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Mad Jack Beyond Thunderbone starring Candie Evans,Careena Collins
Bionca, Krista Lane, Keli Richards, Peter North, Francois Pappillion
Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers Synopsis:
This romp is a fast-paced spoof on the mainstream Hollywood hit. The flick is set after World War III has destroyed life as we know it. But even though civilization has been destroyed, there are some things that never change. For instance, the future still seems full of lusciously busty young women who want nothing more than some scintillating sex. Peter North stars as Mad Jack, a renegade warrior who's being chased across the barren wastelands by a trio of futuristic government agents. He's been off fighting a lengthy war and wants to get back to his home for some rest and relaxation.

Mad Love starring Aja, Lisa Bright, Brandy Wine, Renee Morgan
Britt Morgan, Jon Dough, Damien Cashmere, Jon Martin, F M Bradley
Tony Montana, Rick Lee
When a young couple agrees to house-sit a mysterious old mansion, they discover that the resident spirits are more than just willing - they're downright horny!

Mad Sex 2 starring Anita Dark, Christine Dark, Eniko Wrabel, Marietta
Illana Moore, Maria Kiss, Judith Canape, Gerry Pike, Zoltan Kabai
John Walton, Andrew Youngman
Synopsis: Post-apocalyptic hokum with brief nods to
Mad Max and a thousand
others of the genre. Anita's mixed-gender group teaches Marietta's lesbian collective
that lemons are perhaps not the only fruit.
* In German w/no subtitles but with English narration

Madam X starring Mimi Myagi, Shawnee Cates, Melanie Moore, Anisa
Randy West, T T Boy Synopsis:
 bawdy brothel full of amorous Asian beauties
is the setting for this tantalizing tale of pay-for-play pleasure. Gorgeous Anisa turns
in her most erotic performance ever as the madam, a ravishing beauty who's looking
for naughty new recruits. She takes a couple of sultry sex kittens under her wing,
letting them enter her sexy stable -- for a price

Madame X starring Devon Shire, K C Williams, Raven, Paula Price
Eric Price, Jon Dough, Joey Silvera
2 bi-chicks are getting a little tired of just munching each other's carpet.
They want some dick, and they're gonna get it tonight down at Lucy's, a local swing
club where fantasies come true.

The Maddams Family starring Ona Z, Charisma, Deidre Holland
Kim Acosta, Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy, Jon Dough
Classic porn send up of the hit TV series but instead of just being plain creepy, this family is extremely horney. Especially for anyone that comes into their
home or already lives there.

Made in Germany starring Angela Baron, Tracey Adams, Megan Leigh
Alicia Monet, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Mike Horner
Angela Baron arrives from Germany as a German tutor for Mike Horner and Tracey Adams, the offspring of a recently departed billionaire. Actually, Tracey has technically inherited almost all of the money, but if Mike can catch her in a sex act, he can exploit a secret clause in his dearly departed Dad's will to get all of the moolah for himself.

Magic Eros starring Erika Bella, Anita Blond, Lea Martini, Ursula Moore
Judith Vegh, Deborah Valentine, Andrew Youngman, Frank Gunn
Franco Roccaforte, Zenza Raggi, Reinhardt, Mike Foster, Phillipe Dean
Synopsis: Julie, a beautiful, sexy girl from the prairies, fresh out of college with a degree in modern languages, is hired by an important holding company as assistance to a seductive lady manager in the take over of a computer company that is on the verge of bankruptcy that has, however, a very sophisticated program of virtual sex, Magic Eros! Michael, a fascinating, athletic young businessman comes between the two women upsetting all their plans. The climax is romantic, sexy and, above all Magic!
*In German w/ no subtitles

Magic Pool starring Megan Leigh, Dana Lynn, Barbie Dahl, Purple Passion
Jenny Jones, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Gabor, Ray Victory, Paul Star
Dive right in to the magic pool1 it looks like an average pool in the back
of a typical suburban home, but what happens when one touches the water, has got the whole neighborhood in a uproar. Magically and erotically, this pool has the power to
alter one's sexual desires and lusts.

The Magic Shower starring Tami White, Megan Leigh, Debi Diamond
Rachel Ryan, Busty Belle, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Randy West Synopsis:
There's a shower at this resort that grant's the user's every sexual wish. When word gets out, everyone is flocking to get clean in here!

The Magic Touch starring Erica Boyer, Shanna McCullough, Kari Foxx
Patti Petite, Rachel Ryan, Gina Carrera, Bunnie Blake, Kevin James
Tom Byron, Nick Random, Steve Drake, Rick Savage Synopsis:
There is something very magical about a dress spun by Gypsy weavers in the south of France. Each and every woman who puts on the dress falls under its mysterious spell. The
dress possesses powers that spread sexuality and sensuality throughout the body and
soul of anyone who wears it.

Mai Lin vs. Serena starring Serena, Mai Lin, Jade Wong, Anne Fisher
Robin Sane, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage, Dan T. Mann, Jon Martin
Jesse Adams, Mike Horner
When a big time porn producer can't decide who will get the lead in his next picture + $25,000, Mai & Serena make a wager to see who can out-sex who and win the role & the cash. The race is on & you are the winner!!!

Maid For Service starring Raven, Dusty, Missy Warner, Lele Adams
Cal Jammer, Tom Chapman, Jake Steed
Raven is about to make your bed! Here is a room service that delivers
more than just towels. These maids cater to your every erotic wish. You won't find a Maid like this at any hotel you go to! So sit back and relax because these girls are going to leave more then just a mint on your pillow. It's definitely service with a smile!

Main Street USA starring Melanie Moore, Carolyn Monroe, Heather Lere
Saki St Jermaine, Persia, Jon Dough, Joel Lawrence, Matt Daniels
A group of social misfits seek help througha therapy group to become
more sexually attractive to others.

Make Me Feel It starring Kelly Nichols, Kristara Barrington, Carol Cross
Sharon Kane, Taija Rae, George Payne, R. Bolla
R. Bolla stars as a publisher of porn paperbacks whose business has fallen on hard times. People just aren't thrilled by his books anymore. So he calls in his authors, a bunch of guys and gals whose sexy stories just aren't cutting the mustard anymore. Bolla sends them all out to find new, exciting sexual experiences to write about

Make Me Sweat starring Scarlet Windsor, Rachel Ryan, Debi Diamond
Tina Gordon, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Jeff Golden
When a woman thinks she cannot have kids, she goes on awild sexual rampage, after all, there can't be an consequences........or can there?

Make Me Watch starring Sally Layd, Brittany O'Connell, Micky Lynn
Christina West, Marilyn Martin, Jon Dough, Peter North, Kyle Stone
Nick East, Rick Masters
A wife seeks to put some passion back in
her lustless marriage by convincing him to watch porn with her. But she gets more
than she bargained for as the porn takes her over.

The Makeup Room Series

The Makeup Room starring Mickala, Meekah, Tiffany Million
Bionca, Saki St Jermaine, Cal Jammer, Joel Lawrence, Mike Horner
These stars tell all of the true stories of what happens in the backstage
areas...specifically, The Nakeup Room.

The Makeup Room 2 starring Mickala, Tiffany Million, Celeste, Bionca
Saki St Jermaine, Meekah, Woody Long, Steve Drake, Mike Horner
Watch & see what takes place when these stars reveal their favorite
memories of what happens in the Makeup Room

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Making Charli starring Charli, Megan Leigh, Tami White, Rachel Ryan
Peter North, Jon Dough, Tom Byron
Synopsis: A blue collar worker takes a cue from the movie ;'Weird Science',
and tries to create a woman out of nothing...and it works. But the woman, is a
insatiable nymph that is more than he can handel.

Making It starring Cameo, Rene Summers, Brigitte Aime, Jamie Leigh
Tom Byron, Cal Jammer, Dave Rock Synopsis:
A porn producer, trying to find
fresh talent, goes on TV with an infomercial on making it in the porn industry.
Viewers are busting down her doors to become the next big star.

Making it Big starring Jacqueline Lorians, Desiree Lane, Shaun Michelle
Jacy Allen, Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas, Jerry Davis
A group of debs attending a School foir The Fine Arts, are willing to
do whatever it takes to make it to the top & screw each other over in the process.

Malibu Blue starring Sierra, Christine Appleigh, Rebecca Bardoux
Nicole London, Steve Drake, Jonathan Morgan
A story about a TV producer who lives at the beach and steals scripts.
He steals, from one of the scripts, a way to kill his wife, his mistress and anyone who stands in the way of his plans, or simply annoys him.

