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Object of Desire starring Juliet Anderson, Mai Lin, Robin Everett
Monique DePrez, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy, Mike Horner
A young woman stranded in Paris, takes a job at a bordello in an
attempt to make enough cash to get home, finds herself thrust into a world of sexual satisfaction & fantasies where she becomes enticed to stay and face fulfillment.

Obsexxed starring Kiss, Melanie Moore, Nicole London, Marissa Malibu
Jonathan Morgan, T T Boy, Tony Martino
If you cheat, don't get caught and Karma is a bitch! That was Harry's
motto until fate played him a dirty trick. While fondling the buxom beauties Harry's heart takes one too many orgasmic jolts. Now he's bedridden and plagued with visions of his mistresses running their sultry lips over each others' taut bodies. To make matters
worse, Harry's wife, Juliet, lives out her fantasies with hard-bodied studs. Harry is now compelled to watch as everyone around him becomes...OBSEXXED

The Oddest Couple starring Siobhan Hunter, Danielle, Barbara Dare
Tasha Voux, Paula Meadows, Paul Thomas, Robert Bullock, Joey Silvera
David Morris
A straight laced bookworm moves in with her friend, a slutty thrill seeker, and immediately their differences begin to clash, but soon they begin to fade as they
both start seeing eye to eye. And they help each other along on the journey.

Of Time & Passion starring Inari Vachs, Tera Patrick, Lola, Kelsey Heart
Misty Mendez, Nina Kornikova, Dave hardmon, Joel Lawrence, Kyle Stone
Mark Davis, Todd Alexander
Synopsis: Once Long Ago, the male half of a vaudeville dance duo gave his girl a bracelet because they would love each other forever... But that was just a fairytale. Follow this token of enduring love through the decades, from the depression to the
war to the seventies and finally the turn of the millennium. Five historically themed scenes of wild, passionate sex between lovers before they fall out of love. There Was Romance... If you could travel back in time, would sex be more romantic, or would romance produce better sex?

Odyssey starring Vanessa Del Rio, C.J. Lang, Susan McBain
Samantha Fox, Crystal Sync, Gloria Leonard, Sharon Mitchell, Nancy Dare
R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, David Morris, Bobby Astyr, Wade Nichols Synopsis:
This classic films is crammed full of steaming non-stop sex, peering deeply into the private sex lives of professional adult stars as you've never seen them before

Oh What a Night starring Selena Steele, Nina Hartley, Cheri Taylor
Jacqueline, Wayne Summers, Sean Michaels, Joey Silvera, Eric Price
Randy Spears,
Jon Dough Synopsis:
When a handsome drifter drops into an isolated roadside cafe, the owner's pretty wife serves him more than just a slice of pie... But when some escaped convicts show up on the scene, the action goes from romantic to downright arresting!

The Oh Zone starring Sunset Thomas, Jessica James, Micki Lynn
Sweety Pie, Kristy Waay, Jon Dough, Peter North, T T Boy
A scientist has an experiment go totally awry and ends up sending a test subject back in time. He and his colleague must use their findings to rescue the subject and set everything back into place.

Older Women Younger Men 3 starring Patty Plenty, Barbara Hess
Carol Jones, Greta Carlson, Jenny Joyce, Guy DiSilva, Nick Quick
John D Player, Rick Masters Synopsis:
These woman show that with age,
cums seasoning! Watch these woman show these young studs a thing or two!

Oltre I Confini Del Sesso starring Moana Pozzi, Erika Bella
Virna Anderson, Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark, Richard Langin
Synopsis: Kind of a medieval version of 'Bewitched' whwre a count marries a
woman with magical powers who uses them to satify her husband's every sexual
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Olympic Fever starring Seka, Serena, Laurie Smith, Candida Royale
Lisa De Leeuw, Hillary Summers, Connie Peterson, Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy, William Margold Synopsis:
Kristin is a struggling swimmer hoping to make the U.S. Olympic Swim Team. She has a protein deficiency which prevents her from attaining her dream of winning gold medals. Kristin sees a doctor (D. Rose) who prescribes a dosage of protein in the form of sperm, Kristin's swimming times improve rapidly!

