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Habits of The Heart starring Stacy Valentine, Aja, J R Carrington
Raylene, Peter North, John Decker, Alec Metro Synopsis:
Cheaters never prosper, but they do get a nice long ride! Strange how things come full circle. Years before, in their small Kansas hometown, they unraveled the mysteries of love and lust together: He left to be a pilot, and she took off for the spotlights of Hollywood. Years later, a cabbie picks up a late night fare in Bel-Aire, and they meet once again. Their separate paths have led each of them to this point. In a way, they both got what they wanted; he pilots a cab, and she spends all her time acting happy.

Halloweenie starring Tonisha Mills, Brigitte Aime, Britt Morgan, Flame
Holly Ryder, Woody Long, Ron Jeremy, Wayne Summers, Randy West
A wild  time will be had by all at this over the top halloween party!

Hamlet starring Maeva, Dina Pearl, Sarah Young, Vicca, Shalimar
Tania Lariviere, Jacqueline Wild, Christoph Clark, Rocco Siffredi
Richard Langin, Roberto Malone
Synopsis: The world famous Shakespear play with a pon slant
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

A Handful of Summers starring Angela Summers, April Rayne, Brittania
Carolyn Monroe, Randy West, Tom Byron, Mike Horner
A bored housewife finds that her fantasies far outweigh the reality of her

Hands Off starring Tracey Adams, Keisha, Shanna McCullough
John Leslie, Mike Horner, Rex Nemo Synopsis:
Shanna McCullough stars as
a woman who has made it to the top of the business world, but at the cost of her
personal life. She begins having vivid, startlingly sensual sexual fantasies, spurred on
by the incessant phone calls of a mysterious admirer. This unknown caller drives
Shanna wild with his filthy-mouthed tales of torrid good times, and she becomes determined to find out who is behind it.

Hannah Does Her Sisters starring Barbara Dare, Erica Boyer
Sharon Mitchell, Sheena Horne, Randy West, Peter North, Tony Martino
When the Hott family is reunited to mourn the death of the family pet goldfis, Muffy, the sisters of the clan ste their eyes on one goal.....Sexual Satisfaction. Be it with family friends, the help or even one another.

Happy Ending starring Ariana, Debi Diamond, Bionca, Jonathan Morgan
Peter North, Marc Wallice, Luc Wylder
Synopsis: Ariana's double penetration debut. It's a tough game out there; in the world of porn. All those insatiable nymphets, the rock hard jocks. So Ariana's got a little problem. Sure, she loves sex. She's an animal. It's just that she's a little bashful when it comes to backdoor lovin'. Well, prepare to witness an education the likes of which you've never seen. And such an enthusiastic student! A full-tilt D.P. can't be far behind.

Hard at Work starring Tamara Lee, Carol Cummings, Renee Morgan
Nikki Knights, Charolette Leigh, Donna N, Cal Jammer, Billy Dee
Don Fernando, Tony Monatana Synopsis:
An escort agency that makes office
visits to the most exclusive executives in town, while posing as a temp agency. The
work day just got a little easier!!

Hard Bodies starring Stacy Lords, Nina DePonca, Heather Torrance
Jade East, Biff Malibu, Gene Carrera, Johnny Ace
A local gym that caters to more than your normal workout becomes the
in place to work EVERY muscle in your body.
* Please note: This is an extremely rare movie & the only master we have located has
a faint 'hissing' sound in the background for the majority of the feature

Hard Bound starring Nina Hartley, Tina Tyler, T J Hart, James Bonn
Dale DaBone Synopsis:
When a mechanic stops on the side of the road, in the
desert, to help a stranded woman whose car has broke down, he too becomes
stranded when his truck breaks down. The two of them must walk until they find help
or someone comes drives by. And there's a storm coming up on them. Along the way
they find out alot about one another.

The Hard Core Cafe starring Tracey Adams, Misty Regan
Jeannie Pepper, Tom Byron
Two adventurous young couples, touring Europe, accidently meet and join together to see the gleamy, sexy spot not in the guidebooks.
This leads them to the infamous Hard Core Cafe, a cabaret in the midst of the wildest red light district that broadcasts the finest in erotic entertainment

Hard Core Cafe starring Sandra Scream, Raven, Brigitte Aime
Jamie Leigh, Peter North, Buck Adams, Cal Jammer, Woody Long
2 women are willing to do whatever's needed to secure a loan for
their failing tavern, with some newly made wealthy customers.

Hard For The Money starring Gina Carrera, Heather Wayne
Cynthia Brooks, Brandy McDaniels, Peter North, David Sanders
Jim Andrews, Billy Joe Fox
A pimp runs the "Fresh Off The Bus Escort Agency", where he
literally recruits his talent as they arrive in LA off the bus. Of course, the girls
all think it's a talent agency...at first.

Hard Rockin' Babes starring Erica Boyer, Sharon Mitchell, Sharon Kane
Porsche Lynn, Stephanie Rage, Blondi  Synopsis:
Fresh from the triple success of the ‘Loose Ends’ series, master director Bruce Seven deals a wining hand by delivering his grandest and nastiest all-girl epic ‘Hard Rockin’ Babes!’ This throbbing, thumping, XXX-Rated dance sexathon is a lesbian lover’s delight. So hold on tight as these babes get into the groove, lickin’ up a storm and makin’ everything wet ‘n warm. Would Bruce Seven let you down?

Hard Soap Hard Soap starring Laurien Dominique, Candida Royale
Joan Devlin, Sabrina, Anita Jensen, Barbara Erikson, John Holmes
Jon Martin, John Seeman, Paul Thomas, Ken Scudder, Blair Harris
Joey Silvera Synopsis:
When a prominment sex therapist must fly out of town on business, his bored, unsatisfied wife decides to step in and take his place in his abscence. By the time he gets back, his practice is really fucked up!

Hard Talk starring Sunny McKay, Melanie Moore, Tracey Adams
Teri Diver, Alex Jordan, Nick East, Mike Horner, Jesse Eastern
A phone sex operator has a mysterious power to transform her callers fantasies into real life

Hard Times at The Unemployment Office starring Sharon Thorpe
Sylvia Cramit, Marvin Hindlick, Jericho Masters Synopsis:
Hey times are
tough, people are looking for work, and the unemployment office can't find any jobs
for thier clients. Well....guess there's only one thing to do to keep the clients happy!

Hard to Swallow starring Little Oral Annie, Erica Boyer, Patti Petite
Rita Ricardo, Justice Howard, Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron
John Leslie,
Francois Papillion Synopsis: A couple of reporters go undercover to grab the story of a lifetime. Seems that the one of the world's richest men, keeps a harem of sword swallowing girls on hand to cater to his every desire.....who would of thought it?

Hard to Thrill starring Mercedez Lynn, Heather Hart, Sandra Scream
Stacy Nichols, Viviana, Cal Jammer, Marc Wallice, T T Boy
Buxom Heather Hart has a problem. It seems that she'd like her boyfriend Marc Wallice to get a little wilder between the sheets - but doesn't know how to break it to him. Little does she know that Marc's been thinking the exact same thing!

Hardcore starring Nikki Dial, Dyanna Lauren, Kaitlyn Ashley, Nick East
Tony Tedeschi, Brad Armstrong, Alex Sanders Synopsis:
The world's top porn
starlet has had enough, and she's got a massive shoot schedule and personal
appearances to make. She decides to hire a double to take her place as she slips
away into a private life. But will it work on either end?

Hardcore Hairdresser starring Lauren Montgomery, Wendy Devine
Ginger Paige, Elle Devyne, Tracy Love, Keri Windsor, Kyle Stone, Julian
Evan Stone, Eric Masterson
When a wild-child hairdress inherits a rural barber shop form her uncle
she quickly realizes that this ain't the big city no more!

Hardcore Honeys starring Danyel Cheeks, Dusty, Kimberly Kane
Tonisha Mills, Tabetha Foxx, Michelle
Monroe, Tony Montana
Johnny Angel, Sean Michaels, Dean James
A cseries of vignettes featuring horney women out to make it in the
adult film biz, and willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

The Hardwood Chronicles starring Jordan Lee, Racquel Lace, Taboo
Abby Gale, Kimberly Kummings, Dave Cummings, Steve Hatcher, Joe Buck
Bret Singer, Warren Scott Synopsis:
When a powerful Senator seeks to reach the White House, his campaign is rocked by numerous sexual scandals.

Harlem Candy starring Nina DePonca, Amber Lynn, Lois Ayers
Angel Kelly, Shanna McCullough, Tiffany Storm, Paula Winters
Herschel Savage, Ray Victory, Blake Palmer, F M Bradley
Savage plays the owner of a chocolate company, but lately he's been running up against more than his fair share of problems. His wife Lois Ayres is trying to seduce their own son, his ex-wife is financing a rival chocolate company with his alimony payments, and he's finding himself increasingly attracted to Nina DePonca, the daughter of the rival chocolatier. As if that weren't enough to give a candyman a headache, now it seems that the rival Harlem Candy Company ahs introduced an aphrodisiac element into their chocolates, making them even more in demand throughout the city.

Haunted Nights starring Celeste, Britt Morgan, Sahara Sands, Mystica
Marc Wallice, Randy Spears, T T Boy,Woody Long, Steven St Croix
The bumbling heroes of Arabian Nights and Western Nights, Sam and Roscoe, are ready for more action as they investigate a spooky haunted house, filled
with horny ghosts!

