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C Men 2 starring Cheyenne Silver, April Flowers, Ann Marie Rios
Steven St Croix, Dale DaBone, Eric Masterson, TJ Cummings, Marty Romano
Synopsis: The C-Men are back! Our handsome heroes are on the tail of Panting
Patty and her diabolical Fanny Force! These screaming harlots will get on all fours and drive you mad. It's another race against time as the guys hustle to save the world. What will happen? Find out in the second installment of C-Men.

The Caddy Shack Up starring Krista Lane, Tanya Foxx, Lorie Lovett
Paula Harlow, Purple Passion, Frank James, Steve Drake, F M Bradley
Buddy Love Synopsis:
Golf was never this much sexy fun. Cum join in the game at the Burning Bush Golf Club where the caddies are the cutest, most curvaceous, and voracious club handlers you ever played with on the putting green. There's Stephanie who swings both ways to even the score, and money hungry Kathy who plays the field to win herself a big and rich member, and horny Jo Anne, who makes sure that every player with a 9-inch club makes it a hole in one.

Cafe Flesh Series
Cafe' Flesh starring Pia Snow, Becky Savage, Marie Sharp, Tantala
Kevin James Synopsis:
One of the most distinctive adult films ever made, Cafe Flesh’s story line is centered around the one percent of human beings who are still able to enjoy sex after a nuclear holocaust. The rest of humanity has been rendered unable to engage in any procreative acts without causing themselves rending psychological torment. Those who still can derive pleasure from sex are forced by post-war authoritarian government thugs to entertain these “sexual negatives” with their now unique ability, and to try to stimulate them back to their pre-apocalyptic sexual selves. Like the premise itself, the sex depicted here is as imaginative as it is varied, and as we might expert, full of kinks. This is one of those rare adult films so full of creative energy and explosive imagination that it seems a bit of a pity it has to be segregated from mainstream audiences with an "X" rating.

Cafe Flesh 2 starring Jeanna Fine, Stacey Valentine, Rebecca Lord
Raylene, Sally Layd, T T Boy, Tony Tedeschi, Alec Metro, Vince Vouyer
John Decker Synopsis:
The long-awaited sequel to the classic original, "Cafe Flesh #2" more than lives up to its predecessor. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, it revolves around a decadent sex club where no fantasy is too extreme. Jeanna Fine is perfectly cast as the hard-as-nails entrepreneur whos determined to reopen the club, no matter what (or who) she has to do in the process.

Cafe Flesh 3 starring Sunset Thomas, Gina Ryder, Serena South. Aria
Olivia Saint, Rachel Rotten, Joel Lawrence, Sean Silver, Kurt Lockwood
Steven French, Tony Sexton Synopsis:
In the semi-distant future, after the world is ravaged by nuclear war, 99.9% of the population is rendered incapable of having sex. These are the sex negatives forever cursed to derive their only pleasure from watching the rare sex positives have sex on the #1 TV show in the world, Café Flesh. Unfortunately, these pozzies are an endangered species… and when the last one spontaneously combusts, it's time to take a blast to the past in an unpredictable time machine to acquire some fresh meat – er, talent.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase The Entire Series for Just 34.95
(A Savings of 12.90)

Cagney & Stacey starring Erica Boyer, Stacey Donovan, Randy West,
Patti Petite, Keli Richards, Sharon Mitchell.
The fun begins when a jewelry salesman reports a large number of diamonds have been stolen in spite of his alarms. Foxy female cops Cagney and Stacey are assigned to investigate the robbery, and you can bet that they've got some torrid tricks up their sleeves -- and down their skirts! These bawdy gals in blue use every erotic trick at their disposal to get to the bottom of the case -- while letting a few swarthy studs get to their own luscious bottoms. Finally, some policewomen who know what do do with a nightstick! Will the scrumptious sirens get their man? Or will they find themselves too busy with other erotic concerns? Come down to the most passionate precinct in town and find out for yourself!

Cajun Heat starring Sunset Thomas, Debi Diamond, Teri Diver
Traci Prince, Blake Palmer, Peter North, Zach Thomas, Marc Wallice
Steven St Croix Synopsis:
A sultry tale of a young woman's erotic journey into a shadowy world filled with sexual excesses, deep southern comforts, steamy bayou women, bad ol’ boys, midnight rituals, and easy lovin.

Calendar Girl starring Laurien Dominique, Erica Boyer, Starr Wood
Liz Stanley, Steve Harper, Russ Gray, John Nichols, Brad Evans
A sexy woman gives herself to a biker for an anything goes kind of night in this vintage film! She retells her encounter to a friend how she picked up a biker at a
bar and went back to his garage, where he handcuffed her, teased her with a hammer, whipped her, and gave her pussy a good slamming.

California Gigolo starring Kitty Shane, Veri Knotty, Liza Dwyer
John Holmes, Don Fernando Synopsis:
Palm Springs and Beverly Hills are the locations for these sensual adventures. Brilliant photography brings to life John Holmes numerous sexual escapades. His choices of beautiful women with gorgeous bodies entice the viewer into his or her fantasies of magnificent proportions. John Holmes is at his best, offering his tool for all manners of building blocks

California Gigolo (aka Touchables 2) starring Jeanna Fine
Nina Deponca,
Brittany Stryker, Bionca, Dina DeVille, Steve Drake
Randy West, Peter North,
Scott Irish Synopsis: When a girl breaks down on the side of the road, she comes across a good samartian & the 2 fall in love. They soon hatch a plan to open an exclusive brothel in his Beverly Hills Home, and the money starts rolling in, but an investigatiuve reporter is hot on their trail.

California Valley Girls starring  Kimberly Carson, John Holmes,
Desiree Lane, Becky Savage, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage Synopsis: 
This fast-paced romp from the early 80s features some of the most alluring women of the day in some seriously sensual shenanigans. The plot revolves around a scheme cooked up by totally tubular Valley Girls Shaun Michelle and Becky Savage. They realize that there are a lot of older Valley men who will pay top dollar to spend some sensual time in the arms of a fresh-faced young cutie. They go out and recruit a foursome of fiery foxes, then set out to turn the gals into rip-roaring sex machines. One of the flick's best scenes features John Holmes as the willing subject during a lesson in oral sex. Shaun shows the gals how it's done, and then each of them tries out her new-found skills on the legendary stud. Once the ladies have learned their lascivious lessons, it's time for them to hit the streets and start plying their tawdry trade. Among the hottest trysts is a steamy hot tub session between delectable Kimberly Carson and Eric Edwards. Another great scene finds Dominique hiring luscious Desiree Lane as a present for her hubby Herschel Savage, who definitely appreciates his gift. 'California Valley Girls' is a a fiery frolic that delivers the go-go goods to the max.

Caligula starring Malcolm McDowell, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud
Lori Wagner, Teresa Ann Savoy, John Steiner, Mirella Dangelo
Anneka Di Lorrenzo, Helen Mirren
The cult classic mainstream film that made history with it's hardcore porn scenes. The story of the demented and insane Emperor of Rome, Caligula, who siezed power thru murder and nearly destroyed the entire Roman Empire. Told in it's graphic
& sometimes gorey detail along with explicit action showing the grades of debauchery the Romans became infamous for. Produced by Penthouse magazine. No
recommended for the squeamish.

Caligula: The Deviant Emperor starring Olivia Del Rio
Ursula Moore, Nicolette, Jessica Gabriel, Valeria Johnson, Krisztina
Marzia Visconti, White, Eros Cristaldi, Francesco Malcolm
Eddy Preston, Silvio Evangelista
Synopsis: The sexual escapades of the deviant ceasar of Rome is
perfect for the blue screen, and plays out in steamy portrayles.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Call Girls Service starring Helen Duval, Laura Angel, Sonia Smith
Sandra Russo, Karma, Nataly Dune, Nicole Taylor, Chris Charming
Conny Dachs, Ficky Martin, Robert Rosenberg, Philippe Dean
Synopsis: The internet is a wonderful place. When Monique and I were taking Spring Break on Ibiza earlier this year, we found this exciting high class model auction site. As they were auctioning the best looking and sexiest girls we'd seen  in a long time, we just had to have them... We were not only ones interested in these models...and every time we lost to the same guy, "Wheelchair Harry", who ran a
high class whorehouse. Harry wasn't playing games. He meant business. If we wanted a girl, we'd have to swap her for an equally great girl... So I decided to swap!
*In French w/ no subtitles

Call Me Angel, Sir starring Linda Vale, Annie Sprinkle, Jeffery Hurst,
Wade Nichols, Louis Shortstud Synopsis:
When an innocent young girl goes to live with her aunt in NYC, she is shocked to find out her aunt is a high priced call-girl. Even more shocking is that the aunt intends to use her niece to service clients. All goes smoothly at firts, until the niece falls in love with one of her tricks.