On Golden Blonde starring Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn, Janey Robbins
Gina Carrera, Chanel Lindsay, Jamie Gillis, Peter North, Tom Byron
Marc Wallice, Peter Moss, Dino Alexander
When a woman';s guardian angel screws up and allows her to pass before her time, he  assures that he will, in due time, find a likely subject for her departed soul to possess as her own. In the meantime, to keep her from flagging, he arranges temporary lodging with in a succession of soon-to-be-doomed young ladies

On Her Back starring Dyanna Lauren, Anna Malle, Nikki Randall
Jenna Jameson, Jonatham Morgan, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Colt Steel
The unofficially true story of how the Sistine Chapel ceiling got painted it
was the sister of Michael Angello. Here's the story of how she talked the Pope out of
letting her brother do it and let her do it instead...after the pope did her of course. Mamma Mia!!

On Trial Series
On Trial 1 starring Savannah, Christy Canyon, Britt Morgan, Jon Dough
T T Boy, Scott Irish, Peter North Synopsis:
Savannah is a pornstar that has been slapped by the Feds with an obesenity charge. What follows in an expose of the legal sytem in the USA, and the double stansdards by which the "law" is applied. Loosely based on the events of the Harry Reems trial of the early 70s and The Stacey Donovan incident of the late 80s

On Trial 2 starring Savannah, Christy Canyon, Jeanna Fine, Jon Dough
Scott Irish, Micky Ray, Nick East Synopsis:
As the trial continues, Savannah becomes more indignant to a biased court where all the cards are stacked against her. Even with the help of her friends, it looks like the starlet must take a more active role in her defense. In doing so however, she becomes the target of the judge's wrath.

On Trial 3 starring Savannah, PJ Sparxx, Racquel Darrian, Kym Wilde
Randy Spears, Scott Irish, Woody Long Synopsis:
There were 12 men, but
they weren't angry. They were squiming in their seats! And they had tampering on
their minds! Tampering with the hottest chick they'd ever witnessed!

On Trial 4 starring Savannah, Racquel Darrian, Sharon Kane, Kym Wilde
Peter North, Randy Spears, Sean Michaels Synopsis:
On the final day of deliberations, the jury is faced with answering the question, 'What is obscene?'. It's
not an easy question as the jurors can't help but putting themselves into the situations they are basing the evidence on. Fantasies run wild in this strong social commentary
on censorship.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 4 Chapters for Just 42.95
(A Savings of 20.85)

On White Satin starring Seka, Lysa Thatcher, Starr Wood, Lisa De Leeuw
Lynx Cannon, Holly Page, Coral Cie, Billy Dee, Blair Harris, Jon Martin
Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas Synopsis: As a white satin sheet makes it's rounds from owner to owner, a magical power follows making it's pocessor rather amorous.

Once Upon a Madonna starring Erica Boyer, Little Oral Annie
Patti Petite, John Leslie, Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron
Francois Papillon  Synopsis:
Classic porn spoofing of 'Desperately Seeking Susan', where Susan stumbles across a large stash of diamonds and starts to have some fun with the personal ads. But bored housewife Rochelle, starts to answer the ads placed for Susan, and all sex breaks loose.

The One & Only starring Flame, Leanna Foxxx, Trixie Tyler
Stacy Nichols, Brittany O'Connell, Nikki Shane, Pearl, Tony Martino
Synopsis: A male prostitute, posing as a handy man is making the rounds in
an upscale L A neighborhood, and is delivering such service, every woman needs
some work done....on their houses of course.

