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Naked Afternoon starring Abigail Clayton, Annette Haven, Clare Dia
Sarah Mills, Joey Silvera, Ken Scudder, John Leslie, Turk Lyon, Jack Wright
She is nineteen, her name is Thomasina, and you've never met a girl quite like her. She is free, completely uninhibited and incredibly seductive beyond her years. Starting as a masseuse in an elegant Beverly Hills spa, she meets a wealthy film producer, who promises her a fabulous career in films. It is only a small part in an X-rated film, but there she begins a dizzying rise to the top of the world, and the viewer is treated to a rare behind-the-scenes expose of what really goes on in the fabled studios in Hollywood

Naked & Nasty starring Rebecca Lord, Felicia, Celine Devoux
Tracy Love, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi
Rebecca Lord takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at the high-gloss world of the centerfold.  It's the hottest magazine ever to hit the stands - crammed
full of gorgeous women showing you what they do best!

The Naked Bun 2 1/2 starring Amber Woods, Stacy Nichols, Rusty Rhodes
Nick East, Sebastian, Sean Michaels
An enterprising couple have decide to take the sex toy business door to door, and become a success.

The Naked Bun 8 1/2 starring Tonisha Mills, Danielle Rodgers
Brigitte Aime, Jenna Wells, Randy Spears, T T Boy, Wayne Summers
Woody Long, Rick Blaine
Classic porn spoof on the Hollywood hit, Naked Gun 2 1/2, complete with murder, inept cops, bad acting & hot, over the top sex!!!

Naked Came The Stranger starring Darby Lloyd Rains, Mary Stuart
Rita Davis, Helen Maddigan, Marc Stevens, David Savage Synopsis:
William and Gillian have the most popular radio talk show around, maybe because they talk about sex. But, when William starts giving intimate sex advice in his spare time, his lovely wife decides to give him a dose of his own medicine.

Naked Eyes starring Bunny Bleu, Susan Hart, Misty Regan, Raven
Lynn Cartier, Herschel Savage, Tom Byron, Shone Taylor
A day in the life of an ice cream parlor and the workers who have to
pass the time since business is slow. They daydream and share their personal
problems with the few customers they have.

Naked Goddess starring Moana Pozzi, Flame, Holly Ryder, Stacy Nichols
Shawnee Ctes, Peter North, Buck Adams, Jonathan Morgan
Moana plays a high-class madam who runs a luxurious, ultra-exclusive
sex chateau. There, any fantasy can be realized – for a price. But Moana meets her
match when she takes on a new client with a most unusual problem… and begins her most unusual therapy on the lucky stiff!

Naked Goddess 2 starring Moana Pozzi, Flame, K.C. Williams
Holly Ryder, Stacy Nichols, Peter North, Buck Adams, Jonathan Morgan
Cal Jammer Synopsis:
What's a man to do when he has doubts about his sexuality? If you're Jonathan Morgan, you pay a visit to the world's most luxurious sex mansion, operated by Italy's hottest export, Moana. There, any fantasy can be realized, any unfulfilled desire can be gratified...for a price. The question is, how much is Jon willing to pay?

Naked Night starring Erica Boyer, Heather Wayne, Robin Cannes
Steve Drake, Marc Wallice, Tony Martino
Synopsis: "Naked Night" is a passionate sensual film that gives us the steamy, torrid pleasures of raw animal passion, as well as the soft, loving rapture of new found romance. We learn that courage is the only thing that can bring these experiences together.

Naked Pictures starring Jessica Drake, Sophie Evans, Bella Donna
Krystal Steal, Jassie, Tiffany Mason, Julian, Bobby Vitale, Mark Davis
Steven St Croix, T T Boy
Synopsis: Jessica Drake stars as an innocent victim of too much to soon. Fresh
off the bus with high hopes and a pie off bills she lands a job in a photo studio and is gradually drawn into the dark perverted tits and ass world of hardcore nude modeling where sex, sin and easy money are the bait for the young, hungry wanna be's who
prowl the streets of L.A.'s sex underground.

The Naked Truth starring Cameo, Krystina King, Tiffany Storm
Chessie Moore, Cal Jammer, Jamie Gillis, Ed Powers, Randy West
Marc Wallica, Tony Montana
A woman seeks the help of a PI when her boyfriend is murdered
and she becomes a target of the mob.

Naked Reunion starring Lene Hefner, Brittany O'Connell, Nina Hartley
Tina Tyler, Tony Tedeschi, Nick East, Sean Rider, Mark Davis
A group of old college chums get together after a few years to see how life is treating them. They renew old acquaintances. And old passions. They talk about their respective career paths, one being that of a thief. And at this particular gathering, more than hearts are stolen.

Nameless starring Lanny Barbie, Amber Peach, Julie Robbins
Reina Leone, Kris Knight, Jerry, Tony T, Trent Soluri, Talon
Synopsis: A series of vugnettes with people meeting for the first time a then
their lusts turn to hard driving sex. No names. No pleasentries. The best way
it can be.

Nanci Blue starring Kandi Barbour, Lisa De Leeuw, Connie Peterson
Becky Savage, Tawny Pearl, Ron Jeremy, Mike Ranger, Ray Wells
A crazy scientist and his assistant kidnap random people and perform sexual experiments on them in order to discover the secret of the extended orgasm. Nanci Blue  eventually tracks them down but a crazy scientist isn’t going to be stopped quite that easily so there is a surprise in store for her!
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been
able to locate falls into the  "Fair -Good" quality range.