A Cameo Appearance starring Cameo, Flame, Heather Hunter
Melanie Moore, Tiffany Million, Bianca Trump, Tom Byron, Mike Horner
Cyd Morrison Synopsis:
When Cameo gets to daydreaming about the stories her friends have told her, what's she do? Find her best toys & get herself off, of course. That is until her man gets home and takes care of her....with a serious pounding anal poking!! Needless to say, we get to see all those memories too

Camera Shy starring Taylor Wayne, Nikki Steele, Lena Ramon
Mia Domore, Brooklyn Rhodes, Dave Hardman, Nick East, Ian Daniels
Tom Seiko Synopsis:
2 down & out girls answer an add for modeling & find out, the more they do for the cameras. the more money they can make.

Campus Capers ( aka Crammin' Cuties ) starring Erica Boyer
Lynx Cannon, Eileen Welles, Tara Aire, Mai Lin, Pheary I Burd
Chelsea Manchester, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin
Paul Thomas, Michael Morrison Synopsis:
These horny coeds are out to make the most of their time at college, well out of the control of the parents they left at home. It's higher education at it's best!!!

. Campus Cuties starring Nikki Charm, Taija Rae, Tracey Adams
Summer Rose, Mauvis DeNoir, Tom Byron, Rick Savage, Buck Adams,
Kevin James Synopsis:
Wendy shows up for her first day at State University, and as soon as she meets her new roommates she enters an academic world of non-stop debauchery. These horny young coeds can't wait to get naked and get nasty. And no one escapes their intense desires – not the football team, the faculty, the Dean and even some other lucky cheerleaders. So come up to their dorm for some superheated homework

Campus Girl starring Tina Russell, Candy York, Carol Dempsey
Judy Gillis, Jenny LaSalle, Marc Stevens, Bobby Lasner, Joey Gerrardo Synopsis:
Some people go to college for an education, others to get married. Our lovely heroines go for the fun of it all

Can't Get Enough starring Amber Lynn, Chelsea Blake, Karen Summer
Gina Carrera, Rachel Ashley, Melanie Scott, Jerry Butler, George Payne
Joey Silvera, Jose Duvall, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
Deep in the heart of New York City, an exotic love potion from the Amazon is turning normally sedate women into sex-crazed nymphos

Candi Girl starring Serena, Samantha Fox, Rikki O'Neal, Eve Summers
John Holmes, Herschel Savage Synopsis:
This light comedy bounces from one pretty saleswoman to another. Each employee proves to be very efficient with customers. Ben and Larry are responsible for the success of the operation. Each Saleswoman has been hired after a tough interview covering oral expertise and natural attributes (two very convincing assets). Family ties play an important part in Candi Girl, when Ben and Larry get into trouble operating their car business. Candi, the seductive sister-in-law, is the first one to come to the rescue in a very provocative manner

Candy Apples vs King Dong starring Candy Apples, Gabriella
Byron Long, Dave Hardman, Rod Fontana Synopsis:
Porn Candy Samples,
when it appears that Candy can no longer get off on the 'avaerage' 12" - 15" cock, she comissions Ben-Wa novelty company to create the ultimate thrill..........a 3' Dildo. Can even Candy handle that much? Watch and find out!

Candy Goes to Hollywood starring Carol Connors, Desiree Cousteau
Pheary I. Burd, Nancy Hoffman, Patti Cakes, Rhonda Jo Petty, Sharon Kane
John Leslie, Turk Lyon, Richard Pacheco, John Wade Synopsis: the second installment of the 'Candy' series, finds our heroine, in tinseltown trying to break into show biz, and finding what the term 'casting couch' really means.

Candy Lips starring Susan McBain, Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby
Jeanette Sinclair, Lois Luv, Herschel Savage, Jack Teague, Terry Austin
The story of a young woman's search for sexual satisfaction without
guilt or fear.

Candy Snacker starring Kelly O'Dell, Debi Diamond, Porsche Lynn
Cash, Mark Davis, Blake Palmer, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi
Johnny Mercury
Synopsis: This candy gives women confidence to take their own sexual
destiny into their own hands.

Candy Store starring Candy Samples, Paula Page, Nanci Love, Billy Dean
Scott Cook, Dennis East Synopsis: Just another day of business for LA's top, low-end bordello, that is until a man comes in to sell his sister. Could this girl help but the bordello back on the map?

Candy Stripers starring Amber Hunt, Sharon Thorpe, Cris Cassidy
Eileen Welles, Mimi Morgan,
Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco, Don Fernando Synopsis: What happens when you let three horny teenage girls loose in a hospital? They give new meaning to the word BED-lam, as they make sure that ALL of their patients' needs are taken care of. Deep-probing doctors and nasty nurses service patients and staff in non-stop hot action guaranteed to melt your stethoscopes!

Candy Stripers 2 starring Colleen Brennan, Taija Rae, Karen Summer
Kathlyn Moore, Aurora, Sheri St. Clair, Ron Jeremy, Michael Gaunt
Ashley Moore
Those adorable, ever-horny angels of mercy are back to make your temperature rise in a laugh-and-lust-packed sequel to one of our biggest-selling titles of all time! This time the hospital is infected with an aphrodisiac gas that has the entire facility going wild with sexual energy.

Candy Stripers 3 starring Siobhan Hunter, Cassandra Leigh, Barbie Dahl
Nina Preta, Ron Jeremy, Ashley Moore Synopsis:
When a pair of strippers decide to take jobs at the hospital as candy stripers, the staff and the patients are in for bedside manner beyond their wildest dreams.

Candy Stripers 4 starring Cameo, Tonisha Mills, Tracey Adams
Rachel Ryan, Lee Carroll, Sabrina Dawn, Eric Price, Cal Jammer
Biff Malibu Synopsis:
These babes turn a big city hospital into a hot harem of sex in this happy, horny comedy full of nasty bedside, bun rockin' action. More physical than medical these hot girls examine the patients, doctors and each other

Canned Heat starring Jordan Lee, Tera Heart, Barbara Doll, Stacy Nichols
Marc Wallice, T T Boy, Peter North
When a guy and his 2 feamle roommates find that there are no new
sexual conquests to be had in their town, they move to a new town with greener

Cape Lere starring Heather Lere, Melanie Moore, Sharon Kane, Heidi
Mike Horner, Nick East, Rob Tyler
A successful defense lawyer throws a weekend party at his mansion on
the cape, where a disgruntled client finds himself among the guests.

Capt Bob's Lust Boat 2 starring Valeria, Lady Berlin, Tesla Brown
Diane O'Dain, Taj Mahal, Michael J Cox, Captain Bob, J P Anthony
Synopsis: All aboard as Capt Bob sets sail on his infamous Lust Boat with a bevy
of hot babes horny studs

Captain Hooker & Peter Porn starring Shanna McCullough
Krista Lane, Viper, Nikki Knights, Billy Dee, Steve Drake Synopsis:
Krista Lane plays the Lady Patricia who is being held for ransom by the nefarious Capt. Hooker. This erotic treasure offers an ingenious script, appealing characters, funny humor, and tender sex.

Captive starring Madelyn Knight, Ruby, Sophia Ferrari, Kelly Jean
Caressa Savage, Emily Hill, Jon Dough, Dave Hardman, Brian Surewood
A soldier for hire, is captured and taken prisoner during wartime, and
is tortured psychologically & sexually manipulated. But for what ends?

Careful He May Be Watching starring Seka, Shanna McCullough,
Kay Parker, Jon Martin, Don Hart Synopsis:
Yes, the platinum princess of adult entertainment returns to the silver screen in a sizzling dual role. By night, Jane Smith (Seka) is a happily married housewife. But during the day, when hubby (Mike Horner) is at work, Jane becomes Molly Flame – the X-rated superstar who’ll do "almost" anything for the camera. Things get mighty complicated for Jane/Molly, as you might expect. And with Kay Parker and Shanna McCullough on board for some hot action, you can be sure our star’s "repertoire" is going to be expanded! So, uncork something bubbly and start celebrating. With Seka back, horny days are here again!