The One & Only starring Vanessa Del Rio, Tiffany Storm, Leslie Bovee
Tammy D, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Louis The Midget
A wife has trouble getting any action from her hubby after he becomes
obsessed with watching Vanessa Del Rio movies with all of his spare time

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Breast starring Lynn LeMay, Tamara Lee
Carol Cummings, Mandi Wine, Buck Adams, Ray Victory, Steve Cagliano
After being released from a mental institution, stunning sex kitten Tamara Lee reveals the secrets of her erotic past through the pages of her decadent diary. The audience sees her past passions in delirious detail as she flashes back to the events that made her the sex-hungry vixen she is today

One For The Gusher starring Kerri Downs, Valeria, Jordan Lee, Umma
Blake Palmer, Rick O'Shea, Dave Hardman Synopsis:
A woman relates the story of her now reclusive roommate to her boyfriend with every kinky detail, especially how she is a squirter. Determined to experience this the boyfriend plots to bring the reclusive roommate out of her shell, and bring her back to her wild, wanton ways.

One For The Road starring Sharon Swallow, Nikki Knights, Alex Storm
Dee Jay, Tabetha Foxx, Buck Adams, Billy Dee, Dick Ranger, Sasha Gabor
Don Fernando, Tom Fox Synopsis:
An apartment, overtop of a bar, has become
a stopover for bikers and truckers, that are horny, and in need of a quick stop on
the road.

One Good Minute starring Cheyenne Silver, April Flowers, Wendy Devine
Bionca Jordan, Brittney Skye, Mickey G, Eric Masterson, Anton Michael
Synopsis: A young hooker who makes it big but loses the only guy who truly loves

One Last Fling starring Bree Anthony, Donna Geiger, Veronica Adams
Linda Vale, Jamie Gillis, John Brighton Synopsis:
A young Olympian is diagnosed with a rare heart disease & given only 6 months to live. So he sets out to cram a lifefull of wild times into the time he has remaining.

One Last Kiss (aka Object of Desire) starring Zara Whites
K C Williams, Taylor Wayne, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
A sex therapist becomes sexually frustrated listening to her clients problems, and decides to remedy thier situtaions first hand, by fulfilling their fantasies with extraordinairy detail.

One Million Years DD starring Paula Price, Alicyn Sterling
Dominique Simone, Carolyn Monroe, Peter North, Eric Price, Cole Stevens
The t
ale of an archeologist who finds a gorgeous woman encased in ice
from the dawn of man, who just happens to have gigantic DD's & an insatiable
thirst for sex. But when she yearns to return to her homeland, she must use her
abilities to get back to her time.

One Night in Bangkok starring Mai Lin, Melissa Melendez
Kristara Barrington, Tish Ambrose, Tesse Ferre, Mariko, John Leslie
Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera, Kevin James Synopsis:
All hands on deck and shiver your timbers to a honky-tonk beat! Four salty seamen and their deep-diving skipper (John Leslie) go on a shore-whore leave that they won't soon forget! As soon as this one-day liberty starts, these boys are out of their submarine and onto the street lickity split!
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate falls into the  "Good" quality range. There is some slight graininess it the picture.

One Night in The Valley starring Nici Sterling, Ruby, Saki St Jermaine
Papillon, Mercedes, Morgan Fairlane, Dick Nasty, John Decker, Guy DiSilva
Wilde Oscar, Sean Michaels
In Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is known for earthquakes, fires and landslides! No problem. What you really have to watch out for is the sex crazed Valley girls!
- See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=64491&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
In Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is known for earthquakes, fires and landslides! No problem. What you really have to watch out for is the sex crazed Valley girls!
- See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=64491&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
In Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is known for earthquakes, fires and landslides! No problem. What you really have to watch out for is the sex crazed Valley girls!
- See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=64491&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
In Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is known for earthquakes, fires and landslides! No problem. What you really have to watch out for is the sex crazed Valley girls! - See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=64491&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
In Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is known for earthquakes, fires and landslides! No problem. What you really have to watch out for is the sex crazed Valley girls! - See more at: http://www.gamelink.com/display_product.jhtml?id=64491&ref=iafd&mall=st&src=gl#bottom
In Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is known for earthquakes, fires and landslides! No problem. What you really have to watch out for is the sex crazed Valley girls!

One Night Stand starring Danielle Rodgers, Cheri Taylor, Alice Springs
Lynn LeMay, Peter North, Tom Byron, Randy Spears
A man, fed up with his lifestyle of quick women & one night stands, meets
& falls in love with a woman that can change all of that. Problem is, she's engaged to
his brother.