Napoleon starring Erika Bella, Lea Martini, Maria Bellucci, Regina Sipos, Andrea Spider, Jeanette La Duce, Valeria Deri, Andrea Dio Guardi, Betty Anderson, Baby Nielsen, Carolina Spagari, Francesco Malcom
Ramon Nomar, Roberto Malone, Silvio Evangelisto
Synopsis: The story of Napoleon in any language results in the same--a small man
with illusions of grandeur who uses any means necessary to acquire power and victory. I this case, Napoleon uses sex as a strategy to gain power over the females he wishes
to conquer. Initially skirmishes indicate that Napoleon may have finally found a
successful strategy as he marches across a continent--to pillage, plunder and ravish the lovely wenches
* In Italian w/ no subtitles

Nasty starring Leena, Bianca Trump, Kylie Ireland, Misty Rain
Kaitlyn Ashley, Sean Michaels, Steve Hatcher, Jay Ashley
It's a day in the life of Leena, shot rocumentary style. Only this is one film you won't see on MTV. She wakes up horny and goes to bed horny and is thoroughly insatiable every hour between. And since this is her story, she really delivers

Nasty starring Gayle Sterling, Lili Marlene, Lynx Cannon, Grace West
Jamie Gillis, Billy Dee, Ron Jeremy, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage
Blair Harris Synopsis:
The voyeuristic husband of a depraved woman lets himself
be locked in a room while his wife indulges herself in wild, nasty, sexual experiences.

Nasty as She Wants to Be starring Carol Cummings, Nikki Knights, Dusty
Charlotte Leigh, Don Fernando, Tony Montana, Ray Victory, Sean Michaels
These guys keep their mistresses on the side to fill in all thge blanks
thier wives simply will not.

Nasty Girls starring Debi Diamond, Viper, Chaz Vincent, Saki St Jermaine
Ron Jeremy, Wayne Summers, T T Boy, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron
3 guys are running an escort service for women.....and business is good! But the women are begining to ask for the most perverse acts, & are wearing out the talent. Poor guys.

Nasty Lady starring Tara Aire, Shanna McCullough, Erica Boyer
Mai Lin, Lynx Cannon, Rita Riccardo, Susan Lynn, Shrily Duke, Cassandra
Jade, Jamie Gillis, Blair Harris, Dan T Mann, Herschel Savcage, Paul Thomas
David Morris, Rick Savage Synopsis:
 The story of a highly sexed and very charming country girl moving to the big city looking for love, excitement and erotic thrills.

Nasty Newshounds starring Kathleen Gentry, Megan Leigh, Barbie Dahl
Laurel Canyon, Peter North, Jon Martin, Blake Palmer
A sleezy tabloid is facing closing it's doors unless they can break a huge scandal featuring one of Hollywood's biggest starlets. The rag send 3 different
reporters out to get the story. The first one to break something big, keeps their job,
and saves the tabloid.

Nasty Nurses starring Kay Parker, Janey Robbins, Misty Dawn
Becky Savage, Kimberly Carson, Herschel Savage, John Holmes, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
The nurses on duty at this hospital do EVERYTHING they can to ensure a aptient's speedy recovery, as well as making sure the doctors are happy in their work!!!

Nasty Nymphos 8 starring Kelly Trump, Alex Jordan, Janet Jacme
Marianne Cartier, Angela Whorney, Cherelle, Rocco Siffredi, Mark Davis
Sean Michaels, Tom Byron
The 8th chapter in this ongoing series brings us Kelly Trump in one
of her earliest US performances and gives us a view of what's to come for her.
While the other babes deliver the goods as well.

Nasty Nymphos 25 starring Cassidey, Autumn Haze, Aspen Brock
Amdrea Lovejoy, Cinna Bunz, Melody Love, Victoria Hill, Vince Youyer
Nacho Vidal, Nark Davis, Lexington Steele
The 25th installment of this wildly sucesfulk series, features one of the
earliest performances by Cassidey along with a bevy of other lovelies ndoing what
they do best.

Native Tongue starring Hyapatia Lee, Sunset Thomas, Britt Morgan
Chanel, Lacy Rose, Toni Chase, Steve Hatcher, Marc Wallice, Steve Drake
Hyapatia leads us thru a series of vignettes all featuring some extremly hot
oral workings.

The Natural starring Celeste, Chelsea Lynx, Krista, Kelli Thomas
Peter North, Woody Long, Sean Michaels
  A struggling artist
must decide if he wishes to be a kept man at the behest of his benefactor, or
search his heart for true love and poverty.

Naughty Angels starring Desiree Lane, Crystal Breeze, Karen Summer
Beverly Bliss, Mauvais DeNoir, Dorothy Onan, Jay Serling, Nick Niter
Steve Powers, Francois Papillion, Don Fernando, Shone Taylor
When the partners at a succesful lawfirm send in their secretaries to
arrange settlements that always put the firm on the winning side, the ladies decide they want full partnerships and set about getting the upper hand on the partners.

Naughty Cheerleaders starring Ali Moore, Rene Lovins, Ashley Welles
Paul Thomas,
Billy Dee, Ron Jeremy, Don Hart, Jim Malibu Synopsis: Scrumptious little sex kitten Ali Moore stars in this fun-filled 1985 romp, playing a fresh-faced young cheerleader who yearns to work at the local ice cream shop. It's where all of her mouthwatering gal pals hang out and seems like the perfect place to earn some extra cash. Of course, little does she suspect that the job interview consists of treating manager Ron Jeremy to some hands-on heat. Ali gives Ron the brush-off, only to end up in the arms of equally sleazy rock promoter.