Careless starring Ona Z, Tina Tyler, Nikki Sinn, Jon Dough, Sean Rider
Alex Sanders, Zach Thomas Synopsis:
A woman who sees her sexual allure
fading away finds her new younger roommate a threat as men are more interested in
the roommate than they are her.

Caribbean Sunset starring Sunset Thomas, Jessie James, Brandy Tyler
Adriana, Samantha Diamonds, Kristen Bleu, Nicole Ann, Mark Davis
Vince Voyuer, Jay Michaels
A stripper takes a job dancing in a strip club on a Caribbean island, and
her life takes a turn as she enters a world of sexual pleasure she has nevber known before. But what about the boyfriend she loves and left behind?

Caribbean Undercover COMPLETE starring Tera Patrick, Caroline Cage, Judith Kostner, Jessica Drake,
C G Summer, Shiela Rossi, Vanda Vitus,
Evan Stone, Brick Majors, Mark Davis, Mickey G, Anthony Crane
When a group of thieves set up shop in St. Marten and begin smuggling computer chips thu the island, The FBI send in their best agent & his beautiful assistant to thrwart the gang's plans
* The entire main feature along with the 90 min 'Behind The Scenes' feature
on the same disc

Carmen starring LaVerne Blanca, Anita Dark, Katherine Hoffner, Michela
Rita Cardinale, Deborah Valentine, Kristine Varga, John Walton, Mike Foster
Zenza Reggi, Francesco Malcolm
Synopsis: Porn take on the classic tale.

Carnal College ( aka Young Students )  starring Linda Wong
Beth Ruberman, Angela Haze, Joey Silvera, Clay Hyde
This is a tale about a female doctor who runs a girl's school called Kent Manor. The girls are so horny that they can't wait to unzip any available male --
including the school gardener, the new psychology professor, the laundry man and
other assorted desirable targets.

Carnal Fantasies starring Jennifer West, Laurie Toledo, Tyler Reynolds
A porno expert & all around guru, explains life and sex in the big bad city of Los Angeles, through a series of vignettes

Carnal Haven starring Sharon Thorpe, Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee
Candida Royale, Desiree West, Bonnie Holiday, Joey Silvera, John Leslie Synopsis:
A sex therapist devises a exotic way to help 4 couples become better lovers.

Carnal Invasions starring Houston, Chelsea Blue, Samantha St James
Mia Ciccero, Alec Metro, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, T T Boy
Synopsis: Bad girl... when she was good, she was bad. Good girl... when she was
bad she was good. Three sexy escapees from a youth correctional facility turn a
family's home upside down with their fugitive passions. Uninhibited debauchery is the order of the day in Carnal Invasions!

Carnival of Flesh starring Houston, Kiss, Nikki Sinn, Roxy Rider, Kia
Alex Sanders, Nick East, T T Boy, Guy DiSilva, Jeremy Joshua
A carney fortune teller has the ability to reveal your intermost sexual

Casanova starring Tabitha Cash, Flame, Skye Blue, Tina Tyler
Rocco Siffredi, Randy West Synopsis:
His charm was irresistible. His lust was insatiable. His conquests were legendary! This updated telling of the escapades of the famous lover steams upthe screen with smoldering sex and lust.

Casanova 4 (aka The Conquest) starring Julia Ann, Stephanie DuValle
Shelby Stevens, Chanel, Chelsea Lynx, Rocco Siffredi, Aaaron Colt
In this, the 4th chapter in Rocco Siffredi's Casanova saga, the legendary
lover continues, but this time he must turn on all of his charm to bed the one woman
who has chosen not to sleep with him.

Casanova starring Nancy Hoffman, Tracy O'Neil, Suzanne French
Phaedra Grant, John Holmes, Blair Harris, John Seeman Synopsis:
When a descendent of the famous Casanova starts having dreams that seem so realistic, he goes back to the family home and retrieves an old bottle of cologne that when applied, gives him the sexual charm of his late, great ancestor. That's when his troubles really start.
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been
able to locate is in English, but there are German subtitles

Casanova 2 starring John Holmes, Jessie St. James, Danielle
Rhonda Jo Petty, Suzanne French  Synopsis:
Throughout the course of history, no single name has conjured up more lusty images of romance and legendary virility than that of CASANOVA. His countless amorous affairs with eager women from every level of society bestowed upon his remarkable Italian nobleman the unabashed envy of every man who ever coveted the favors of some willing wench. Casanova was a real man, and his well chronicled exploits were just as real. Who else could possibly portray this incredible character on the screen than this centuries' own legendary Casanova: JOHN HOLMES!

The Case of The Mad Tickler starring Megan Leigh, Alicia Monet
Laurel Canyon, Barbie Dahl, Jon Martin, Mike Horner, Blake Palmer
A man is on the hunt for female prostitutes in San Francisco. Fisrt he
nails them, then he tickeles them with a feather to insatiable orgasm. The city's  best detective is on the case and closing in on 'The Mad Tickler'.

Cashmere starring Kylie Ireland, Nikita, Vicca, Jill Kelly, Anna Malle
Jeanna Fine, Shayla LaVeaux, Rayveness, Eric Price, Michael J Cox
Colt Steel, Randy Spears, Tyce Bune, Briuck Majors
Come on an electric ride into the heart and mind of every man. A utopian fantasy of a simpler time, a time when passion was timed with energy and color. A time when the sound of one particiular voice coming through the radio could fill you with a warmth of ecstasy! Beautifully expressed by the sultry Kylie Ireland, Cashmere is filled with the kind of sensuality and texture only found in the mind of Michael Ninn

Casing The Crack starring Viviana, Danielle, Chelsea Dallas
Sabrina Jergens, Blake West, Buddy Love, Ron Jeremy, Randy West
Synopsis: A couple of detectives are put on the case of a bank robber that seems
to disappear into the wind after he does a job, but he starts to get sloppy when dealing with hot women.

Casino of Lust starring Crystal Breeze, Karen Summer
Kristara Barrington, Eric Edwards, Tom Byron, R. Bolla Synopsis:
Gambling has never been quite so exhilarating as in this passionate private club. Run by millionaire R. Bolla, the hot night spot lets its clients dabble in some decidedly decadent dilly-dallying while placing their various bets. The amorous action is threatened with a sudden halt, though, when Bolla's ex-wife (Crystal Breeze) sues him for alimony. She'll spill the beans on his erotic operation if he doesn't fork over $5 million! Bolla hires flashy private eye Eric Edwards to put her off the case, but Eric winds up falling for Crystal in a big way. In the end, you can bet that everyone gets what's coming to them. It's a non-stop cavalcade of carnality whenever this Casino of Lust is open for business!

Casting Call starring Ariana, Christine Appleigh, Angela Faith, Brazil
Cal Jammer, Max Hardcore, Luc Wylder, Kris Newz
Seven sexy starlets strut their stuff trying to land a lead role in a hot new adult flick. In this audition, however, you make the call! So kick up your heels, relax,
and enjoy your own Casting Call.

Casting Call 4 starring Veronica Sage, Vixxxen, Tammi Ann, Kytana
Whitney Banks, Tim Lake, Max Hardcore
Max is trying to cast his next great movie, but he has run out of
ladies, so yet another casting call has gone out and a few ladies have answered
and of course they have to audition.

The Casting Couch starring Annette Heinz, Joanna Storm, Sue Nero
Sharon Kane, Anna Turner, Ron Jeremy, Steve Senate Synopsis
: In an attempt to force their 30 something son to finally leave the nest, Ron's parents give him gis inheritance early so he can venture out into the big bad world on his own. Instead, he chooses to use his money to set upa phony production company to attract women to phony auditions all in an attempt to get laid.

Casting Couch starring Stacy Nichols, Mercedez Lynn, Leilani
Ron Jeremy Synopsis:
Old Ron is making a movie & of course, he MUST
personally interview all of the actresses during their auditions. How much is the part
really worth to them?