Having it All starring Keisha, Tanya Foxx, Trinity Loren, Candie Evans
Stacey Donovan, Brittany Stryker, Gail Force, Sheena Horne, Tom Byron
Randy West, Harry Reems, Frank James, Eric Edwrads
When a newly promoted worker gets invited to hang out with bthe big bosses for a weekend, he goes out of his way to make a big impression!!!

Hawaii starring Asia Carrera, Dyanna Lauren, Felicia, J R Carrington
Brittany Andrews, Chasey Lain, Alec Metro, Bobby Vitale, Marc Wallice
Nick East, Colt Steel Synopsis:
When a Hawaiian strip club falls on tough times,
the owner hires a touring strip company from California to get the busniess jump started. But the top dancer at the club is in fear of being shut out by prettier & newer talent.

Hawaii Vice Series

Hawaii Vice starring Kascha, Bionca, Nina DePonca, Stephanie Rage
Jade East, Francois Papillion, Ron Jeremy, Peter North Synopsis:
There's some high stakes dealing of cocaine going on between Los Angeles and Hawaii. Chief Dickens has volunteered his two best "Vice Agents" to go undercover in Hawaii. Agents Francois and Kascha jet to the "Big Island" with their mission to expose and arrest "Mr. Big"

Hawaii Vice 2 starring Kascha, Bionca, Samantha Strong, Stephanie Rage
Jade East, Tami White, Francois Papillion, Ron Jeremy, Peter North
Randy Spears, Robert Bullock Synopsis:
Francois and Kascha are again sent to Hawaii where they investigate Samantha Strong and her collection of beauty pageant thieves. While attending luscious island luaus, Francois and Kascha peer through telescopes and play in the Pacific while secretly observing their felonious suspects.

Hawaii Vice 3 starring Kascha, Tami White, Nina DePonca, Kassi Nova
Stephanie Rage, Brandy Wine, Francois Papillion, Marc Wallice, Peter North Tom Byron, Randy Spears, Robert Bullock, Ron Jeremy Synopsis:
Kascha and Francois return to Hawaii to break up a "white slavery" ring, using Kascha as bait.

Hawaii Vice 4 starring Kascha, Lynn LeMay, Megan Leigh, Kim Alexis
Samantha Strong, Nina DePonca, Kassi Nova, Francois Papillion, Peter North
Ray Victory, Marc Wallice, Randy Spears, Robert Bullock Ron Jeremy
Kascha and Francois, still on special assignment in Hawaii, infiltrate and disband a prostitution ring.

Hawaii Vice 5 starring Kascha, Jade East, Lynn LeMay, Stephanie Rage
Nina DePonca, Tracey Adams, Francois Papillion, Randy West, Marc Wallice
Peter North, Robert Bullock Synopsis:
Kascha and Francois, still on special assignment in Hawaii, investigate a tour agency for single men that uses seduction and murder to scam insurance companies.

Hawaii Vice 6 starring Kascha, Lynn LeMay, Jade East, Tracey Adams
Alicia Monet, Francois Papillion, Marc Wallice, Randy Spears, Peter North
Mike Horner Synopsis:
Kascha and Francois return to L.A. to stop another branch of the tour agency that they took on in Hawaii in part 5.

Hawaii Vice 7 starring Kascha, Shanna McCullough, Nina DePonca
Cassandra, Arcie Miller, Francois Papillion, Jon Dough, Ray Victory
Tom Byron, Peter North Synopsis:
Kascha and Francois again take on drug dealers, ending in a cliffhanger.

Hawaii Vice 8 starring Kascha, Laurel Canyon, Trinity Loren, Cassandra
Nina DePonca, Arcie Miller, Brandy Wine, Francois Papillion, Jon Dough
Ron Jeremy, Ray Victory, Tom Byron Synopsis:
The final chapter ties up all the loose ends, and the bad guys get theirs.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase the Entire Series for  99.95
( A Savings of 27.65 )

Head Again starring Aja, Taylor Wayne, Cameo, Jacqueline, Daphne
Dominique Simone, Jerry Butler, Cal Jammer, Steve Drake, Ted Wilson
A woman can't recall her identity and wanders around aimlessly until she comes across a familiar place that belongs to a man from her past. He takes her in and tries to help her. Flashbacks and dreams reveal her to be a sexual predator with a deviant past. Will she revitalize this nature?

Head Games starring Amber Lynn, Heather Wayne, Aurora, Karen Summer
Caressa, Francois Papillion, Marc Wallice, Dan T Mann, Peter North
Tom Byron, James Miles Synopsis:
A spoiled rotten gold digger, is used to
getting everything she wants, but when she sets her sights on her best friend's guy, she finds out she can'rt always get her way.

Head Lock starring Tori Welles, Erica Boyer, Tami Monroe, Cheri Taylor
Jamie Gillis, Eric Price, Jon Dough Synopsois:
When it comes to an orgy of lust-crazed encounters, 'The Princess of the Night' knows all the moves! In the ring or in the sack, Tori Welles and her beautiful wrestling girl co-stars body slam their way into many an erotic adventure. You'll soon see that if you can get past round one with Tori Welles, you can do anything!

Headbanger's Ball starring Nikki Wilde, Bionca, Madison, April Rayne
Sebastian, Sikki Nixx, Blake West, Petey Balls
You're about to enter the uncharted world of heavy metal; of groupies, and gropies, and things that go 'bang' in the night. Join Nikki Wilde, Madison, and
friend on their quest for the perfect riff, and the ultimate stiff. So pump up the volume,
and get the Ball Rolling

Health Spa starring Abigail Clayton, Kay Parker, Pheary I. Burd
John Seeman, Robert Girard Synopsis:
Beautiful Kay Parker plays an investigative reporter with 'Expose Magazine' who is assigned to write an article on a new halth spa, famous for it's program of 'Sexercise'. Behind the guarded doors she is lead into an erotic underworld teeming with turned on adults. Everywhere she looks bodies are intwined in alusty search for passionate ecstasy, unaware of anything except the discovery of new ways to achieve sexual fulfillment. Through a bewildering series of sensual encounters with a variety of partners, and a fantastic display of unusual erotic techniques, she realizes that 'sexercise' is here to stay- and she stays with it.

Heart Throbs starring Gina Valentino, Raven, Susan Hart, Laurie Smith
Aurora, Tess Ferre, Jade Nichols, Ron Jeremy, Harry Reems, Sasha Gabor
Four salesmen at a convention in Hawaii are sexually ravaged by bevies of beautiful young mindless babes in groups of two or three. What more could you possibly ask out of life?

Heart to Heart mstarring Danielle Rodgers, Devon Shire, Sunny McKay
Tiara, Randy Spears, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
2 morning time DJs broadcasting their show from the comfort of their
living room, along with whatever drama is going onn in the house at the time.

Heartache starring Stephanie Swift, Sydney Steele, Missy, Liza Harper
Charlie, Syren, Brad Armstromg, Ian Daniels, Herschel Savage, Mickey G
Steve Hatcher, Tyce Bune
Synopsis: To the casual observer, Missy's life would seem idyllic. She's married to a rancher, lives in a massive hacienda on 10,000 acres of prime Mexican land and has everything a girl could ever want at her fingertips. Yet her heart begs for more. More love, more attention, more passion. More of anything. Less of everything. Along comes Michael, a hired hand with passion to spare and everything else that Missy's missing. As long as her husband doesn't find out.

The Heartbreak Girl starring Heather Wayne, Gina Valentino
Shaun Michelle, Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas, Rick Savage Synopsis:
Three girls who fall in and out of love and their attempts to mend the hearts they've broken bring a sizzling tale of passion to the blue screen.

Heartthrob starring Samantha Strong, Racquel Darrian, Kelly Royce
Joey Silvera, Rick Savage, Derek Lane Synopsis:
Welcome to the Heartthrob Hotel, one of the sleaziest, yet most accomadating hotels along the side of this highway. These horny people check in and that check out stisfied beyond thier wildest dreams.

Heat starring Heather Hunter, Jenteal, Jill Kelly, Missy, Misty Rain
Lana Sands, Yvonne, Steven St Croix, Joey Silvera, Steve Drake
Vince Voyuer, Bobby Vitale Synopsis:
A man on the run for a murder rap, finds
a job working on a ranch, but is haunted by nightmares of a woman he doesn't know
and his own impending death.

Heat of The Moment starring Jennifer West, Misty Dawn, Maria Tortuga
John Holmes, Marc Wallice
Primed in his day for a cavalcade of carnal couplings, the great king of cocksmen John Holmes stars in this well paced presentation of straight ahead sex and insatiable passions. Co-starring the beguiling Jennifer West, the exotic Maria Tortuga
and the soon-to-be Mrs. Holmes - Misty Dawn, this feature presents Holmes in all his glory - devoid of the trappings of the fame that enslaved him. A very simple yet dynamic presentation showcasing, probably, the greatest adult film talent ever.

Heat of The Moment starring Sunny McKay, Arcie Miller
Stephanie Paige, Cassandra Dark, Eric Edwards, Jon Dough, Randy Spears
When a vet tells his old war buddy that he'll look after his daughter when
she comes to visit California, he's expecting a small child. What he gets instead is a beautiful 19 year old babe, and he has a hrad time controling himself.