Naughty Girls Series
Naughty Girls in Heat starring Sheri St Clair, Tamara Longley
Ami Rodgers, Scarlett O'Hara, Kevin James, Billy Dee, Nick Random
Shone Taylor Synopsis:
A real estate agent, a gigilo, a business man, a secretary & a dinner party aboard a yacht. It's business as usual for the Naughty Girls.

Naughty Girls Like it Big starring Alexis Greco, Nina Hartley
Lili Marlene, Porsche Lynn, Angel Kelly, John Holmes, Jerry Butler
Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Buddy Love Synopsis:
In this classic sexvid, a bevy of bodacious beauties get together to discuss what they like in their men. Strangely enough, they all seem to crave the same thing -- men for whom the term 'well endowed' is hardly strong enough.

Naughty Girls Need Love Too starring Hyapatia Lee, Honey Wilder
Rachel Ashley, Tina Marie, Ron Jeremy, Randy West, Jamie Gillis
Richard Pacheco Synopsis:
A high-rise apartment in is the setting for this tale
of  lusty beachcombers and their dirty laundry. The building is home to a wide
variety  of folks, from a college Professor of Sexology to a former showgirl to a shy computer genius. The one thing they all have in common is a taste for wild sexual antics.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 3 DVDs for Just  $34.95
(A Savings of $12.90)

Naughty Nanette starring Desiree Lane, Crystal Breeze, Karen Summer
Dorothy Onan, Beverly Bliss, Dan T Mann, Francois Papillion, Steve Powers
Jay Serling Synopsis:
Oh, that Nanette! Her dream is to be the centerfold in one of those nasty men's magazines – and she's willing to do just about anything to make sure it happens! Naughty Nanette…she really lives up to her name

Naughty Neighbors starring Aja, Victoria Paris, Cheri Taylor, Kassi Nova
Trinity Loren, Mandy Wine, Robert Bullock, Shane Hunter, Tom Byron
Jon Dough, Chip Dale Synopsis:
The Horny daughter of a suburban couple seeks out carnal satisfaction among others in her own neighborhood, and soon she has all the info on who's doing who and what they're doing.

Naughty Network starring Nicole Black, Tina Jordan, Laurie Smith
Mike Ranger  Synopsis:
Set at TV station WHAC-TV, the world's first porn network, it consists of clips of each of the network's programs, which are then commented on by the station's managers. It's a great way to string together what are otherwise unrelated segments, and the film makers have actually taken the time to put different credits and styles to each program. Think of it as a porn version of 'SCTV' and you're halfway there.

Naughty Nurses starring Stacey Donovan, Beverly Bliss, Robin Cannes
Bunny Bleu, Josephine Carrington, Harry Reems, Peter North, Marc Wallice
David Sanders, Craig Roberts Synopsis:
The nurses at this clinic provide the
best, most in depth care, to all of the patients and the nutty medical staff as well.

Neighborhood Watch 9 (aka Dial A Slut) starring Tanya Rivers
Courtney, Lisa, Jennifer, Ted Wilson, Max Hardcore, Leo
Synopsis: A series of vignettes with guys calling working girls and doing the nasty.

Neighbors starring Vixxxen, Alex Jordan, Debi Diamond, Sahara Sands
Shelby Stevens, Misty Rain, Nick Rage, Justin Case, Ian Daniels
The nasty, behind the scenes goings on in a rich, exclusive, LA neighborhood. Who's doing who and how it's all getting done.

Never Sleep Alone starring Tina Marie, Joanna Storm, Honey Wilder
Chelsea Manchester, Sharon Kane, Anna Ventura, Sharon Mitchell
John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy Synopsis:
What happens when the pursuit of hedonistic sensuality blazes out of control? Find out when you experience the intimate indiscretions of Dan (John Leslie) and Lisa (Tina Marie)…a married couple who take sex to the limit and love to disaster in Never Sleep Alone. From the forbidden carnality of notorious underground sex clubs to New York's most private penthouses, Dan and Lisa taste every insatiable pleasure and torrid sex act ever conceived. Along with sex-superstars Honey Wilder, Joanna Storm and Joey Silvera, every second of this arousing piece of erotica burns with nonstop sex. Soon you'll discover what happens when you Never Sleep Alone…for some people, it's always an easy rule to follow!

Never So Deep starring Loni Sanders, Maria Tortuga, Lysa Thatcher,
Chelsea Manchester, Brooke West, Tara Aire, Anna Turner, Paul Thomas,
Don Hart, Richard Pacheco,  Mike Ranger
Ginger Trueheart, a very private eye, is hired by porn mogul, Huge Heffer, to find the hooker from his past that gave him " The Best Blowjob in the World ". Finding the girl though, is a tough job, filled with many distractions.

New Ends 7 starring Veronica Sage, Chante, Montana, Bonita, Vivian
Jasmin Aloha, Yoshiko Yakamor, Mia Serene, Ed Powers
What a liucky man Ed Powers is, the 7th installment of this series,
which is yet another attempt to get himself laid, finds Ed delivering some seriously
hot anal loving to this bevy of beauties.

