Dane, Margo Stevens
Toni James, Ty, Sadie Sexton, Earl Slate, Mark Davis, Michael J Cox
Peter North,
Sean Rider, Christian Todd
Synopsis: Bodacious beauties Anita Blond and Jenny Fields look at love from both sides... of a double dildo, that is! The passionate pair play gynecologist with each other while checking out the new Pick Up Lines.

Pickup Lines 20 starring Toni James, Dru Berrymore, Angelica De La Sol
Tyler, Tia Precious, Leanni Lei, Colt Steel, Herschel Savage, Eric Price
Peter North, Steve Drake Earl Slate, Vince Vouyer
the series marches on with Dru Berrymore & Toni James taking the

Pickup Lines 21 starring Avalon, Toni James, Nici Sterling, Margo Stevens
Olivia Del Rio, Alice, Gina Gemstone, Leanni Lei, Colt Steel, Peter North
Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer, Wilde Oscar
Installmet 21 finds hot action from Avalon, Toni James & many other fine
beauties sexing for the cameras.

Pickup Lines 22 starring Anita Blond, Margo Stevens, Toni James
Leanni Lei, Silvia Saint, Diana Stevenson, Jessica Darlin, D C Starbuck
David Post, Hakan, Micheal J Cox, Peter North, Vince Vouyer, Sean Rider
Synopsis: How can these girls say no to big money, flashy cars, big hard cocks, and some amazing PICK UP LINES? They can't and best of all, we get to watch these
horny and aroused babes put their sexual talents to work

Pickup Lines 24 starring Avalon, Jill Kelly, Silvia Saint, Lelanni Lee
Angelica De La Sol, CJ, See, Colt Steel, Herschel Savage, Hakan
Mark Davis, Steve Drake, Mark Dark, D C Starbuck
Ed Powers favorite Avalon is again featured & this time Jill Kelly
is along for the ride with a bevy of other babes to deliver the Pickup Lines action.

Pickup Lines 25 starring Erika Bella, Leanni Lei, Nikki Anderson
Illana Moore, Emily Jewel, Mocha, Chipy Marlow, Billy Glide, Earl Slate
Steve Drake, Frank Towers, Randy West, Vince Vouyer
Synopsis: Elegant ladies, beautiful women and hardcore sex. These are the
trademarks of Pick Up Lines, where nasty sex and exquisite production values blend together an intoxicating cocktail of erotic adult entertainment.

Pickup Lines 26 starring Nici Sterling, Jill Kelly, Margo Stevens, Suzy Q
Leanni Lei, Sadie Sexton, Alicyn Chaynes, Alex Sanders, Eric Price
Christian Todd, Peter North, Vince Vouyer, Wilde Oscar
in the 26th chapter of the series, Jill Kelly & Nici Sterling take the
limelight along with hot sex that the series is known for

Pickup Lines 29 starring Inari Vachs, Shay Sweet, Anita Dark,
Jessica Jewel, Dalia, Blair Segal, Elly May, Alex Sanders, Jet Richards Mark Davis, Mr Marcus, Tony Martino, Michael Stefano
Centerstage this time around is Inari Vachs, Shay Sweet & Anita Dark.
Joined by many other hot ladies and guys.

Pickup Lines 31 starring Jill Kelly, Caroline Cage, Zora Banx
Eva Roberts,
Monica Cameron, Nikki Anderson, Cheyenne Sexton
Davis Perry,
Eric Price, John Walton, Tex, Mario, Jmaes Brossman
Synopsis: the 31st installment of the series features a great scene with Jill Kelly
& one of the first appearancess of Caroline Cage

Pickup Lines 38 starring April Flowers, Silvia Saint, Kelsey Heart
Dolly Gordon, Charmane Star, Katie June, Kasorn Swan, Sean Rider
Mark Davis, Jake Steed, Earl Slate, Chris Cannon
April Flowers headlines this volume of the hot series, along with other
slices of porn pie.

Pickup Lines 39 starring April Flowers, Harmony Grant, Venus
Kenya, Sylvia Saint, Charmane Star, Andrew Youngman, Jake Steed
John Walton, Rob Scott, Sean Rider, Lexington Steele, Marc Anthony
The 39th installment of this series finds wholesome beauty, April
Flowers, doing a nasty, interracial scene, and one of Harmony Grant's earliest
scenes, along with lots of down & dirty action from some other babes.

Pickup Lines 40 starring Avalon, Silvia Saint, Vivi Anne, Dee, Bonita Saint
Tylene Tan, Cricket, Andrew Youngman, Jake Steed, Mark Davis
Jack Napier, Steve Jagger, J J Michales
Installment 40 features hot work from Avalon & Silvia Saint, along with
other hot peices of porn poontang.

Pickup Lines 42 starring Cassidey, Jessica Drake, Martina Mercedes
Jackie, Eva Roberts, Carmen, Earl Slate, Andrew Youngman
Oliver Sanchez
Cassidey brings her hoy bod and full steam to this chapter of the
popular series, along with more hot babes neww to the industry.

Pickup Lines 44 starring Tera Patrick, Jeannie Rivers, Angelica
C G Summer, Christine, Mark Davis, Naco Vidal, Nick Lang
Jake Steed,
John Walton, Frank Major, Byron Long
Synopsis: Meet torid Tera Patrick, now the sexiest girl in the XXX biz! And
what an intro along with other sexy lasses shpowing off their skills

Picture Me Naked starring Kelly O'Dell, Deborah Wells, Melanie Moore
Chayenne, Steve Drake, Steve Vincent, Tony Martino
Shade of "The Potrait of Dorian Gray" with Kelly O'Dell as Dorian,
whose picture doesn't age, but loses clothes, as she becomes more sexually active in
her life.

Piggy's starring Brooke Fields, Annette Heinz, Laurie Smith, Athena Starr
Long Jean Silver, Paul Thomas, Jerry Butler, George Payne, Michael Knight
Imagine a bar that dispenses babes the way some saloons pass out cocktail napkins. That's Piggy's the wildest, wettest social club to ever please a customer. In fact, Piggy's put the cock into 'cocktail

Pimp starring Alex Taylor, T J Hart, Dasha, Delaney Daniels
Wendy Devine, Alec Metro, Bobby Vitale, Billy Glide, Cheyne Collins
Tony Tedeschi, Bo, Chris Cannon Synopsis:
The story of a manipulative pimp and the one girl who he just can`t control. Dasha does her first anal, TJ Hart takes on three guys, and beauty queen Alex Taylor shows the man who`s zoomin` who.

Pink starring Gwen Summers, Coral Sands, Caroline Pierce, Gina Ryder
India, Dee, Lola, Syren, Alexandra Night, Summer Day, Herschel Savage
Mark Davis, Frank Towers, Tyce Bune, James Bonn, Anthony Crane
Go b
ehind the curtains of a fashion show to explore the fantasies of the people who occupy this realm - the models, the designer, the photographers, the make-up artists and the flamboyant color commentator of this sexed-up fasion spectacular. Sneak a peek behind the scenes of the world of high fasion and discover strong connections to the world of erotica.

Pink Champagne starring Lisa De Leeuw, Maria Tortuga
Hillary Summers, Pat Manning, Tiffany Clark, Jennifer West
Connie Peterson, Tawny Pearl, Ron Jeremy, John Stagliano
William Margold Synopsis:
A behind the scenes story set in the decadent Hollywood of the 1930's, as producers use their power to bed every wannabe starlet in town.

Pink Clam starring Siobhan Hunter, Annette Heinz, Vanna Paymore
Bobby Spector, Michael Knight Synopsis:
Nancy and Paula own a house in Brooklyn. When the girls are visited by Nancy's cousin Antonia, the delicate balance of the household is thrown into a new and unsettling sexual fervor!

Pink Ladies starring Samantha Fox, Kandi Barbour, Vanessa Del Rio
Robin Byrd, Marlene Willoughby, Christine De Shaffer, Ron Jeremy,
R. Bolla, Jesse Adams, Ron Hudd Synopsis:
Pink is their favorite color! A superb cast highlights this story centering on four married couples spice up their suburban existence by indulging in their wildest sexual desires. From an encounter in a train station to a ladies' locker room fantasy, no stone is left unturned in 'The Pink Ladies'.

Pink Lady Detective Agency: Case of The Twisted Sister
starring Julia Ann, Sunset Thomas, Brittany O'Conell, Trinity Loren
Maggie May, Laurie Cameron, Aaron Colt, Marc Wallice, Zack Thomas
Gerry Pike Synopsis:
The Pink Lady Detective Agency has just gotten the
biggest case ever, and the case ends up in the hands of the most incompetent detective this side of a 'Police Academy' movie..In other words, the criminals
are safe

The Pink Lagoon starring Ginger Lynn, Raven, Lois Ayers,
Crystal Breeze, Stacey Donovan, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy, Ken Serling Synopsis:
The cast of 'Surrender in Paradise' is back in this sassy and scintillating sequel. Shot on some of Hawaii's most breathtaking beaches, 'The Pink Lagoon' brings viewers plenty of surf, sand and sensual sex. The gals from the original return to the secluded island, flush with the good news that shipwrecked convict Jerry
Butler has been pardoned. He's happy to hear it - but even happier to again be getting visitors on his lonely atoll. A series of zany plot twists and white-hot sexual encounters keep things at a full boil, as Jerry and the girls find themselves in all sorts of compromising positions. The Pink Lagoon is the perfect vacation destination for fast-paced fun and white-hot erotic action.