Heather Hunted starring Heather Hunter, Madison, Sunny McKay
Heather St. Clair,
Mike Horner, Max Steed Synopsis: Porn's triple threat Heather Hunter is threatened. In an apartment that's fully furnished with danger. Espionage. Intrigue. And lust. Heather Hunted. Watch it. And watch out

Heavenly Desire starring Seka, Serena, Hillary Summers, Liza Dwyer
Aubrey Nichols, Constance Penny, Johnny Keyes, Mike Ranger
Jon Martin, Jamie Gillis Synopsis:
Sexy seventies superstars Seka and Serena star as a pair of Old West hookers given a new lease on life in this glossy, often hilarious romp. As our story begins, the gals are living it up 1880s styles – until they get caught in the crossfire during a gunfight! The scene then shifts to the late 70s, as Devilish Johnny Keyes raises the gals from the dead and offers them a deal: They’ll both get in on an endless life of sensual pleasure if they can prove they’re bad enough. He takes them to a sorority, where their assignment is to help a pair of come-hither coeds to lose their virginity. The scene is set for a slap-happy selection of salacious shenanigans as Seka and Serena do their bawdy best to drive the innocent beauties into debauchery.

Heavenly Yours starring Lisa Ann, Sindee Coxx, Channone, Vanessa Chase
Jon Dough, Alex Sanders, Nick East, Reinhardt
When a widow remarries and tries to gto on with her life, the spirit of her
dead hubby turns her life upside down.

Heavy Petting starring Viper, Zara Whites, Leanna Foxx, Heather Hart
Lei Lani, Marc Wallice, Sean Michaels, Jake Steed Synopsis:
A trio of friends get together and begin to swap stories of others they know and the encounters they've had. We are treated to the action via vignette style stories.

Heetseekers starring J R Carrington, Jill Kelly, Missy, Tiffany Million
Kia, Eric Price, Bobby Vitale, Steven St Croix, Michael J Coxx, Mark Davis
Jim  Holday brings you a series of vingettes featuring the hottest blondes
in the biz, and each one is like a missle that can';t be stopped.

Heidigate starring Chaz Vincent, Chayse Manhattan, Rebecca Bardoux
Micky Lynn, Peter North, Steve Drake, Todd Alexander
A famous madame named, Heidi, keeps track of her clients little secrets.
Then she usues the information to take over Hollywood's biggest studio.

Heiress starring Samantha Strong, Siobhan Hunter, Ona Z, Stephanie Rage
Jeff Stryker, Randy West Synopsis:
2 lovers, each from different sides of the tracks, fight to keep their love alive, however there are many distractions that they encounter.

The Heist starring Julia Ann, Jill Kelly, Missy, Crystal Breeze, Ariel Daye
Tony Tedeschi, Vince Vouyer, Bobby Vitale, Michel Knight

Synopsis: A gang of jewel thieves decide to pull a job at the biggest and most
exclusive brothel in LA, but everyone in the gang will have to be flawless to get
the job done. Not an easy task with this crew.

Helen & Louise Series

Helen & Louise starring Helen Duval, Kimberly Kyle, Kaitlyn Ashley
Tabitha, Tony Montana, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley, Shawn Ricks, Gerry Pike
When a woman picks up a female hitchhiker, they soon find themselves
both on the run from the law, and find anyway they can to keep out of sight and reach
the border.

Helen & Louise 2 starring Helen Duval, Kimberly Kyle, Shonna Lynn
Tia Gunn, Abbey Gale, Sydney St James, Tony Montana, T T Boy
Mr Marcus, Blake Palmer, Bobby Vitale, Jake Steed
Picking up where the first film left off, the ladies are getting closer to the border, but so is the law. There time is running out and so sre their options.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase the Entire Series for  24.95
( A Savings of 6.95 )

Helen Does Holland starring Helen Duval, Marina Curran
Hayley Russell,
Carol, Sabrina Johnson, Dehlalia, Kelly, Franco Roccaforte Lee Valentine, Phillipe Dean, Nick, Omar Williams
Synopsis: After becoming a famous porn star in America, Helen Duval decides to go back to her Scandinavian roots. Upon her homecoming, Helen discovers that her friends back home have watched her every career move.
Eager to sample her divine talents, Helen's friends and neighbors are ready for some XXX action. Sabrina Johnson, Franco Roccaforte and Sidney Street are up for some hardcore fucking in this classic flick. Helen doesn't disappoint any of her friends in this sex fest!

Hello Molly starring Molly O'Brien, Megan Leigh, Lisa Bright
Crystal Cluster, Marc Wallice, Don Fernando, Mike Horner
Synopsis: You're in for a raunchy reception when this totally insatiable
nymphomaniac makes the scene! There's a dirty pool dip, a movie theatre orgy,
 lezzie encounter with gorgeous Megan Leigh. Can anything quench Molly's thirst for sleazy sex?! There's many a surprise as her unbelievable sexual conquests mount up. When you say HELLO MOLLY, you say hello to the most astounding sex there is!

Hengst Des Monats starring Holly Black, Christelle Deballiere
Lady Berlin,
Angi Balotti, Sonia Simons, Jon Dough, Rex Morrison
Mike Silver,
Nick Dorsan, Franco Roccaforte
Synopsis: A TV show where the participants try to outdo one another, when
acting out their fantasies for the audience
* In German w/ no subtitles

Her Name Was Lisa starring Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio
Robin Byrd, Randy West, Bobby Astyr, Ron Hudd Synopsis:
A photographer invites a whore to pose for him, and treats her fair, but she will be the prey of degradation imposed on her by the owner of the adult magazine for whom the photographer works.

Her Sinful Ways ( aka Easy Way Out ) starring Victoria Paris
Rene Summers, Tianna, Randy West, Ray Victory, Sean Michaels
When a detective's best friend is nivolved in a sex scandal, he vows to help his buddie deflect the blame.

Her Wicked Obsession starring Raylene, Ruby, Johnni Black, Charli
Jacklyn Lick, Carlie, John Decker, Mickey G, Marc Wallice, Jay Ashley
Raylene's got an obsession...about men...about sex...about control. She stalks men like wild beasts, and when she's done with them casts them aside like yesterday's newspaper. She dreams of a secret society of women, just like her, and
their initiation rituals of wild sexual abandon. Her Wicked Obsession. Make it your's.

Her Wicked Ways starring Jessie St James, Chelsea Manchester
Joanna Storm, Janey Robbins, Debi Diamond, Eric Edwards, Jon Martin
Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, David Cannon Synopsis:
When a gold digger's rich husband dies, the man';s daughter steps in to block the will, leaving the gold digger to fend for herself while the courts decide whoi gets the dead man;'s fortune.

Herman's Bed starring Sierra, Melanie Moore, Marissa Malibu
Mona Lisa, Jonathan Morgan, Peter North, Marc Wallice
Classic porn send up of the once popular hit TV show 'Herman's Head'.
Poor Herman, it seems that the lustful urge in his brain is begining to take over every
part of his being, and the sweet, intellectual part is going along for the ride.

Heroin starring Sydnee Steele, Sunrise Adams, Keri Widsor, Avy Scott
Noname Jane, Lezly Zen, Randy Spears, Brad Armstrong, Dillon Day
Cheyne Collins Synopsis:
Meet Heroin, an extremely beautiful, yet wild and dangerous woman, who is constantly searching for the ultimate thrill. Enter Bill, a
cocky, newly promoted advertising executive, who is determined to make it to the top
by any means necessary. Bill soon discovers that he has met his match when he meets Heroin at a co-worker's party one night. The sexual attraction between them is
extremely intense, unlike anything Bill has ever experienced before. At first, the sexual power that Heroin has over him scares him, but soon Bill finds himself drawn into her sexual web and he becomes addicted to Heroin. He must have her at all costs and he
will do anything to see her, speak to her Heroin becomes his obsession.

Hershe Highway starring Lynn LeMay, Scarlett O, Penny Lane, Donna N
Buck Adams, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy, Don Fernando
The opening salvo of this high-octane series sets the tone early on and delivers nothing but energetic, no-holes-barred hardcore sizzle, as LeMay plays the woman looking for the ultimate sexual thrill, and finds it after comparing notes with her friends.

Hershe Highway 2 starring Carol Cummings, Debi Diamond, Aurora
Rachel Ryan, Scarlett O, Kassi Nova, Blake Palmer, Buck Adams
Ron Jeremy, Scott Irish, Marc Wallice, Don Fernando
This is one of your nastier little volumes of pornography, packed end to end (pun intended) with graphic backdoor screwing starring some of the biz's healthiest booties. But what's more, this title specialized in DPs, 7 booming' sequences featuring The Act make this one a seriously kinky collection. Carol Cummings does her first ever on-screen DP here

Hershe Highway 3 starring Debi Diamond, Racquel Darrian
Rebecca Steele, Saki St Jermaine, Blake Palmer, Marc Wallice
A woman has stepped into a sexual twilight zone when she accompanies her date back to his house. Nothing is as it seems as she walks room to room and witnesses couple after couple enjoying their trips up the ol' Hershe Highway. She soon realizes it is her destiny to finally experience the great sensation herself.

Hershe Highway 4 starring Misty Regan, Raven Richards, Nikki Prince
Courtney, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice
A group of close friends decide to have a romantic getaway at a secluded ranch somewhere outside of Los Angeles. That's the entire plot. But the theme is rough and ready back-door sex, and it is a theme capitalized upon by brilliant performances from Misty Regan, Raven Richards and the seldom-seen Nikki Prince. Misty's foul-mouthed pleading for a blistering out-back screw is the highlight of the tape, although Tom Byron and Tom Chapman's double-teaming of Raven runs a very close second. Brilliant sex, terrific production values and more sizzling back-door sex make this one of the sparkling highlights of the lauded Hershe Highway series. How can you resist such an incredible film!? Hershe Highway #4 is an incredible experience.