Malibu Hookers 1 starring Asia Carrera, Vivian Valentine, Rayveness
Leanni Lei, Envy, Jade Marcela, Nick East, Chris Charming, Valentino
Joel Lawrence, Steve Hatcher, Todd Alexander
Synopsis: Business has never been better as Asia and her band of merry hookers sexually plunder the poor and rich alike in exotic Malibu. These brazen beauties will do anything to please you...that's right, absolutely anything! This exotic adventure makes Nathan Drake look like Matlock. Beautiful women havin' a ton of fun in the sun and gettin' cock while they're out there.

Malibu Nights starring Dru Berrymore, Tina Tyler, Sydnee Steele
Julie Rage, Randee Lee, Carolina, Jessica Darlin, Dick Nasty, Nick East
Sean Rider, Michael Hurt
A woman becomes obsessed with spying on her neighbor who has
an endless line of men coming & going from her house.

Malibu Spice starring Jeanna Fine, Ashlyn Gere, Moana Pozzi
Miss Pomodoro, K.C. Williams, Angela Summers, Randy West, Peter North Sean Michaels, T T Boy, John Dough, Jake Steed, Marc Wallice, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
Jon Dough is a rich guy who is headed for a big ol' tax bill
unless he can come up with a substantial tax loss. His accountant suggests that he
give one of his most least profitable ventures, a Malibu health spa, to its horny
employees, & they turn it around, BIG TIME!

The Maltese Bimbo starring Ariana, Cherry Lawson, Belynda, Gianna
Zina Reel, Rick Savage, Zach Taylor, Felipe
A woman hires a down & out PI to protect her from a South
American druglord, who's after her because she's in possesion of a valuable

Man Killer starring Nici Sterling, Tabitha, Sid Deuce, Kelly Jaye
Buck Adams, T T Boy, Alex Sanders, Bobby Vitale Synopsis:
Nici Sterling is the foreign body that's devouring men by the gallon in Buck Adams' Man Killer. A pulsing, driving tale of a woman ona frenzied quest for sexual fulfillment. Her boundless, perverse appetite for sin leads her to touch, taste, and feel sexual reality at its most extreme.

The Man Who Loved Women starring Brittany O'Conell, Devon Shire
Chanel, Laurie Cameron, Traci Prince, Chelsea Lynx, Rocco Sifferd
Joey Silvera Synopsis:
8 wildly beautiful girls whose fondest desire is to do Rocco like he's never been done before! It's a winner take all sex carnival as these beauties give their all... in ways that will take your breath away and leave you gasping for more!

Manbait starring Moana Pozzi, Nina Hartley, Leanna Foxxx, P J Sparxx
Buck Adams, Peter North, T T Boy, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Moana hits the United States looking for a high-paying career in the exciting world of modeling (sound familiar?). Little does our imported ingenue know about the unscrupulous men and women who take sexual advantage of such gorgeous babes as herself…But she soon finds out.

Manbait 2 starring Moana Pozzi, K.C. Williams, Leana Foxxx, Heather Hart
Alexandra Quinn, Cheri Taylor, Buck Adams, Randy West, Peter North
Tom Byron, Cal Jammer, Sean Michaels Synopsis:
Moana continues her pursuit of the American Dream, as she now comes to grips with how the game is played and what she must do to get to the top of the model world

Mandii's Magic starring Laurel Canyon, Kascha, Brandy Wine
Ebony Ayes, Blake Palmer, Francois Papillion, Jon Dough, Ray Victory
Manii's Magic is the hottest brothel in LA, and the cops don't know
about this place. That is, until a bookie gets hauled in and makes a deal with the cops.
He tells them everything he knows about the operation. Mandii now has to get out of
the biz before the nab her, and she has no idea what's about to come down.

Maneaters starring Shauna Grant, Kelly Nichols, Joey Silvera, Tiffany Clark, Joanna Storm, Jean Silver, Tish Ambrose, Sharon Mitchell Synopsis : Hustler raved about this intriguing and erotic tale of an unscrupulous lawyer and the babes he beds. Lust, betrayal, and revenge come together in one of the hottest XXX feature films ever made!

Manic Behavior starring Raylene, Teri Starr, Barrett Moore, India
Montana Gunn, Candy Hill, Bobby Vitale, Nick East, Michael J Cox
Rick Masters, Tony Tedeschi, Steve Hatcher
Synopsis: Raylene leads a lonely, troubled life. She wants to be loved, but she has a thing for another woman's man. She has mood swings in which she's a nasty bitch or a sweet person. She makes a fool out of herself at a party. She goes by her crush's
house and finds his girlfriend's locket on the floor. She picks it up, walks into the street and is struck by a car and killed. She wasted her life dreaming about a man she couldn't have.

Maraschino Cherry starring Gloria Leonard, Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Susan McBain, Constance Money, C.J. Lang, Eric Edwards, Wade Nichols Synopsis: Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world’s oldest profession. Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly begins her education. She starts with the simple pleasures her business offers its clients — all the traditional forms of sex. Watching Leslie Bovee, who plays the neophyte hooker, performing her lessons is what adult film is all about. Later, she moves on to such lessons as the proper binding and beating techniques for clients who prefer their pleasures with a touch of S&M. A well-done tribute to bought pleasure in all of its forms

Marathon starring Drea, Misty Dawn, Sharon Mitchell, Mai Lin
Lynx Cannon, Shaun Michelle,  Jamie Gillis, William Margold
Herschel Savage Synopsis:
They gave a party and everybody came! Who likes to party hearty? Well, when champion hot-dogger Bill and sizzling slope-strumpet Drea win a big ski contest, they decide to throw a bang-up party no one will ever forget. Rest assured, this is one party where everyone comes in a Marathon orgy of unequaled X-rated action.

Marco Polo starring Tabatha Cash, Simona Valli, Lydia Channel
Georgia Anghela, Rocco Siffredi, Leo Gambao, Kris Aguilar
The classic tale of Marco Polo is told, but not so much his legendary explorations, but so much more so, his sexual conquests across the globe.
* In Italian w/ no subtitles

Mardi Gras starring Barbara Dare, Melissa Melendez, Lili Marlene
Lois Ayers, Mauvais DeNoir, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Jonn Martin, Scorpio
Marc Wallice, Jonathon Younger, Dana Douglas
It's Mardi Gras time in New Orleans, and 2 roommates are out to
celebrate by getting laid.
* In English w/ German subtitles

Marianne Bouquet starring Virginie Vignon, Eileen Welles, Claudia Coste
Janine Reynaud, John Seeman, Michel Lemoine Synopsis:
Marianne, the beautiful wife of Michael, loves her husband very much, but Michael cannot resist the lure of illict sex. His sexual escapades are seemingly endless. Marianne's faithfulness has its limits and when she meets and beds the handsome Philip, she must make a decision... to wait for the man she married to return to her or start her life anew with someone else. The passions of the heart and body come together in an explicit, searing tale of love and lust and a woman ready to bloom emotionally and sexually.

Marilyn starring Kelly Trump, Martina Mercedes, Laura Black
David Perry, Francesco Malcom, Alberto Rey, Mike Foster
Kelly Trump shines in this feature parody on the life of Hollywood's biggest starlet. From the opening scene in “circa 1946” New York City, the sexy Miss Trump wastes no time proving why this blonde bombshell is one of history's
most desired women. Several hot anal scenes featuring the beautiful Eva Kosa and Miss Trump highlight the “ins and outs” of what it takes to become a Hollywood icon. The great locations, humorous storyline and great sex make Marylin a very unique
movie and one that couples are sure to enjoy.
*In Italian w/ English subtitles

Marissa starring Cassidey, April Flowers, Sydnee Steele, Dayton Rain
Venus, John Decker, Alec Metro, Devin Wolf, Lexington Steele
A nightclub owner helps resurrect the career of her favorite jazz artist, only
to find that she has complicated her life and his as well, and possibly not for tyhe better.