Pink Lips starring Sandy Pinney, Nancy Hoffman, Phaedra Grant
Kristine Heller, Joey Silvera, Blair Harris, Ken Scudder
Synopsis: a ring of blackmailers get in over their heads when they let their labidos get in the way of
doing their job.

Pink Package starring Wendy Devine, Shelbee Myne, Ryan Conner
Janet Jacme, Justrine Romee, Tara, Pat Myne, Tyce Bune, Steve Hatcher
Michael J Cox, Ian Daniels, Chris Cannon
It's the raging 70's. the times are wild and porn is hot. Keep your eyes on the box, you never know where it's going to end up. Follow the Pink Package as it finds its way from porn set to porn set. Where will it turn up next?

The Pink Panties starring Kimberly Carson, Lili Marlene
Nina Hartley, Shanna McCullough, Herschel Savage, Mike Horner Billy Dee, Don Fernando
The bumbling Inspector Cliteau is on the case and that guarantees this case will be closed...most likely by someone else of course. A vile villian, dressed in pink is threatening to destroy the world's sex drive and must be stopped.

Pipe Dreams starring Erica Boyer, Jessica Longe, Sahara, Helga Sven
Summer Rose, Cheri Janvier, Dan T Mann, Blake Palmer, Tim Knight
Don Watson Synopsis:
It's business as usual at this VERY busy & VERY different plumbing service, where cleaning pipes, is the #1 priority!!

Pipe Dreams starring Janine, Melissa Lauren, Austin Kincaid, Venus
Justine Joki, Sophia Sandobar, Manuel Ferrara, Steven St Croix, Jerry
Syopsis: Henry is a plumber who cleans up after the beautiful people. He's sweet, not-too-bright guy. When he persuades his talent agent brother to make a grade-z skin flick, he figures he'll get to meet a girl, even if it's all an act. But first he has to write a script. And that he does...and it turns out to be a blockbuster. With superstar Jenine attached! Paul Thomas presents a strange and poignant story about being careful what you wish for, and more importantly who. Because if you end up with a hit and a harlot, your life may never be the same. And you just may end up wishing you never took the plunge.

Pipeline satarring Holly Black, Elisabeth King, Viviene Clash, Sylvia
Sheila Stanton, Eva Henger, Alise Mell, Julia Larot, Judith Canape
Christoph Clark, Steve Vincent, Yves Bailat, Jean Yves La Castel
Synopsis: A pair of Arab businessmen are trying to get laid and when 2 pimps find out, they use thier phones to get their ladies to do the job
* In German w/ no subtitles

Pirates Series

Pirates starring Janine, Carmen Luvana, Jesse Jane, Devon, Teagan Presley
Jenavie Jolie, Austyn Moore, Evan Stone, Steven St Croix, Tommy Gunn
Scott Nails, Kris Slater
Hailed as one of the greeatest porn movies of all time, this film combines a great script & special effects never seen on the bue screen before, as a group of pirates seek to rule the world by finding a magical scepter and the widow that and the crew
of sailors she hires to stop them

Pirates 2 starring Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan, Riley Steele, Bella Donna
Abby Brooks, Gabriella Fox, Shyla Stylez, Stoya, Veronica Rayne
Jenna Haze, Brianna Love, Rhyllie Richards, Katsuni, Sasha Grey
Evan Stone, Steven St Croix, James Deen, Tommy Gunn, Mick Blue
The blockbuster sequal picks up where the original left off, as the pirates are in pursuit of the Captain and his crew to take what they belive is theirs by law of the sea.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Pizza Calzone starring Hayley Russel, Mandy Mystery, Manila May
Tina Russof, Tatjana Lenkova, Zenza Raggi, Reinhardt, Lee Valentine
Steve Vincent, Conny Dachs, Eric Weiss
Synopsis: A pizza delvery girl enters into a wild orld of fantasy and depravity on the job one afternoon
*In German w/ no subtitles

Pizza Girls starring Desiree Cousteau, Candida Royale, John Holmes,
Laurien Dominique, Christine De Shaffer, John Seeman, Paul Thomas
Richard Pacheco Synopsis:
John Holmes operates a pizza delivery service that
adds very special toppings provided by the delivery girls - Desiree, Cadida, Chris,
and Laurien. But Paul Thomas and the fried chicken people enlist the aid of the infamous  San Francisco Night Chicken to drive the pizza operation out of business. The sex scenes are exceptionally ludicrous in this very entertaining classic adult movie!

Pizza Slut starring Lili Xene, Amber Woods, Kiss, Gina Rome
Dave Hardman, Tony Todeschi, Nick East
A couple of guys that own a pizza shop have stumbled upon an idea to
increase business. Home Delivery pizza with a slice on the side

Pizza Sluts starring Jordan Lee, Kimberly Kummings, Nina Cherry, Taboo
Louis Sherry, Barbi Bond, Steve Hatcher, Brett Singer, Claudio, Gino Grand
Follow the goings on of a bunch of pizza boys (and one pizza girl) who
work at ‘Meatball Pizza’. Seemingly, with each pizza they deliver, they also deliver a load

A Place Beyond Shame starring Seka, Lysa Thatcher, Mai Lin
Bonnie Holiday, Diane Holt,
China Lee, Vei Knotty, Billy Dee, Blair Harris, Mike Horner, Jesse Adams, Paul Thomas, Jon Martin Synopsis: Seka plays a woman with hang-ups seeking the advice of therapist Paul Thomas. He puts people in touch with their thoughts -- their 'book of thoughts'.  His analysis makes Seka live out her problems

Plato's: The Movie starring Seka, Lisa De Leeuw, Maria Tortuga
Becky Savage,
Tawny Pearl, Tiffany Clark, William Margold, Mike Ranger, Randy West, RJ Reynolds, Ken Yontz  Synopsis: A pair of reporters decide to visit Plato's and write a fluff piece on the famous swinger's club, however, they stumble upon a series of grizzly murders laced with political corruption. Soon they must fight for their lives as word of the story gets out to the wrong people.

Play Me starring Deidre Holland, Champagne, Tianna, Jon Dough
Randy West
When a woman from europoe visits her old college roommate &
her husband, she ignites burning desires in the couple as well as their friends.

Play Me Again Vanessa starring Vanessa Del Rio, Taija Rae
Melissa Melendez, Lili Marlene, Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Jerry Butler
Dick Rambone, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
Venessa Del Rio, the all-time greatest porn temptress, takers on supernatural proportions as she steps out of Taija Rae's TV screen to teach her the ins and out of sex. Along the way, she seduces French waiters, acrobats, a midget and a massive stud. You'll love it.

Playback starring Sydnee Steele, Stephanie Swift, Nici Sterling, Liza Harper
Davia Ardell, Katie Gold, Charlie, Coral Sands, Randi Page, Teri Starr
Kyle Stone, Mark Davis, Michael J Cox, Marc Wallice, Brick Majors
Amy and Tony need money...Amy decides to help out with the rent by taking a mysterious job for a man who makes "art films." Tony's left to wonder where the money's coming from...and why Amy's lipstick is always smeared?

Playgirl starring Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Tiffany Clark, R. Bolla,
Merle Michaels, Candida Royale, Bobby  Astyr, George Payne
Legendary lust bunny Veronica Hart turns in one of her most memorable performances ever in this white-hot 1982 scorcher. Veronica plays the wanton wife of a super-rich magazine publisher, a woman who needs more erotic excitement than one man could ever provide. Luckily for her, Veronica's marriage to Ashley Moore is the epitome of 'open' -- she's free to dabble in debauchery with any man she desires. Veronica uses her man's money to support a string of would-be artists, novelists and musicians, eventually sending them on their way once she grows tired of them. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets struggling author Robert Bolla and finds herself actually falling for him. Veronica takes Robert under her wing, guiding him through a steamy coupling with Merle Michaels in order to teach him how to please a woman. Eventually, though, Veronica wants Robert all to herself. But how will she reconcile her newfound love with her swinging lifestyle?

Playin' Dirty starring Selena Steele, Rachel Ashley, Rene Morgan
Heather Torrence, Sasha Strange, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy
Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Sultry Selena Steele revs her engines in
the raucous sex-comedy about bikers who golf, millionaires who bike, and lovers who stray.