Hidden Desires starring Roxanne Hall, Alex Dane, Alyssa Allure
Morgan Fairlane, Randee Lee, Nikki Neals, Amythiest, Steve Drake
Steve Hatcher, Rod Fontana, John Decker, Jay Ashley, Ian Daniels
A wealthy CEO hires a down & out PI to get the goods on his wife
to ensure he keeps his money before divorcing her and leaving her penniless.

Hidden Fantasies starring Siobhan Hunter, Carol Cross, Paula Meadows
Kristara Barrington, Charlie LaTour, Tasha Voux, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas
Michael Gaunt, Ashley Moore Synopsis: In the deepest recesses of everyone's being there are desires we dare not reveal. In this superb study of whispered-about sexuality, you will find the most unusual and yet most recognizable group of depraved human beings....they're all gathered at the local sex clinic

Hidden Obsessions starring Janine, Heather Hart, P J Sparxx, Kym Wilde
Francesca Le, Sunset Thomas, Celeste, Paula Price, Diedre Holland, Juliann
Melanie Moore, Dominique Simone, Laurel Canyon, Skye Blue
Tracy West, Jami Dion, Sheila Stone, Marissa Malibu, Jon Dough
Marc Wallice, Nick East, Peter North, Randy West, Steve Drake
Woody Long Synopsis:
Rachel has a talent. Through writing she can create erotic masterpieces that leave all at the height of ecstasy. But when she learns that others are enjoying her works more than she is, she vows to learn why. For Rachel, this is a
journey into ultimate eroticism, a trip into.... Hidden Obsessions.

Hienie's Heroes starring Jessica James, Micky Lynn, Tera Heart, Coralie
Roxanne Hall, Sophia Ferrari, Taylor Hayes, Jonathan Morgan, T T Boy
Tony Tedeschi, Ron Jeremy, Peter North Synopsis:
Porn spoof on the classic
TV show 'Hogan's Heroes', finds a group of female prisoners during WW2, using their sexual prowess to screw up the plans of the evil Nazi army.

High Rollers starring Jessica Wylde, Dana Lynn, Patty Plenty, Jasmine
Frankie Leigh, Frank James, Sasha Gabor, Ron Jeremy
Two guys head off for Vegas for a weekend of fun,leaving their wives behind & more than a little pissed off.

High School Bunnies starring Bethanna, Clea Carson, Patty Boyd
Paula Morton, Roger Cain, Michael Thorpe, David Christopher, Pepe
Peter Andrews Synopsis:
As our story begins, Barbi lives in Kansas, dreaming of what life would be like in the Big City. Her secret fantasy is to become a sexy Bali High Bunnie. Enjoy her seeking acceptance of her peers through a long sexual initiation. Her wonderful quest for sexual awareness teaches the Bali High Bunnies what an expert Barbi really is.

High School Memories starring Annette Haven, Dorothy LeMay,
 Lysa Thatcher, Chris Hopkins,
Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco
Voted Best X-Rated Program at the 1982 Vira awards, High School Memories is a man’s movie and a couple’s movie. It is a rare turn-on from start to finish. Starring lovely Annette Haven. High School Memories centers around the relationship between a former football coach and a teacher, each nervously returning home for a reunion at the high school from which they were fired (for some hilarious improprieties) five years earlier. Both coach and teach have undergone dramatic personal changes since last seeing each other. Through flashbacks, we glimpse at their fun and sex-filled past. High School Memories is a film aimed at home audiences. If you are a women, you’d enjoy all the males as lovers and if you’re a male, vice-versa.

Hindfeld starring Leena, Flame, Sahara Sands, Traci Prince, Tina Tyler
Jonathan Morgan, T T Boy, Mike Horner, Steve Austin
A pornographic spoof on the popular ‘Seinfeld’ TV series. Jerry Hindfeld and his friends have a bet going. Who will be the first one to have anal sex? Watch the fun & games (along w/ the studio audience…?), and find out which one wins.

Hindlick Maneuver starring Lois Ayers, Viper, Brandy Alexandre
Nikki Wilde, Jamie Leigh, T T Boy, Marc Wallice, Peter North
These 3 guys are real geniuses.....NOT! When they here about a life
safing maneuver, the get the name wrong and think it's called the 'Hindlick" maneuver.
But it all works out for them as they go around demonstrating what they think it is to
all the fine women in the neighborhood. Ulike the NBA, these rimshots never miss!

Hocus Poke-Us starring Stacy Nichols, Raven Richards, Amber Woods
Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Nick East Synopsis:
The world's worst magician has got a gig at the worst bar in the world. But this bar holds the key to her untapping her true potential...magical & otherwise.

Hole in One starring Tera Heart, Vixxxen, Debi Diamond, Michela Adkins
Peter North, Jonathan Morgan, T T Boy
In this hilarious spoof of
the hit movie, 'Field of Dreams', a man is told by spirits to build a golf course in his house. Of course, maybe he shouldv'e checked with his wife before he started

Hollywood 94 starring Jessie James, Shelby Stevens, Vixxxen
Beverly Glen, Wednesday, Dick Nasty, Ian Daniels, Ron Jeremy, T C
Synopsis: Series of vignettes showing the ladieas on the stroll in Hollywood

Hollywood Assets starring Chaz Vincent, Sabrina Dawn, Saki St Jermaine
Dusty, Randy Spears, Cal Jammer, Todd Alexander, Tony Salvano
When a guy gets caught screwing another woman by his girlfriend, in her own house, she kicks him to the curb. With no place to live he spends the rest of the
day & night asking friends to let him crash, but soon realizes their are no TRUE friendships in Hollywood.

Hollywood Confidential starring J R Carrington, Stacy Valentine
Jill Kelly,
Rebecca Lord, Laura Palmer, Eric Price, Dave Cummings
Steve Drake,
Vince Vouyer, Tony Tedeschi, Rod Fontana
Synopsis: Thomas Paine's electrifying expose of the starlets, the studs, the bad and
the beautiful who live, love and play in the hill and valleys of Lost Angels. The
producers, directors, the young-do-anything honeys. The strange kinky sex soaked
lives of the rich and famous that make Hollywood an obsession the world over.

Hollywood Legs starring Houston, Laura Palmer, Nena Cherry
Menage Trois, Alex Sanders, Dave Hardman, Steve Hatcher
Synopsis: A series of vignettes where these babes show off their delectable
gams, and how easy they spread open

Hollywood She-Wolves starring Hillary Scott, Ann Webster
William Margold Synopsis:
This classic piece of 70s porn tells the story of a group of aspiring actresses who find out just how competitive they really are when agents, directors & producers begin to take advantage of them via the casting couch.

Hollywood Spa starring Serenity, Jill Kelly, Asia Carrera, Ruby, Felicia
Papillion, Emmanuelle, Jaclyn Lick, Colt Steel, John Decker, Alex Sanders
When starlet Serenity wants to turn down a major leading role her agent John wants her to take, he sends her to the Hollywood Spa to wind down and relax
a bit. What she doesn't know is they're sending her there to get in touch with her
lesbian side as her only reservation about the script was the lesbian love scene.

The Hollywood Starlet Search starring Isis Nile, Sarah Jane Hamilton
Chante, Kerri Downs, Letha Weapons, Ron Jeremy, Michael J Cox
Dave Hardman, Sam Cooper Synopsis:
It's the porn version of 'American Idol',
as a competition is broadcast on TV where wannabe porn starlets give their best performances on camera, and get rated by our panel of judges. Then of course, the
public has to call in thier votes. Who will make it to the top?

Hollywood Studs starring Sunset Thomas, Heather Lere, Nikki Wilde
Joie D'Vision, Ron Jeremy, Randy West, Sebastian
Women compete in a "Dating Game", style game show for a chance
to bang the man of their dreams.

Hollywood Swingers 7 starring Janet Jacme, Tina Tyler, Pearl, Eva
Julian St Jox, Tony Tedeschi, Tim Lake Synopsis:
These wild Hollywood
lovers sure know how to party. Lucky for us, they're not shy about demonstrating.

Hollywood Vice starring Rachel Ryan, Keli Richards, Kari Foxx
Rick Savage, Steve Drake, Troy Tannier Synopsis:
This is the city! Hollywood, California. A killer is leering tinseltown with young bodies. It's a job for the Hollywood Vice Girls. The dynamic duo walks the streets to crack this perplexing case. The slinky, hot ladies in blue redefine 'bust' as their investigation takes twists and turns through the opulent, yet sinister worlds of white slavery, prostitution, fast cars and yachts.

Homecoming starring Connie Peterson, Lisa De Leeuw, Candy Cane
John Holmes, John Bolan Synopsis:
A hitchiker relates a story to his ride, of how he can't wait to get home & what awaits him when he gets there. Makes you wonder why he ever left in the first place.

Hometown Girl starring Chantilly Lace, Devon Shire, Heather Hart
Abbey Gale, Joey, Zach Thomas, Don Fernando, Jake Steed, Johnny Love
Bruce Lai Synopsis:
When a guy decides to self produce an amateur porn tape, the girls that answer his ad in paper are more than he bargained for.

Hometown Honeys starring Janet Littledove, Rachel Ryan, Taija Rae
Kari Foxx, Buffy Davis, Paula Harlow, Buck Adams, Billy Dee, Scott Irish
Troy Tannier, Rick Savage, Frank James Synopsis:
While the husbands are
away at work each day, the housewives in this neighborhood, find various ways to occupy their not so dull days.