Casting De Salope (aka Clark 15) starring Erika Bella, Beata Beau
Betty Vixen, Manola Mallory, Valentine Velasquez, Christoph Clark
Richard Lengin, Andre Dale, Kalman
Synopsis: Christoph and his buddies tell the stories of how they met the
women tht adorn Chrisatoph's famous video line.
*In German w/ no subtitles

The Castle of Lucretia-COMPLETE starring Sarah Young, Erika Bella
Rossana Doll, Ivy Crystal, Francesco Malcom, Roberto Malone
Richard Langin, Jean Yves Le Castel
Synopsis: Lucretia Borgia is the young countess of the house of Borgia, and she is intent on destroying her family and taking all of their holdings for herself in an effort to turn the castle into her sexual domain. Both parts 1 & 2 are combined on this one disc.
*In German w/ no subtitles

Casual Lies starring Sierra, Tiffany Mynx, Meekah, Katrina Valentine
Marc Wallice, T T Boy, Tom Byron
Synopsis: When hot, horn call girl Connie is found dead after a night of steamy sex, Assistant DA Andrew is the prime suspect. Detective Jason is called in a long with his big breasted partner, Ester. Together they jump head first into the case as well as into each other! Meanwhile, sleazy pimp, Victor, is on the loose screwing his girls in more case with lesbian lust and sizzling three somes.

Casual Sex starring Zara Whites, Leanna Foxxx, Avalon, Tiara
Mike Horner, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
A man becomes obssessed with dreams of being unfaithful to his lovely wife, but he has no urge to cheat on her when he's awake.

Cat & Mouse Series
Cat & Mouse starring Jeanna Fine, Brandy Alexandre, Chrissy Ann
Cassidy, Mike Horner, Sikki Nixx, Scott Irish
A woman randomly dials numbers in the phone book trying to find sexual playmates. Sometimes they even say yes.

Cat & Mouse 2 starring Jeanna Fine, Chris Collins, Chrissy Ann
Brittany O'Connell, Tami Monroe, Teri Diver, Mike Horner, Jon Dough
Synopsis: The exclusive club is looking for filling out their roster by inviting
some precise specialists to the ranks.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Cat Alley starring Krista Lane, Candie Evans, Bunny Bleu, Je'Taime
Peter North, Jerry Butler, Tom Byron, Steve Hatcher, Scott Irish
The CEO of a Fortune 500 company strokes out while making it with his favorite prostitute. Soon the wheels of corporate greed start to turn but he has already named his successor, A beautiful manager in his company that was his former call girl in waiting. soon she and the other pro team up to stave off a hostile takeover.

The Cat Club starring Brit Morgan, Fallon, Viper, Ona Z, Tanya Foxx
Herschel Savage, William Margold, Peter North, Robert Bullock
A sexsational movie about a veterinary school where there's more to class than just medicine! The laughs and lust go hand in hand as these carnal kitties do whatever it takes to please!

Cat Lickers starring Angela Summers, Devon Shire, K C Williams
Madison, Celia Young Synopsis:
A man hires a stripper to teach his daughters
how to please a a man, in an effort to get them married off to rich men. But they
start to have a hankering for carpet munching instead.

Cat Scratch Fever starring Julie Rage, Nicole London, Morgan Fairlane
Charlie, Randi Storm, Kay London, Charlie, Herschel Savage, Dave Hardman
Paul Coxx, Billy Glyde Synopsis:
A man made virus has been loosed upon this
small nieghborhood and the women here are stricken with an overriding need for sex in ALL forms!!!

Catalina Five-0 Pt.2 starring Raven, Sunny McKay, Sandra Scream
Raven Richards, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Woody Long Synopsis:
A search for treasure on Catalina Island, leads to lustful encounters, treachery, & perhaps, murder. But don't worry because Raven and her tyeam are on the case.

Catalina Five-0 Pt.3 starring Raven, Zara Whites, Mercedez  Lynn
Sandra Scream,Viviana, Marc Wallice, Joey Murphy, James Lewis
When foxy private eye Raven decides to take a little vacation, she leaves her agency in the capable hands of breasty beauty Zara. Zara may not be much of a detective, but she's always able to get to the bottom of things! She ends up in the carnal clutches of local drug lord Marc Wallice, and he has plans for her and a trap for Raven

Catalina Five-0 Pt. 4 starring Raven, Zara Whites, Sandra Scream
Alice Springs, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, T T Boy
 This time out the lady detectives are out to bust a mojor drug ring. However, there are a few complications along the way, like when one of the ladies realizes her ex-boyfriend is tangled up in the case.

Catalina 69 starring Sunny McKay, Cameo, Mercedez Lynn, Sharon Kane
Danielle Rodgers, Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, Dick Nasty, Biff Malibu
Two detectives are out to shut down a criminal ring that uses beautiful women to commit the crimes, while the evil mastermind rakes in the loot.
* Please note that the soundtrack sounds slighty warped at times

Cathouse starring Dyanna Lauren, Tina Tyler, Asia Carrera, Alex Dane
Anna Malle, Colt Steel, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Steven St Croix
Synopsis: Set in a 20s brothel, the top earning pro is looking to move on
with her life after falling for her favorite customer.

Cathouse Fever starring Becky Savage, Rhonda Jo Petty
Debbie Truelove, Gaylene Marie, Maria Lee Gardner, Herschel Savage
John Colt, Jerry Davis, Rick Cassidy Synopsis:
A woman in search of new meaning in her life, takes a job at a famous bordello, and learns to appreciate what she already had.

Cathy Fille Soumise (aka Cathy Submissive Girl)
starring Brigitte Lahaie, Erika Cool, Sylvie Dessarte, Gabriel Pontello Dominique Aveline, Alban Ceray Synopsis:
Cathy is a former prostitute who has come to a little village in Provence. She falls in love with a young farmer, Simon. Her former pimp, Tony, finds her and forces her to work again for him. Will Cathy's new world fall apart, or will she stay a free woman? *In French w/ no Subtitles

Catsnatch starring Sunset Thoams, Chloe, Julie Meadows, Velvet Rose
Lezly Zen, Randy Spears, Kyle Stone, Steve Hatcher, Eric Masterson
A cat burglar with a literal penchant for pricey cat statues, Sunset Thomas has devised a scheme in which she seduces and sleeps with her victims before robbing them. The detective assigned to the case  is becoming obsessed with her inability to catch the elusive vixen thief and ultimately finds herself using her own lover as bait

Catwalk starring Rebecca Lord, Christine Angel, Vanessa Chase
Jeanna Fine, Roxanne Hall, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Mike Horner
Tony Tedeschi, T T Boy
Synopsis: To die for! Crazy, sexy and cool, that's the world of haute couture, high fashion the cutting edge of chic, where Versace, Montana and Jean-Paul Gaultier are the driving pulse of an industry fueled by money, power and decadence. Where sex
is king and the world's most desirable women are playthings in the high-stakes fashion game. This is the world of Elisha Rich, super-model and a super-bitch with a dar  past. She and the other superstars of Models Inc., Bobbie, Chrissie, Val Laura, and
Jill have all have their naughty secrets, shady pasts and perversions as well such is the life on "The Catwalk", where there's an endless supply of willing beauties who'll do anything and anyone to get on top.

The Catwoman starring Kathleen Gentry, Laurel Canyon, Nikki Knights
Alexa Parks, John Leslie, Ray Victory, Derek Lane, Peter North, Joey Silvera
A beautiful photographer is being ignored by her boyfriend, so she sets out to have a little fun. She however, has a one night stand with a stranger, who turns out to be a sorcerer that leads a cult of people that live their lives as cats under his mysterious spell. She soon finds herself falling under his spell as well.

Caught From Behind starring Angel Cash, Crystal Dawn, Doris Del Rio
Kelly Shaw, Tina Evans, RJ Reynolds, Rick Lutz, Starbuck, Mike Howard
Synopsis: THE ONE that started it all. The original ode to back door loving, is a pure cornacopia of butt boffing. This one set the standard & launch the historic series that soon followed & kept a generation a craving it up the fart funnel.

Caught From Behind 2 starring Rose Marie, Raysheena, Ron Jeremy
Marc Wallice, Eric Edwards Synopsis:
The second edition of the anally obsessed series once again brings us the amorous antics of Dr. Proctor, this time played by Eric Edwards in a daft performance. Edwards brings in a string of sexually troubled patients and somehow comes to the same diagnosis for each of them -- what they really need is a hefty dose of anal sex. While this doesn't go down too well with some of the gals, the good doctor makes sure that he teaches them everything they need to know about back door boffing.