Playin' With Fire starring Sunny McKay, Flame, Alex Jordan, Cheri Lynn
Don Hart, Randy West, Cal Jammer Synopsis:
Curvaceous cutie Sunny McKay lights up the screen in her passionate portrayal of a playwright who'll do anything to get her play produced. Broadway bigwig Mike Horner gladly offers to produce the play -- but only if Sunny and her enticing agent Alex Jordan are willing to throw themselves in as part of the package! It may seem like a sordid set-up, but Sunny makes the most of it. She turns the casting couch scenario on its head, losing herself in the moment as she's driven to the heights of carnal ecstasy.

Playing With Fire starring Candy Cummings, Brooke West, Karen Summer
Cara Lott, Linda Shaw, Randy West, Tom Byron, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards
Catherine Marshall (Cynthia Taylor) marries super stud Danny Fields (Randy West). She has two young daughters, Virginia (BrookeWest) and nymphette April (Karen Summer). Danny has a teenage son who's still a virgin (Tom Byron). When the two families move in together...it's like playing with fire!"

Playmate 1 starring Ginger Lynn, Angel, Gayle Sterling, Yashi, Blair Harris
Nick Niter, Dan T Mann, Don fernando, Lee LeMay
Playmate magazine brings to life the pages of their successful publication,
for your home viewing pleaasure. A series of vignettes portray the explicit sex that thier readers have come to expect and have enjoyed for over 30 years. Each scene is a featurette unto itself.

Playpen starring Barbara Dare, Tamara Longley, Cassandra Leigh
Siobhan Hunter, Sheri St Clair, Leslie Winston, Robert Bullock, Jerry Butler
Michael Knight, Billy Dee, Frank Serrone Synopsis:
This women's penitentiary was a wonderful place, wher the women never wanted to leave. The warden let them
do as they please and there were parties every night. All that changed when the new warden took over, and the girls are determined to put it back the way it was!

Playthings starring Starr Wood, Lysa Thatcher, Sharon Kane, Leslie Laine
Sinona Wing, Herschel Savage, John Seeman, Michael Morrison
An alien from a world far far away brings to earth, his unique gifts & an ability to turn humans into lusting, insatiable, animals.

Please Mr. Postman starring Loni Sanders, Erica Boyer, Nicole Black
Chelsea Manchester, Holly McCall, Misty Regan, Anna Turner
Pheary I. Burd, Lynx Cannon, Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco, Don Hart Synopsis:
Making her rounds as the first postwoman in a small town, Loni delivers some mysterious plain brown wrapped packages. Needless to say, their often unusual contents prompts some sizzling action to warm up your screen. And then again, there's Loni. "Please Mr. Postman" delivers...and so does she.

Pleasure Channel starring Laurie Smith, Brooke Fields, Annette Heinz
Athena Starr, Long Jean Silver, Jerry Butler, George Payne, Michael Knight
Sure, you may have cable, but can you get a station that shows uncensored sex night and day? Of course not! That's why the Pleasure Channel offers you the finest foxes money can buy - and they're all user-friendly!

Pleasure Dome starring Maria Tortuga, Drea, Jennifer West, Lee Carroll
Ken Starbuck, William Margold Synopsis:
A thunderous crash of a lightning bolt thrown from the hand of a demon knight awakens a sensuous girl from a peaceful night's sleep and draws her into an erotic dream world. In this world Maria is forced to face the consequences of her past. It started with a short stop at a second-hand store where she purchased a mask with a strange power. Soon all those around her are affected by a force of lust which transforms their lives and draws them together. Through a series of dreams, Maria learns that in centuries past she was a sorceress. Her love was betrayed by the knight she served, whom she had cursed for all eternity. Now, centuries later, with the discovery of the mask of the Sorceress' power these events have reached their climax. Pleasure Dome is an erotic fantasy unlike anything else you have ever experienced. It will draw you into a world where fantasies are reality, where the past merges into the present and where no pleasure is left unknown!

The Pleasure Dome starring Tiffany Million, Heather Lee, Tammi Ann
Stephanie DuValle, Isis Nile, Steffi, Victoria Gold, Ashley Morrison
Alex Sanders, Dick Nasty, Gerry Pike, Ian Daniels, Ron Jeremy
Mike Horner, Steve Drake, Marc Wallice
A sexually stunning tale of a post-apocalyptic society of have &
have-nots where depraved pleasure seekers subject innocent female "criminals" to
sexual servitude

The Pleasure Hunt starring Ginger Lynn, Lili Marlene, Lynx Cannon
Candi, Eric Edwards, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee
John Seeman Synopsis:
Ginger plays a widow who comes across a map that's supposed to lead her to a cache of buried treasure. It's the only thing her late husband left her, so she sets out to follow the map to the hidden booty, but soon discovers that the map uses sex as clues to the treasure's location.

The Pleasure Hunt 2 starring Ginger Lynn, Mai Lin, Susan Hart,
Mike Horner Ashley Welles, Sasha Gabor, Tom Byron, Billy Dee,
Peter North, Buck Adams Synopsis:
After rejecting her husband for the devious test he subjected her to in the first Pleasure Hunt, Ginger gets a letter from his attorney. When she goes to see him, he tells her that her husband has keeled over because of the depression brought on by her rejection. The good news is that he's left her $1.5 million and another map.

Pleasure Island starring Kelly Nichols, Kimberly Carson, Tish Ambrose
Rene Summers, Chelsea Blake, Joey Silvera, Dick Howard Synopsis:
A sorority full of hot-to-trot young sirens wins an all-expense-paid trip to an island hideaway in this great-looking sexvid. The four feisty femmes jump at the chance to spend a weekend away from all their problems, but their prim and proper housemother Chelsea Blake insists on coming along. Of course, once they get to the island it's every gal for herself as they all set off in pursuit of vivacious vacation encounters. One by one, each of the girls wanders into Room 13 in their hotel, a mysterious realm in which all of their sexual fantasies come true.

Pleasure Masters starring Desiree West, Crystal Lil, Kikko, Justina Lynn
Joey Silvera, David Book Synopsis:
lex de Renzy, the man the New York Times called 'The Cecil B. DeMille of Porn' serves up two sizzling tales of unabashed sensuality in Pleasures Masters. First, take sexy look at how an oriental maid pleases her master, then travel back to turn-of-the-century San Francisco for a brothel experience you'll never forget!

Pleasure Palace starring Serena, Robin Byrd, Veri Knotty, Erica Havens
Lisa Heyman, Eric Edwrds, Bobby Astyr, Jamie Gillis, R Bolla, Joey Silvera
Jack Teague Synopsis:
Eric Edwards plays an ex-cop turned opportunist criminal. With the help of his friend played by R. Bolla. Edwards takes over a strugglig massage parlor intending to turn it into a money maker. An avalanche of money, prostitution and sex follows.... So does the mob

Pleasure Principle starring Rachel Ashley, Tracey Adams, Cara Lott
Kathleen Gentry, Dana Lynn, Rikki Lee, Frank James, Billy Dee,
Ron Jeremy, Jesse Eastern, Sasha Gabor, Tony Montana, Ray Victory
Ron Jeremy is our guide on a journey through the ages of sexual repression, shame and guilt. Come along as he helps dispel the age old belief that sex is bad. In fact, Ron will
show us that sex is good... very, very good. From trailers, to strangers in a dining room, to the newly rented hotel room of newlyweds, explore the PLEASURE PRINCIPLE.

Pleasure Seekers starring Ashlyn Gere, Rachel Ryan, Tamara Lee
Heather Lere, Kristina King, Eric Price, T T Boy, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice
It's the sensual story of young girls who have moved to the country but are unable to leave the bedroom. When their guests arrive for a weekend barbecue, the
coals are blazing and the meat's ready for the grill!

The Pleasure Seekers starring Tamara Longley, Kristara Barrington
Heather Wayne, Amanda Jane Adams, Herschel Savage, Dan T Mann
Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Heather Wayne and Herschel Savage are a randy suburban couple who have become curious about swinging. Before they know what's hit them, they're caught up in the partner-swapping mayhem! These folks not only seek pleasure, they find it -- in more ways than one!"

Pleasure So Deep starring Dominique St Clair, Doris Wessoly
Karen Hofman, Judy London, Guy Royer, Mario Pollak
Richard Lemieuvre
A Mafia Godfather running a counterfiet operation out of a funeral parlor has his entire life on the line when his adventurous daughter happens on to his business and a struggle for control ensues.

Pleasure Spot starring Gina Carrera, Patti Petite, Bunny Bleu
Kevin James,
Herschel Savage, Billy Dee
Pleasure Spot...everybody scores when they hit it! Pleasure Spot
is a story of a woman who never knew what she was not getting out of sex until
a wacky transplant operation gave her a whole new attitude! Do you have an organ to donate?

Pleasureland starring Lexus Locklear, Nikki Tyler, Laura Palmer
Celine Devoux, Bobby Vitale, Peter North, T T Boy, Steven St Croix
Synopsis: Blythe loves Becca and would follow her to the ends of the Earth -- or at least to PLEASURELAND a land where erotic dreams occur in the flesh. So when Becca deserts Blythe unexpectedly, that's the first place she looks: PLEASURELAND. It's a story about a place in your soul where love takes you
away, and lust takes you back. You are now entering the land of Pleasure. Your visa is your heart.