The Honey Mooners starring C.J. Lang, Terri Hall, Jean Dalton
Patty Barnett, John Leslie, Eric Edwards, Turk Lyon Synopsis:
Two elevator repairmen, Ralph & Morton, are called to repair a broken elevator in a swanky, downtown apartment building. As they attempt to repair the elevator, they are introduced to the wild tenants of the building & their sexual practices. Will they ever finish the repair job?

Honey Throat starring Arcadia Lake, Serena, Samantha Fox, John Holmes
Eric Edwards
Synopsis: Eric Edwards owns a A hair salon where the clients get serviced far beyond the normal cut and " blow dry". One of his employees, Arcadia Lake, loves him from afar, and decides to show him what his life of non stop sex is missing. ..real love

Honeypie starring Jennifer Welles, Serena, Sharon Thorpe, Terri Hall
Bree Anthony, Mary Stuart, Annie Sprinkle, Ashley Moore, Bobby Astyr
The lusty letters written to men's magazine come to life in this frisky and funny X-rated classic starring the legendary Jennifer Welles. From older woman fantasies to orgies and beyond, no sexual variation is left unexplored in Honey Pie.

Honeymoon Harlots starring Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Jessica Wylde
Patti Petite, Angel Kelly, Eric Edwards, Buddy Love, Randy West
Jerry Butler Synopsis:
Eric Edwards plays a cartoonist whose artistic creations come to lascivious life in this torrid, fast-paced sexvid. While his editor keeps
haranguing him about deadlines, Eric doodles and cooks up some seriously steamy situations for his fictional characters to get into. Each vignette revolves in some way to marriage, thus giving us the title

The Honeymooners starring Erica Boyer, Keisha, Bunny Bleu
Frankie Leigh, Frank James, Peter North Synopsis:
When a newlywed couple gets stranded on the side of the road while on their honeymoon, they find refuge at a sexual retreat. While spending the night at the retreat, they are exposed to the sexual antics of the members of the cult that calls the retreat home. Then, the sexy US Senator shows up , followed by the press & the FBI.

Honeysuckle Rose starring Samantha Fox, Serena, John Holmes
Herschel Savage Synopsis:
Kate and Sam are a loving couple who want desperately to get rich. But when Kate blows their savings by buying a race horse named Honeysuckle Rose which doesn't win, it puts a mean strain on their marriage. They begin to fight and eventually seek solace in the arms of others in a series of torrid extramarital affairs. And then Honeysuckle Rose unexpectedly starts to win and their fortunes change. Now they're rolling in dough and can debauch together as a couple. Samantha Strong and John Holmes star as the wayward couple, and the legendary Mr. Holmes is, as always, a spectacle to watch while in action if not while acting.

Honeywood starring Heather Hunter, Jeannie Pepper, Honey Love
Trixxi Star, Lexington Steele, Byron Long, Guy DiSilva Synopsis:
A magic watch takes you to a magic time. The time machine meets the sex machine! Come along on this fantasy sex-adventure. Whatever you want is what you'll get - all you have to do is ask the watch. Then again, sometimes you find out that the best orgasms can be found at home!

Hooker starring Tera Heart, Brittany O'Connell, Heather Lee
Vanessa Steele, Dave Hardman, Julian St Jox, Guy DiSilva, Ian Daniels
: Watch luscious and sexy Rita transform from the girl next door into the wildest, dick-hungry hooker on the street. Rita and her slutty hooker friends spare no holes satisfying their kinky guests in this butt-burning anal tale.

Hooray For Hollywood starring Holly Hollywood, April Flowers, Petra Alaura Eden, Sunrise Adams, Joel Lawrence, Mark Wood, Trent Tesoro
Karen goes to Hollywood hoping to get her big break.  After she can’t
take sleeping in her car another night, she moves in with the bitchy April  and her boyfriend.  Karen tries to keep her innocence and get a job in Hollywood while
dealing with April’s jealousy.

Hooter Heaven starring Taylor Wayne, Dominique Simone, Meekah
Trinity Loren, Tianna Taylor, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Ronnie Hightower
There's a fornicating fortuneteller in town. While massaging the taut
nipples of his eager clients, Raphael, the mammary man, sees the sensual past and
erotic futures of each lovely sex goddess. As his business booms, the sleazy Gino
and the amorous Angel try to horn in and shut him down

Hooters starring Candie Evans, Ebony Eyes, Erica Boyer, Blondi
Regine Bardot, Rick Savage, Kevin James Synopsis:
'Hooters' is a sexy,
fun-filled send up of game shows. The idea is that two couples come on the show and compete for cash and fabulous prizes. So what's the thrill? Well, they compete by answering questions about sex and by demonstrating their sexual skills for the appreciative crowd. The female contestants on this show seem to have been selected
on the basis of their top-heavy figures, as each of them sports some truly enormous up-top assets. The premise is cute enough, and the flick features some funny moments. But what the film specializes in is white-hot action

Hopeless Romantic starring Nikki Dial, Lacy Rose, Kaelyn Roberts
Mikala, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher, Lyndon Ryder
A Novel story about a romance writer and her favorite subject! This lovely creature likes to make sure that she knows what she's writing about, If it's sex, she does it first; if it's Lesbian love she tries that too. There's nothing she won't do to make sure she captures the essence of her subject. It all leads to the Hopeless Romantic Novel!

The Horneymooners starring Annie Sprinkle, Shanna McCullough
Stephanie Rage, Alexis Firestone, Ron Jeremy, Randy Paul
Meet the Ramdens, the adult film equivalent of the Kramdens, played on the classic TV show The Honeymooners by Jackie Gleason and Audrie Meadows. Like the Kramdens, the Ramdens have some down-stairs apartment house buddies with whom they get into various adventures. In this episode, Alice Ramden and her pal Prixie Horton are mulling over the idea of having Latin lover. Presto! Carlos Valentino shows up at the front door, announcing that he's their new next-door neighbor. In no time the girls are having at Carlos with a ferocious regularity. But when the Latin lover's teed-off girlfriend shows up to confront them, the fun really starts.

The Horny Hiker starring Kelly O'Dell, Stephanie Swift, Alex Dane
Selena, Demi Fairbanks, Paige Powers, Dave Hardman, Guy DiSilva
Michael J Cox, Steve Drake
When 2 couples go on a camping trip to an ancient Indian burial
grounds, and old Indian Shaman, puts them under a mystical spell thats make
them instaible sex addicts.

Horny Landlady starring Vanessa Del Rio, Sharon Mitchell, Bobby Astyr
Herschel Savage Synopsis:
When a quite, reserved woman rents her brownstone
out to a wild vixen, she asks her new tenant to show her the ways of sexual freedom.

Horny Temptress ( aka Manhattan Mistress ) starring Erica Boyer
Merle Michaels, Juliet Anderson, Christie Ford, R. Bolla, Ron Jeremy George Payne, Jerry Butler, Michael Knight Synopsis:
Angel is an innocent young woman until she finds out her mother is a prostitute. After catching her mother in the act, Angel decides to give the world's oldest profession a try, but her life quickly falls apart. Fed up with her mother's advice, and losing her boyfriend, Angel makes some drastic changes in her life, and heads to New York, where she meets a high dollar pimp whom she falls in love with, and becomes the city's top call girl under his tutelage. But she must decide if money is more important than love.

Hot & Nasty (aka Lifestyles of The Sexually Perverted)
starring Barbara Dare, Lois Ayers, Lili Marlene, Alexis Greco, Jessica Wylde Nina Hartley, Sahara, Angel Kelly, Cheri Nicole, Patty Cakes, Billy Dee
Don Fernando, Steve Powers, Mike Horner, Jon Martin, Francois Papillion Marc Wallice, Sasha Gabor
Barbara Dare hosts a TV show that exposes celebrity sexual kinks &
fetshes for the whole world to see.

Hot Blooded starring Angel, Kay Parker, Cara Lott, Colleen Brennan
Karen Summer, Ron Jeremy, R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, Harry Reems
Three promiscuous young women launch a provocative plan to boost business in the local video store. The shopgirls give patrons all the service one could ever imagine! It is not long before sales shoot through the roof

Hot Buns starring Lee Carroll, Rose Marie, Deidra Hopkins, Dorothy Onan
Blake Palmer, Robert Bullock, Eric Edwards Synopsis: A young woman's want to explore anal sex drives her to reunite a group of her old friends to help her on her journey.

Hot Circuit starring Crystal Sync, April Lace, Kit Fox, Joy Ball
Rick Smith, Jack DeHaven, Steven Hill Synopsis:
The hot circuit takes you on a non-stop trip of sexual conduct, some acceptable & some totally bizarre! Hot women and horny men get into the depths of the sexual world we live in. There can be no holding back when you are on the Hot Circuit. This is a must see film. Enjoy!

Hot Close Ups starring Helga Sven, Gayle Sterling, Mauvais DeNoir
Blair Harris, Dan T Mann, Kirk Wilder Synopsis:
A series of vignettes, all set within the confines of a photo studio where they specialize in erotic photography.

Hot Cookies starring Abigail Clayton, Serena, Lenore Grant, Anne Magle
Joey Silvera, Ken Scudder Synopsis:
The special visitors to Nelson's Book Store see back room paintings come to life. The sexy sorceress Serena causes more than the vignettes to occur here

Hot Dallas Nights starring Hillary Summers, Raven Turner, Tara Flynn
R J Reynolds, Turk Lyon Synopsis:
Nothing’s as hot as those ‘Hot Dallas Nights’! People in this big, bawdy town get really hot when the sun goes down. And the brewing family is no exception. Rock Brewing and his wife, Miss Millie, oversee their empire of fertilizer factories from their hilltop estate where anything goes; and when the torrid noontime sun turns into another Hot Dallas Night… everything goes!