Caught From Behind 3 starring Ali Moore, Kristara Barrington
Buffy Davis, Tamara Longley, Jessica Longe, Stevie Taylor, Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy,  Marc Wallice Synopsis:
The third edition of the booty busting series finds the good Dr. Proctor on vacation. His sex clinic is being looked after by his partner Dr. Sheldon, played to the wacky hilt by the always affable Ron Jeremy. eremy is perfect for the role, which calls for lots of eyeball rolling and delivery of zany punchlines in addition to the more traditional studly skills. This video is notable for containing the only on-screen anal sex scene from 80s superstarlet Ali Moore. Ali was a tremendously tight bodied cutie pie whose mouthwatering figure and wide-eyed look of innocence landed her lots of young ingenue roles. Here, she takes on Marc Wallice
in a steamy, sensual back door boff that really raises temperatures. Ali's naturalistic responses and absolutely stunning good looks drive the scene through the roof, and fans of hers will certainly want to pick up this one-of-a-kind video. Also strutting their sassy stuff are such naturally curvalicious cuties as Buffy Davis and Tamara Longley,  two of the hardest working women in 80s porn. Hard-charging Asian sex kitten Kristara Barrington is also on hand, lending her amorous assets to the proceedings. Each gal gets in on her fair share of rear entry ravishing, but it's Ali's scene that really steals the show.

Caught From Behind 4 starring Buffy Davis, Jennifer Noxt
Keli Richards, Patti Petite, Ron Jeremy, Steve Powers, Marc Wallice
Dick Rambone, Tom Byron, Peter North Synopsis:
Dr. Peter Proctor is back and as anally-fixated as ever in this fiery fourth edition of the stand-out 80s series. The plot is pretty much the same as in all the other 'Caught From Behind' tapes, with the good doctor leading a batch of nervous stunners into the wanton world of back door passion.

Caught From Behind 5 starring Patti Petite, Buffy Davis, Rachel Ryan
Tanya Foxx, Chanel Price, Billy Dee, F M Bradley, Jonathan Younger
The fifth edition of the anally-fixated series ventures away from the familiar sex clinic setting and into the world of modern suburbia. Well, modern 80s suburbia, anyway, but with that jungle fever twist.

Caught From Behind 6 starring Kari Foxx, Rachel Ryan, Tanya Foxx,
Keli Richards, Trinity Loren , Peter North, Tom Byron Synopsis:
For the sixth edition of the anally fixated 80s series, the producers have returned to their old haunts of the mythical anal sex clinic. This time out, though, the doctor who leads couples on their erotic adventures is played by leggy brunette beauty Kari Foxx, who is definitely dedicated to the cause!!!

Caught From Behind 7 starring Lisa De Leeuw, Rachel Ryan
Chanel Price, Carol Titian, Peter North, Frank James, Billy Dee Synopsis:
Lisa De Leeuw did very few anal scenes in her career, and her most famous and hottest anal scene higlights this, the 7th chapter, in the series that made backdoor loving history. The story of a woman, who's man is trying to convince her of the sexual thrill of a good rear ender, finds herself slowly wanting to share the experience with him as well.

Caught From Behind 8 starring Fallon, Barbie Doll, Laurel Canyon
Tiffany Storm,
Tanya Foxx, Valentina, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy,Sasha Gabor Synopsis:
In this eighth erotic edition of the sizzling series, we get a nearly incomprehensible plot that revolves equally around a mysterious kidnapping and heated back door boffing. While the plot falls apart soon after kickoff, the blistering action will certainly keep you riveted to the screen.

Caught from Behind 9 starring Viper, Brandy Alexander, Tanya Foxx,
Marc Wallice. Tom Byron Synopsis:
In the naughty ninth edition of 'Caught From Behind,' we're once again treated to the tantalizingly taut tushies of some of the most bodacious back door babes in the business. Filled with over-the-top eroticism, each vivacious vignette is a tantalizing tribute to the awesome erotic allure of amorous anal action. Buxom beauty Brandy Alexandre leads the carnal cast, and she's more than ready to live down to her randy reputation. Brandy's joined on her back road excursions by the lusty likes of Tanya Fox and Viper, two of the most over-charged sex kittens of all time. It's a rear entry rendezvous with plenty of pulse-pounding passion, filled with women who love to get behind in their wanton work.

Caught From Behind 10 starring Tanya Foxx, Jade East, Chanel Price
Champagne, Jon Dough, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice
Tony Montana Synopsis:
Welcome to Dr. Peter Proctor's Sphincter Clinic, the most sex-drenched hot spot in town. His randy research aims to find out why bawdy back door boffing is so popular among his clients. He's ready to delve into all manner of merry mischief as he pries behind closed doors and into people's private lives, looking for the sultry secret

Caught from Behind 11 starring Raven Richards, Cassie Nova
Lynn LeMay, Renee Morgan, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, Mark Wallice
Synopsis: Dr. Peter Proctor is up to his old tricks, bringing in a series of sexually struggling couples and teaching them that sometimes the best way to ecstasy is through the back door.

Caught From Behind 12 starring Raven Richards, Sabrina, Rachel West
Tina Gordon, Ron Jeremy, Dick Rambone, Scott Irish Synopsis:
With the twelfth edition of the back door boffing series, Ron Jeremy returns to his role as the lovable Dr. Proctor, ready to welcome another batch of trepiditious couples into the wonderful world of anal eroticism. We get four feverish scenes of rear entry romping here, each one starring one of the tastiest tarts of the late 80s.

Caught From Behind 13 starring Raven Richards, Debi Diamond
Rene Foxx,
Saki St. Jermaine, Buck Adams, T T Boy, Wayne Summers  Synopsis:
In this anally-fixated blast, Raven Richards brings her tawdry talents to the screen as the head of a carnal clinic that specializes in helping folks get over their problems with passion. Of course, Raven's prescriptions usually involve plenty of white-hot back door boffing

Caught From Behind 14 starring Nina Hartley, Brit Morgan, Lei Lani
Alice Springs, Joey Silvera, Sahun Michaels, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Nina steps in as the new doctor at the world famous clinic for anal sex. Though she has been thoroughly trained to help the patients out, she has never experienced fart funnel fucking for herself. Intrigued & hot as Hell, from what she is seeing she decides to dive in, and we are treated to her VERY FIRST on screen backdoor performance!

Caught From Behind 15 starring Jeanna Fine, Flame, Raven Richards
Courtney, Sean Michaels, Nick Eastt, Sikki Nix, Wayne Summers
The 15th installment of this famed series is sure to please any fan of the genrre, as Jeanna & Sean play a couple who want to take their relationship to the next sexual level. When they seek out the help of a clinic that specializes in just that affliction, they find they are not alone in their wishes of fullfilment.

Caught From Behind 16 starring Nina Hartley, Rachel Ryan
Trinity Loren, Melanie Moore, Saki St. Jermaine, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy Marc Wallice, Steve Hatcher, T T Boy Synopsis:
Some of the most enticing and explosive starlets of the late 80s and early 90s strut their sassy stuff in scene after scene of pure back door heat, as the story revolves around Dr. Proctor's patients getting together to plot revenge against him when they find out he's been watching their 'therapy sessions'.

Caught From Behind 17 starring Mimi Miyagi, Rebecca Bardoux
Samantha York,
Cumisha Amado, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice, T T Boy
Ron Jeremy is back once again as a proctologist obsessed with back-door boffing, and Marc Wallice is his partner both in his practice and in his vices. At the beginning of this episode, Ron is all broken up because he has lost his favorite nurse, "Fanny". Marc tries to cheer him up by offering nurse Mimi Miyagi to him for a little back-porch boinking, but Ron can't go through with it and so Marc takes his place. Later Hitomi shows up and does what she can to get Ron out of his blue mood. Finally, the doctor gets a brand new nurse in Samantha York and feels much better.