Pleasures of Inoocence starring Angel, Honey Wilder, Carol Cross
Sharon Kane, Tish Ambrose, Robin Everett, Tanya Lawson, John Leslie
Eric Edwards, George Payne, R. Bolla Synopsis:
Faced with losing their jobs to an exotic New York stripper, Cindy and Candy  leave Iowa for the Big Apple to seek their fortunes. In time, the small town go-go dancers are transformed into high-class strippers who proceed to take the town by storm

Plumb & Dumber starring J R Carrington, Sid Deuce, Dallas
Rachel Love, Whitney Wonders, Kimberly Kupps, Jonathan Morgan, Alex Sanders
When a guy gets tossed out of his home by his wife, for being too
boring, he crashes at the home of his old college roommate, a real ladies man.
The roommate teaches him all he knows about women and then sets him loose
on the world.

Point of Entry starring Kelly Trump, Julie Rage, Sahara Sands, Sid Deuce
Stephanie DuValle, Shawne, T T Boy, Dick Nasty, Mike Horner
Vince Vouyer, Dave Hardman Synopsis:
In the cloak and dagger world of international espionage there are no rules. Especially when it comes to tracking down
a fugitive. Sexy secret agent Kelly Trump finds out the hard way as she travels all the way from Germany to help the F.B.I. Get their man. She'll do anything to catch the villain

Pointers starring Madison, Cameo, Sharon Kane, Michelle Monroe
Cal Jammer, Rick Savage, Don Fernando Synopsis:
Curvaceous cutie Madison brings her majestic twin wonders to this torrid tale of drug dealing and the CIA. Don't expect another 'Traffic' here, though. This one is sheer porn pleasure from start to finish

Poison starring Celeste, Dyanna Lauren, Kylie Ireland, Sally Layd
Woody Long, Mike Horner, Marc Wallice, Brad Armstrong
Woody Long is a man on the verge of death!!! He's been secretly poisoned, and his last hope is detective Bill Marlowe. Who poisoned him? Was it foxy Celeste? Slinky Dyanna Lauren? Unknown Sally Layd? Or awesome new blonde Kylie Ireland? Do you care, as long as they're all nude at some point!!!

Poltergash starring Alexis Firestone, Carol Cross, Marc Roberts
This 1987 feature brings audiences lots of lascivious lust as it tells its story of spectral events and wild sexual adventures. the story centers around an evil spirit, a " Poltergash" that inhabits a house and turns it's inhabitants into sexual animals.

Pony Girls starring Candida Royale, Anne Beatty, Carole Tong
Joey Silvera, Mike Thornton Synopsis:
Candida Royale saddles up...
Candida Royale is the only well-known performer in this blue movie oddity. Even though this film has a disjointed travelogue feel - the sex filmed showcases all the earmarks of authentic classic erotica - especially featuring this early footage of the nubile Ms. Royale at the ranch.

The Poonies starring Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Bionca
Heather Wayne, Ami Rodgers, Peter North, Herschel Savage, Kevin James
Marc Wallice Synopsis:
A group of gorgeous gals live together in an off-beat abode called the Poondocks in this wacky 1985 send-up of the mainstream cult classic "The Goonies." It seems that the Poondocks are owned by Kevin James, but he's disappeared without paying off the mortgage! Now the gals are on the verge of being booted if they can't track him down and convince him to pay his debts.

Porn in The Pen starring Celeste, Nikki Sinn, Felicia, Kassi Nova
Melanie Moore, Tara Monroe, Wednesday
A woman's prison where the convicts are in jail for the slighteset
offenses, is also known for the wildest lez sex.

Porn on The Fourth of July starring Brittany, Kimbrly Kane, Charli
Tracey Adams, Rachel Ryan, Randy West, Blake Pqlmer, Peter North
Eric Price,
Marc Wallice
Synopsis: Everyone in town is searching for the perfect OB/GYN, but he's
nowhere in sight.....but why?

Porn Star's Day Off starring Angela Baron, Trinity Loren, Tanya Foxx Fallon, Valentina, Kristy Leigh, Frankie Leigh, Cherry Hill, Jerry Butler
Tom Byron, Buck Adams,
Randy Spears Synopsis:
What do the awesomely erotic starlets of porn do on their day off? Whatever and whoever they want, if this action-packed video is to be believed. It seems that they just can't get enough steamy sex to satisfy them while on the set, so they have to plan some exotic, erotic encounters of their own on the days they're not heating up the soundstage.

Porno Screentests starring Jennifer West, Laurien Dominique, Nicole Black
Ron Jeremy, Billy Dee, Jon Martin Synopsis:
Sissy Pirjo-Leena co-hosts this 1982 sexvid with John Hollyfield, introducing a series of alleged screen tests featuring wannabe porn stars and starlets. The format allows for a series of short encounters featuring relatively unknown hardcore performers in surprisingly effective encounters. A nice chance to catch some usually unseen starlets makes this one well worth recommending.

Pornogothic starring Serenity, Shanna McCullough, Rebecca Lord, Missy
Sydnee Steele, Asia Carrera, Stephanie Swift, Azlea, Katie Gold, Mickey G
Alex Sanders, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Brad Armstrong, Ian Daniels
 When a detective stumbles onto a series of murders wher the victims are drained of their blood, he finds there is a group of vampires that control the nights of the underground sex world in LA, but no one believes him.

Pornomatic 2001 starring Alexandra Quinn, Kylie Ireland, T J Hart
Alexa Rae, April Flowers, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Jason McCain
Anthony Crane, Lee Stone Synopsis:
Have no fear, Pornomatic 2001 is here,
This little contraption has the power when plugged into an electrical outlet, to transport you into your favorite prono film, all the while, as it freshens your breath, make your underware sparkling white, Finds your car keys & cleans your toilet bowl!!

Portrait starring Jodi Maxwell, Jamie Gillis, David Christopher
A woman in therapy for her utter nymphomania tries as hard as she can to kick the addiction to sex, but her results are lacking and she cannot gain control. We are treated to watching her many escapades and her willingness to do it all for her lovers.

Portrait of a Nymph starring Tami White, Nina Hartley
Megan Leigh, Denise Connors, Jon Martin, Randy Spears
Richard Pacheco
The ins and outs of a married couple serve as the backdrop to bawdiness in this stirring opus. A marriage where the passion has disappeared, and  infidelity has taken root, but can the marriage be saved? Does it even matter?

Portraits in Blue starring April Flowers, Taylor St Clair
Lori Michaels, Ryan Conner, Alec Metro, Michael J Cox
Eric Masterson, Dale DaBone
A man looks back on the loves of his life, and the abstractions that haunt him. He sees his ex in triple-x, and can't shake the images that flood his mind. Is it an epiphany...or a brush with insanity? You decide...

Positions Wanted starring Cameo, Heather Hunter, Alicyn Sterling
Jennifer Stewart, Rikki Lee, Cal Jammer, Jake Steed, Tony Montana
Here's a sexvid scenario we haven't seen in what -- two hours or so? Once again we're treated to a sexy young starlet who plays with herself as she tells us about the sexual exploits of her 'friends,' which we then get to see. This time, though, the thread-bare story manages to work due to the extremely sexy women who star.

Possession starring Raven, Viper, Chaz Vincent, Gidgette, T T Boy
Blake West, Todd Alexander
A "Secret Admirer" letter makes the rounds, and wrongfully wreaks havoc on the romances of those it touches.

Possessions starring Anita Blond, Vicca, Nikita, Taylor St Claire
Dahlia Gray
Synopsis: An all girl feture from Andrew Blake focusing on our heroine and
her many erotic, saphic trysts.

Potere starring Zara Whites, Sunny McKay, Jeanna Fine
Misty McCaine,
Charlene Roben, Magdalena Meyer
Rally Van Kamp, Sean Michaels,
Yves Baillat
Synopsis: In drive out across the beautiful country innocent women find
hemselves in perversions and torrid revenges. Caught in a sexual web of
twisted desire these women are ridiculed and subjected offer themselves
without reserve to the most incredible passions!
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Power Blonde starring Lynn LeMay, Nina Hartley, Renee Morgan
Sharon Kane, Ona Z, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Randy West
Lynn LeMay is a devious office bitch hell-bent on earning money and prestige the old fashioned way – screwing for it. She also screws everyone over,
along the way.

The Power of Nicole starring Nicole Black, Lili Marlene, Billy Dee
Jon Martrin, Mike Horner, KenScudder Synopsis: Nicole dominates her men with the mysterious and tantalizing strength of a powerful woman. She controls and manipulates her lovers, who willingly obey her! Nicole has the power to make a man beg and plead. When she lets you have her, you get all that you need!!

. Powerbone ( aka Souperman ) starring Susan McBain, Gloria Leonard
Crystal Sync, Jennifer Jordan, Marc Stevens, Eric Edwards, Jack Teague
Marc Stevens stars as the swarthy superhero, Souperman, dedicating himself to solving the city's sexual problems. His arch-enemy is Luther, a villain who hates sex and wants it to stop. But whenever he tries a stunt, Souperman appears and gets everyone in a happy, horny mood again! Meanwhile, a local skin mag is planning to publish nude photos of the Caped Crusader! What would Lois think?