Hot Diggity Dog starring Sunny McKay, Keisha, Blondi, Stephanie Rage
Rayne, Gidgette, Randy West, Joey Silvera, Rick Savage
A jewel thief is forced to work both sides of the fence in a huge heist.

Hot Dreams starring Joanna Storm, Anna Ventura, Sharon Mitchell
Marlene Willoughby, Sharon Kane, Tiffany Clark, Jamie Gillis
George Payne, Ashley Moore Synopsis:
Hot Dreams… When reality just isn't enough. You won't want to miss a minute as this film lets reality slip away and fantasy take over

Hot Flashes starring Arcadia Lake, Serena, Eric Edwards, John Holmes
voyeristic paparazzi relays stories of his adventures to his friends at a party. Needless to say, the partiers are getting quite turned on by the tales.

Hot Flashes starring Kristara Barrington, Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer
Lisa Lake, Desiree Lane, Crystal Breeze, Nicole Blanc, Francois Papillion
Dan T Mann, Don Fernando, Nick Niter, Joe Elliott, Shone Taylor
Rocky Balboa, Tracey Jones, Jimmy Star

Synopsis: An 80s view of what happens on the Nightly News set, when the shows over or it just breaks for a commercial. And let's not forget the 'in depth;' reporting.

Hot Honey starring Serena, Robin Byrd, Simone Sinclair, Jamie Gillis
Jack Hammer Synopsis:
Honey & Johnny have been dating for about 4 months, & still Honey won't put out. After a fight she walks out and goes to visit her brother. Telling him & his girlfriend about her problem, they teach her what sex is all about. Afterwards, she can't wait to show Johnny what she's learned.

Hot Legs starring Jessie St. James, Laurien Dominique, Sharon Kane
Richard Pacheco, Paul Thomas, Don Fernando, Frankie Leigh Synopsis:
Hot Legs is the most erotic film Gail Palmer ever produced. This is eroticism at its best – a superb combination of hard core sex scenes done with exquisite erotic taste and beautifully filmed. The fantasy sequence with Paul Thomas and Sharon Kane looks like an El Greco painting and is a candidate for the prettiest sex scene of all time

Hot Line starring Jessie St. James, Nicole Black, Pat Manning, Cody Nicole
Phadrea Grant, John Leslie, John Martin, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage
Synopsis: It's Jessie's birthady, and she keeps waiting for friends to call her and wish her 'Happy Birthday', but no one does, so she spends her time fantasizing about what she wants to do for her big day. After a while and no calls, she sets out to make her night one she will remember.

Hot Lunch starring Desiree Cousteau, Juliet Anderson, Sharon Kane,
Christine De Shaffer, Jon Martin Synopsis:
When a country boy arrives in the
Big City with nothing but starry eyes and dreams of making a success of himself, he
finds that his best asset might just be the one between his legs. Jon Martin stars as the naive young man, aguy whose sexual prowess ends up getting him anything he wants
out of life.

Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafe starring Kari Foxx, Nina Hartley
Brittany Stryker, Patti Petite, Kathlyn Moore, Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis
Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Tom Byron, Troy Tannier Synopsis
When a young and innocent girl comes to the big city and takes a job as a taxi dancer to pay her college tuition, she soon finds her education to be faster and racier than she bargained for

Hot on Her Tail starring Sandra Scream, Viviana, Patricia Kennedy
Madison, Greg Rome, Woody Long, Tom Chapman Synopsis: A simple ranchhand is sent off to the big city to find his boss's granddaughter who has turned her back on the family fortune.

Hot Parts starring Nikki Sinn, Alexandra Silk, Sofia Ferrari
Cumisha Amado, Kerri Downs, Dave Hardman, Dan Fernando
Steve Hatcher, Guy DiSilva Synopsis:
Nikki Sinn is casting for a porno flick! Each beautiful babe takes it to the limit sexually to prove to Nikki they can make the cut. Every part in this video is hot...LOTS OF HOT PARTS FOR EVERYONE...AND IN EVERYONE!!!

Hot Property starring Kascha, Leanna Foxxx, Rebecca Bardoux
Tina Tyler, Tianna Taylor, Jon Dough, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher
T T Boy  Synopsis:
Some porn producers are in search of a starlet to give them
one great scene for thier movie, and they have decided on Kascha, but she's leaaning towards retirement. Art imitates life in this one as it was Kascha's final movie! After
this she did indeed retire.

Hot Rackets starring Candida Royale, Cris Cassidy, Rhonda Jo Petty
Laurien Dominique, Desiree Cousteau, Connie Peterson, Jon Martin
Turk Lyon, Mike Ranger Synopsis:
Herb and Liz Adler, an indecently rich couple, are members of an exclusive Tennis Club whose members indulge themselves in more than a workout on the courts -- we learn that the Club is totally dedicated to providing for the sexual needs and fulfilling the sexual fantasies of its members!!

Hot Rocks starring Nina Hartley, Lili Marlene, Alexis Greco, Angel Kelly
Gayle Sterling, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler
It's the radio station that improves its ratings by turning to sexually charged content. This time out, the station managers decide to really throw caution to the wind and have folks actually have sex right there in the studio, while the whole world is listening. Or at least that portion of the world within a couple of miles of the broadcast tower. Anyway, whatever the story pretends to be about, it's actually about some of the most enticing and exciting talents of their day doing their utmost to get a rise out of their audience.

Hot Scalding starring April West, Megan Leigh, Cheri Taylor, Bionca
Kathleen Gentry, Pamela Rose, Jamie Gillis, Blake Palmer, Ron Jeremy
Joey Silvera, Don Fernando, Damien Cashmere
A stepmother hires a PI to expose her stepdaughter's exploits as a stripper in order to push her out of her father's will.

Hot School Reunion starring Desiree Lane, Chelsea Manchester
Lili Marlene, Crystal Dawn, Mauvais DeNoir, Jon Martin, Dan T. Mann Synopsis:
A series of mysterious letters to old schoolmates bring a bunch of lovely girls back to at secret meeting place. Old sexual longings are replaced by lots of new lovemaking that is sure to stir up hot passions for everyone, including the viewer

Hot Spa starring Karen Summer, Cara Lott, Rene Summers, Lynn Ray
Pamela Jennings, Tammera, David Sanders, Marc Wallice, Frank James
Greg Derek, J B Clark, Richard Anderson
Synopsis: Gina's a bored housewife who wishes she could join in the fun and games she sees at her health club. Her wishes come true with Annie, her exercise instructor, in a steamy love scene set in a sizzling sauna. Soon Gina's really swinging -
and we don't mean gymnastics - with Annie, with superstuds JB and Mark, then for a climax, in a ten-person session of aerobic erotics that'll leave you panting for breath.

Hot Spot starring Nicole Sheridan, Gwen Summers, Tina Tyler, Mia Smiles
Ava Vincent, Heather Lyn, Zana, Alec Metro, Dale DaBone, Chris Cannon
Herschel Savage, John Decker, Joey Ray, Jason McCain, Voodoo
Synopsis: Angela's uptight and her girlfriends want to help. Cheri makes her watch while she blows her boyfriend. Jennifer shows off with two studs. Katherine demonstrates just how hot girl/girl action can be. When nothing works to loosen her up, Angela attends the Freedom Institute, a private retreat for sensual expression. Wait 'til you see the new and improved Angela!

Hot Spot starring Savannah, Barbara Doll, Cumisha Amado, Rose
Gabriella, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Lance Heywood
Synopsis: A series of vugnettes where the women are all consumed with having
their partners cool off that hot spot between their legs.

Hot Stuff starring Danielle, Carol Cross, Jacqueline Lorians, Joanna Storm
Cody Nicole, Rhonda Jo Petty, Tiffany Clark, Copper Penny
Synopsis: Pulp magazine writer, voluptuous Jennifer Nash, transports her latest characters to wild orgasmic adventures. Beautiful Rode Island Red and her companions Louisiana Smith and Oklahoma Crude experience pleasures an this earth and beyond! Oklahoma Crude has erotic encounters in medieval castles with lovely, lustful maidens. Red's sexual joust is with an aggressive unquenchable knight. Smith's pleasure erupts underwater with a hot feminine submarine commander and in a prehistoric cave where he penetrates the deepest recesses of a violent young woman. The trio meet in an obscure casbah and encounter two dancing girls with orgasms on their minds. Their journey ends in the hidden temples of Luxor along the Nile. Here Smith writhes in sexual embraces with a long forgotten love goddess and her high priestess. Soon Jennifer and Red fall under the power and they too become love goddesses!

Hot Tails starring Ali Moore, Amber Lynn, Bunny Bleu, Summer Rose
Debra Lynn, Melanie Scott, Beverly Bliss, Angel West, Marc Wallice
Ron Jeremy, Rick Cassidy, Steve Drake, Shone Taylor Synopsis: 
Two college girls get together for a day of reminiscing about friends and their exploits, and a little action of their own.

Hot Talk Radio starring Heather Hunter, Cheri Taylor, Kristarah Knight
Suzie Bartlett, Adam Carr, Ray Victory, Rick Savage, Scott Baker
A lewd morning DJ has the raunchiest show on the air, and plans to keep
it that way, despite what the FCC & the network thinks.

