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K-SEX starring Bonnie Holiday, Serena, Juliet Anderson, Beth Sanders
Brigit Olsen, Michael Morrison, Blair Harris, Paul Thomas, Mike Horner
Synopsis: Welcome KSEX radio, night time. A horny DJ reads letters on the air from her listeners, and decribes in vivid detail, the contents of these writings.

KSEX 106.9 2 starring Taylor Hayes, Ruby, Shanna McCullough, Felicia
Alyssa Love, Holli Woods, Cortknee, Billy Glide, John Decker, Mark Davis
J J Michaels, Alex Sanders
Taylor Hayes plays the late night Dr. Laura of the sex world. She takes callers and tells stories of her own, as the cameras pan around the city.

K C at The Bat starring K C Williams, Devon Shire, Rachel Ryan
Alice Springs, Randy West, Don Fernando, Jake Steed, Julian St Jox
A professional, all girl, baseball team has tried everything and still can't
win a game. So of course, they switch tactics. Instead of focusing on practice & drills, they decide to distract the male coaching staffs of their opposition instead, and what
do know, they start putting some Ws on the board.

KTSX 69 starring Tanya Foxx, Shanna McCullough, Tami White
Frankie Leigh, Randy Spears, Robert Bullock, Wayne Stevens
When a radio station is about to go out of business, their top female DJ unhatches an idea to save the station. Live sex on the airwaves
,where the listeners can hear what's going on.

Kamikaze Hearts starring Sharon Mitchell, Chelsea Manchester,Jon Martin
Synopsis: Hard hitting, contriversial, documentary on the heroine laced, porn industry intensiified, lesbian relationship between adult film legends Sharon Mitchell & Chelsea Manchester. Released in 1986, this gritty documentary recieved numerous awards a
film festivals around the world.
* Please note: This film has NO Hardcore scenes, it is offered here, as it is a film of interest to fans & collectors of adult cinema.

Karate Girls starring Danielle, Mai Lin, Jeannie Pepper, Carolyn Connoly
Kimi Gee, Jerry Butler, Buddy Love, Francois Papillion
Women attending a dojo to learn the art of Karate, but they also discover other ancient secrets that can lead them to sexual fulfillment as well as kicking a
mugger's ass.

Kascha & Friends starring Kascha, Laurel Canyon, Aja, Samantha Strong
Dana Lynn, Brandi Wine, Ebony Eyes, Francois Papillion, Blake Palmer
Jon Dough, Peter North, Sasha Gabor, Marc Wallice
Kascha may be the titular starlet of this one, but each and every strumpet
on hand gets her full share of sexy sizzling in this plotless 1988 collection. While there's
no rhyme or reason to anything that goes on throughout this one, it's populated with
some of the tastiest, most energetic women of the time.

Kascha's Blues starring Kascha, Tami White, Tiffany Storm, Dana Lynn
Ebony Eyes, Francois Papillion, Peter North, Jon Dough, Scott Irish
Peter North is married to a living dream, Kascha. However, Peter and his overactive hormones are chasing other dreams. He is spying on Ebony Ayes, having affairs with Dana Lynn and Ariel Knight. After playing these separate songs. Peter
returns home only to find Kascha has turned him out and increased the volume! With Peter North there to play her silky-smooth sensuous body...she has reached for the buffed out Francois to choke her till her inner rhythms are quivering and resonating in perfect harmonic passion! Peters dissidence fades to black as Francois and Kascha
make ridiculous sounds of joy and ecstasy when their final movements reaches an orgy-like crescendo of sensual releases

Kascha's Days & Nights starring Kascha, Debi Diamond, Tami White
Heather Torrance, Francois Papillion, Jon Dough, Marc Wallice
Score another smoker for our exotic vixen Kascha!! This time she and Francois have the ability to project themselves into other people's sex lives, and you should see the people they choose, but that ain't all folks, since abilities like that get tedious unless they can be taken to their outer limits. The promiscuous pair turns their magical powers on themselves, and that's when... well, let's not ruin anything here. Let's just say that you won't believe your video machine!  