New Girl in Town 2 starring Kelly O'Dell, Christine Appleigh, Toni Chase
Kaelyn Roberts, Mark Harder, Rick Masters, Steve Strong
Synopsis: The story of 4 girls leaving their small home town to tryt life in
the big , bad & HORNY city.

A New Girlfriend starring Sabre, Debi Diamond, Missy Warner
Nina Deponca, Amber Woods, Blake Palmer, Nick East, Johnny Warner
A husband, eager to please his wife, goes on the search for the perfect woman to satify his wife's lesbian fantasy.

The New Kid on The Block starring Alicyn Sterling, April Rayne
Madison. Britt Morgan, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Tom Chapman
When innocent deb enters into the world of brothels, she learns
real quick how to seperate the joihns from their money. Especially the one john who
becomes obsessed with her.

New Places New Faces starring Toni James, Cassidy, Victoria Hill
Phaedra, Shawna Edwards, Steve Drake, Joey Edwards, Scott Styles
Steve Drake introduces us to some of the hottest newcomers (in 1997),
but this was basically a way to get his girlfirend Toni James introduced into the
porn ranks.

New Wave Hookers starring Ginger Lynn, Kimberly Carson
Brooke Fields, Desiree Lane, Gina Carrera, Kristara Barrington, Jamie Gillis
Peter North, Jack Baker, Tom Byron, Steve Powers Synopsis:
Join famous Black hustler Jamal and his punk friend Jimmy as they fall asleep in front of the TV and share a dream of bone-stiffening proportions: As the proprietors of an outrageous callgirl service, New Wave Hookers, Inc., Jamal and Jimmy use the hottest new wave tunes to get their girls hot and bothered. Once they're worked up, the New Wave Hookers set the town ablaze in a flesh-fest of heretofore unseen proportions. These gorgeous girls become the sexperts of the new dimension, trapped in a madcap world where all their secret desires are mercilessly unleashed

New Wave Hookers 2 starring Savannah, Cameo, Madison
Danielle Rogers, Ashley Nicole, Patricia Kennedy, Sandra Scream
Amanda Addams, Randy Spears, Cal Jammer, T T Boy, Joey Silvera
Marc Wallice, Peter North, Tom Chapman, Randy West, Tony Montana
You'll thrill to Prophet Willie and his bevy of hot hookers! You'll sneer
at "L" the de-programmer! You'll be aroused by sexual scenarios so unique, they can only be called ...unique! It's tender, it's touching, it's new wave porn

New Wave Hookers 3 starring Crystal Wilder, Nikki Dial, P J Sparxx
Brittany O'Connell, Tiffany Million, Heather Hart, Lacy Rose, Francesca Le
Danyel Cheeks, Cody O'Connor, Cal Jammer, Jon Dough, Rocco Siffredi
Marc Wallice, Tony Tedeschi Synopsis:
When a man decides he wants his woman
to be more 'slutty', he takes her to a brothel and has the madam teach her. Only problem is the madam decides to keep her and turn her out. She also isn't about to
give her back or let her leave.

New Wave Hookers 4 starring Juli Ashton, Chasey Lain, Vixxxen
Marilyn Martyn, Nicole Lace, Tammi Ann, Barbara Doll, Veronica Sage
Yvonne, Misty Rain, Amanda Addams, Sandi Beach, T T Boy, Vince Vouyer
Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Mark Davis
Jon Dough, Alex Sanders
An alien pimp has traveled eons across the galaxy to search Earth's best
hookers to make them part of his intergalactic brothel.

New Wave Hookers 5 starring Juli Ashton, Vicca, Nikita, Asia Carrera
Felicia, Stacy Valentine, Sindee Coxx, Anna Malle, Jeanna Fine, Sharon Kane
Sunset Thomas, Roxanne Hall, Ashley Renee, Lea Martini, Kim Kitaine
Mark Davis, Nick East, Peter North, Sean Rider, Bruno Sx, Dave Cummings Eric Monti, Jeremy Steele, J J Michaels, Sean Michaels
A rich businesman has a genius inventor on his payroll that has come up
with a VR machine that projects the users sexual fantasies in lush 3D style. All is
going well until the machine opens up a portal to the underworld that springs fortrh,
Hell's greatest pimp that uses the gateway to bring his working girls back into
the land of the living.

New York Babes starring Gloria Leonard, Vanessa Del Rio, Serena,
Christie Ford, Marlene Willoughby, Rikki O'Neal, Bobby Astyr,
Jamie Gillis,
John Leslie, David Morris, Joey Silvera, Jack Taegue Synopsis:
A down on their luck, pro softball team, puts together a winning season, and attracts a rival sports league's attention. Will their boss come up with the green to make them stay put, or will they take the other offer? A true caranal classic!

New York City Woman starring C J Lang, Marlene Willoughby
Georgina Spelvin, Crystal Sync, Jennifer Jordan, John Holmes, Eric Edwards
R. Bolla, Ronnie Love Synopsis:
A columunist writes an expose of the NYC elite, and their sexual pervisions, and one rich deb in particular. But will he get away with it?

New York Vice starring Gina Carerra, Danielle, Gloria Leonard
Stacey Donovan, Little Oral Annie, Charlei LaTour, Paula Meadows
Paul Thomas, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, George Payne Synopsis:
An evening in New York's darker world...when the night people come out to seek their desires and dreams...It begins with Sheila, a desperate and outrageous...where bodies are sold and traded like a commodity...Where perverse women pursue their pleasures in the men's toilet. Where dreams and fantasies become hard, sordid realities. The people who drift into Bo's Bar, some innocent--some not all become victims of the night...The depravity of a mother and her daughter...The depths of a waitress's hunger...The greed of a couple's passion...The curiosity of a lonely stranger and the hooker he meets...N.Y. VICE...There's no way to contain it. The endless, unrelenting lust.