Hot Teenage Assets starring Cris Cassidy, Eileen Welles, Kathy Malwin
Kevin Cucker, Curt Crotchkiss Synopsis:
Hot Teenage Assets is the story of a fox - her name is Kathy. She's blonde and beautiful - but she's a tight ass...just ask her friends. How do you loosen up a liberated lady - introduce her to the doctor... Doctor Good - and invite her to one of his weekend sensitivity sessions.

Hot Tight Asses 5 starring Isis Nile, Francesca Le, Heather Lee, Leena
Bionca, Nicole London, Sally Layd, Marc Wallice, Steve Drake, T T Boy
Synopsis:  A series of vignettes all showcasing these tight ass babes getting
those tight asses loosened.

Hot Tight Asses 10 starring Amber Woods, Lili Xene, Jordan Lee
Ariana, Tera Heart, Sally Layd, Channone, David Christopher, Nick East
Luc Wylder, Peter North, T T Boy
When big busted Patricia talks her little anal slave, Alexis, into using the kinky camera, all lust breaks loose! Alexis takes aim at her sexy girl friends and low-and-behold! They expose their first (and hottest) anal sexual experience!

The Hot Tip starring Cassandra Leigh, Jeanna Fine, Sue Nero
Michael Knight, Damien Cashmere, Frank Serrone, Nick Aponte
Yes, private detective Flint and his gorgeous assistant Pam Sills have been hired by socialite Helen Norby, who is accused of knocking off her husband, Thomas.
As Clint ponders the clues to the case, the police make a strange and shocking
discovery! Thomas' best friend is found murdered! This adds an ugly new wrinkle to the case. Clint is further baffled by the murder of Helen's lawyer and confidante. All of the dead men share a common secret. Will Clint get his man (or woman)?

Hot Touch starring Mindy Rae, Kathlyn Moore, Renee Tiffany, Fawn Paris
Buck Adams, Nick Random Synopsis:
Jim and Marsha have been happily married for several years, but admit to each other that the old marital bed lacks some zing. They confide about some of their darkest fantasies, which change their marriage life, as they embark on a quest to satisfy thier desires.

Hot Wired starring Celine Devoux, Johnni Black, Kaitlyn Ashley, Dalny
Tatiana, Shawn Ricks, Bret Singer, Peter North, Tom Byron
Synopsis: From the boardroom to the bedroom, these TV executives can't help but get hot and bothered as they preview their fall lineup of adult material. Playing the ratings game has never been this much fun!

Hot Wishes starring Isis Nile, Melissa Hill, Bianca Trump, Krista
Dominique Bouche, Jonathan Morgan, Alex Sanders, Steve Hatcher
Tom Byron Synopsis:
The story of a man who has a magical ability to get any
woman he wants at anytime he wishes. But is love in any of his plans?

Hot Young Widows 2 (aka Le Retour Des Veuves) starring Serena
Dominique St Clair, Brigitte Lahaie, Elisabeth Bure, Gerard Gregory
Jean Pierre Armand
The hot young widows return to what they do best, as they seek
out their sexual desires and take no prisoners. In English

Hotdorix starring Silvia Saint, Elodie Cherie, Karen Lancaume, Kate More
Dolly Golden, Coralie, Roberto Malone, Bruno SX, Jean Pierre Armand
Marc Barrow, Patrice Cherflec
The roman Legion was known for its strength, and Gaul for virility of its sons. Will the Gauls or the Romans win the Hotdorix, awarded to the most valiant warrior in love? Who will triumph? Roman Ronaldus? Zinedix? The female team in charge of training the troops under Flavian's orders, holds in store for you incredible surprises in these sexual jousts, where all blows below the belt are especially permitted
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Hotel Hooker starring Margery Stewart, Tammy Tilden, Toni Scott
Marc Stevens, Eric Edwards, Russ Carlson
A group of dentists in NYC for a convention, end up staying in a hotel that has it's own in house escort service.

Hotel Lesbos starring Marilyn Jess, Dominique St Clair, Laura Clair
Chantel Trobert, Melissa Bonsardo, Prisca, Isabelle LaGrande, Candy
A would be fashion model answers an ad and is swept into a world of sapphic sex at a hotel that caters exclusively to lesbians.

Hotel Paradise starring Rachel Ryan, Victoria Paris, Tamara Lee
Debi Diamond, Tracey Adams, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Rick Savage
Ron Jeremy Synopsis:
Leave your reservations at home! There's so much coming
and going at the Hotel Paradise that the manager doesn't know what to do!

Hotel Sodom starring Debi Diamond, Anna Malle, Eva Flowers
Autumn Daye, Marilyn Martin, Tom Byron, Nick East, Peter North
Steven St Croix Synopsis:
Set in and around the horniest hotel around, this scintillating sexvid captures some of the industry's hottest talents at the top of their game. Whether enjoying a feverish fling with the merry maid or reveling in the amorous attentions of the well-built bellhop, guests are never at a loss for lusty fun!

Hotel Sodom 2 starring Anna Malle, Sally Layd, Rebecca Wilde
Vanessa Chase, Candy Connors, Stev Hatcher, Tom Byron, Steven St Croix
Marc Wallice Synopsis:
This second edition of the white-hot series once again brings us a dazzling dose of debauchery within the walls of the horniest hotel around, with anal ecstasy abound.

Hotel Sodom 3 starring Nicole London, Dallas D'Amour, Jordan Lee
Nicole Lace, Autumn Daye, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Steve Hatcher
Tom Byron, Alex Sanders Synopsis:
We  put the limo into sexual overdrive for a
trip down that old two-lane blacktop to hotel sodom, where sexually repressed people
from all walks of life come to engage in balls-to-the-wall, red-hot anal sex, plus a smattering of 3-ways, orgies, girl-girl lesbo licking, deep-throat oral, full cleansing
facials, and other ever-popular and traditional acts of depraved sex!

Hotel Sodom 4 starring Kaitlyn Ashley, Tera Heart, Marilyn Martyn
Krista, Vanessa Chase, Steve Drake, Tom Byron, Steve Hatcher, Nick East
Welcome back to the wildest hotel in town, where every guest has a sensual secret to share. The hotel once again fills up with shapely young sirens who crave the special attention they get from this ribald room service staff.

Hotel Sodom 5 starring Brigitte Aime, Bunny Bleu, Heather Lee,
Tami Ann, Sandi Beach, Steve Drake, Marc Wallice, Steve Hatcher
T T Boy
David Christopher's notorious 'Hotel Sodom' series hits its fifth edition in sizzling style. Once again he takes us into the back rooms of the most sex-crazed stopover in the land, a hotel where the guests check in and then check out the salacious staff. Room service takes on a whole new meaning when these tantalizing tarts are the ones doing the deliveries!

Hotel Sodom 6 starring Tera Heart, Vanessa Chase, Rebecca Wild
Sally Layd, Brooke Dunn, Alex Sanders, Buck Adams, Peter North
Dick Nasty, Tom Chapman, Steven St Croix
Time to revisit Hotel Sodom, where the door is always open...at least
the backdoor is! More debauchery from our anally inclined guests as the room
service always delivers!

Hotel Sodom 7 starring Anna Malle, Felicia, Dallas, Annabelle Dayne
Valeria, Rayveness, Joey Silvera, Alex Sanders, Nick East, Tom Chapman
The hottest hotel in town in once again open for business -- and open to sexy suggestions! There's no energy shortage at this vivacious vacation destination,
with every guest ready and willing to delve into the wildest romping imaginable

Hotel Sodom 8 starring Debi Diamond, Rebecca Bardoux, Lili Xene
Barbara Doll, Marilyn Martin, Zena Dean, Tom Byron, Steve Drake
Nick East
The Hotel Sodom is once again open for business! Guests check in and then check out the sex-happy staff, filled with gorgeous young maids and well-equipped bellboys who are all eager to please. The down and dirty antics never stop in this salacious stop-over! Whether behind closed doors in the hotel's
bedrooms, in the manager's office, or right on top of the check-in counter, there's always something sexy going on!

Hotel Sodom 10 starring Anna Malle, Rebecca Wild, Barbara Doll, Krista
Marilyn Martin, Vanessa Chase, Nick East, Steve Drake, Tom Byron
Steve Hatcher, Steven St Croix Synopsis:
The doors of this horny hotel never close, and the staff are more than happy to do anything it takes to please. From lust-driven chamber maids to studly skycaps, there's always someone ready to take your order for ravenous rear entry room service.

The Hottest Show in Town starring Tantala, Buffy Davis, Summer Rose
Kristara Barrington, Dallas Miko, Tiffany Blake, Nick Random, Kevin James
Rick Savage, Dino Alexander Synopsis: 
When 2 couples get together to watch some TV, the action gets out of hand when the stumble across the porn channel, and no can contain themselves.

House Arrest starring Kaylan Nicole, Tiffany Mynx, Misty Rain, Olivia
Peter North, Steven St Croix, T T Boy
Synopsis: The young widow of a dead millionaire stands to inherit a fortune
provided she not have sex with anyone for a week.

House of 7 Sins starring Stacy Valentine, Charlie, Coral Sands
Jaclyn Lick, Davia Ardell, Toni James, Rikki Moans, Vanity, Nick East
Mickey G, Billy Clyde Synopsis:
Pride, Lust, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony,
Sloth. Enter the House Of Seven Deadly Sins. But enter at your own risk, as nothing
is as it seems in this smorgasbord of smut. The wages of sin are great. Enter if you

The House of Blue Dreams starring Nina Hartley, Maggie Randall
Tanya Foxx, Buffy Davis, Careena Collins, Tiffany DuPonte, Mike Horner
Peter North, Steve Drake, Paul Thomas, Steve Powers, Tom Byron
A woman buys a house that holds a magical spell over those that enter. A spell of insatiable lust and a need to seek fulfillment.