The Mark of Zara starring Zara Whites, Jeanna Fine, Angela Summers
Brigitte Aime, K C Williams, Marc Wallice, Sikki Nixx, Randy West
Tom Byron, Tony Montana Synopsis:
Zara is a servant in her mistress' castle
where she undresses and bathes her ladyship and her lovers, preparing them for their intimate pleasures. Zara bows to Lady Dianna's every whim no matter how humiliating, seeking only to please. Zara watches and waits for the day her prince will come to
sweep her away from this wretched life and remove from her forever.. the mark of

Married With Hormones Series
Married With Hormones starring Bionca, Nikki Wilde, K C Williams
Heather Hart, Mercedez Lynn, Randy West, Sebastian, Tom Byron
Biff Malibu Synopsis:
The classic TV show ' Married With Children' is given the
old porn spoof treament. Meet the Undys, not your typical American family. An overworked salesman, a lazy housewife, a simpleton bimbette & an enterprising
under achiever. A family like this makes you crave for your own family's dysfunction

Married With Hormones 2 starring Bionca, Tonisha Mills, Summer Knight
Shawnee Cates, Marissa Malibu, Randy West, Sebastian, Tom Byron
The Undys return in this smash sequal. this time around a porn producer makes an offer to use their house his latest epic, and along the way, the family all gets jobs to work on the film.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Marilyn Chambers : Private Fantasies Series

Marilyn Chambers : Private Fantasies #1 starring Marilyn Chambers
Annette Haven, Abigail Clayton, John Holmes, Jon Martin, Mike Ranger
Michael Morrison Synopsis:
Marilyn Chambers, the all time number 1 Box-Office Star, Has put these original, never seen before tapes together based on her own personal real-life fantasies, and she has choreographed the action so as to realistically capture her innermost sexual feelings Marilyn also provides her own narration with scenes involving her intimate friends. Highlights of this tape include Marilyn Chambers paired with John C.Holmes, and you can watch her deep throat the 13 1/2" King. Then she performs in a three girl fantasy set in a bowling alley that must be seen to be believed. Each tape has 4 different fantasies of Superb Sexuality!! Featuring the star selected by critics and filmgoers as the single most sensual performers in Adult Cinema. Now you can be a witness to Marilyn Chambers' Actual Private Fantasies.

Marilyn Chambers : Private Fantasies #2 starring Marilyn Chambers
Tantala, Blake Palmer, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers Synopsis:
A most memorable fantasy involving two hardworking moving men in Scarlet Chambers, Marilyn plays a Souther Belle who's more than just little fascinated with her slave's physique. Finally, in Abduction, she takes on three "low life" degenerates and meets up with "Tantala." A bizarre and frightening dominatrix four of the most shock ingly erotic fantasies ever filmed are yours for the taking

Marilyn Chambers : Private Fantasies #3 starring Marilyn Chambers
Tantala, Gaylene Marie, Ron Jeremy, Nick Random, Rick Cassidy
on-going sin-suous saga finds The doctor is in as Ms.Chambers discovers new uses for the stirrups as she scientifically seduces her gleeful Gynecologist. I'm No Dummy Demonstrates the power of positive thinking as a male mannequin comes to life - in more ways than one. The third fantasy, Take a Letter, has a friend secretary letting her hair down to ultimately give her boss the nymphomaniac's version of dictation. Last, and certainly not least, a Newspaper Ad pits Marilyn and electrifying dominatrix "Tantala" in a bondage story that's guaranteed to be a front-page headline. Expanding the limits of sexuality, Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies #3 is a further look into the mind of the irrepressible and insatiable leading lady of the Adult Cinema.

Marilyn Chambers : Private Fantasies #4 starring Marilyn Chambers
Sheri St. Clair, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage, Buck Adams, Harry Reems
Peter North Synopsis:
Win-A-Date -Marilyn plays an eager-to-please grand prize that shy, contest-winner, Harry Reems has a hard time accepting. Olympics -Only Marilyn could dream up this wild, sexual spoof, as she takes on stiff competition for Freestyle Sex gold. Babysitter - Marilyn remembers how she and a gal-pal were babysitting and showed her boss that 'sleeping on the job' can be a good thing. Sex Therapist - An inhibited young couple seek Marilyn's hands-on expertise in a hot session.

Marilyn Chambers : Private Fantasies #5 starring Marilyn Chambers
Tantala, Ami Rodgers, Kevin James, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Richard Pacheco Synopsis:
Caught In The Act - Dominatrix Tantala shows Marilyn the ropes, then gives the camera crew the 'bondage business. Police - Marilyn calls in 2 cocky cops to put her fears of a prowler (along with herself) to be. Bachelor Party - Bride, groom, and a few ushers take on Marilyn pre-ceremony! Jerry Butler stars. Play My Song - Richard Pacheco as a disc-jockey who gets his flute play by a talented, new throat.

Marilyn Chambers : Private Fantasies #6 starring Marilyn Chambers
Christy Canyon, Harry Reems, Jerry Butler, Tom Byron, Kevin James
Boy Scouts - Tom Byron and Kevin James are two troopers who already know how to 'Pitch-A-Tent', but with Marilyn's help they earn a Fire-Starting Merit Badge. Gardener - Who says 'You can't find good help these days' a black and hung, Andre Bolla gets to do his digging indoors and sprays Marilyn with his fertile seed. Picnic - Christy Canyon and Harry Reems join Marilyn for some decadent afternoon delights al fresco.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 6 Chapters for Just 69.95
(A Savings of 25.75)

Marina Vice starring Kimberly Carson, Melissa Melendez, Sunny McKay
Leslie Winston, Tesse Ferre, Summer Rose, John Holmes, Billy Dee
Buck Adams Synopsis:
Shot on location at Marina Del Rey, California, John C. Holmes stars in Marina Vice, a hip take off on the famous television series. No expense was spared in this fabulous production from the Golden Age of Adult Cinema. Yachts, beautiful locations, top talent and an intriguing story of drugs, sex and rock and roll, all add up to one super adult movie. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore! John Holmes is the quintessential adult performer, and his performance in a wild 3-way with Melissa Melendez and Kimberly Carson is truly one of the hottest scenes in adult cinematic history. Both collectors and afficianados of adult entertainment will want to own this movie.

Mary Jane starring Rhonda King, Carol Faye, Anya Duval, Marc Brock
Jack Colt Synopsis:
Take 4 girls, mix frequently with two weed pushers, add a large measure of stupidity, blend continuously within the confines of a miami motel room, sprinkle in a man murdered by mistaken idenity, and top it all off with a ton of sex, and you have the recipe for this long lost classic of 70s porn.

Mary ! Mary ! starring Constance Money, John Leslie, Sharon Thorpe, Kristine Heller
Synopsis :
Constance Money brings to the screen the kind of beauty that easily ranks her among the most internationally famous women of our time. Her appearance in Misty Beethoven brought her worldwide acclaim as the most beautiful actress ever to appear in an adult motion picture. Now in Mary! Mary!, she proves that she is not only breathtakingly attractive, but a sexual superstar, as she, John Leslie and Sharon Thorpe prove beyond any doubt that this is without question the hottest and most erotically arousing film ever made. Truly a collector’s treasure.

Mascara starring Lisa De Leeuw, Lee Carroll, Tiffany Clark
Mistress Candice, George Payne, Ron Jeremy, R. Bolla, Bobby Astyr
A sexual drama of uncommon depth, 'Mascara' is one of the best sex films of director Henri Pachard's career. Shot in 1983, the film stars Lisa DeLeeuw in one of her best roles ever, playing a lonely young woman who spends her days in the secretarial pool and her nights looking for lust in all the wrong places. After a particularly disappointing one night stand, Lisa decides to see how the other half lives. She finds a mentor in high-priced call girl Lee Carroll, and starts spending her night engaged in some pay-for-play passion of her own. Lisa indulges her every erotic appetite, whether it's taking on two guys at once or experiencing lesbian lust in the arms of a sultry siren. Things quickly get a bit heady for Lisa and she starts to wonder whether a life devoted purely to sensual pleasure is such a great thing after all. Ambitious, erotic and totally uncompromising, 'Mascara' is one of the true classics of 80s hardcore cinema.

Mask starring Lene Hefner, Lacy Rose, Brittany O'Conell, Sierra
Jon Dough, Nick East, Stephen St Croix, Mark Davis Synopsis:
A scientist blows his face off in an experiment gone awry. His girlfriend leaves him. He rebuilds his face and becomes irresistible to any woman including the girl who left him, but she has no idea it's him.

The Masseuse Series
The Masseuse starring Hyapatia Lee, Randy Spears
A novelist geek, finds himself sexually frustrated, so he takes a
trip to the local massage parlor where he meets the girl of his dreams. Soon he
becomes a steady customer of the masseuse, and a romance begins to unfold.
While love begins to blossom, they must face the reality that she is married and has a baby.