Prescription for Passion starring Gina Valentino, Kristara Barrington
Heather Thomas, Summer Rose, Sasha Gabor, Greg Rome, Nick Niter
Dr. Long is the sex therapist's sex therapist. What he doesn't know about sex is not practiced in this dimension. His prescription for all the young women who come to him with their problems is Passion Therapy. The casebooks of Dr. Long are steamy treasure troves of fleshy pleasures

Prescription for Pleasure starring Debi Diamond, Jeannie Pepper
P J Sparxx, Sahara Sands, Steve Drake, E Z Ryder,Tom Byron,Steve Hatcher
John Decker Synopsis:
This refreshingly different video boasts interesting sets and
a neat twist on the “sexually troubled psychologist's patient” scenario. When Debi Diamond's the holder of the Ph.D., you can just imagine what her favorite cure-all is!
A definite winning prescription.

Pretending starring Leena, Vixxxen, Christina Angel
Sarah Jane Hamilton, Nick East, Colt Steel, Steven St Croix
Tony Tedeschi, Mark Davis
A couple take thier sexual relationship to new hieights when they
allow their inaginations to run wild

Pretty Anal Ladies 4 starring Dru Berrymore, Lil Cinderella, Aurora
Donna Warner, 
Anasis, Steve Hatcher, Dave Hardman
Synopsis: Pretty hot babes showing the camera their specail anal skills

Pretty as You Feel (aka Dr Ginger) starring Ginger Lynn, Raven
Pamela Jennings, Bunny Bleu, Lynn Ray, Debbie Northrup, Blake Palmer
Greg Derek, Jerry Butler, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Greg Rome
How would you like your doctor to order you to have sex as often as possible and with as many different beautiful women as you can? For one guy,  that's just the cure for his years of impotence. His divorce left him limp, but his sexy
therapist manages to straighten him out with some sizzling sexual adventures in her
most unusual clinic

Pretty in Peach starring Christy Canyon, Summer Knight, Tianna Taylor
Randy West, Nick Rage Synopsis:
When an intellectual genius begins to lose her
sex drive, her friends do all they can to help her get it back.

Pretty Peaches Series

Pretty Peaches starring Desiree Cousteau, Juliet Anderson, Sharon Kane
Nancy Hoffman, Holly McCall, Liza Dwyer, Mimi Morgan, Eileen Wells
Phaedra Grant, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Ken Scudder
Desiree is Peaches, a daffy carefree female who cheerfully plunges through life without any worries. After attending her father's wedding, she has an accident in her jeep that leaves her unconscious. Two guys find her immediately take advantage of their good luck. It turns out that Peaches has amnesia, so the fellows offer to help her. The plot revolves around all the silly circumstances and schemes they come up with, and her resolve to keep on smiling through it all. Alex DeRenzy regards Pretty Peaches as his best all around film. Includes a high quality upgrade of the infamous enema scene!

Pretty Peaches 2 starring Siobhan Hunter, Tracey Adams, Ashley Welles
Melissa Melendez, Janet Littledove, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Buck Adams, F.M. Bradley, Billy Dee, Jamie Gillis Synopsis:
This classic sex film from 1988 is without a doubt one of the most erotic features ever made. It continues the story of the classic “Pretty Peaches,” but this time out Siobhan Hunter takes the title role as the sexually curious young lady. Siobhan is up to the challenge and turns in one of the best performances of her carnal career, bringing an innocent charm (and an awesomely tight body) to the part. The story revolves around her attempts to please her boyfriend (Peter North), but she’s so sexually naive that she doesn’t even know where to begin! Her father sends her to San Francisco to learn about sex from her worldly-wise uncle (Ron Jeremy), and that’s where the fun really starts. Soon, Siobhan’s parents are coming up to San Fran to rescue her, which leads to further erotic complications.

Pretty Peaches 3 starring Keisha, Tami Monroe, Lynn LeMay
Tracey Adams, Victoria Paris, Rachel Ryan, Tianna, Jamie Gillis
Jack Baker, Jon Martin, Randy West, Mike Horner, Marc Wallice
Meet Peaches. She's left home on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. What she finds on her journey isn't exactly spiritual, but it's definitely enlightening. The best yet from the award-winning creator of Pretty Peaches 1 and 2.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 3 DVDs for Just  $34.95
(A Savings of $12.90)

Priceless starring Jenna Jameson, Misty Rain, Holly Body
Roxanne Hall, Sophia Ferrari, Krista Maze, Jonathan Morgan
Steven St Croix, Peter North, Tony Tedeschi
Jenna`s facing murder one, but has the gnawing feeling that this has
all happened before. Can she refute the charges and still lead an intriguing
sex life?

Primary Pleasure starring Tanya Foxx, Alexa Parks, Carlos Valentino
Eric Dylan, Rocky DeLorenzo Synopsis:
This is a story about 80's politicians. These local members of the city council have sex lives that are more demanding then public office

Princess Charming (aka Erection Central) starring Sheena Horne
Nina Hartley, Nikki Charm, Summer Rose, Tamara Longley, Candie Evans
Lois Ayers, Christy Canyon, Angel Kelly, Sharon Mitchell, Buck Adams
Buddy Love, Dino Alexander, Jesse Eastern, John Holmes, Marc Wallice
Richard Pacheco, Scott Irish, Shone Taylor
Welcome to Erection Central, a sexy TV show where anything can
happen – and usually does!

Princess of The Night starring Lauren Hall, Viper, Madison
Heather Lere, Jamie Gillis, Tom Byron, Tony Montana, Blake West
Joel Lawerence
The leader of the vampiress' has taken ill becuase she has taken a non-virgin's life essence into her. Now the search is on to find her a suitable virgin that will reverse the effects of the illness she is falling to.

Princess Seka starring Seka, Veronica Hart, Serena, Christie Ford
Eric Edwards,
Bobby Astyr, David Ruby, Jack Silver Synopsis: When a young woman finds herself alone in NYC, she looks up on old boyfirend, and strikes out to find a job. However, the only thing is qualified to do is the world's oldest profession. She of course does wso behind her boyfriend's back, only now she finds herself falling in love with him again.

Principles of Lust starring Wendy Devine, Sydnee Steele, Renee LaRue
Anita Cannibal, Lisa Belle, Allysin Chanes, Megyn Riley, Tylene Tan
Charmane Starr, Eric Price, Evan Stone, Herschel Savage, Randy Spears
Alec Metro, Eric Masterson
Synopsis:  A  dark, perverse vision of a techno-sexual world gone mad...an underground seething with vice, every kind, color and flavor imaginable. Enter an overzealous reporter hot on the heels of the mysterious master of this strange world Donovan. As the decadent Donovan introduces Sydnee to his bizarre world of sin, she begins to fall under Donovan's spell...and becomes a willing victim in his feast of flesh.

Prisoner of Love starring Kaylan Nicole, Kim Kitaine, Rachel Love
Kimberly Kyle, Jonathan Morgan, Kyle Stone, Steven St Croix, T T Boy
Synopsis: When someone tries to quit the porn business, the government picks
them up and sends them to a concentration camp where they are re-educated, and forced to return to the world they tried to leave behind.

Prisoner of Paradise starring Seka, John Homes, Mai Lin, Jade Wong
Holmes portrays a shipwrecked World War II sailor who comes to the rescue of two American nurses held in the clutches of a twisted Nazi and his three female assistants. Breathtaking location scenery and lush cinematography makes this an ideal choice for couples and the crossover audiences in today’s increasingly sophisticated video market.

Prisoners of Lust starring K C Williams, Devon Shire, Sabrina Dawn
Lauren Brice, Marilyn Rose, Sunny McKay, Lori Landry
Synopsis: Sexual frenzy runs high in this women's prison where there are no
men to ease the tension.

Pristine Series
Pristine 1 starring Sindee Coxx, Madelyn Knight, Alicia Rio, Roxanne Hall
April Adams, Jay Ashley, Jonathan Morgan, Kyle Stone
Fast cars and faster women have always been a problem for men.
They'll kill you if you don't watch out. Pristine's uncle owns the fast cars. What does Pristine own? Everything, if you don't watch out!

Pristine 2 starring Sindee Coxx, Sid Deuce, Melissa Hill, Rebecca Lord
Christi Lake, April Adams, Tony Tedeschi, Nick East, Bobby Vitale
After her uncle's murder, Pristine has inherited his renowned exotic car lot, and trouble you wouldn't believe! The cops have made her the number one suspect, and Pristine is in jail getting a grilling that could put her on death row. Still, she can't escape the sexual fantasies brought on by each and every car on her lot. Guilty? Innocent? Prisoner? Free? She couldn't care less, because they can't take away her fantasies, those thrills that kill!