Kate & The Indians starring Kandi Barbour, Kay Parker, Mike Ranger
without a doubt the funniest adult movie ever made. The movie stars Kay Parker as the High Priestess, whose acting talent and beauty captivate the audience. Kandi Barbour, recently of Gallery, Velvet and International Magazines, makes everyone want to be an Indian just to be her playmate. The film was shot entirely on location in the high desert of California and captures all the panoramic view of the wide open spaces - even the beautiful snow-capped Sierra Mountains in the background.
Although funny, 'Kate and the Indians' has an abundance of erotic and sensuous scenes that would satisfy even the most ardent fans of erotica. Kate and her girlfriend Lisa, students of Professor Von Martin, have found a medallion in the desert. The puzzle of the medallion leads the professor and Kate into an untraveled wasteland, where they become lost and stranded. They are befriended by Bill (the strong, silent type), who guides them to the lost tribe where the two are captured by the funniest Indian since "F-Troop". At this point, out heroine is forced to take part in the tribe's ancient rituals. The professor, as he should, saves the beautiful Kate, and the two live happily ever after. 'Kate and the Indians' is a major breakthrough in adult entertainment.

Keep It Cumming starring Carolyn Monroe, Charisma, Bridgette Monroe
Alex Storm, Mandi Wine, Arcie Miller, Carol Cummings, Frank James
Tony Montana, Ray Victory Synopsis:
A group of ladies are planning on meeting
at the nightclub, but before they go, they have to take care of their men at home.

Keisha starring Keisha, Nikki Randall, Tami Lee Curtis, Cherie Sylvan
Jerry Butler, Johnny Nineteen, Mike Wilde Synopsis:
Keisha is a stewardess who's been working hard keeping the skies she flies friendly. When she gets a weekend off, she decides to let her hair down and go nuts. So when her 747 touches down in a strange town and Keisha has nothing to do for 48 hours, she grabs her fellow stew Tammy Lee Curtis and they hit the town.

Keisha & Company starring Keisha, Erica Boyer, Nina Hartley,
Sharon Kane, Carol Cummings, Danielle Rogers, Peter North, Eric Edwards,
Tom Byron, Randy Spears, Joey Silvera, Don Hart, Jon Dough
Gorgeous, busty and always ready for action, Keisha was one of the
most exciting and enticing women on the 80s porn scene. This searing compilation collects some of her most memorable scenes in one pulse-pounding package.
Salacious segments from some of her best-known co-stars help round out the
ravishing ribaldry. It's Keisha who's the main draw, though, and she shares her luscious natural curves with viewers in six sizzling scenes of out-and-out erotic perfection.
Among the highlights is Keisha's ravenous hot tub humdinger with Peter North, and a sweaty, sensual tryst with Eric Price in a mirrored dance studio. Keisha shines in a clip from 'Body Music #2,' showing a skeptical Eric Edwards that she's quite sexy enough
to star in his latest erotic opus. In fact, she drives him right over the edge with her energetic, passionate romping. Keisha also gets in on some serious Sapphic sizzle,
taking on Nina Hartley and Erica Boyer in a pair of white-hot lesbian blasts. With one
of the prettiest faces to ever grace a sex film and a massive set of natural wonders bursting out of her blouse, Keisha's delightfully alluring charms are sure to please.

Kelly 18 Series

Kelly 18 starring Kelly O'Dell, Mickala, Pearl, Shelene, Jonathan Morgan
Randy West, Mike Horner, Mark East
Kelly is the hottest stripper on the circuit, and lands a gig at a very posh club, where the girls do more than just perform on stage. Soon Kelly finds herself the object of a stalker & her life is turned upside down.

Kelly 18 Pt 2 starring Kelly O'Dell, Brittany O'Connell, Madison, Pearl
Shalene, Rebecca Wilde, Jonathan Morgan, Randy West, Nick East
Picking up where the first chapter left off, Kelly has fallen for her stalker,
a rich & powerful man. Giving into him totally may prove to be her biggest mistake.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Kelly Blue Pumps Up (aka Gail Force & Friends XXX Workout)
starring Kelly Blue, Gail Force, Blondi, Tanya Foxx, Nikki Knights
Peter North, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage, Tony Montana, Don fernando
A couple get together to watch an XXX workout tape, and between them and the action on the tape, it's a wonder the TV doesn't blow up.

Kelly's Anal Gangbang starring Kelly Trump, Sweety Pie, Guy DiSilva
Valentino, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Jimmy Z, Kyle Phillips, Leonardo
A woman talks her friend into servicing a bunch of guys she promised
a gangbang to, but chickened out. Her friend delivers the goods, in EVERY way.

Killer Sex  & Suicide Blondes starring Julia Ann, Jessica Drake
Kaylani Lei, Ice La Fox, Brad Armstrong, Evan Stone, Randy Spears
Steven St Croix
Synopsis: In this action-packed thriller Julia Ann stars as a scorned woman hell bent
on revenge. She's on a quest to avenge the murder of her husband, and she uses her
most cunning and vicious moves in the art of seduction to do so. When you have Killer Sex & Suicide Blondes, you don't get mad... you get even.