The Masseuse 2 starring Ashlyn Gere, Asia Carrera, Leena, Christina West
Steven St Croix, Steve Drake, Tony Tedeschi, Randy West, Karl Radford
A masseuse, who turns tricks on the job, is determined to not be
considered or treated like a whore. Not only by her clients, but herself as well.

The Masseuse 3 starring Taylor Hayes, Melissa Hill, Chloe, Jenteal, Tia Bella, Katie Gold, Leanni Lei, Billy Gilde, Herschel Savage, James Bonn
Jamie Gillis, Mr Marcus
A young nerdy guy gets his heart broken by his college sweetheart and
goes on a quest to find love in one of the most unusual places. He starts his search in
the bright lights and big city of New York where he meets a man that puts him on the
path of a massage parlor that believes in fulfilling a man's wants and needs.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase All 3 DVDs for Just  $34.95
(A Savings of $12.90)

The Masseuse starring Jenna Jameson, Wendy Devine, Savanna Samson
Justin Sterling, Evan Stone
Synopsis: Award winning remake of an award winning porn movie. This time
around Jameson takes on the role originally played by Hyapatia Lee, but this is more
of a re-imaging of the film rather than a remake. Jenna's performance is red hot
and one of her most famous performances

The Master & Ms. Johnson starring Dawn Perry, Tawny Pearl
Jennifer West, April Grant, Margaret Monroe, CC Tian, Vivi Vallini
Randy Lane, Tokyo, Robert Bullock, William Margold, R J Reynolds
J Vallini, Larry Moore, John Hollyfield, Halevah
A couple having sexual problems decide to see a therapist. But the wife
is getting much more from the treatments & the sessions than the husband can.

. Master of Pleasure starring Samantha Strong, Kathleen Gentry,
Alicia Monet,
Kim Alexis, Renee Morgan, Delia Moore, John Leslie,
Billy Dee, Joey Silvera,
Mike Horner
In a ritzy penthouse, a passionate lawyer (John Leslie) lives the ultimate
sex fantasy! Get ready to experience The Master Of Pleasure... and meet the
beautiful, insatiable women who satisfy them. No sexual act is taboo. From the
delicious thrill of domination and bondage... to illicit lesbian lust... and sizzling
sex-toys sessions, the extravagant decadence of jet-set lust is laid bare. It's almost
too much for any man to handle.

Masterpiece starring Deidre Holland, Jacqueline, Cameo, Marilyn Rose
Kathleen Faberje, Jon Dough, Eric Edwards, Ray Victory
Synopsis: Deidre Holland is an artist using Ray Vioctory as a model for her
nudes, and Jon Dough is a millionaire wanting top buy her work and falls in love
with her somewhere along the way

Matinee Idol starring Angel, Jessie St. James, Kay Parker, Laurie Smith
Colleen Brennan, Chelsea Manchester, Herschel Savage, John Leslie
Linda and Lance are two adult film stars whose private and professional lives go into the dumper. When they refuse to make any more films, replacements must be found.

Maxed Out 5 starring Alex Dane, Dee, Alice, Max Hardcore, Rob
Synopsis: Series of vignettes featuring Max and his video camera taping some
of the hottest sex around with these hot babes.

Maxine starring Porsche Lynn, Tami White, Sharon Mitchell, Tara Blake
Buddy Love, Joey Silvera, Randy West, Robert Bullock, Wayne Stevens
Porsche Lynn stars as Maxine, an intrepid reporter for a busy metropolitan TV news show. She's hit upon the story of a lifetime when she meets a couple of couch potatoes who claim that by watching network television that were turned into a pair of feverishly frolicking sexual animals. Rather than just enjoy the situation, though, the
couple feels the need to expose the networks nefarious scheme  to entice viewers into
sex through subliminal manipulation. How causing sex among your viewers is supposed
to boost ratings is a mystery, but Maxine lays bare the whole sordid story on her nightly broadcast. But now she's run afoul of the powerful network execs who created the
whole plan

Maya'a Addiction starring Wendy Devine, Adajja, Chloe, Chennin Blanc
Kelsey Heart, Bailey, Cheyne Collins, Evan Stone, Eric Masterson
Ian Daniels, Chris Cannon, Marty Romano
Cassie thinks her husband Jeff has some rather odd ideas about sex - Oddly compulsive and abnormal ideas. When Jeff enters a thrity-day program to help with his compulsions, the illustrious Dr. Bates is quick to point out that there's really nothing wrong with Jeff that a willing partner can't cure and maybe Cassie's the one with the problem. Now it's up to the brilliant Doctor to help open Cassie's mind, heart, and anything else that comes into play

The Maze starring Laura Sinclair, Erika Bella, Lea Martini, Silvia Saint
Fovea, Stephanie Silver, Swanny, Roberto Malone, Robert Rosenberg
Mike Foster, Hakan, Bruno SX
Synopsis: A dark forest. A deserted cabin. A mysterious dwarf. Each room an unimaginable delight. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Meatball starring Andrea True, Tina Russell, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens
A scientist has developed a powerful aphrodesiac, that when injested, along with ground beef, makes a person totally insatiable. Fun at first, sure....but soon it becomes life threatening, and the scientist must come up with the antidote...and fast!!

Meltdown starring Cheri Taylor, Rachel Ryan, Bridgette Monroe
Tiffany Storm, Don Fernando, Ed Powers, Randy West, Peter North
Jamie Gillis Synopsis:
A small town in the grips of a heatwave, finds a cocktail waitress trying to cool down, while the men in town are all heated up.

Memphis Cathouse Blues starring Annette Haven, Rhonda Jo Petty, Danielle, Lisa De Leeuw, Dorothy LeMay, Kay Parker, K.C.Valentine,
Mike Horner, Herschel Savage, Richard Pacheco Synopsis:
Sensual superstar Annette Haven is the lady of the house who has just the trick to satisfy hungering needs. Blonde, brunette or redhead, they're the hottest cathouse crew ever seen. Soft as kittens and playful as wildcats, you'll love the likes of Lisa De Leeuw, Kay Parker, Rhonda Jo Petty and Dorothy LeMay.

A Merry Widow starring Rosanna Doll, Simona Valli, Susanna Catone
Cristoph Clark, Richard Langin Synopsis:
Based on the classic operetta by Lehar, this story is set in Victorian Europe, and tells the tale of a beautiful widow, who after a year of mourining, is being courted by the King himself, and the commender of the King's Military forces, whom she once had a flame for. But the excesses of old Europe is not lost in this story, for some of the best Euro sex scenes ever filmed are delivered here.
*In English

Merry X-Miss starring Samantha Strong, Rose Marie, Lois Ayers, Sade
Herschel Savage, Francois Papillion, Johnny Nineteen, Louis Shortstud
Ted and Donna just want to spend a quiet holiday weekend in the mountains, but before you can say "Kiss My Mistletoe" a cherry-red corvette pulls up and disrupts all their plans! It's Santa's beautiful daughter Xavier Claus and Sid, her horny little elf, on the lam from the North Pole! Have you been naughty or nice?

Mesmerized 2 starring Nikki Tyler, Nici Sterling, Sarah Jane Hamilton
Nj De Bahia, Steven St Croix, Tony Tedeschi, Sergio Demon
2 psychiatrists use hypnosis to delve into their patients' deepest
sexual fantasies

Meter Maids starring Desiree West, Linda Bailey, Anne Brady
Ken Scudder, Al Ruso, John Rand Synopsis:
Desiree and her friends are Meter Maids in 70s San Francisco. Handing out tickets and making deals with violators to pay thier fines off in unique ways.

Miami Spice starring Amber Lynn, Sheri St. Clair, Danielle, Barbara Dare,
Candie Evans, Janet Littledove, Porsche Lynn, Blondi, Randy West, Eric Edwards, Tony Montana Synopsis:
Amber Lynn is a Miami vice copper, and when she's not tooling around town in her Lamborghini looking for evil-doers, she's undressing South Florida's eligible bachelors and bachelorettes and laying her own special frisking technique on them just to make sure their on the "up and up." Right now she's on the trail of big time coke dealer Eric Edwards, who lives on a multi-million-dollar yacht and who pushes more white powder than a snowplow. To get him, Amber needs help from rich guy Randy West, and they seduce each other in Randy's lavish home. Later, with Randy's help, Amber gets close to Eric, and then she gets really close to Eric, and then she busts him. A stylish, lushly photographed crime story with great performances by all the ladies!!