Caught From Behind 18 starring Debi Diamond, Stacey Nichols, Celeste
Sahara Sands, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice, Steven St. Croix, Nikki Sinn
Welcome to the wildest proctology convention ever, as master of ceremonies Ron Jeremy hosts the passionate proceedings and leads everyone down the primrose path to back door satisfaction. Ron's keynote address isn't just for the doctors at the meeting -- it's also being broadcast on TV to an eager audience at home. But what will the censors do when Ron brings out a lusty young couple to actually demonstrate their rear entry ribaldry? The demonstration gets everyone all hot and bothered, and before you know it, the convention has turned into a full-fledged sex party!

Caught From Behind 19 starring Debi Diamond, Nicole London
Lacy Rose,
Sahara Sands, Whitney Banks, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice
Steven St. Croix  
Synopsis: Poor old Dr. Proctor, starting to lose his bedisde manner, as he pursues the almighty dollar in stead of helping people overcome their fear of anal sex, is visited by a series of ghosts that show him the past, present & future parts of his life. Will he once again become the caring Dr. Proctor?

Caught From Behind 20 starring Brooke Dunn, Diamond, Gina Delaney
Sweety Pie, Chaz Chase, Rick Masters, Tom Chapman Synopsis:
This time, we follow a group of sex-crazed sirens and their well-equipped men as they head off to the mountains for a weekend of ass-toundingly amorous action. They settle in at a secluded chateau that caters to their every erotic need. The weather outside may be frigid and frightful, but inside the delirious debauchery is quite delightful!

Caught From Behind 21 starring Micki Lynn, Ariel Daye, Alex Dane
Nikki Brantz, Ashley Renee, Steve Hatcher, Colt Steel, Sean Rider
Alex Dane and Steve Hatcher play a married couple who sits in bed
on their 10th wedding anniversary recalling a memorable night when they
joined other friendly couples for en evening at a strip club, where everyone entered through the backdoor.

Caught From Behind 22 starring Alexandra Silk, Missy, Nici Sterling
Little Cinderella, Liza Harper, Steve Hatcher, Rick Masters, Jat Ashley
Wilde Oscar
A group of bikers in a bar start telling stories of the wide
open road, and chicks with even wider open asses

Caught From Behind 25 starring Johnni Black, Candy Apples, Mila
Kimberly Jade, Steve Hatcher, Guy DeSilva, Valentino, Jack Hammer
Synopsis: A new hotel opens in town called 'The Butt & Breakfast' and they are
soon booled solid for months

Caught From Behind 30 starring Alyssa Allure, Vivian Valentine
Teri Starr,
Deja Blew, Brian Surewood, Dick Nasty,  Dave Hardman
Synopsis: Chapter 30 of the highly successful anal series finds a group of
hot honies being convinced by their men to try some backdoor loving

Caught From Behind 33 starring C J Bennett, Aurora Cortez, Cativa
Angie Cooper, Adina Jewel, Jack Hammer, Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana
Watch as these hot babes get off in this all anal adventure.Every girl in this videotakes it up the ass, and loves it. These anal queens can not get enough juicy
cock to fill their swollen asses, succulent wet pussies and open mouths!

Caught From Behind 35 starring Suki, Karma, Emerald, Arson
Sam Shaft, Tobe Lerone, Trevor Thompson
Synopsis: The 35th chapter closes out this successful series by giving
a group of unknowns the chance to show the public their anal abilities

Caught in The Act starring Celeste, Anna Malle, Nina Hartley
Nicole Lace, Nancy Vee, Joey Silvera, Woody Long, Marc Wallice
Steven St Croix Synopsis:
Celeste's husband has been having an affair. When she finds out, she files for divorce. His attorney has an interesting bit of extramarital advice. To save him from a costly settlement he suggests hiring a gigolo to do her, film it, and offer the tape as evidence that the woman is being just as unfaithful as the man.

Cave Women (aka Once Upon a Time She Was)
starring Annette Haven, Abigail Clayton, Cris Cassidy, Amber Hunt
Desiree West, China Leigh, Blair Harris, Paul Thomas, Bob Bluecloud
Mick Jones Synopsis:
Offbeat porn from San Francisco's Golden Age credits leading lady Annette Haven as writer/director. Haven, an anthropologist, is able to study cave people live. Since this is a porn film, it is not surprising that mostly the cave guys and gals engage in sex. Between segments Haven is pawed and explored by curious grunting cave guys, and the groping gets so out of hand by the finale that an orgy results.

Cells of Passion starring Erica Boyer, Misty Regan, Holly McCall
Lynx Cannon, Laura lazare, John Leslie Synopsis:
The horny inmates of a women’s penitentiary find themselves on the end of indecent handling by the penal authorities. The warden, Madame Hardwick, helps the girls get time off for “good behavior” – if they “play ball” with her and her cohorts. For those who show reluctance, the hardened “screws” never spare the rod or the balls and chains.

Censored starring Jenteal, Dyanna Lauren, Ruby, Stephanie Swift
Raven McCall, Jon Dough, Steven St Croix, T T Boy, Michael Hurt
Dyanna Lauren is a writer struggling with a serious case of writer’s block until she is visited by the very characters she is supposed to be writing about. What have they been putting in Valley water supply?

Centerfold starring Nici Sterling, Kelly Jaye, Tabitha, Holly Body
Buck Adams, T T Boy, Bobby Vitale Synopsis:
Buck Adams take you on an erotic journey deep between the pages of America`s hottest men`s magazines in a revealing in-depth expose of the wild and wicked sex-driven lifestyle of The Centerfold - those incredibly gorgeous wet dream queens who we read about, fantasize about and worship, day after day and night after night.

Centerfold Fever starring Tiffany Clark, Samantha Fox, Kandi Barbour,
Annie Sprinkle, Lisa B., Jill Monroe, Sue Nero, Veri Knotty, Ron Jeremy,
R. Bolla, Marc Stevens, Jack Teague Synopsis:
R. Bolla is the editor of a kinky skin mag in search of the world’s greatest centerfold. He hires crack reporter Kandi Barbour to track down some sexual oddities who are willing to grace the magazine’s pages. When she thinks she’s found just such a specimen in Marc Stevens, who boasts super-endowment below the waste, the subject’s girlfriend comes home and ruins everything. Then Bolla himself finds kink legend Annie Sprinkle in a New York swing club, but she turns out to have no interest in being famous. A light-hearted romp and a great spoof of the fantasy that surrounds men’s magazines.

Centerfold Secrets starring Tawny Roberts, Liza Harper, Roxy Jezel
Mickayla Melendez, Trina Michaels, Victoria Sinn, Evan Stone
Steven St Croix, Trent Tesoro, Jerry
They're centerfold models by day, but the covers come off at night! Aria likes to seduce day laborers who don't speak English. Taylor goes after her neighbors. Stormy is addicted to public nakedness. And Brittany just seduces every other model in the magazine! It's all in Centerfold Secrets- and guess what? THE SECRET'S OUT!

Centerspread Girls starring Annette Haven, Lisa De Leeuw,
Desiree Coustaeu, Jessie St. James, Georgina Spelvin, Tara Aire,
Veronica Hart, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas, Eric Edwards, R. Bolla
When a group of 'Moral' politicians target Panther Magazine as 'Degrading Porn', The Publisher rounds up her most famous Centerfold Models, to set a trap for the gentlemen.

Cere Una Volta Il Bordello (aka Whore House)
starring Molly D'Abraccio,
Erika Bella, Betty Anderson, Regina Sipos, Jeanette La Douce, Eros Cristaldi
Andrea Dioguardi, Ramon Nomar, Omar Williams

Synopsis: This is a story of a whore house that has to lock its doors forever now
that prostitution is illegal! Each one of the whores is so good at what they do that their handsome, hung, well-to-do clients can't bear to think of what life will be like without their favorite fuck toy. If this whore house is goin' out, it's goin' out with a BANG!!
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Ceremony starring Sharon Thorpe, Desiree West, Kristine Heller
Monique Cardin, Joey Silvera, John Seeman, Turk Lyon
During a wedding, we flash back to some of the sexual escapades
between the people attending the ceremony. This film has it all - steamy group sex, threesomes, nasty interracial couplings, lesbian vignettes and anal escapades! Set
amidst the free sex era of the '70's, this is one wedding to attend

Chain Letter starring Connie Peterson, Eileen Welles, Kitty Shane
Desiree West, John Holmes Synopsis:
A chain letter gets passed around that puts everyone in the mood.