The Newcomers starring Misty Dawn, Cara Lott, Summer Rose, Tantala
Shaun Michelle, John Holmes, Nick Random, Peter North, Steve Drake
When Fred keeps getting a busy signal instead of his girlfriend Lori, he decides to check on her. Sure enough, she is cheating – with another woman! While Fred samples the competition, Lori storms downstairs and gives her daughter's boyfriend a music lesson on top of the piano. Then her daughter arrives but has to wait her turn. Frustrated and dripping at the top of the stairs, she grabs Fred and gets him to hose down her nubile flames. These insatiable lovers continue to probe each other's fantasies and in the end, the girls find their men are good to the last drop

Nice Guys Finish Last starring Raylene, Chenin Blanc, Blair Segal
Vince Vouyer, Cheyne Collins, Erik Everhard
When a guy picks up a woman on the side of the road, who is running
away from an abusive boyfriend, he gets more than he ever bargained for , after he
bangs her.

Nice n Tight starring Janey Robbins, Kay Parker, Colleen Brennan
Rikki Blake, Kristara Barrington, Bunny Bleu, Jessica Wylde, Nicole West
Paul Thomas, Robert Bullock Synopsis:
A naughty, nasty comedy set in a busy motel filled with people who have just one thought in mind... to find
a sexual partner that can fulfill their kinkiest side. A motel full of kinky sex and some very funny comedy. Check in time is now!!

The Nice The Naughty & The Bad starring Chasey Lain, Jill Kelly
Jeanna Fine, Tom Byron, Steven St Croix, Tony Tedeschi, Joey Silvera
Bobby Vitale
An up in coming ad exec sees all sides of fame and misfortune in the
ad game on her way to the top.

The Nicole Stanton Story Series

The Nicole Stanton Story starring Eva Allen, Megan Leigh
Annette Haven, Jade East, Lisa Bright, John Leslie, Randy West, Peter North Scott Irish Synopsis:
A high priced escort sets her sights on a married billionaire and tears his marriage apart in order to become his wife. Once there, she hatches a plan to take control of his vast wealth, unbeknownst to him.

The Nicole Stanton Story 2 starring Eva Allen, Megan Leigh
Nina Hartley, Renee Morgan, Jade East, Lisa Bright, John Leslie
Randy West, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish, Jon Martin, Joe Elliot
With her husband's wealth slowly being accumilated by her and deposited into secret offshore accountts, Nicole must find a way to end the marriage, and  keep her husband's daughter from uncovering the truth. But will
it be peaceful or deadly?

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Night Deposit starring Lois Ayers, Jamie Leigh, Rusty Rhodes
Brigitte Aime, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Tom Chapman
2 bank workers outsmart some bank robbers and take the money
for themselves. When the robbers find they've been double corssed, they track
down the tellers

Night Dreams Series

Night Dreams starring Dorothy LeMay, Danielle, Jacqueline Lorians
Jennifer West, Loni Sanders, Kevin James Synopsis:
Beautiful mental patient is having surrealistic sex dreams. With the help of a new invention, her doctors are able to view them, and watch as her darkly erotic psyche unfolds. From sex with an anonymous stranger, to a steamy girl/girl scenario, to the use of gadgets and props that could only be the stuff of fantasy, her dreams take the doctors on a sex filled odyssey of the carnal mind. This film shows amazing imagination.

Night Dreams 2 starring Lauren Brice, Cameo, Tianna, Raven Richards
Kelly Royce, Brandy Alexander, Stephanie Page, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron
Eight years have passed...and strange things are still happening at the Benway Clinic. Dr. Sledge and Dr. Haunt have stumbled upon a most interesting patient whose sexual dreams are, well, unique. And the more they observe her nocturnal musings, the more they're sucked into her bizarre and erotic world.

Night Dreams 3 starring Lauren Brice, Cameo, Tianna, Paula Price
Sharon Kane, Stephanie Page, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron Synopsis:
The erotic weirdness that begun in Nightdreams 2 comes to a volcanic conclusion as Dr. Sledge (Lauren Brice) and Dr. Sirk (Tianna) battle for control of the bizarre Benway Clinic. Bold advances in medicine take a backseat to unusual sexual breakthrough

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 3 DVDs for Just  $34.95
(A Savings of $12.90)

Night Fire starring P J Sparxx, Avalon, Tiara, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice
As the sun sets and the moon rises, these women find their sexual urges are uncontrolable, throwing them into frantic staes of nymphomania, only to feel the urge slip away with the sunrise.

Night Flight starring Serena, Tiffany Clark, Pat Manning, Maria Tortuga
Jamie Gillis, Mike Ranger, William Margold Synopsis: A nightime pleasure flight takes over the imaginations of all those on board.
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate falls into the  "Good" quality range. There is some slight graininess it the picture.