Miami Spice 2 starring Amber Lynn, Sheri St. Clair, Danielle,
Stacey Donovan, Candie Evans, Jennifer Noxt, Joey Silvera, John Leslie,
Randy West Synopsis:
Is gorgeous Great a good cop gone bad? Two passionate policewomen are hot on her trail to find out! Working for Sonny, a powerful sleaze-bag crimelords, Greta is subjected to the wild sexual amusements of Sexpot and her other sin-sisters. Meanwhile, Amber and Sheri are using their heads (and everything else) to gather evidence against Sonny. The tempo is torrid and the action outrageous - climaxing with a Miami Beach motorboat chase! This big-budget sextacular delivers twice the vice - at any price!!

Midnight Angel starring Carolyn Monroe, Devon Shire, Bridgette Monroe
Kimberly Dawn, Marc Wallice, Buck Adams, T T Boy
3 roommates have a wild private life in their sex haven apartment.

Midnight Confessions starring Mikala, Lacy Rose, Tiffany Mynx
Alicia Rio, Jonathan Morgan, T T Boy, Marc Wallice
2 roommates decide its time to take the world by the horns. Especially since they need money in order to make their bills, or they’re going to lose everything. They start an escort service of their own, but end up getting in a little over their heads.

Midnight Desires starring C.J. Lang, Vanessa Del Rio, Bree Anthony
Jenny Baxter, Linda Lovemore, Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards, Ashley Moore
Synopsis: When 2 couples get together for a night of cocktails, they decide to entertain themselves for the evening with tales of past sexual antics.

Midnight Dreams starring Valeria, Heather St Clair, Tanya Storm
Brooke Dunn, T T Boy, Vince Vouyer, Sam Cooper, Gerry Pike
In the depths of one's mond lies many desires & dreams of lust. Open your mind and explore such things as you can only imagine.

Midnight Fire starring Viper, Lynn LeMay, Raven Richards, Mike Horner
Sean Michaels, William Margold, Peter North Synopsis:
The sun sets on a bustling city. A room filled with smoke as the phone lines light up and a hand reaches for the dial. You're on the air with Nikki "Midnight" Ryder. Her sulky, erotic voice caresses the airwaves as you adjust the controls to tune her in. Spend a night with Nikki as she paints your most sensual fantasies and stokes the fires of your dreams with a wave of her tongue. Got a hope...maybe a fear or a desire burning deep in the recesses of your mind. The Midnight Fire’s burning out of control and you're looking for someone...something to dampen the flames. Reach out, pick up the phone and let Nikki touch those smoking embers of the Midnight Fire.

Midnight Lady starring Kimberly Carson, Jessica Longe, Jennifer Noxt
Herschel Savage, Dick Howard, Ray Welles
A bored housewife decides to look for a job so she'll have something to do. After getting turned down everywhere her friend talks her into the world's oldest profession, but she does it in her house, only after midnight while her hubby is upstairs sound asleep

Midnight Obsession starring Anita Rinaldi, Erika Bella, Shalimar
Luisita Duarte, Alberto Rey, John Yves Le Castel, Philippe Soine
Synopsis: Porn remake of the 70s Hollywood hit, 'Midnight Express', only
with a female as the drug smuggling American in Europe.

A Midslumber's Night Dream starring Erica Boyer, Christy Canyon
Heather Wayne, Cara Lott, Nicole West, Peter North, Marc Wallice
Tom Byron, Dan T Mann, Steve Powers, Steve Drake
When a man leaves his newlywed wife for an overnight business trip, she
has to sleep alone that night. But once she falls asleep, her mind lays out the dirtiest
dream she had locked in her imagination.

Mile High Girls starring Erica Boyer, Porsche Lynn, Viper, John Leslie,
Tom Byron, Joey Silvera
What more could two stewardesses ask for? Exotic locales, good
times, lotsa liquor, and of course, hot sex!!!!

Milk Chocolate starring Val Anderson, Sharon Thorpe, Veronica Taylor
Susan Catherine, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Pharoah Adams
This classic feature film stars the lovely and tempting Sharon Thorpe, alongside John Seeman and many other familiar faces from 70's porn. Newlyweds go on a trip to San Francisco for their honeymoon. Along the way, this swinging couple hooks up with a variety of horny white folks, making their honeymoon a trip they'll never forget!

The Million Dollar Screw starring Keisha, Janet Littledove, Dana Dylan
Gail Force, Fallon, Buck Adams, Don Fernado, Buddy Love, Peter North
Synopsis: Meet Missy Watkins a young, beautiful, ripe and recently widowed lady and she is ready for love! In her bereavement she is consoled first by her sexy best friend, then by her late husband's hunky brother! But it doesn't stop there as the hot loving just keeps going in this sex romp.

The Millionairess starring Andrea True, Mary Stuart, Marc Stevens
Andrea True plays the Millionairess. She is used to doing what she wants to, when she wants to. This creates her problems which eventually get her locked up in jail. It seems as though she flashed her body at the Astrodome this time. While in jail Marc Stevens, a reporter for the National Screw, comes to interview Andrea. She is proud of her sexual exploits and is more than willing to be interviewed.

Mind Games starring Valeria, Isis Nile, Jessie James, Kirsty Waay
John Deker, Nick East, Gerry Pike, Rick O'Shea
Two women having an afair behind their husband's backs, decide to find otherwomen fortheir men to have affairs with, catch them & then justify their own
sexual relationship. The title says it all.

Mind Games starring Tiffany Million, Valeria, Stacy Nichols, P J Sparxx
Sarah Jane Hamilton, Jon Dough, Dave Hardman, Richie Razor
A writer sitting in her apartment for months, while trying to finish her
latest novel, begins to go mad, and believes herself to becoming one with the novel
she is writing.

Mind Games starring Azlea, Sky, Olivia, Renee LaRue, Lola, T T Boy
Dillon Day, Erik Everhard Synopsis:
Carrington and Marissa have a business
that`s been infiltrated by an unscrupulous FBI agent. The espionage is thick and
heading straight from the boardroom to the bedroom. Let the games begin!

Mindset starring Melissa Hill, Rebecca Lord, Felicia, Stephanie Swift
Celine Devoux, Steven St Croix, Jon Dough
The mind of a criminal is inside the body of an angel. A serial killer is
loose, loving and murdering his victims. A former FBI investigator is out to track the madman. But the madman's next victim could be just about anyone...even an FBI
agent's wife.

Mirage starring Ashlyn Gere, Nina Hartley, Trinity Loren, Alice Springs
Taylor Wayne, Greg Rome, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Mike Horner,TT Boy
A publishing agaent tries to talk a reclusive author into making a public
appearance, while she herself dreams of getting her own work published.

Misbehavin' starring Leslie Bovee, Gloria Leonard, Arcadia Lake,
Georgette Sanders,
Jack Wrangler, Marc Valentine, Eric Edwards
An angel and the devil playing poker for human souls. The stakes escalate as they wager as to whether wealthy divorcee, Rita, will marry for love or money. What will Rita do?

The Mischief Maker starring Megan Leigh, Tracey Adams, Lisa Bright
Nina Hartley, Don Fernando, Billy Dee, Mike Horner, Tom Byron
This mischief making sex addict and friends are creating all kinds of kinky chaos when they find out that they have magical powers! Meagan Leigh's 1st role!!

Miss Adventures starring Champagne, Frankie Leigh, Bobby Sox, Elise
Susan Manson, Ron Jeremy, Shone Taylor, Don Fernando, Rick Daniels
A series of vignettes revolve around the different takes people
view as sex.

Miss American Dream starring Misty Regan, Karen Summer
Dawn Adams, Dan T Mann, Sasha Gabor, Brian Maxon
A couple of judges for the Miss American Dream Pageant, have come
up with a way to sell their votes to the contestant, willing to do the most to 'Earn' the

Miss Directed starring Tori Welles, Rebecca Steele, Nikki Charm
Sabrina Dawn, Cal Jammer, Randy West, Eric Price, Gregor Samsa
Tomi Steele Synopsis:
Tori plays a porn director, directing her first film. But she
has no idea of what she is doing and learns the ropes as she goes along. She soon
becomes a 'hands on' director, showing the actors & actresses what she wants.

Miss Judge starring Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme, Anna Amore, Monique
Byron Long, Devlin Weed, Julian St Jox Synopsis:
Heather's the judge so get off her case! It's a very special brand of night court, where dead-beat boyfriends, two-timers and flirts all get their comeuppance at the hands of the hottest judge ever to slide a perfect little body under a sheer black robe. Watch the hijinks unfold as the bums approach the bench and Heather lays down the law as it's never been laid before! Your dick is your docket. Do the time.