Killer Tits starring Dallas, Holly Body, Felicia, Stacy Nichols, Sid Deuce
Roxanne Hall, Tony Tedeschi, Alec Metro, Chaz Chase
When a stand-up comedian is found murdered at a strip club, all the
dancers are suspect, leaving the police with a lot of questions that need to be answered.

King Tongue Meets Anal Woman starring Rachel Ryan, Trinity Loren
Racquel Darrian, Kimberly Kane, Ray Victory, Derek Lane, Joey Silvera
Shane Hunter Synopsis:
Dr Lili Pecker returns to her practice and comes upon something even she cannot fathom, the incredible talented, King Tounge. Will she be
up to the challenge?

Kinky Business starring Ginger Lynn, Lois Ayers, Laurie Smith
Misty Regan, Tom Byron, Raven, Crystal Breeze, Tanya Lawson
Jerry Butler Synopsis:
Classic spoof on the Hollywood hit 'Risky Business" finds Tom Byron in the role of the horny kid who falls for and gets de-virginized by a
beautiful call girl. He then sets up a bordello in his home whille his parents are away, for his brother and friends to utilize.

Kinky Couples starring Susan Vegas, Lee Carroll, Lauren Brice
Tami Monroe, Sabrina Dawn, Chaz Vincent, Brittany, Peter North
Steve Vegas, Tom Byron, Todd Alexander Synopsis:
You may never want t
 have average sex again, once you visit Jamie and Serena's home.You'll experience
lust beyond your wildest dreams, teasing games of domination, rear-end spankings,
anal awards, foot worshipping, sex toy hysteria and lesbian atrocities! It's everything
you ever wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to try!

Kinky Tricks starring Candida Royale, Bethanna, Crystal Lake
Diana Wilde, Dick Howard, Danny Flynn, Polo Synopsis: An ex- call girl looks up the only  trick that ever caught her her heart, and moves in with him. After the couple hits financial straights, she calls up her old friends and starts a brothel in their home, but she must do so behind his back.

Kinky Vision starring Brittany Stryker, Rachel Ryan, Mauvais DeNoir
Laurie Lovett, Riegine Bardot, Kevin James, Steve Drake, Steve Powers
Imagine a new channel from your local cable company totally free from censorship. What would arise from such a situation? You will see for yourself as we follow video cable representative Carol Cable while she makes house calls to install her special channel- Kinky Vision.

Kiss & Tell starring Loni Sanders, Becky Savage, Tippi Rocks, Dana Doe
Jill Johns, Mike Ranger Synopsis:
Suze Randall's first full-length feature film features Loni Sanders, Tipi Rocks, Dana Doe, Jill Johns, and Becky Savage, all centerfold beauties in hardcore action. A radio station has a sex-oriented show were callers tell about their sex lives, while we watch them perform. All the action isn't in the homes of these lusty couples, the station has its share of explicit action. All of it makes for exciting feature length hardcore sex action.

A Kiss Before Dying starring Tiffany Million, Ona Z, Tina Tyler, Sierra
Cody O'Connor, Cal Jammer, Steven St Croix, Mark Davis, Joey Verducci
A noir thriller as a drunk hitman takes on a contract to clip a beautiful woman that he falls in love with while trying to do his job

Kisses Don't Lie starring Carol Cummings, Stacy Lords, Arcie Miller
Randy West, Jon Dough, Mark Wallice
Synopsis: It's time for another episode of the Carol Cummings Show, and in this installment, she explores all the good things that lips can do for your sex life.

Kissin' Cousins starring Heather Wayne, Christy Canyon, Summer Rose
Misty Regan, Herschel Savage, Scott Irish, Tony Martino, James Miles
A woman moves her family in with her Brother's family after they fall
on hard times. But a house full of teens with raging hormones, a lonely brother
& a horney sister, adds up to a new meaning for 'rolling your own'

Kobe's Tie starring Kobe Tai, Brooke Ashley, Julia Ann, Maya Souls
Dakota, Charlie, Mark Davis, Marc Wallice, James Bonn
A modern day Cinderella type story, where a girl goes to a Halloween
party in costume, that includes her good silk tie. When the party proves to be a
little too much for her liking she splits, but finds out when she gets home she left her
tie at the party. When the host finds the tie, he realizes it's a little expensive and he
decides to keep it and wear it when none claims it. But he is sure he can eventually
track down the owner.

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