One of a Kind starring Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Bonnie Holiday
Desiree West, Sharon Thorpe, Linda Wong, Mimi Morgan, Melba Bruce
Laura Bourbon, Joey Silvera, Turk Lyon, Paul Thoams, Jonathon Younger
Dale Meador Synopsis:
A magical accordian, that when played, casts a spell of
sexual wanting to all those that hear it's melody, and must be statisfied right away. The
instrument passes from hand to hand.

One Page of Love starring Jennifer West, Gena Lee, Nancy Hoffman
Robert Bullock, William Margold Synopsis:
Two beautiful sisters share a dark secret in their past. Manon, deeply disturbed and childlike, lives a reclusive life at home while her sister Suzanne provides for all her needs, including male sexual companionship.

One Way at a Time starring Mimi Morgan, Sue Nero, Aubrey Nichols
Laurien Dominique, Sharon Kane, Lisa K Loring, John Holmes, Jack Wright
Jesse Adams, Don Fernando Synopsis:
Classic take of the hit TV show 'One Day
at a Time', only the mother is just as perverted as the daughters. Especially when the
rent is due.

One Wife to Give starring Hyapatia Lee, Keisha, Megan Leigh
Nina Hartley, Britt Morgan, Tori Welles, Randy West, Billy Dee, Jon Dough
Tom Byron, Robert Bullock, Jesse Eastern
Set in a typical American housing development, the feature takes the
viewer from house to house as we follow the fun and games going on inside, with the story centering around awoman's frustration with her married lover

The Only Game in Town starring Jeanna Fine, Angela Summers, Bionca
Britt Morgan, Aja, Tianna, Madison, Carolyn Monroe, Joey Silvera
Peter North, Ron Jeremy,
Randy West, Mike Horner Synopsis:
Football and sex- those all American past times-- meet head-to-head in the uproariously erotic send up, Only Game In Town. Can the badly injured All-Pro quarterback B.D. Cooper ever score again, either on the field or in the sack? can the oversexed "Surfin' Angels" cheerleaders rouse him to recovery? And his teammates as well? You'll find the answer
to these and other important questions in ten relentlessly scorching scenes that will definitely split your uprights. And you don't even need season tickets.

Ooze starring Tina Tyler, Jeanna Fine, Sharon Kane, Chloe, Nina Hartley
Shayla LaVeaux, Chennin Blanc, Renee Larue, Lauren Montgomery, Lola
Wendy Devine, Ava Vincent, Alexis Amore, Angelica DiCarlo, Daisy Chain
Nikki Fairchild Synopsis:
The warden of a women's prison, keeps order in her
prison by allowing lez loving in exchange for work, favors & info. In this prison she
has her hands quite full.

Open House starring Aja, Jade East, Tamara Lee, Sasha Strange
Scott Irish, Peter Elite, Dan Carter
Aja plays a delectable young
realtor who'll do anything and everything to make the deal in this passion-fueled frolic. She'll get down and dirty with her prospective clients, helping them test out the
bedroom before they buy.

Open Nightly starring Julia Perin, Marilyn Jess, Cathy Stewart
Frederique, Christine Lodes, Sophie Duflot, Mandarine, Richard Lemieuvre Cyril Val, Claude Montal, Tommy Taylor Synopsis:
A victorian mansion is actually the home of one of Europes best bordellos, and the women here each have
a specialty that caters to the wealthy & horny.

Open Wide starring Jenteal, Felicia, Julie Rage, Ruby, Johnni Black
Kyle Stone, Mark Davis, Jon Dough, Frank Towers
Synopsis: An inept dentist botches his way through just about every procedure. All
that saves him from lawsuits & jail is his professional trio of dental assistants, as
they are experts at patient care...in all ways

Opening Night starring Danielle Rodgers, Cameo, Sunny McKay
Holly Ryder, Feline Fabre, Dan Fernando, Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy
Randy Spears
It's the opening night gala for the next big Broadway sensation - Sex On Stage. And you are invited to watch Ron Jeremy, Cameo and more get ready for their most extreme of close ups. Whether it's prepping up in the bedroom, office, or backstage, all of these entertainers are ready to get fucked