Miss Laid Lovers starring Jennifer West, Pat Manning, Angel Ducharme
Ric Lutz, Rick Cassidy Synopsis:
A potpourri of sex, suspense, mystery, sex, drugs, deception, and of course, sex. Watch a wonderful romantic cruise become a weird mystery cruise. The mystery: What’s going on here and why?

Missing Pieces starring Nina Hartley, Lili Marlene, Carol Titian, Justine
Mauvais DeNoir, Jill Ferrari, Cindy Carver, Dannica Woods, Billy Dee
Rick Savage, Jon Martin, Don Fernando, Mike Horner, Dan Towers
Laurie is a neglected wife whose husband is a slam-bam lover, always
too busy for her.  Laurie complains to her friend Valerie who sets up a series of
sexual adventures for Laurie that open her up to be able to initiate exciting sex with
her husband again.

Mission Phenomenal starring Crystal Gold, J R Carrington, Randi Storm
Kimberly Kummings, Kim Kitaine, Kia, Nick East, Kyle Stone, Marc Wallice
Tony Martino
This Is Your Babe.... Should You Decide To Accept Her!
It's your favorite T.V. show porno style. With all the gadgets and gags, but with more than a few fine gals to spice things up. A  Stuart Canterbury lust-fest that will make
your zipper self-destruct before this tape is over. This is your mission.should you
decide to accept it! I think you will.

Missy Impossible starring Aja, Stella Starr, Tiger Lilly, David Morris
Rick Savage, Rocky DeLorenzo
A home for wayward women becomes the target for international
intrigue as spies take over the home to set up a school for spy training.

The Mistress starring Kelly Nichols, Anna Turner, Brooke West
Eric Edwards, Randy West
Karen Richards (Kelly Nichols), works in an architectural firm. Her boss, Carl Reese (Eric Edwards), wants her to move into the position of public relations. She accepts the job, knowing she may be called upon to perform some important sexual favors to close a deal. Carl invites her along on a business trip with an important associate. This is the beginning of a much more intimate relationship for them. Karen becomes disillusioned with the whole affair, knowing that she is the second woman in Carl's life. She then decides to take a leave of absense to embark on a new approach to her life.

Misty at Midnight starring Alex Jordan, Tammi Ann, Vanessa Chase
Norma Jeanne, Randy West, Tom Byron, Vince Vouyer
Norma Jeane plays a rural DJ with an extremely seductive voice. She is
offered a job in LA, and she accepts after catching her
iboyfriend cheating.

Misty Beethoven: The Musical starring Sunset Thomas, Chloe, Malitia, Julie Meadows, Asia Carrera, Ava Vincent Kelly Steele, Misty Mason, Lezley Zen, Mia Smiles, Michelle Lay, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Dave Cummings
Barrett Blade, Chris Cannon, Dick Nasty, Mike Horner,
Tyce Bune, Hamilton Steele, Trevor Zen, J T Cannon
Synopsis: In the late 80s, an off- broadway, musical production of the classic X-Rated movie, 'The Opening of Misty Beethoven" opened to rave reviews. Veronica Hart, now a director of top line porn, decided to option the script into an ambitious porn production, with the stars actually singing, acting & dancing along  newly added hardcore scenes. The result was a blockbuster....'Misty Beethoven:
The Musical. A first in the industry & a remarkably hot & entertaining film. production

Mix Up starring Sunset Thomas, Heather Hart, Shanna Rose, Daphne
Jazzmine, Ron Jeremy, Cal Jammer, Johnny Love
A full moon has taken over thius quiet neighborhood, driving everyone into
a sexual frenzy, and making people into the exact opposite of what they are.

Mobster's Wife starring Alexabdra Silk, Lexus Locklear, Shay Sweet
Katie Gold, Missy, Stephanie Swift, Kelly Jean, Summer Daze, Vince Vouyer
Tony Tedeschi, Mr Marcus, Derek Lane
Synopsis: When a mobster sends his wife off on a exotic vacation with his
henchma, so he can be free to spend time with his mistress, his plans begin to
backfire on him

The Model starring Ashlyn Gere, Dominique Simone, Amanda Addams
Sean Michaels, Tony Montana, Greg Rome
A simple story about a photography studio serves as the backdrop for a series of white-hot sexual encounters in this feverish romp

Model Wife starring Zara Whites, Sandra Scream, Bridgette Monroe
Miss Pomodoro, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Tony Montana
Lights, camera, action! The erotic world of high fashion modeling is
filled with beautiful women, scheming men, and explosive sexual encounters.

Modeling Studio starring Ginger Lynn, Erica Boyer, Heather Wayne,
Eva Blonde, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers Synopsis:
Ginger Lynn turns in one of her best early performances in this scorching look at models, massage parlors and the gals who make them both sizzle. Ginger plays the owner of an outcall massage service, setting up sexy young babes with well-paying clients for some one-on-one fun. She spends her off-hours at home with roommates Tom Byron and Greg Rome, a couple of out of work male strippers. Of course, Tom only has eyes for her, while Greg's got the hots for wannabe model Roxanne Rolland. In the end, they all decide to try and become models -- only to find that modeling's every bit as sex-drenched as massage ever was! Filled with gorgeous performers and white-hot sex, this is a 80s porn at its bawdy best!

Models starring Dru Berrymore, Tina Tyler, Nancy Vee, Katie Gold
Anita Blond, Diana Stevenson, Michael J Cox, James Bonn, J D
Synopsis: 2 male photographers & their assistant are the hottest team for erotic photo shoots. They are busier than they ever dreamed and have to hire on a secretary, and in between sessions, the search is on .

Modern Love starring Mercedez Lynn, Stacy Nichols, Tiara
Marc Wallice, T T Boy Synopsis:
A look at how modern realtionships are
much different than the crap most of us are used to going through just to get laid.

Moist To The Touch starring Kym Wilde, Rose Marie, Stacy Nichols
Jenna Wells, Anisa, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish, Randy West
When a woman unknowingly falls for a married man, she thinks she's found Mr. Right, but his wife becomes suspicious and his secretary knows the entire score.

The Moment starring Ruby, Jamie Leigh, Toni James, Randi Rage
Deva Station, Leslie Glass, Michael J Cox, Ricky O
 It's a sad life for Michael J. Cox, a young man who spends his time
cruising Venice Beach looking for ladies, obsessing about a "girlfriend" who won't let
him into her pants, and paying for hookers, and it's unclear as to whether there will
ever be a happy ending for the young lad.

Moment to Moment starring Deborah Wells, Bernadette Manfedi
Julia Larot,
John Walton, Julian St. Jox, Phillip Soine Synopsis:
A woman finds true love in Italy, but it all come too easy for her.
* Please note, that this Film is in Italian with no subtitles

Moments of Love starring Nicole Black, Danielle, Mai Lin
Rhonda Jo Petty, Lisa De Leeuw, Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage
Mike Horner Synopsis:
When a young woman is mistakenly given only 6 months to live, she decides to throw away her conservative lifestyle, and throw herself into a life of perversion and non stop sexual escapades.

Momma' s Boy starring Tantala, Sheri St. Clair, Rene Tiffany
Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Steve Douglas Synopsis:
Momma's house is no ordinary home. Momma's place is filled with lust and perversion and the most beautiful girls money can buy. What has all this done to Momma's only son? Sexually tormented by these luscious dolls, Brandon only gets to look, and never touch what Mamma sells for a living. Momma rules the roost. Whatever she says goes. Even if it is against nature and her only loving son, Momma knows what's best for everybody

Mondiali (aka World Cup) starring Moana Pozzi, Ciccolina
Miss Pomadoro, Ron Jeremy, Eric Price, Sean Michaels, Roberto Malone Synopsis:
The Italian Government hires Italy';s greatest porn stars, Cicciolina and Moana are hired to help the Italian team win the soccer world cup 1990. No prizes for guessing their strategy.

*In Italian w/ Spanish sub-titles

Mondo Bitches starring Viper, Valhalla, Eric Roberts Synopsis: The Mistress Viper trains two young and very beautiful new-cummers in the art of male domination. She doesn't spare a trick when it comes to the degradation of her live, male subject! Delve with us into the world of the bizarre --to that mystical point between pleasure and pain. It's bound to give you pleasure!