Night Hunger starring Sharon Mitchell, Sharon Kane, Honey Wilder,
Laurien Dominique,
Candida Royale, Eric Edwards, Jerry Butler
Legendary director Gerard Damiano pulls out all the stops in this carnal classic. The flick follows the ups and downs of the Blair family -- a clan that has a sexual fever running through their bloodlines. The action begins in the early century, when wealthy industrialist Eric Edwards builds a gigantic mansion to serve as the setting for his over-the-top antics. It seems that Eric feels compelled to have as many youthful beauties as his money can get him -- he just can't stop himself! Years later, the estate is taken over by his daughter Sharon Mitchell, a lithesome lovely who has become one of the leading actresses of the 20s. Sharon has that family fever in her though, and finds that she can't confine herself to just one man at a time. The story continues into modern times, as Eric's rock star granddaughter Sharon Kane takes over the house. She turns the mansion into a studio for her band -- although she spends more time working over various studs than working on her music. Eventually, Sharon's sultry alter ego begins to take over her entire life, driving her -- and the film -- towards an explosive, endlessly erotic finale. Beautifully shot on lavish sets and filled with gorgeous, enthusiastic performers, 'Night Hunger' ranks among the best sex films of all time.

Night Hunger starring Lene Hefner, Raylene, Chloe, Macy, Jon Dough
Devlin Weed, John West, Mr Marcus
A girl, a car crash, a dead husband, a mystery, an erotic, psychotic
adult video. Just don't watch it in your car. This movie has it all - a plot, a good story
and the best part of all...scalding hot sex!!

Night Life starring Bridgette Monet, Loni Sanders, Dorothy Lemay,
Honey Wilder, Lisa B., Gayle Sterling, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage,
Joey Silvera, Dave Cannon Synopsis:
Bridgette Monet stars as a pretty young prostitute who works in a well-known house of ill-repute. Her best customer is David Smith, a vice - cop, who yearns to take Bridgette away from the world of pay-for-play passion. She refuses to leave the life, though, even when David offers to marry her -- scintillating sex is just the ticket, though. The rest of the gals in the brothel have got their own clients to deal with, and we get to peek in on some totally unhinged action.

Night Moods starring Jacqueline Lorians, Gail Force, Chanel Price, Zena
Blake Palmer, Steve Drake, Ted Wilson Synopsis:
The fiery fun begins when
a legal firm is hired in an effort to subvert a last will and testament that contains a
morals clause. When Daddy died, he left all of his cash to one of his daughters -- the one who kept her panties on! Now her promiscuous siblings are dedicated to getting their filthy hands on the money, no matter what it takes

Night Nurses starring Asia Carrera, Nina Hartley, Nici Sterling
Sindee Coxx, Brittany Andrews, Jon Dough, Bobby Vitale, Steven St Croix
Tom Byron Synopsis:
These patients get some extra special treatment. Once you
get a glimpse of how the nurses attend to their patients' needs, you'll want to check in
this hospital too

The Night of Submission starring Annie Sprinkle, Vanessa Del Rio
Crystal Sync, Lara Christie, Helen Madigan, Cheryl White, Carter Stevens
David Savage, David Christopher, Lee Griffen, Mike DeMarco, Red Baron
 NYC voodoo cult practices ritualistic S/M! New York reporters
investigate the bizarre sex rituals of an underground voodoo cult. Wall to wall graphic orgies, up close whip wounds, and kinky sex

Night of The Headhunter starring Erica Boyer, Misty Regan, Bionca
Stacey Donovan, Heather Manfield, Ron Jeremy, Jack Baker, Tom Byron
Peter North, Steve Powers Synopsis:
A tribal mask with magical power
influences the lives (including the sex lives) of two generations in Alabama

Night on The Wild Side starring Kay Parker, Janey Robbins, Lili Marlene
John Holmes, Jon Martin, Blair Harris, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Kay Parker teams up with John Holmes for an erotic odyssey; often filled with dreams and flashbacks. Wild Nights centers around a curious but nervous Kay Parker who witnesses the wild fucking between stud John Holmes and a number of starlets. Wanting to fulfill her own desires, she quickly joins in on the action.

Night Prowlers starring Susan Hart, Heather Wayne, Cara Lott
Ami Rodgers, Cheri Janvier, Harry Reems, Herschel Savage
Kevin James, James Miles, Steve Drake
A pair of female cat burglers use their charms to pull off some of the
biggest jewel hiests in the city. Unknowingly, they end up startinga three way affair
with the detecive assigned to thier case. He doesn;t know it either.

Night Shift Nurses starring Lois Ayers, Siobhan Hunter, Keisha
Sheena Horne, Bionca, Dana Dylan, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Peter North Synopsis:
John Leslie is a doctor with just one thing going for him — his winning bedside manner. It may not sound like much, but for an MD patrolling the halls of a lonely hospital at midnight with only the luscious night shift nurses to keep him company, it goes a long way. Also on the floor is Joey Silvera, a janitor who likes to pretend he’s a doctor so that he can get next to all of those horny Florence Nightingales and patients in need of physical therapy. Busty, lusty Keisha turns in one of her best-ever performances here, and looks scrumptious in her hospital whites. For porn connoisseurs, this film will be of interest because it is the directoral debut for Mr. Leslie, who has since gone on to make an even bigger name for himself behind the camera than he did in front of it.