The Opening of Misty Beethoven starring Constance Money, Terri Hall, Nancy Dare, Crystal Sync, Gloria Leonard, Jenny Baxter, Marlene Willoughby Jamie Gillis Synopsis: If there is one adult motion picture that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest, it is this Henry Paris' 1976 classic. Like 'My Fair Lady' with a sexual twist, the film features Constance Money, as a sleazy, slutty Paris streetwalker named Misty Beethoven. Misty's life does an about face when she meets Dr. Seymour Love (Jamie Gillis), a jet-setting sex researcher who makes a wager with an old friend that he can transform Misty into a sophisticated, sultry socialite. His goal: to have Misty become the next 'Goldenrod Girl' for skin publisher Lawrence Lehman. Her intensive sexual education soon brings out the real woman within Misty, and she becomes the apple of Lehman's eye. Having reached the pinnacle, Misty is unfulfilled only in her yearning for Seymour. But when she overhears him bragging of his success and mocking her, Misty decides to take matters into her own hands.

Operation Anal Storm starring Paula Price, Rachel Ryan, Cassidy
Patricia Kennendy, Eric Price, Mike Horner, Jeff James
The Armay has their hands full when it's most famous squad of female
soldiers, are demanding to get shipped to the middle east and get in on the fighting.
So the male brass s=ends them to a special commando camp for training in backdoor fighting techniques in hopes that the women will withdraw their demands

Oral Madness 2 starring Victoria Paris, Bianca Trump, Jeanna Fine
Shawnee Cates, Teri Diver, Derek Lane, Rick Holland, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: The Valley Girls are about to compete with one another to find out
which one of them can deliver the best oral service of all.

Orgies Romaines Series

Orgies Romaines starring Joy Karins, Miss Pomodoro, Laura Valery
Sandrine Van Herpe, Sandra Karenina, Laura Valery, Blondie
Katia Russinova, Gabriella Mirelisa, Rocco Siffredi, Mario De Sica
Robert Malone, Raffaele Pirri Synopsis:
2 inept scientists stumble across a
way to travel back in time, and once there, end up always getting laid and then
facing the consequences. Soon evryone is trying to kill them and they must find a
way to get back to their own time. *In English

Orgies Romaines 2 starring Joy Karins, Miss Pomodoro, Laura Valery
Sandrine Van Herpe, Sandra Karenina, Laura Valery, Blondie
Katia Russinova, Gabriella Mirelisa, Rocco Siffredi, Mario De Sica
Robert Malone, Raffaele Pirri Synopsis:
In the sequal, the 2 scientists have made it back, but decide the past is where they really belong, so they go back and
get into even more trouble than before. *In English

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 4 Chapters for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Oriental Babysitter starring Linda Wong, Maru Quint, David Brook
A Linda Wong feature—one of her first—showing her voracious sexual appetite at a young age-with her talking to the camera and flashing back through her experiences. Hot!

Oriental Blue starring Peonies Jong, C.J. Lang, Terri Hall, Bree Anthony
Kim Pope, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Tony Richards Synopsis:
An oriental madame keeps her cstomers happy while she supplies her brothel thru the white slave market, until somone wants out & finds an ally to help her.

Oriental Jade starring Kristara Barrington, Raven, Gina Valentino
Laurie Smith, Tess Ferre, Lois Ayers, Susan Hart, Harry Reems
Ron Jeremy, Sasha Gabor, Blake Palmer Synopsis:
Shot on location in the South Seas, Oriental Jade is an epic tale of movie making Hollywood Style – and the wonton desires that blaze behind-the-scenes. At the center of the story is G.W. Hunter, the booze-loving screenwriter with a taste for Oriental erotica. His script is laced with plenty of steamy scenes, but most of the real action occurs offscreen and after hours. There's the hot actress with a taste for jungle love, the director who puts his all (among other things) into his work, and the writer's wife who discovers a very talented actor…and that's only part of the action. Featuring one of the most beautiful casts ever assembled, Oriental jade is an adult blockbuster that must be seen to be believed!