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann starring Barbara Baron
Georgina Splevin, Darby Lloyd Rains, Lola LaGarce, Jamie Gillis
Marc Stevens, David Savage, Sonny Landham, Eric Edwards Synopsis:
A rich housewife is followed by a private detective, hired by her husband, who films her every encounter. What the detective and her afternoon liaisons do not know is that she and her husband view these films each evening with great pleasure, as part of their sexual foreplay.

Private & Confidential starring Cameo, Paula Price, Tracey Adams
Lauren Brice, Nikki Wilde, Cal Jammer, Eric Price, Sebastian
Rival fashion designers use deception and espionage to outdo one
another as the big fashion expo approaches.

Private Dancer starring Ivy Crystal, Gabriella Boda, Baby Doll,  Melinda K, Caroline, Andrea
Tiffany Segal,  Mike Foster, Atlas, Nick Lang Riny Rey,
Jean Yves Le Castel, John Walton
Zenza Raggi, Zaltan Kabai, Reinhardt, George Z

Synopsis: A woman is mugged and bopped on the head and she drifts into a dream world where she becomes a high priced escort

Private Moments starring Honey Wilder, Janey Robbins, Laura Lazare
Herschel Savage, Jon Martin, Eric Edwards, Billy Dee, Blair Harris
Tom Byron Synopsis:
When fantasy... and reality come together. Three horny lawyers and their wives, all who have sex drives more active than Mt. St. Helens, meet regularly for dinner. As the men toss idle legal bander at each other, the wives slip into vivid and very erotic fantasies. Never before has such potent and uninhibited sexual fantasies been combined with charming characters, witty dialogue, elegant photography, and incredibly sensual young ladies for a tour de force of sensational and very erotic entertainment.

Private School Girls starring Shauna Grant, Sharon Kane
Tish Ambrose, Tara Aire, Athena Star, Ashly Moore, Michael Knight Synopsis:
Imagine...five sensational school girls willing to do anything to get what they want, and hear. What they want most is to see the New York concert of their favorite rock 'n' roll group. Johnny and the Waylays. In order to raise the funds, you'll see them raise the roof in one of the wildest, x-rated fantasies ever!

Private Stories 2 (aka Lighthouse Girl) starring Anita Blond, Anna Malle, Melissa Hill, Eva Falk
Debbie Carr, Jacqueline Wild, Diana Reed, Harris,
Andrea Szabo, Alberto Rey, Damien Michaels
Hakim Frank Gunn, Jon Dough,
Mike Foster, Jonathan Morgan, Nick Lang
Synopsis: In this second issue you are in store for 7 more cum-drenched stories featuring some of Private's hottest babes. The gorgeous Anita Blond and Anna Malle have bodies made for sin! Look out for the horny Lighthouse Girl, Miss Archipelago - she loves a bit of anal! And check out Andrea in the Bush and much, much more!

Private Stories 4 starring Holly Black, Viviene Clash, Mariana Kiss, Timeo Kiss, Monika Bella, Ivy Crystal
Magella, Nicolette, Alberto Rey,
Hakkim, Mike Foster, Jack Slater, Reinhardt, Zenza Raggi, Nick Lang
Synopsis: The 4th installment of this famous magazine format series, is filled with hot babes & hot stories
* In Italian w/ no subtitles & no closing credits

Private Stories 5 (aka Oh What a Party) starring Ivy Crystal, Nicolette
Andy Priscilla, Karis, Jeannie Bukes, Nikky, Kerry Dickenson, Olga Lovi
Valentina, Isabella Larouche, Kristina Klevits, Andrew Youngman, Jan Hedin
Kris Newz, Phillipe Soine, Riny Rey, Zenza Raggi
Synopsis: Ivy Crystal is the featured strumpet in this collection of fiery vignettes

Private Stories 6 (aka Fiddlers on The Roof) starring Nikita, Vicca, Anita Dark, Andy Priscilla
Beata, Monika Jestel, Nicolette, Amalia,
Judith Canape, Sophie Call, Valentino, Hakan, Mike Foster
Riny Rey Zenza Raggi, Alberto Rey
Volume 6 of the popular series is a series of vignettes chocked full of steaming sex  and hotter couplings

Private Stories 7 (aka Up & Down) starring Jenny Fields, Ivy Crystal
Anna Maria, Valentina Velasquez, Cataline Bullock, Andrea Kalemenova
Alberyto Rey, Andrew Youngman, John Walton, Mike Foster, Nick Lang
Riny Rey, Paul Kreese
Synopsis: Chapter 7 follows the same insatiable formula of hot vignettes

Private Stories 8 (aka Sex on The Rocks) starring Ivy Crystal, Sid Deuce, Davia Ardell, Jacqueline Wild,
Ezter, Diana Kisabony, Amber Christina Valenti,
Alberto Rey, Andrew Youngman, Jay Ashley, Nick Lang, Paul Kreese
Synopsis: Episode 8 of the firey vignette series follows the erotic formula in one of the hottest chapters ever

Private Stories 10 (aka Timber Orgy) starring Maria Bellucci
Dina Pearl, Andrea Tiffany Segal, Caroline, Cataline Bullock
Hannahn Turlington,
Kristina Schwarz, Nikky, Orsolya Blonde, Tunde
John Walton, Riny Rey,
Nick Lang, Mike Foster, Jean Yves Le Castel Francesco Malcom, Frank Versace
Synopsis: Chapter 10 of this series keeps hugging along with the successful
formula of great sex and hot babes
* In Titalian w/ no subtitles

Private Stories 11 (aka The Truck) starring Ivy Crystal, Rayveness
Chloe, Tricia Deveraux, Julia Spain, Olga Lovi, Cindy Kay, Caroline
Andrew Youngman, Reinhardt, Ian Daniels, Jonathan Morgan, Nick Lang
Mike Foster, Red Bone, Richard Langin, Riny Rey, Steve Drake
Synopsis: Ivy crystal is spotlighted in the 11th installment of thios highly
popular vignette series

Private Stories 14 starring Rayveness, Tricia Deveraux, Holly Black
Jessica Road, Michela, Monika Bella, Danica Iovine, Judith Zsedol
Steve Hatcher, Jack Slater, Reinhardt, Nick Lang, Zenza Raggi
Synopsis: Chapter 14 continues the tradition of vignettes that blister the screen
* In Italian w/ no subtitles & no closing credits

Private Teacher starring Honey Wilder, Kay Parker, Joanna Storm
Laurie Smith, Janey Robbins, Tom Byron, Eric Edwards, Paul Thomas
Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Jimmy is a horny high school guy who spends all of his time spying on his kinky neighbors with a telescope. Worried, his aunt hires a sexy private teacher to help bring him out of his shell. After a few private lessons, Jimmy gets a firm grip on his own sexuality. And so do the girls next door!

Private Thoughts starring Alex Dane, Mila, Spice, Kimberly Jade
Brian Surewood, Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, Stev Hatcher, Sean Rider
Synopsis: A man runs into his favorite porn star in a bar , and after getting
an autograph she tells him the story of what made her want to be a porn star.

Private Video Magazine 9 starring Helen Duval, Vanessa Chase
Sally Layd, Kai Nobel, Kitty Yung, Gilly Sampson, Joey Verduci, Tim Lake
Sean Michaels, Mike Foster, Zenza Raggi, Frank Gun, David Perry
A series of vignettes featuring hot starlets & hot sex done in a
video magazine format.

Private XXX 6 starring Harmony Grant, Alyssa Love, Dru Berrymore
Isabella LaRouche, Michaela Soavi, Fernanda Diaz, Karina, Jay Ashley
Brian Surewood, James Brossman, Rob Scott, Zenza Raggi, Steve Holmes
A series of vignettes featuring scorching backddor scenes from some
of the hottest Euro babes in the business along with a scenes from the USA's own
Harmony Grant

Prized Possession starring Marlene Willoughby, Samantha Fox
Bobby Astyr, David Ruby, Roger Caine Synopsis:
A series of highly sexual events unfold in this gritty tale told through the eyes of a man who recollects his most intimate thoughts.

Pro Ball starring Patricia Kennedy, Flame, Tiara West, Vahalla
Buck Adams, Jon Dough, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
The wildest games are always played off the field, and when an eager beaver female reporter is granted a VERY sexclusive interview with the star quarterback of the Pitbulls, she gets more than she bargained for! Lockerroom lust and full body tackles score high points in this game of inches as all the passionate players score a touchdown in oral overtime!