Money For Nothing Sex For Free starring Rebecca Lord, Gilly Sampson
Sybil Lanson, Kai Nobel, Rasheen Karim-Koram, Alberto Rey, David Perry
Frank Gunn, Mark Lukather, Mike Foster, Scott Tracy
There's an important wedding everyone's got to get to, but along the way,
why not stop, relax, and screw the one or ones, you're with? Then there' reception,
and of course, we can't forget the hoineymoon.

The Money Hole starring Lynn LeMay, Rebecca Bardoux, Melanie Moore
Sierra, Jonathan Morgan, Peter North, Steven St. Croix Synopsis: Buyer beware! These rooms have hot wires and bulging curves. When homeowners Janice and Scott learn what they have fallen into, they call for help. And what HELP they get!

Monkey Business starring Tracey Adams, Nina Hartley, Keisha, Elle Rio
Taija Rae, Cara Lott, Maggie Randall, Jesse Eastern, Ron Jeremy
Frank James, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
Senator Gary Hard has been caught up in a sex scandal with a fashion model, Donna Vice.This is the story of how things get sticky
on the political campaign trail. Hillarious send up of the 80s Hart/Rice affair.

Moonlusting starring Taija Rae, Tracey Adams, Keisha, Frankie Leigh
Shanna McCullough,
Siobhan Hunter,Gail Force, Jerry Butler, John Leslie
Joey Silvera Synopsis:
Private eyes, silky thighs, naughty chicks and dirty tricks. Another day of love and lust under the blue moon with David Madison and Hattie
Mays, the hottest pair of private dicks to ever uncover a stiff. Dave and Hattie are hot
on the tail of a wayward husband whose wayward wife Sallie has plenty of her own
dirty secrets to keep. The plot thickens and our sensual sleuths are sucked into a web
of intrigue and lust that involves the entire staff on the "New Poon" Detective Agency! Find out "who done it" and to whom…in "Moonlusting."

More Chocolate Candy starring Sahara, Mauvais DeNoir, Angel Kelly
Tami White, Athena Starr, Tony El-Lay, F M Bradley, Scott Irish
A group of blackmailers open up an erotic photo studio where customers have the ladies pose in enticing positions, and the girls always give in to the clients' other request as well. But what becomes of the film?

More Dirty Debutantes starring Heather Lere, Sabre, Chelsea
Mia Powers, Crystal Manners, Kym Wilde, Rebecca Frances, Iesha
Minnie Black, Ed Powers, Jamie Gillis, Hans
The first installment of the second series of debutantes brings more
of those nasty up n coming porn hopefuls to the blue screen

More Dirty Debutantes 5 starring K C Williams, Racquel Darrian
Angela Summers, Yolanda Knight, Keri Kelly, Melanie Rose, Sheila Stone
Tanya Haney, Ed Powers, Randy West, Lanmce Heywood, Derek Lane
Jamie Gillis
Synopsis: Randy West joins the Nasty Brothers & brings us K C Williams' 1st
Appearance, along with Racquel Darrian in an early scene.

More Dirty Debutantes 9 starring Shawnee Cates, Teri Weigel, Brittania
Tanya Rivers, Tina Donovan, Andrea Dryer, Diana Deville, Kylie Channel
Ed Powers, Randy West, Murrill Maglio, Captain X
Synopsis: More beautiful babes coming out of the woodwork to perform with
and for the infamous Nasty Bros. This volume features Tanya Rivers' first hardcore appearance along with a hot scene by the legendary Teri Weigel.

More Dirty Debutantes 18 starring Sabre, Francesca Le, Angela Prima
Myria, Angel, Micki Wantashi, Ed Powers, Randy West, Pierre Swami
The edition of the series features a fiery sapphic scene with Sabre & the
first on screen appearence of Francesca Le in a hot anal sequence.

More Dirty Debutantes 23 starring Nikki Dial, Monique DeMoan
Tabatha Cash, Shawnee Cates, Bonita, Killian, Ashley Davidson, Montana
Ed Powers
Synopsis: Variety. Dynamic sensuality. Returning debutantes do an encore.
Electrifying first-time experiences. These are some descriptions of "More Dirty Debutantes #23"

More Dirty Debutantes 28 starring Isis Nile, Shawnee Cates, Tricia Yen
Brooke Ashley, Ginger Bush, Devon, Zumira, Melinda Masglow
Ed Powers, Dick Keester Synopsis:
This feature is notable for having Isis Nile
in her first scene, and then another scene with her that is one of her earliest anals. And don't forget the other babes making their first appearances on film, along with some
stars making some of thier earliest

More Dirty Debutantes 58 starring Mia Smiles, Kendra, Seduction
Anne Young, Ed Powers, Jake Steed, Paul Coxx
Where do these guys find these beauties? Another round with Ed, and his never-ending quest to bang every young babe he can find. The scene with Seduction,
in her first appearence, is a scorcher, and was a signal of what this little lasy was going
to do to make her mark in the world of porn

More Sorority Stewardesses starring Kylie Ireland, J R Carrington
Felicia, Micky Lynn, Nina Hartley, Kirsty Waay, Sandi Beach
Caressa Savage, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Nick east, T T Boy
Picking up where the original left off, the babes of The Barten Allen
Institute, are cramming for their stewardess tests and trying to bring a national sorority
to the institute.

Motel Blue starring Kobe Tai, Janet Leigh, Lexi Leigh, Jaclyn Lick
Deva Station, Timber, Marc Wallice, Billy Glide, Joel Lawerence
Kobe plays a maid at a motel in a small town. This allows her to watch
and participate in sex with some of the motel's guests. She also finds
a dead body and finds out how and why he was killed.

Mother's Pride starring Colleeen Brennan, Kimberly Carson
Leslie Winston, Beverly Glenn, Tony Martino, Rick Savage, Steve Drake
Grant Jones Synopsis:
Meet a mother who likes to make it with her daughters' boyfriends, 2 daughters who make it with anyone they can, and a family that likes to
play together.

Mother's Wishes starring Cyndee Summers, Robin Lane, Lori Daren
Dennis Kane, Brian Brooks Synopsis:
Raunchy lesbian action between an easy blonde and a creamy brunette leads into a hard-hitting 3-way when the man of the house comes home. Other scenes involving other couples include lots of hot, penetrating motion, heaps of horny head and an amazingly graphic anal interlude. Featuring loads of close-up shots

Mouth Watering starring Taija Rae, Tracey Adams, Jessica Wylde
Gayle Sterling, Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards, Tony Martino Synopsis:
When a fat woman goes on a diet and looses over 100 lbs, she becomes a hot number who is willing to throw everything and everyone to the side as she pursues all of her lustful dreams that have been so long denied her.

Mouthing Off starring Madelyn Knight, Nina Hartley, Sahara Sands
Margo Stevens, Leah Stevenson, Marc Wallice, Bobby Vitale, Mitchell Grant
When a woman wants to learn how to deep throat she turns to her friend
for advice. Turns out her friend has a friend who owns a brothel, and she is willing
to give some on the job training. However the woman finds out her boyfriend is a
regular at the brothel.

Mr. Billion's Dollar Babies Series

Mr Billion's Dollar Babies 1 starring Kathleen Gentry, Tracey Adams
Jeannie Pepper, Frankie Leigh, Jenine, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera
A mysterious billionaire has hired a couple of dealers who have promised
to deliver to him a substance that is illegal for him to get his hands on. The dealers
use all of the resources they have ( and many they don't ), to bring the billionaire
exactly what he wants.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Mr Billion's Dollar Babies 2 starring Kathleen Gentry, Ona Z
Jeannie Pepper, Nikki Knights, Megan Leigh, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler
Mike Horner, Jesse Eastern Synopsis:
The mysterious billionaire is back, but
the dealers now want out. But it's hard top say no to someone so powerful. Maybe
the girls can help out the dealers again.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Mrs Behavin' starring Janine, Jelena Jensen, Sara Stone, Sophia Santi
Brooke Haven, Erik Everhard, Nick Jacobs, Scott Nails, Mandingo
Janine's back and she's hungry. It seems like every new movie is a first for
the explosive Janine, and this time it's a condomless interracial threeway with Dexter Dizzle and Mandingo. That's not all, though - there are also great, sexy performances
by Sara Stone and Jelena Jensen, as well as more boy/girl with Janine, co-starring with Scott Nails and Erik Everhard. To top it all off, Celeste's dreamy visuals and exquisite soundtrack make Mrs. Behavin' a treat for all the senses.