Oriental Lesbian Fantasies starring Kristara Barrington, Mai Lin
Tamara Longley, Karen Summer, Bunny Bleu, Heather Thomas
A group of ladies in the waiting room at an OB/GYN office discuss
an articl about women's lesbian fantasies, and each daydream of their own carpet munching desires.

Oriental Madam starring Mai Lin, Chelsea Manchester, Eileen Welles
Jade Wong, Heather Fields, R Bolla, Paul Thomas, Don Fernando, Jon Martin
Mike Horner, Herschel Savage Synopsis:
A woman runs an exclusive call girl
service where they strive to make every dream come alive.

Oriental Sexpress starring Lili Marlene, Sandy Summers, Laya, Kimki
Asia, Blair Harris, King Paul, Don Fernando, Lee LeMay
Imagine ordering over the phone for chinese delivery, but we're not
talking food....we're talking escorts. One smart businessman does just that & is
raking in the cash. But interpol is on to him & is out to bust up the ring.

Orifice Party starring Christy Canyon, Jessica Wylde, Steveie Taylor
Herschel Savage, Robert Bullock, Nick Random
Fantasies flare when two hot girls are working in the same office. With
clients to pamper and the boss's birthday these girls start exploring their fantasies with
the boys in the office.

Original Sin starring Racquel Darrian, Alexandra Silk, Asia Carrera
Ember Haze, Emily Jewel, Claudia Chase, Dee, Derek Lane, Colt Steel
Ian Daniels, Micheal J Cox, Randy Spears, Vince Vouyer
A man has a problem with fidelity, despite the fact that his beautiful
wife feels different.

Otages starring Draghixa, Erika Bella, Dalila, Mariana Kiss, John Walton
Eric Weiss, Jean Yves Le Castel, Jean Phillipe Demon
Synopsis: An entire family is taken hostage when 2 escapess bust into their
house to hide out from the cops.
*In French w/ no subtitles

The Other Side starring Felicia, Missy, Sandi Beach, Bunny Bleu
Amanda Addams, Norma Jeane, Jonathan Morgan, T T Boy, Alex Sanders
Synopsis: A bank robber shot & killed by police finds himself stuck in limbo
between life and death, where he finds a sexual hell.

The Other Side of Julie starring Suzanne French, Tracy O'Neil,
Jackie O'Neil, Kristine Heller, Nancy Hoffman, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Michael Morrison Synopsis:
Susannah French, traces the madcap life led by her and her husband, Mike. Mike has an extraordinary life style a white Rolls- Royce Corniche convertible, a large business, a magnificent home, and a side line that Julie Knows nothing about. He selects lovely young women at random, and makes the following propostion: he will supply the financial backing for a new business partnership and in return the girls supply him with a share of the profits

The Other Side of Lianna starring Cyndee Summers, Lisa De Leeuw
Tamara Longley, Ron Jeremy, Steve Drake, Dino Alexander
When Scratch, an emissary from the world below, itches for an earth;y conquest, he sets his sights on Lianna, a lovely but sexually unliberated housewife. She unwittingly puts her soul on the line for a series of incredibly intimate escapades. Howver, Scratch is working under a strict time limit. What will he do?

Oui Girls starring Anna Ventura, Lisa De Leeuw, Tiffany Clark, Sharon Kane
Brooke Bennett, Paul Thomas, Billy Dee, Michael Morrison, Joey Silvera
Ken Starbuck Synopsis:
The Oui Girls rivals the screen's classic tales of intrigue and mystery and goes one better with some of the most glamorous and breathtaking women to ever light up the explicit screen

Oui Oui Pussy starring Sophie Todd, Carole Mauve, Alain Lyle
Sandra Wilson, Zoe Claire, Pere Lachaise, Eric Bistre, Fred Palma,Jack Verdi
The hottest escort service in Paris decides to fly under the radar by
doing business only in graveyards. Will it be enough to conceal their business from
the police? *In French w/ no subtitles

Our Major is Sex starring Karen Summer, Susan Hart, Bunny Bleu
Dorothy Onan, Roxanne Rollan, Marc Wallice, Steve Drake, Greg Rome
3 coeds decide to partake in some extra-curricular studies and adopt the Book Of Love as their textbook. Follow their exploits as they cram for their finals and
try for the student body honor roll. Their physical education is fully probed. The girls
are trying for an A+ and they get it and they get it on in this great feature!