Pro Ball Cheerleaders starring Candida Royale, Jennifer West
Sue Nero, Lisa De Leeuw, Ron Jeremy, Turk Lyon, Johnny Keyes
This classic 1979 romp stars some of the shapeliest sirens of the
decade in a blistering look at one football team's spectacularly sexy cheerleading unit. Jennifer West plays the mouthwatering coach of a team called the Cactus, a woman who has the peculiar idea that having sex during the season can give players cancer. As such, she has banned orgasms for all members of the team throughout the season. Johnny Keyes plays a gambler who has put up some huge stakes against the team, and he's determined to find some lusty ladies to seduce their new quarterback (Turk Lyon). Thus the stage is set for a raucous romp through the world of pro football, complete with sensual shower scenes and lascivious locker room boffs. Candida Royale turns in one of her finest performances here, throwing her curvalicious frame into a pair of classic trysts. She takes on Jennifer West in an extremely arousing lesbian dust-up, and engages Keyes in a blistering, high energy interracial bangtango that doesn't let up until both are utterly spent. Fans of buxom ravishers will flip for
this one, filled with the zaftig natural charms of Candida, Lisa DeLeeuw and Sue Nero. A no-holds-barred sexfest from kickoff to the final whistle, this one is a must-see for any fans of 70s-style erotica.

Provocazioni (aka Provocations) starting Maria Bellucci, Lolita Angel
Jennifer Morante, Sophie Evans, Asia D'Argento, Alberto Rey, Bruno SX
Mick Blue, Toni Ribas
Synopsis: A mother & her daughter both fall for the new male border who has
taken up residence in the house.
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Programmed For Pleasure starring Marilyn Jess, Catherine Marsile
Nadine Roussial, Laura Clair, Frederic Carton, Richard Lemieuvre
A womanizing sci-fi author finds it hard to get exactly what he wants from a woman. He then decides to build the perfect woman for himself. After he brings her to life
, In a Frankenstien tradition, she becomes his on demand sexual servent, then she gets a mind of her own....

Project Ginger starring Ginger Lynn, Heather Wayne, Bionca, Kari Foxx
Jennifer Noxt, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Rick Savage, Troy Tannier
It started in science & ended in biology. A group of science students decide to experiment on thier frigid, virginal friend to see if they could make her into a
nympho. They may have succeeded a little too much.

Prom Girls starring Aja, Megan Leigh, Shanna McCullough, Eva Allen
Dana Lynn, Renee Morgan,  Lisa Bright, Tom Byron, Peter North
Joey Silvera, Blake Palmer Synopsis:
It's that time again: Prom night at the Cumberland School for Girls. Principal Shanna McCullough has her hands full trying to keep everything running smoothly -- and trying to keep her sexy students from engaging in any salacious shenanigans. Shot in 1988 by legendary director Alex De Renzy, 'Prom Girls' is a fast-paced romp that delivers plenty of lusty laughs and lots of scrumptious sirens doing what they do best.

Promises & Lies starring Houston, Alexandra Silk, Jill Kelly, Tiffany, Mila
Michelle, John Decker, Dave Hardman, Colt Steel, John West
A woman is hesitant to go back to her college reunion for fear of picking
where she left off with her ex.

The Proposal starring Dyanna Lauren, Bunny Bleu, Rebecca Wild
Lynden Johnson, Brad Armstrong, Steve Drake, T T Boy
A millionaire, with all his money and power, can get anything and everything he wants -- except when it comes to Dyanna Lauren. Dyanna has everything a man could ask for: a beautiful body, breathtaking breasts, blonde hair -- as well as creditors knocking down her door and a sexual appetite reserved only for her husband! When the millionaire sets his sights on Dyanna -- and her eyes are locked on an overdrawn bank account -- will she accept the proposal of a lifetime or will she end up in Chapter 11?

Psycho Sexuals Series
The Psycho Sexuals starring Nikita, Missy, Ruby, Chloe, Sid Deuce
Leanna Heart, Vince Vouyer, Mickey G, Sean Rider, Michael J Coxx
Guy DiSilva, Tommy Gunn, Jeremy Steele, Paul Coxxx
A governmental doctor uses a virtual headset to tap into the mind of a
smuggler but instead traps him in a world of where his darkest desires are explored,
and she isn't sure she can bring him back.

Psycho Sexuals 2 starring Inari Vachs, Chandler, Shayla LaVeaux, India
Alexandra Nice, Shelbee Myne, Solveig, Jake Steed, Rod Fontana, Pat Myne
A nymphomaniacal vouyer finds he is sinking into a psychological
abyss he has no way of dealing with.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Psychoanal Therapy starring Vixxxen, Nikki Sinn,Eva Flowers,Debra Flex
Shelby Stevens, Christina West, F M Bradley, Steve Hatcher, Ian Daniels
Sean Rider Synopsis:
What is a man supposed to do when he has a woman in his
life that has a major problem wih anal sex? Get the women into psychoanal therapy of course. This doctor and his nursing staff can help even the most jaded woman
overcome her fears and apprehension about backdoor boffing

Public Affairs starring Annette Haven, Annette Heinz, Kelly Nichols
Chelsea Blake, Cassandra Leigh, Paul Thomas, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
An investigative reporter looks into the goings on behind the scenes of a well-liked Senator running for re-election. There seems to be more than meets the eye as deals are made and sexual favors are part of the norm.

Public Affairs starring Raylene, Chloe, Lauren Montgomery
Racquel Devine, Tony Tedeschi, Kyle Stone, Bobby Vitale

Synopsis: Kyle is a politician with a zipper problem and he's not good at keeping it hidden. So when his nasty wife Raylene threatens to take it public, he sets up a gigilo scam to catch her in the act. Unfortunately, he gets caught with his pants down once
again in a drama as current as today's news, but a lot more fun to

Public Places Series
Public Places starring Ariana, Barbara Doll, Crystal Wilder, Sandi Beach
Brittany O'Connell, Amber Woods, Joey Silvera, T T Boy, Mike Horner
Marc Wallice, Steve Drake Synopsis:
Director Stuart Canterbury takes it to the streets, into the alley, on rooftops, and just about any place you can get it on... it's sex
in public! We dare you to take a peek.

Public Places 2 starring Tera Heart, Barbara Doll, Brittany O'Connell
Crystal Wilder, Rebecca Wild, Christina West, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera
Marc Wallice, T T Boy
A series of vignettes, all themed around people doing the nasty in the
most public of places.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Pulp starring Laura Angel, Nikki Anderson, Linda Kiss, Nicole Taylor
Luana Borgia, Natali, Sonja Smith, Emma Johnson, Jay Lassiter
Bruno Sx,
Roberto Malone, Frank Major, Steve Holmes, Zenza Raggi
Synopsis: The wealthy have a way of making sex  a reasult of blackmail
opportunism & deceit, byu using the power of money
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Pulp Friction starring J R Carrington, Tina Tyler, Crystal Wilder
Shelby Stevens, Dallas D'Amour, Jonathan Morgan, Vince Vouyer
Alex Sanders, Blade Baran, Frank Towers
: When a female crimelord is owed a couple of million from some another crimelord, she & her gang kidnap his girlfriend to force him to pay up.
But for some reason, he hasn't coughed up the money after weeks of holding her hostage.

The Pump starring Raven, Cameo, Rayne, Gidgette, Bridgette Monroe
Peter North, Rocco Sifferdi, Cal Jammer Synopsis:
Have your love muscle ready. She's Raven, and she's the hottest chick on the mat. With Cameo, Bridgette Monroe, Rayne and Gidget, she takes you through the deepest deep knee bends and the wettest splits you've ever seen. The Pump, if you've got the bar, they'll get their chin over it.

Pump it Up starring Erica Boyer, Sharon Kane, Buck Adams
Randy West, Lisa Williams, Austin Moore, Tom Chapman.
Synopsis: An aerobics class is the backdrop for this confusing tale of missing girlfriends and spandex. The flick is full of tasty strumpets writhing around in the preferred workout clothes of the day -- form-fitting tights, leg warmers and silly headbands. The story itself focuses on a downtrodden guy whose girlfriend has mysteriously vanished. He sets out to find her by retracing her steps. This inevitably leads him to her favorite gym, where not all is as it seems. In other words, the folks who work out here tend to spend their time engaged in highly sexual pursuits rather than your typical jazzercise.

Pumping Ethel starring Aja, Natasha Skyler, Lynn LeMay,
Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, David Sanders
Somewhere on the lonely highways of our land stands the last full-service station in the country, Clyde's. It's not only a station that still has Ethyl gasoline, there are others who can say that Clyde's has something really special- Ethel. With Ethel at the other end of a hose there is bound to be some serious pumping going on.

Pumping Flesh starring Erica Boyer, Nina Hartley, Danielle, Paul Thomas,
John Leslie, Francois Papillion.
Synopsis: Erica Boyer plays an ex-porn star who inherits a posh body building club in San Francisco. To her pleasant surprise a veritable round-robin of erotic aerobics takes place behind the club's closed doors. Erica soon realizes the secret to the club's success -- sex and plenty of it! Whether it's breathtaking babes taking on swarthy studs on top of her rowing machines, or enticing employees giving new members a little extra bang for their buck, there's never a shortage of sensual shenanigans at this sassy spa. And when Erica finally confronts smooth-talking club director John Leslie, the sparks are sure to fly! Fast-paced fun from the 80s, filled with great action, gorgeous gals and lots of laughs!