House of Dreams starring Zara Whites, Jeanna Fine, Raven, Ashlyn Gere
Nikki Wilde, Sabre, Ashley Lauren, Danielle Rogers, Randy Spears
Randy West,
Rocco Siffredi Synopsis:
Taking you beyond all boundaries to bring you into a world of staggering sexual desire. Join Zara as she embarks on an unforgettable journey through the realm of true sensuality. Experience with her the extraordinary and bizarre ecstasy as each door opens to reveal unbelievable eroticism.

House of Green Desire starring Dorothy LeMay, Mimi Morgan
Liza Dwyer, Risa Evans, Lisa Rue, Ken Scudder, John Seeman
In this take off of 'Behind The Green Door', a woman shows up for a job interview and is taken into a back room where she bears witness to sexual fantasies
being fulfilled & soon her own fantasies become all too real.

House of Lust starring Heather Wayne, Nicole West, Kristara Barrington
Angela Dunlop, Billy Dee, Dan T Mann, Nick Niter, Paul Thomas
Synopsis: Business mogul Broadhurst eagerly anticipated the return of his only son from Harvard. The maid with whom Nelson is having an affair also eagerly awaits the son't arrival, but for an entirely different reason. The rest of the family and the hired
help -- Nelson's new young wife, his two daughters from the previous marriages, the chauffeur, and the handyman -- dread it, for they fear the youth will throw a monkey wrench in the sexual encounters. Meanwhile, they keep at it in a wild mélange of
trysts, until the arrival of the prodigal son results in a final and surprising climax.
* No closing credits

House of Pleasure starring Cody Nicole, Duschca, Cyndee Summers
Jodie Nikko, Herschel Savage, Marc Wallice, Jerry Davis, Joseph
Welcome to the House Of Pleasure, a bizarre fantasy world where the exhilarating mistress Duscha doles out her own erotic prescription of pleasure and
pain. Your deepest desires will lead you to the house of pleasure.

House of The Rising Sun starring Isis Nile, Kitty Young, Brooke Ashley
Melinda Masglow, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Terry Thomas
A bank robber on the run entangles his friends in a deadly game as eludes the police and makes his way to Europe.

The House of Sexual Fantasies starring Ona Z, Shanna McCullough
Tanya Foxx, Angel Kelly, Tiffany Storm, Megan Leigh, Nina DePonca
Derek Lane, Don Fernando, Johnathan Lee
Synopsis: In the House of Sexual Fantasies, there are many options as to what you can order. It is the destination of many a horny young man. Whatever the sexual kink these working girls are eager to please. It's all available in this classic film.

House of Sin starring Long Jean Silver, Copper Penny, Mistress Candice
Chelsea Manchester, Honey Stevens, R Bolla, Ashley Moore
When a young woman breaks down on the side of the road, she is helped by a good samaritan, who takes her to a house up the road, where she is exposed to the most corrupt and degrading fantasies made real, by the owner of the house...The Devil.

House of Sleeping Beauties 3 starring Taylor Hayes, Lexus Locklear
Chloe, Ruby, Alyssa Love, Jessica Darlin, Jon Dough, Mr Marcus
Derek Lane, Billy Glide, Brad Armstrong, Michael J Cox
Director Paul Thomas returns once again to his mythical House of Sleeping Beauties for this third tantalizing trek. The idea is that the House is a place where old men can come for the night, spending it alongside a youthful stunner who will sleep next to them. There's to be no hanky panky, but the experience enables the guys to think back to their younger days, when they were able to do much more than just sleep near lovely ladies. It's a nice way to work in a whole string of flashback
and fantasy segments, without losing the narrative thrust that Thomas is aiming for.
The plot of this one involves James Bonn and Joel Lawrence as a pair of World War II vets who both fell for the same woman back in the day. The object of their
delirious desire was luscious Taylor Hayes, a woman who worked as a nurse at the military hospital by day and as a prostitute by night. The tale is told as a series of flashbacks as Bonn lies next to Locklear in the House of Sleeping Beauties.

The House on Chasey Lane starring Chasey Lain, Bridgette Monroe
Krista Maze, Jeanna Fine, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Synopsis: Every house has a room full of stories. Chasey is one, Lauren, a wealthy young woman who decides to fix up a deserted house as a gift for her husband. Suddenly she begins to hear things. Soon she begins seeing things. Like couples
screwing ,coming out of nowhere, so to speak. Is she delirious?

House on Paradise Beach starring Helen Duval, Missy, Julie Rage
Sharon Kane, Lisa Ann, Kimberly Kummings, Blake Mitchell
Bobby Vitale, Mike Horner, Dave Hardman, Mickey G, Mark Davis
When a couple decide to buy a house on the beach, they had no idea
that it was once a famous brothel, and there seems to be a force inside the house
that lets them eperience it's past.

House Party starring Jenteal, Ariel Daye, Crystal Breeze, Jill Kelly
Jordan Lee, Michael Knight, Tony Tedeschi, Vince Vouyer, Bobby Vitale
When a guy needs cash to pay the rent he rents out his home to a
porn company to shoot a movie. But with his roommates due back any minute,
and nosey neighbors that are ready toi report anything to his landlord, time is of
the essence.

Housewarming Party starring Erika Bella, Sunny Star, Cindy Carrera
Ina Vanelle, Kathy Kash, Ralph Dorman, Olaf Tanner, Vincent Wolf
Marco Roush, Mario Van Beldin
Synopsis: Erica has a new place, and what better way to celebrate, than
to have friends over with lots of drink and lots more sex
*In German w/ no subtitles

How Do You Like It starring Robin Cannes, Sharon Mitchell, Aurora
Helga Sven, Melanie Scott, Pamela Jennings, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis
Herschel Savage, Tom byron Synopsis:
When a psychiatrist is having trouble making ends meet, he convinces some of his patients suffering from nymphomania to open a nighttime escort service is his upscale office. All goes along fine until his best friend finds out and tells the good doctor's wife.

How to Perform Felatio/ The Fine Art of Cunnilingus :
Double Feature starring Karen Summer, Mindy Rae, Kari Foxx
Tiffany Blake, Marc Wallice, Peter North
How To Perform Felatio:
For the first time, a "How To" on one of the most sensual of all love acts of Felatio is covered. Karen Summer takes you through the all the fine points as she and her partners demonstrate themselves, firsthand. If you've ever wondered how and why, this this is the DVD for you. Also on the same disc....
The Fine Art of Cunnilingus:
The flip side of  Felatio is Cunnilingus, and here you are walked through the finer points, step by step, by Karen Summer & Kari Foxx with a little help from their friends.

Howard Sperm's Private Parties starring Dominique Simone, Jacqueline
Deborah Wells, Sally Layd, Marilyn Martyn,
Alex Sanders,
Tim Lake
Jonathan Morgan,
Dick Nasty, Max Hardcore
Hillarious and extremely hot send-up of the mainstream film ' Howard Stern's Private Parts' picks  up where the FCC forces Stern stop. One day on the radio show packs more wallop than a Pamlea Anderson interview ever could on
the airwaves!

Hustler Video Magazine Volume 2 starring Erica Boyer
Colleen Brennan, Rene Summers, Constance Money, Lisa Lake
Loni Sanders, Cara Lott, Brandee, David Cannon, Jesse Eastern
In the 80s Hustler Magazine joined the video craze by putting out a quarterly edition of their magazine on video tape, featuring product reviews, porn star interviews, movie reviews, and of course, bringing their award winning photo spreads to life. They gave up on the project after 2 volumes were released, this one being the hottest!! This features the much sought after Erica Boyer / Rene Summers prison lesbian scene that never appeared anywhere else!!!

Hump Up The Volume starring Sunny McKay, Cameo, Debi Diamond
Fallon, Melanie Rose, Cal Jammer, Biff Malibu, T T Boy, Wayne Summers
A wannabe DJ star decides to sleep her way to the top.

Hypersexuals starring Brooke Fields, Laurie Smith, Cody Nicole, Sharon Kane, Carol Cross, Annette Hienz
Tanya Lawson, Long Jean Silver, Herschel Savage, Bobby Astyr, Joey Silvera, Michael Knight, George Payne
The kids of Phi Beta Zappa are under the tyrannical rule of Owsley T. Smith (Bobby Astyr). He doesn't let them have any fun, and that means no sex. But when mother becomes ill, things change. Smith is forced to leave town, leaving the kids to their own devices. Dan Shlegel(Herschel Savage) is supposedly in charge of keeping order but with these frustrated frat boys order's impossible. First thing they  do is hire a stripper, Margarita (Annette Heinz). As the party wears on the frat house is demolished. Then they go outside and proceed to ruin Smith's vintage car.To forget about the situation, Dan goes to a hooker Sara (Brooke Fields). She tries to soothe his uneasiness. Together, they devise a plan to fix up the car and fix up the frat house. By using Sara's hooker friends, and by contacting the campus males, they'll have a perfect combo. The hookers will charge money that will go to the frat's renovation. What follows is a bang-up orgy that leaves everybody satisfied. And the kids have earned enough money to restore things back to normal. Nothing to worry about when Smith comes back. and Sara and Dan have fallen in love. Phi Beta Zappa is a happy place.

Hypnotic Sensations starring Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn
Jessica Wylde,
Rikki Blake, R. Bolla, Rick Cassidy
An eager therapist uses hypnosis to delve into his patient's most lustful thoughts.

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