Mrs. Robbins starring Alicia Monet, Tracey Adams, Desiree Barclay
Fallon, Billy Dee, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Rocco Siffredi, Tom Byron
A woman finds that after her wedding, her sexual appetite outside
of the marriage, continues to grow.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Mrs. Smith's Erotic Holiday starring Jennifer West, Becky Savage
Maria Tortuga, Ken Starbuck, Kevin James, Tommy LaRock Synopsis: A robust and ribald carnal cruise aboard a ship of amorous passengers led by Jennifer West. They say that life is always more exciting when you are on the high seas!!! Join the seafaring, sex-addicted tourists as they rock the boat, in and out of port

Ms. Magnificent starring Desiree Cousteau, Jessie St. James, Liza Dwyer
Sharon Kane, Holly McCall, Mike Horner, John Seeman
The original title of this movie was "Super-woman" until the DC Comics' lawyers discovered the slight copyright infringement and proceeded to clip Desiree Cousteau's erotic cape. Jessie St. James’s performance is one of the most incredible yet. Holly McCall is to die for! Ms. Magnificent is an hilarious tale about a sexy young heroine who flies through the air on a mission to save mankind from the frustration of sexual boredom. She also battles the evil clutches of villainess Kreeta Borgia (delightfully played by Jessie St. James) who has vowed to banish all sexual encounters from the face of the earth. This is one of the funniest, most unrestrained erotic adult comedies of all time -- a real collector's item!

Muffy The Vampire Layer starring P J Sparxx, Sunset Thomas
Lacy Rose, Crystal Wilder, Tawnee, Steve Drake, Biff Malibu, Cal Jammer Zack Thomas Don Fernando
Three addle-brained Valley Girls spend their time reading pulp comics and speculating about vampires. When the trio decides to explore the local graveyard, they run into a bit more than they had bargained for when they discover that there are in fact real live vampires living in the crypt

My Evil Twin starring Norma Jeane, Lynn LeMay, Krista, Eva Flowers
Melissa Monet, Steve Drake, Rick Masters, Steve Austin
Synopsis: A traveling woman, Pamela Thomas, is minding her own business at an airport when she is spotted by the henchmen for a truly bad girl named Lucindra. It seems Pamela is a dead-ringer for Lucindra, and "dead" may soon become the key word as Pamela is drugged and kidnapped so she can figure in a game of sexual
intrigue and mistaken identity.

My Father's Wife starring Sydnee Steele, Asia Carrera, Flick Bagwell
Brad Armstrong, Mike Horner, Ian Daniels
Synopsis: When a grown man has to return home for a wile, he finds his
Father's new, beautiful wife to be a turn-on. It get's more complicated as his
father spends way too much time at the office and not enough satisfying her.

My Favorite Whore 1 starring Alex Dane, Candy Apples, Kimberly Jade
Monti, Morgan Fairlane, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Devlin Weed
Synopsis: These men love to tell the stories of banging there favorite
& very easy babes in the great outdoors

My First Time starring Mimi Morgan, Lisa Sue Corey, Suzanne French
Sonya Spizer, Joey Silvera, Blair Harris, Jack Wright Synopsis: Mimi plays the long-suffering wife of a lazy lay about. He will not work so she started making ends meet by dabbling in swinging, then eventually, porn videos. So naturally, she meets a man more interesting than her husband!! The action builds to a splattering finale

My Generation starring D J Alden, Lynden Johnson, Kim Stone
Jonathan Morgan, Steven St Croix Synopsis:
Jonathan Morgan and Steven
St. Croix are a couple of old codgers laid up in an old folks home. They're alone now, and don't have much to do aside from reminisce about their sordid pasts. Don't feel too sorry for them though - they enjoyed those sordid pasts plenty, as we get to see from their fond remembrances

My Horny Valentine starring Stacy Valentine, Christi Lake
Laura Palmer, Morgan Fairlane, Jacklyn Lick, Maya Souls, Jake Steed
Nick East, Peter North, Tony Tedeschi, T T Boy
Stacy is a new girl in town, hoping to hide her career as a stripper from
her neighbors, but things get complicated when she and the guy next door, start
falling for each other.

My Party Doll starring Cara Lott, Melissa Melendez, Alexis Firestone
Ron Jeremy, Damien Cashmere, Peter Gash, Seymore Love
Ron Jeremy stars as a video store clerk whose wildest dreams come
true when a blow up doll cums to life

My Secret Lover starring Tami Monroe, Alicia Rio, Stacey Nichols
Teri Diver, Celeste, Mike Horner, Jonathan Morgan, Woody Long
When a stripper is courted by a secret admirer, she finds herself unable to resist his charms once he rveals himself. He then takes her into the darkest recesses of her mind and reveals her hidden sexual fanatsies. But what will her husband do if he finds out? Does she even care?

My Sensual Body starring Ebony Eyes, Raven Richards, Kassi Nova
Jade East, Peter North, Jesse Adams Synopsis:
When a young wife misses her husband, she begins to find out there's more to sex than just the same old same old.

My Sinful Life starring Danielle, Rita Ricardo, Helga Sven, Brooke Fields
D J Cone, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Nick Niter, Don Fernando
Synopsis: Danielle plays our adopted heroine. Learning the sensual arts early from her adopted parents, she goes to live with her Aunt to start college. She quickly  meets the hottest girl on campus and gains employment in a brothel where she learns things that she could never have imagined

My Sister Seka starring Seka, Jennifer West, Laurien Wilde, John Leslie, R J Reynolds, David Morris
Six little episodes in Seka's life, during which she screws all the lucky men in the cast in her living room, in her hot tub, in the office where she is secretary to a new young boss, with her girlfriend, and finally with some newlyweds, as Seka happily prepares the groom for the bride by showing him the joy of oral sex.

My Wife's Best Friend starring Cassidey, Denice K, Misty Magenta
Derrick Pierce, Jack Lawrence
When a woman from europoe visits her old college roommate &
her husband, she ignites burning desires in the couple as well as their friends. A
remake of the porn classic, 'Play Me' starring Deudre Holland.

My Wife is a Call Girl starring Eva Allen, Fallon, Tanya Foxx, Cherry Hill
Valentina, Randy West, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams
When a harried husband hears that his gorgeous, sexy wife is spending her days turning tricks with other guys he can't help but try and find out if it's true. He pretends to go to work, but instead returns to spy on his sinful spouse. And boy, does he get his suspicions confirmed!!

My Wildest Date starring Crystal Gold, Holly Body, Kelly Jaye, Tabitha
Bobby Vitale, Buck Adams Synopsis:
2 guys sit down for some drinks and talk about the wildest dates they've ever been on, and wild they are indeed!

Mysteria starring Houston, P J Sparxx, Keisha, Valeria, Dallas D'Amour
Tom Byron, Alec Metro, Dick Nasty, Nicke East, Vince Vouyer
A PI is hired by a beautiful woman to find Mysteria . She won't say why, but the pay is too good to turn down. The PI follows a trail through the sleazy underground of Los Angeles by night: from porno film sets to seedy bars, and finally a run-down motel.

Mystery of The Golden Lotus starring Victoria Paris, Viper, Aja
Sharon Mitchell, Sharon Kane, Kassi Nova, Sasha Strange, Eric Edwards
Peter North, Ray Victory, Marc Wallice, Bill Margold, Rick Savage
Phaedra (Victoria Paris), a beautiful Egyptian Princess, lies dead in her pyramid tomb mourned by her lover, the handsome Aramta (Peter North) a Captain of the Guard. With help from the Gods, some ancient scrolls and the secret of the Golden Lotus, he is able to bring her back to life. Our story takes us from ancient era of the Pharaohs to the 1940's where he find Dr. Roberts (Jon Martin) and Archeologist, searching for the secret, and a separate group of foreign spies also after the magic formula, all for the individual purposes. Join this group of Good and Bad on a journey of intrigue and sexual adventure culminating in the discovery of the mystique of ‘The Golden Lotus’.

Mystic Pieces starring Britt Morgan, Brandy Alexandre, Tori Welles
Cheri Taylor, Trinity Loren, Victoria Paris, John Stagliano, Billy Dee
Jon Dough, Peter North, Tom Byron Randy West
When a high powered movie producer discovers a beautiful woman, she
decides she must make her Hollywood's next big starlet. But becoming a big starlet
means the casting couch awaits.....Welcome to Hollywood

More Titles Coming Soon