Punk Rock (aka Teenage Runaways) starring Crystal Sync
Clea Carson, Jean Sanders, Anna Livia Plurabella, Joanne Shallow
Paula Morton, Joy Peters, Wade Nichols, Eric Edwards, Roger Caine
Bobby Astyr, Tony Richards Synopsis:
A hard-boiled private eye finds himself being drawn into a wanton world of rock n' roll groupies, white slavery and delirious debauchery in this wild scorcher

Puppy Love starring Cameo, Alicyn Sterling, Leanna Foxxx
Mona Lisa, Ron Jeremy, Steve Drake
After a woman catches her fiancee cheating on her, she confides in
her cute little dog then makes a wish that the dog was human. The next day, her wish is granted, but she has a hrad time keeping the secret.

Pure Dynamite (aka Clark 18) starring Nikita, Erika Bella
Lana Jalta,
Maria Santa, Sylvie Szanto, Christoph Clark, Mike Daniels, David Perry
Synopsis: A man picks up his ultimate dream girl only to discover what they
have together is more than he can handle
*In German w/ no subtitles

Purely Physical starring Laura Lazare, Juliet Anderson, Chelsea Manchester, Pheary I. Burd, Jade Wong
Kitty Shayne, Nicole Black, Michael Morrison, Joey Silvera
Kathy Harrington (Laura Lazare) is a junior at Bristol State University. Kathy is also beautiful and pursuing a L.A.S. degree in Journalism. She applies for and gets a job as a night clerk in a motel so she can get extra money and also gather material for her writing. Through Kathy’s wandering eyes, the audience can explore the physical pleasures of those who pass through the motel doors. At times even Kathy is tempted to succumb to a moment of heated passion, but her strict Ohio upbringing will not allow her to respond. And so the stage is set for "Purely Physical", a film that captures people overpowered by the feeling of a sudden wanting, an out-of-the-way motel and the press of time that makes loves so intense.

Purely Sexual starring Raven, Jamie Leigh, Carolyn Monroe, Courtney
Tom Byron, Buck Adams, Randy West
A pimp works to keep everything between him & his stable as
strictly business, but one of his girls has other plans for the two of them.

Purple Haze starring Alicyn Sterling, Kimberly Kane, Alexandra Quinn
Sabrina Dawn, Nikki Knights, Lauren Brice, Buck Adams, Marc Wallice
Don Fernando, Tony Montana, Alex Horn
Thanks for calling Purple Haze, LA's most exclusive escort service. We guarantee to give you this biggest boner of your life.

Puss n Boots starring Kelly Nichols, Tish Ambrose, Joanna Storm,
Tara Aire, Jade East, Sharon Kane, Michael Knight, Ronn Hudd,
George Payne Synopsis:
Kelly Nichols is Priscilla 'Puss' Mason the hottest heroine ever to step fatigues. She's wild, irreverent and horny – a natural for the United States Army. Once enlisted, Puss does her best to get out. The military life is just not for her.

Pussy Beat 2 starring Erika Bella, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Illania Moore
Taylor King, Dave Hardman, Brandon Iron, Rick Masters
Synopsis: These women meet the strangest men in thier own backyards, but
there's nothing strange about what happens next.
*In English w/ Italian narration

A Pussy Called Wanda 2 starring Deidre Holland, Kiss, Chrissy Ann
Cody O'Connor, Jon Dough, Rocco Siffredi, Kris News, Tom Byron
In this classic sequal, Wanda's little black book has fallen into the
wrong hands and the many government officials in the book, are doing everything
they can to keep their little secrets.

Pussy Patrol starring Shay Sweet, Alyssa Allure, Jessica Darlin
Teri Starr, Candy Hill, Billy Glide, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Brandon Iron
A female brigade that sets about to dispell men's views on slutty
women & golddiggers, by giving men sex for free.

. Pussycat Galore starring Brooke Fields, Cassandra Leigh
Honey Wilder, Danielle, Rene Summers, Annette Heinz, Carol Cross Chelsea Blake, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Bobby Astyr, Jerry Butler George Payne
Pussycat Galore is an erotic escort service for the unmistakably rich and famous. Follow the story as our escort ladies put their 'best foot forward' and so much more for their classy clients! These girls are on call for you, so why not give in to cat snatch fever

Pussycat Ranch starring Arcadia Lake, Samantha Fox, Heather Young
Daisey Mae, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, R Bolla, Roger Caine
Don Peterson Synopsis:
 A rough & tumble old west cathouse sets the scene for a down-n-dirty sexual experience. That's right, an entire house of voluptuous vixens eager to please their Cowboys in every imaginable way. And when the star pussycat of them all, Sweet Polly, gets a hold of Billy The Kid, well, you'll just have to watch it to find out

Pussyman 4 starring P J Sparxx, Deborah Wells, Debi Diamond, Keisha
Alicia Rio, Dyanna Lauren, Chayse Manhattan, Lili Xene, Julia Ann
Summer Knight, Vixxxen, Celeste, Joey Silvera, Jon Dough, Sean Michaels Steve Drake, Nick East, Stephen St Croix
The producers continue their famous search for the ultimate labia,
slit, clit, cunt.....pussy, man!

Pussyman 5 starring Leena, Rebecca Bardoux, Alicia Rio, Lynn LeMay
Kaitlyn Ashley, Isis Nile, Misty Rain, Nikki Sinn, Joey Silvera, Nick East
Steve Drake, Tony Martino, Lacy Rose
 In this installment, follow the interaction along with our executives. Join Leena and her super-hot friends perform for you trying to outdo one another for the chance of a lifetime. Gorgeous women. Beautiful locations and the hottest action we've shot yet! Grab a seat and get ready to beat because it's about pussy, man!

Pussyman 6 starring Leena, Rebecca Bardoux, Alicia Rio, Isis Nile
Jeannie Pepper, Kaitlyn Ashley, Krysti Lynn, Barbara Doll
Summer Knight, Steve Drake, Alex Sanders, Nick East, Gerry Pike Synopsis:
Spontaneous, reality based sexuality that really smolders. It's a
house full of luscious ladies, as the Pussyman saga continues.

Pussyman 11 starring Lili Xene, Rebecca Bardoux, Debi Diamond, Leena Bionca, Rebecca Lord, Keisha, Nina Hartley, Nick East
Jon Dough, Steven St Croix, Alex Sanders, Steve Drake
Tight, lean bodies are the drawing card in this scorcher from David Christopher. If you like your porn starlets to have thin, well-honed bodies this is the video for you -- most every one of these gals sports a leggy and ravishingly hard figure.

Pussyman Auditions 23 starring Farrah, Emily Hill, Mesha Lynn
Bobby Vitale, Dave Hardman, Tony Martino, Davis Christopher
Synopsis: Three more tawdry temptresses take turns churning and burning in this latest erotic endeavor from David "Pussyman" Christopher, in installment
23 of this popular series

Pussywoman 3 starring Cameo, Porsche Lynn, Laura Palmer, Serenity
Rebecca Lord, Misty Rain, Roxanne Hall, Vanessa Chase, Tom Byron
Mike Horner, Jon Dough, Vince Vouyer, Randy West, Cyd Morrison
In the 3rd installment of this wild series, our heroine is at it again,
looking for the perfect piece of poontang to plaster across the screen

Put it in Gere starring Ashlyn Gere, Mercedez Lynn, Gail Force
Stephanie Page, Brigitte Aime, Randy West, T T Boy Synopsis:
When a young man can’t afford an exotic vacation, he goes to a memory implant store to buy the memories of a day on the porno set. When he gets home, he confuses reality with the fake memories and confesses to his wife that he’s really a famous sex star. The only problem is that he doesn’t have any proof. Featuring Gere's 1st Anal Scene!!

Put Your Ass on The Line starring Harmony Grant, Crystal Dawn
Kendra Jade, Camile, Annie Andersin, Kelly Steele, Brian Surewood
Dave Hardman, Rob Scott
A man has put every penny he has into producing a porno, but he
needs his wife to convince her friends to appear in it, and do it all anal, or he's
going to lose everything.

Puttin' Out starring K C Williams, Rachel Ryan, Gail Force, Teri Diver
Shawnee Cates, Peter North, T T Boy
When notorious womanizer, T.T. Boy, realizes he is losing his tantilizing wife, K.C. Williams, he seeks help from sexual spiritualist, Rachel Ryan. This fiery psychic puts him under a hot, passionate spell, like none you've ever seen before

Putting Her Ass on The Line starring Carolyn Monroe, K C Williams
Angela Summers, Kym Wilde, Brandy Alexandre, Joey Silvera
Steve Drake,
Randy West
Brandy Alexander stars in this scintillating sexvid from 1991,
playing a woman whose marriage is falling apart despite her best erotic efforts.

Putting It All Behind starring Cameo, Mercedez Lynn, April Rayne
Avalon, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Tom Chapman
Putting It All Behind: Amy lies to Boo...Boo lies to Chris...Chris lies to Doris...and so it goes. Desperate lovers in search of heightened thrills through kinky off-beat sex. The only way to start fresh is by. Putting It All Behind!
* In English w/ Greek Subtitles

More Titles Coming Soon