Night Tales starring Nici Sterling, Felicia, Alex Dane, Christi Lake
Jill Kelly, Ariel Daye, Peter North, Tony Tedeschi, T T Boy, TomByron
Shawn Ricks Synopsis:
Welcome to a world where erotic fantasies granted to the highest bidder

Night Trips Series
Night Trips starring Tori Welles, Jamie Summers, Porsche Lynn
Victoria Paris, Tanya DeVries, Peter North, Randy Spears, Ray Victory
Mark DeBruin Synopsis:
This award winning classic tells the tale of a woman seeking out sexual therapy. The doctors have her hooked up to a michine that analyizes her dreams and allows them to be shown, as her mind becomes an open book and reveals
all sides her lustful inner self

Night Trips 2 starring Paula Price, Erica Boyer, Tami Monroe
Racquel Darrian, Cameo, Julia Parton, Lauren Hall, Randy Spears,
Randy West, Eric Price, Jon Dough Synopsis:
Erotica has entered a new dimension on unequaled fantasy. This is the incredible sexual world of Night Trips. The second edition of that ground breaking smash, sensational Paula Price is our explorer into the uncharted subconscious of lust. The Mindscan Foundation electronically monitors her swollen libido dreams of such awesome sexual power…. They may take your breath away. A stylish and boldly produced film. Take the Night Trip a second time. It’s what everyone has been waiting for!

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Night Watch starring Suzanne St Lorriane, Dee Jay, Christina Evol, Elise
Jessica Bogart, Dan Steele, Ray Victory, Sasha Gabor, Hans Mueller
A PI takes a case that requires him to leave his beautiful wife at home at night, while he sees the dirty underbelly of the of his client's world.
*In English with Spanish subtitles

Nightmare on Lesbian Street starring Jordan St James, Misty Regan
Patty Plenty, Kirsty Waay, Whitney Wonders, Crystal Gold, Brooke Waters
Emily Hill, Sindee Coxx, Torie Storie Synopsis:
A woman mistakenly eats
some wild mushrooms and has a dream where she's caught in a lesbian world of raw
sex & wild abandon. Upon waking up she becomes overriden with saphic desire

Nightmare on Porn Street starring Shanna McCullough, Britt Morgan
Brandy Wine, Randy Spears, Mike Horner
The dead school janito
 has returned to this small town to haunt the dreams of the college girls, and turn them
into wet dream nightmares, until one of the girls figures out how to trap him.

Nights in Black Satin starring Suzanne St Lorraine, Sharon Mitchell
Marie Nicholson, Angela D'Angelo, Cindy Labare, Tim Steele, Buck Adams
Frank James, Tony Montana
Synopsis: Series of vignettes where these hot babes look to seduce their partners
in the night by wearing black satin

Nikki at Night starring Nikki Dial, Tiffany Mynx, Mickala, Alex Jordan
Jerry Butler, Jonathan Morgan, Kyle Stone
A wealthy man's been murdered. One that loved the ladies, maybe a little
too much. His favorite peice of ass is the #1 suspect, but it seems that she may be marked for death as well.

Nikki Never Says No starring Nikki Dial, Tiffany Mynx, Francesca Le
Kiss, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Drake, Kyle Houston
Calling All Yes Men: Imagine it. A weekend in Big Bear, with 3 couples,
& everybody's burning with lust, while nobody can say no. Nobody. Especially Nikki.
A hot 3 day romp through bedrooms and wilderness, across peaks and valleys, and all over the incredibly beautiful Nikki Dial. Will you love it? Yes. Or, as they say in adult, "Yes, yes, stop, yes, yes"
Nikki Tyler PI starring Nikki Tyler, Stacy Valentine, Marki, Jon Dough
Tom Byron, Vince Vouyer, Mark Davis, Mitchell Grant
A PI starts to develope a conscious and sympathy amid a thrashy case
& troubles in her own marriage & life.

Nikki's Last Stand starring Nikki Dial, Rebecca Wild, Brittany O'Connell
Ona Z, Cal jammer, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Randy Spears, Alex Sanders
E Z Ryder Synopsis:
Nikki is a porn star who can't get work, because she has
insulted too many of the people in the business. Still, she is determined to stand by
her principles and makes one last attempt at making a quality porn movie that even
Hollywood would love.

Nikki's Nightlife starring Nikki Dial, Lacy Rose, Tracey Adams, Misaki
Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy, Steve Drake, T T Boy, Sean Michaels
What a life Nikki leads. Nikki is either fantasizing about sex or is listening
to her neighbors having sex through her bedroom wall. Either way, it gets Nikki's, as
well as our, juices flowing.

Nobody's Looking starring Kelly O'Dell, Lacy Rose, Sunset Thomas
Sierra, Celeste, Ariana, Nicole London, Peter North, Kris Newz
Richie Dagger, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi, Woody Long
A pair of porno filmmakers take thgeir investors behind the scenes of
their latest movie being made.

Nooner starring Keisha, Nina Hartley, Sheena Horne, Ebony Ayes
Tom Byron, Scott Irish, Randy West, Greg Derek
A magical computer helps guide the office geek to office stud, as he learns the ins & outs of the office sex game.

Not So Innocent starring Racquel Darrian, Chaz Vincent, Debi Diamond
Marilyn Rose, Derek Lane, Peter North, Todd Alexander
A photographer takes pics of his horny nieughbors for kicks, that is, until
he is caught in the act of snapping some photos and is forced into a blackmail scheme.

Nothing to Hide starring John Leslie, Chelsea Manchester, Richard Pacheco, Erica Boyer, Holly McCall, Misty Regan Synopsis: The Original sequel to the classic 'Talk Dirty To Me'. Ladychaser Jack and his innocent friend Lenny are still buddies, protecting each other from life's blows. While cynical Jack compulsively beds every woman he sees, slow-witted Lenny yearns for true love. The women they encounter teach them both many things, physical and spiritual.