Out For Blood starring Tori Welles, Racquel Darrian, Cheri Taylor
Kelly Royce, Randy Spears, Eric Price, Derek Lane, Buster Cheri
A string of mysterious deaths leads a police detective on the trail of a vampire, and he's convinced it may be the woman he's falling in love with.

Out of Control starring Vicca, Inari Vachs, Monique DeMoan
Keri Windser, Bridgette Kerkove, Ginger Paige, Kyle Stone, Mickey G
Steve Hatcher, Ian Daniels, Dale DaBone, Chris Cannon
Synopsis: Diva... Queen... Star... Princess... or just plain BITCH! All names you could use to describe Petrushka, a porn star with an ego to match her dildo collection. Demanding and cold she is making life miserable for her assistant Doreen. The poor girl is doing everything and everyone within her power and proximity, to get fired. Anything from screwing Petrushka's manager to destroying her house filming a wild gonzo flick with friends. Nothing works until a disastrous signing turns into the opportunity she's been waiting for.

Out of Love starring Nikki Tyler, Brittany Andrews, Sindee Coxx
Alex Dane, Jill Kelly, Kirsty Waay, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Peter North
Synopsis: Nikki Tyler and Joey Silvera fell into it as easy as they fell out of it. Love, that is. And now, as they sit in the attorney's office, remembering the way it was, we remember the erotic moments ... and the explosive passion that brought them together. Join Nikki Tyler in a role filled with the tender fury of a fiery chemistry .

Out of My Mind starring Jordan Lee, Heather Lee, Annabel Chong
Dave Hardman, Guy DiSilva, Rone Jeremy, Steve Hatcher
A woman who writes scripts for porn films is finding it harder
& harder to please the head of the studio she works for. She unlocks her
darker sexual side in an attempt to write the uktimate porn script. What a
twisted mind she has.

Out of The Blue 2 starring Nikki Dial, Kelly O'Dell, Tiffany Million
Mickala, Amber Woods, Mike Horner, Nick East, Mark Stilleto
A series of vignettes all centered around doing the nasty, in the great

Outlaw Ladies starring Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Merle Michaels,
Juliet Anderson, Jody Maxwell, Marlene Willoughby, R. Bolla, John Leslie,
Joey Silvera, Bobby Astyr Synopsis:
If you think the night is when things get hot, check out what these ladies do by day when their husbands are at work! Selling sex, buying sex, or just plain finding it, these women know how to fill their free time.

Over Easy starring Connie Peterson, Jessie St James, Liza Dwyer
Sharon Kane, Jane Lindsay, Blair Harris, Don Fernando
2 guys discover the power of hypnotizm & start putting every woman
they meet under their spell, for evrything from cooking to housekeeping & especially ...sex!

Over The Top starring Sahara Sands, Tricia Deveroux, Lauren Montgomery
Devin Dekay, Papillion, David Stone, T T Boy, Tony Tedeschi, Peter North
Power, Corruption and...Thighs! How does the biggest advertising agency
in town trim the fat? Let their top ad reps battle it out to see who keeps their job, and
some people will do anything to keep their job!

Overnight Sensations starring Sharon Thorpe, Annette Haven
Victoria Starr, John Leslie, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
A young couple decide to make an historic adult feature, but get so involved in the project they become stars in the production itself.

Oversexed starring Jeanna Fine, Siobhan Hunter, Nina Preta, Michael Knight
Max DeLong, Bobby Spector Synopsis: When a woman discovers that the neighbors are really an alien scouting mission from a distant planet, bent on taking over earth, she enlists the help of her friends to keep the aliens occupied until help arrives.

More Titles Coming Soon