The Chameleon Series
The Chameleon starring Tori Welles, Victoria Paris, Selena Steele
Debi Diamond, Lynn Francis, April West, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Peter North, Scott Irish, Ray Victory Synopsis:
Tori Welles stars as a woman who can change into anyone she meets. This allows her to live out both their fantasies
and real-life sexual encounters. And Tori also has quite an appetite of her own.

Chameleons starring Ashlyn Gere, Deidre Holland, Sunset Thomas
P J Sparxx, Leanna Foxxx, Traci Winn, Fawn Miller, Rocco Siffredi
Jon Dough, Woody Long, Zach Thomas, Nick East, Micky Ray, Tim Lake
When a woman is seduced at a clubby a man, she finds out thatthe man
she was with was in fact a shape shifter..and a woman. Now she must convince the
woman to teach her this skill. But can it really be taught?

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

The Champ starring Rhonda Jo Petty, Tiffany Clark, Ashley Welles
John Holmes,  Jack Shute, R J Reynolds
A woman sees a man roller skating on the boardwalk & signs him to an exclusive contract, sure thathe can be the next world skating champion. What follows
are her and her friends doing whatever they can to get himinto the next bigtime skating competition.

Champagne for Breakfast starring Leslie Bovee, Bonnie Holiday
Kay Parker, Sharon Kane, Candida Royale, Kandi Barbour, Dorothy LeMay John Leslie, Michael Morrison, Ken Scudder, David Morris, Jon Martin
Blair Harris Synopsis:
A powerful female executive takes a vacation to find what she's sacrificed to get to the top...a personal life. Her bodyguard, an ex- navy man, has his hands full keeping safe as she persues sexual thrills.

The Champion (aka Der Champion) starring Kim Chambers
Heather Lee,
Letha Weapons, Veronica Castillo, Mike Horner, Mark Davis
T T Boy,
Jon Dough
There's a war going on, but you wouldn't know it if you were assigned
to this umit where they seem to have more time for banging each other than banging
their guns.
*In English

Changing Partners starring Sharon Kane, Susan Vegas, Purple Passion
Sade, Christina Evol, Steve Vegas, Sean Michaels, Scott Irish
It's the story of insatiable infidelity and primal passion behind closed office doors, filled with blistering interracial heat and feverishly frenzied frolicking.

Channel 69 starring Sahara Sands, Sharon Kane, Missy, Demi Wills
Sophia Ferrari, Sindee Coxx, Ian Daniels, Dave Hardman, Frank Towers
Sindee Coxx plays your host, the VJ for an MTV-style romp that features hot women, hot sex, and a hot original score, as well. Sindee brings you scene after scene of hardcore wonder.

Channel 69 starring Kimberly Carson, Tanya Foxx, Je T'aime, Ron Jeremy
Steve Powers, Hershel Savage, Rick Savage, Mike DeMarco
Channel 69 has returned to the open airwaves. This pirate station offers
so much more than the traditional TV station. There are no censors here!!!

Charli starring Jessie St. James, Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake
Lee Carroll, Eric Edwards,
Billy Dee, Randy West Synopsis:
Charli is a film for lovers. It is the story that every man and every woman who have ever truly been in or out of love will identify with. Instinctively conceived, sensitively produced, Charli is an experience everyone who has ever really cared about another person will relate to – hurting along with its frustrations, and celebrating with its triumphant gladness.

Charm School starring Annette Haven, Nikki Charm, Sheri St. Clair
Jacqueline Lorians, Sheena Horne, Tom Byron, Nick Random,Steve Drake
Francois Papillion, Scott Irish Synopsis:
Annette Haven is the stern headmistress. Nicki is the girl they couldn't train. But she charms the pants off of the Aerobics instructor, the pool man, her schoolmates, everyone. Charmschool. The student body was never like this.

Charmed Again starring Nikki Charm, Chaz Vincent, Rebecca Steele
Stacy Lords, Wayne Summers, Joey Silvera, Christopher Charm
Todd Alexander Synopsis:
Nikki's comeback to porn finds our heroine starving
for the thrills & excitment of the adult film industry & eager to get back into the biz.

Charmed & Dangerous starring Nikki Charm, Amber Lynn
Brittany Stryker, Beverly Glenn, Paula Harlow, Tom Byron, Randy West Herschel Savage, Ptere North, Nick Random Synopsis:
What happens when you're a newspaperwoman and you're stuck writing obituaries and you look like Nicki Charm? You get out. By uncovering the biggest story in America. The sinister plot by a gang o disgruntled Arabs to take over every one of the nation's convenience stores
* Please note that this is an extremely rare movie, and the only master we have been able to locate falls into the  "Good" quality range. There is some slight graininess it the picture

Charmed Forces starring Nikki Charm, Gail Force, Krista Lane
Lisa Melendez, Nina DePonca, Frank James, Scott Irish, Damien Cashmere Synopsis:
A news reporter goes into the bedrooms of America to find out what real people do in bed.

Chasey Meets Krystal starring Chasey Lain, Krystal Steal, Tanya James
Trinity, Jessica Jaymes
Synopsis: Legendary porn star, Chasey Lain, teams up with Krystal Steal, in the industry's most gorgeous movie cast ever assembled! Four scenes of aesthetic beauty and passion paint the screens of each vignette in one of California's prestigious Malibu Mansions!

Chasey Loves Rocco starring Chasey Lain, Roxanne Hall, Jeanna Fine
Carole DuBois, Rocco Siffredi, Marc Wallice, Bobby Vitale, Dic Tracy
Synopsis: A scumbag filmmaker borrows a large amount of money from the mob to make his next film, but decides to just kep the money and tell the mob that that's the way the film business is...win some lose some. The mob of course sends a hit man to collect anyway, but the hitman decides to cover the loan in exchange for the filmmaker to make a porno starring the hitman & his favorite porn starlet. just so he can bang her.

Chasey Saves The World starring Chasey Lain, Missy, Jill Kelly
Amber Woods, Tom Byron, Mickey G, Tony Tedeschi, Jon Dough
Steven St Croix Synopsis:
Earth has been invaded by alien beings who take over their human victims during intercourse. The only way to free these human sexual slaves is to get the aliens off. And we mean with an earth shattering orgasm. The trouble is, they don't come easy

Chasin' The Fifties starring Chasey Lain, Tiffany Mynx, Amanda Addams
Jordan Lee, Lindsay May, Colt Steele, Steven St Croix, T T Boy
A neglected woman longs for a simpler time when she and her man
could spend time together. She falls asleep and is transported back to the 50s

Chastity & The Starlets starring Taija Rae, Joanna Storm, Melanie Scott
Jessica Wylde, Tami Lee Curtis, John Leslie Steve Drake, Tom Byron
William Margold, John Holmes
There’s a big problem at The Starlets Club that has the gentlemen clientele UP in arms! A mysterious power has locked a chastity belt onto the curvy and tiny waist of virgin hottie Chastity. Her sex kitten friends at the Club must find a way to remove the belt, allowing Chastity and her eager young snatch to enjoy the limitless sexual orgies the club has to offer. Will the belt finally be unlocked, thus opening up a Pandora’s Box of wild sex for this unspoiled vixen?

Chastity Johnson starring Nikki Charm, Tracey Adams, Summer Rose
Tamara Longley, Buck Adams, John Holmes, Shone Taylor, Jesse Adams
Webster defines "Chastity" as "abstention from sexual activity."
Obviously Webster never met Chastity Johnson. By day she is a typical 18 year
old student, complete with penny-loafers and bobby sox. By night she is a hot
blooded, hot bodied porn model, complete with lacy bras and garter belts, hell
bent on becoming a star, and a favorite pet of Peter, her producer & photographer

Chateau De Dames starring Beatrice Valle, Babette, Vanessa D'Angely
Elodie Cherie, Samantha Wood, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Philippe Soine
Philip Besnard Synopsis:
A state;y resort in Europe is the site of Europe's most exclusive brothel that caters only to the ultra rich.
*In French w/ no subtitles

Chateau Du Cheeks starring Isis Nile, Celeste, Brittany O'Connell
Micky Lynn, Alex Sanders, Woody Long, Steven St Croix
Enjoy Your Stay At Chateau Du Cheeks! Four young, good looking couples are spending their holiday in a secluded, mountain cabin. With nothing else to keep them occupied, the sexual tension mounts until an explosion of lust & fulfillment erupts!!