Nothing to Hide 4 starring Gwen Summers, Caroline Pierce, Melissa Hill
Goldie McHawn, Flower, Dalia, Inari Vachs, Shelbee Myne, Claudia Chase
Herschel Savage, Vince Vouyer, Michael J Cox, Julian, Billy Glide, Pat Myne
After fainting at her mother's house, Arial wakes up to discover her
world has been strangely altered. Instead of an innocent young woman, she is
now a prostitute at a high-class brothel. Is she really a psycho hiding in a labyrinth
of dark, sexual illusions?

Notorious starring Celeste, Dominique Simone, Heather Hart, Tracy West
Skye Blue, Marc Wallice, Woody Long, Mal O'Ree Synopsis:
 When a pair
of hot drifterettes roll into town with the law hot on thier tails, they seek to blend in by corrupting a group of  local gals and are soon after their guys.

Nudes at Eleven 2 starring Krsta Lane, Siobhan Hunter, Jessica Wylde
Lynn Francis, Suzanne French,Billy Dee, Jon Martin, Herschel Savage
Mike Horner, John Holmes
Synopsis: With all the news un-fit to print, our carnal news team brings you the latest news on the Meese Commission, The White House & the world of sexual shenanigans. A classic from 1987.

The Nurse starring Farrah, Shanna McCullough, Missy, Randi Storm
Johnni Black, Bobbi Bliss, Steve Austin, Joel Lawerence, John West
Kyle Stone Synopsis:
The best thing about a stay in the hospital is the nurrse & all
the male patients on Nurse Farrah's floor refuse to check out! Seems they've become accustomed to those daily sponge baths. Who could blame them? After all, the nurse is the only one you actually give something sweet to suck on if your good during your
*Please note that the sound level from the studio print seems to be low

Nurse Nancy starring Zara Whites, Sandra Scream, Alicyn Sterling, Cassidy
Tera Heart, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Woody Long Synopsis:
Nancy is having trouble paying the bills, so she trades places with gorgeous call-girl roommate Michelle for the night and gives her customers a mega dose or erotic energy! Meanwhile, Michelle combines business with pleasure as she demonstrates her bedside manner on both the patients, and the personnel, making it a real genital hospital

Nurses of the 407th starring Jessie St James, Chelsea Manchester,
Lynx Cannon, Kathleen Kristin, Paul Thomas, Jon Martin, Herschel Savage
Hawkeye never had it so good! Jessie St. James stars in this torrid take-off of 'M.A.S.H.,' playing Hot Hips O'Reilly, a sex-hungry nurse whose lusty libido never cools down. She's constantly being propositioned by wacky stud Jaybird (Paul Thomas), but Hot Hips prefers to dabble in lesbian debauchery with one of her fellow Florence Nightengales. Meanwhile, Corporal Specs (Joey Silvera) is enjoying a bawdy birthday bash with a pair of shapely young nurses back in his tent! In the end, Hot Hips decides to give Jaybird what he wants - as long as she can get another hunk in on the feverish fun! This is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to sex in uniform that's sure to please any fan of scorching, silly sexvids.

NYDP starring Brigitte Aime, Nikki Sinn, Sahara Sands, Chris Collins
Courtney, Cal Jammer, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Joey Verducci
Steven St Croix Synopsis:
A beautiful mafia widow, hires a PI to keep her safe
from her dead husband, and all of those he screwed over during his life.

Nylon starring Celeste, Misty Rain, Laura Palmer, Nancy Vee, Tammi Ann
Steven St Croix, Rocco Siffredi, Bud Lee, Bobby Vitale, B D Cap
Story of a man possessed… A man who's very existence is tied up in nylon--or more accurately, Nylons. Women's Nylons. This is the story of how his obsession ruined his life, and how some fantasies are better imagined than
experienced. Especially when they involve Celeste. In Nylon. Enjoy!!

Nymph starring Chasey Lain, Kirsty Waay, Tracy Love, Jill Kelly, Petra
Dorian Grant, Bobby Vitale, Alex Sanders, Tom Byron, Vince Vouyer, T T Boy
Synopsis: A magical water nymph has taken residence in an apartment
building and travels thru the watrepipes in the building showing up from
time to time to have sex with the tenants then wiping their memories clean

Nymphette Series
Nymphette starring Careena Collins, Elle Rio, Sharon Mitchell
Regine Bardot, Paula Harlow, Ron Jeremy, Buck Adams, Jerry Butler
Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Steve Powers Synopsis:
Let's go on a journey with
our own special nympette. She's on a mission to cure her sexual addiction, but can she
do it? She's going to go to India, to a special river where she can find out about her sexual powers, and perhaps heal other people's sexual afflictions as well.

Nymphette Does Hollywood starring Careena Collins, Janet Littledove
Elle Rio, Sheri St Clair, Breezy Lane, Herschel Savage, Jon Martin
Mike Horner, Randy West, Tom Byron
Our little nymphette, takes off to find fame & fortune in Hollywood,
and finds out how the game is really played.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Nymphobrat starring Julianne James, Racquel Darrian, Alex Storm
Jacqueline, Eric Price, Randy Spears, Derek Lane, Tom Byron
Synopsis: This time around, the brat is wishing she could be sexier, and her
wishes are answered by the devil ( a magical ice cream man).

More Titles Coming Soon