Cheap Shot starring Jenteal, Lori Michaels, Nina Hartley, Sahara Sands
Mark Davis, Bobby Vitale, Rick Steel Synopsis:
Lori is an aspiring model straight off the bus from Texas. She has the misfortune to meet Rick, a small time conman who convinces her he can manage her career. All he manages is to get her in front of every nudie photographer in town. Her loss, your gain.

Cheap Thrills starring Rhonda Jo Petty, Susan Hart, Heather Thomas,
Summer Rose, Joey Silvera, George Payne, Jeff Scott Synopsis:
Rhonda Jo, Susan, Heather and Marita audition for a juicy modeling role. While waiting they share vivid memories of their weekend together. The agency's decision to interview more women is a surprise - one the girls won't take standing up! In a rage, they tie up the executive and mount a wild orgy, gaining their climactic revenge

Cheatin' starring Sarah Jane Hamilton, Sahara Sands, Holly Heat
Whitney Banks, Montana, Ian Daniels, Micheal J Cox, Tony Martino
When a woman finds her husband banging an
other woman she decides
what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Cheating starring Ashlyn Gere, Leena, Christina Angel, Sahara Sands
Alex Jordan, Jonathan Morgan, Stephan St. Croix Synopsis:
It's about a surprise birthday party that's a surprise for one reason: Everyone's cheating. Join Ashlyn, beautiful new starlet Christina Angel, and the hot nympho Leena in a public look at your private pastime, Cheating.

Cheating starring Jeanna Fine, Elle Rio, Nina Hartley, Keisha
Angel Kelly, Patti Petite, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Paul Thomas, Billy Dee
a pair of ruthless lovers make elaborate plans to break up 2 other
couples who seem to be in blissful happiness

Cheating Wives starring Rita Ricardo, Lili Marlene, Lynx Cannon
Phaedra Grant, Jon Martin, Mike Horner
A young executive, hires a PI to get the goods on all the execs above him
in the company, and what their wives are doing as well.

Checkmate starring Dyanna Lauren, Debi Diamond, Anna Malle, Felicia
Kaitlyn Ashley, Venus Delight, Yvonne, Marc Wallice, Brad Armstrong
Mark Davis Synopsis:
The game is Chess. The pieces are people. The play is for keeps. And they don't stop until they capture your King Or Queen. So think about
your next move before you make it because it could be the right one or it could be the wrong one. So go ahead and make a move...if you dare!

Checkmate starring Alex Dane, Jeanna Fine, Kimberly Kummings
Nyrobi, Cleo Patra, Kathy Kash, Monic Orsini, Jonathan Morgan
Mark Davis, Sean Michaels
Synopsis: When a young couple fine themselves broke & $500K in debt, they by chance come across a rich couple who offers them the cash  in exchange for a wife swap. The troubled couple face the possible end of their romance or losing everything else they have.

Cheek to Cheek starring Viper, Amber Lynn, Honey Wilder
Purple Passion, Billy Dee, Frank James, Scott Irish
2 buddies sitting and drinking out by the pool, entertain each other,
by swapping stories of sexual conquest, of an anal nature, of a fine line of babes.

Cheek to Cheek starring Tiffany Mynx, Dallas, Nicole London
Nico Treasures, Cherra Brooks, Jenna, Suzi Suzuki, Tom Byron
Steve Hatcher, Marc Wallice, Mr Marcus, Cody Adams
Synopsis: Tiffany said she wanted to shoot a show in preparation for her role in the upcoming BUTTWOMAN video. I gave her the camera and the money. She shot 4 scenes and I shot 2. You be the judge

Cheeks starring Laurel Canyon, Elle Rio, Ona Zee, Tiffany Storm
Ray Victory, Frank James, F.M. Bradley, Don Frenando Synopsis:
When a newleywed couple moves into an exclusive neighborhood, they find out the main pastime is voyerism and backdoor lovin'.

Cheeks 3 starring Racquel Darrian, Debi Diamond, Chessie Moore
Star, Wayne Summers, Ron Jeremy, Buck Adams, Derek Lane, T T Boy
Marc Wallice, Biff Malibu Synopsis:
This installment tells the tale of two video editors going through the footage of a porn movie & deciding what to keep & what
to throw away.

Cheeks 4 (aka A Backstreet Affair) starring Britt Morgan
Mercedez Lynn,
Jamie Leigh, Brandy Alexandre, Peter North, Joey Silvera
Mike Horner,
Tony Tedeschi, Tom Chapman
Synopsis: A rich couple bring a down & out drifter into their home and give
him a job as their butler, but he brings a lot more to his job than they imagined.

Cheeks 6 starring Kiss, Crystal Wilder, Cheyenne, Trisha Cole, Kris Newz
Wayne Summers, Steve Austin, Terry Thomas
It's a story filled with corporate intrigue, backstabbing and greed. But you can always fast-forward to the sex. Enjoy!

Cheerleader Academy starring Erica Boyer, Jennifer Noxt
Candie Evans, Blondi, Bunny Bleu, Tom Byron, Peter North, Tony Montana
Scott Irish Synopsis: A group of college coeds try out for the famous academy, but it is harder than they imagined. Seems the only way to pass here is to sexually satisfy the the the academy's tough head mistress.

Cherry Busters starring Mindy Rae, Tracy Duzit, Melanie Scott
Fawn Paris, Billy Dee, Buck Adams, Sasha Gabor Synopsis:
A couple rents
out the summer house for two weeks to two women. They are invited for a drink, but decline the offer. The two women envision what it would have been like to stay for a drink with the couple. Since, they caught them out in the yard when they were just getting dressed from having sex right under the tree. 

Cherry Pie starring Jenna Jameson, Kim Chambers, Kylie Ireland
Eva Flowers, Gerry Pike, Jonathan Morgan, Nick East

Synopsis: A high school reunion poses  chances to renew old relationships and
start some that were once missed

Cherry Poppers 2: Barely Legal starring Julianne James, Brooke Ashley
Umma, Dave Hardman, Max Hardcore, Gerry Pike
Synopsis: The Chery Poppers are here for another round of finding those
babes fresh off birthday 18.

Cherry Poppers 5 starring Vanessa Chase, Sabrina, Jill, Michelle
Dave Hardman, Max Hardcore
Synopsis: The Original Cherry Poppers 5 features some sweet, sexy things in
super hardcore action! Eager to learn and they have the will to try anything. This
video is four complete balls-to- the wall cock stuffing, jizz slopped scenes that are
going to leave you on your knees. Enjoy these sweet young beauties!

Cherry Poppers: The College Years 6 starring Cheyenne Silver
Eve, Kali, Caroline, Dave Hardman, Steve Hatcher, Rick Masters
Synopsis: No more cocks, no more books, no more teachers' lusty looks. Even sluts need to chill out. But wait... here come the morons to fill those aching holes with some homestyle anal fuckin! 4 wet sizzling scenes! College nymphos use their assholes to soak all the jizz from the homeboys' huge fuck faucets. More brazen, harder, nastier, and raunchier than ever. This is collector's quality!

Cherry Truckers starring Desiree West, Azure Te, Turk Lyon
On their way to a convention in San Francisco, a group of sexy lady truckers work their way in and out of most every motel bed they run across. They haul a pretty hefty sexual payload, and they like to turn themselves loose on any lucky hitchhiker they pass by. As these gorgeous ladies of trucking cross America, they find themselves being drawn slowly into a sensual and kinky game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to run them right off course if they don’t watch out. There’s lots of down-and-dirty hardcore action throughout this one, with some pretty heady doses of
b & d thrown in for good measure.

. Cheryl Hansson: Cover Girl starring Cheryl Hansson, Nicole Black
Misty Regan, Kathy Harcourt, Starr Wood, Pheary I. Burd, Joey Silvera
Paul Thomas, John Leslie Herschel Savage, Blair Harris, Michael Morrison
Synopsis: When an aspiring model shows up to an interview with an agent, she decides to increase her chances at stardom by boffing him, only problem is, it isn't the agent, but the man who murdered him. When she discovers the agent's body she now finds herself as a target by the murderer

Cheryl Surrenders starring Bree Anthony, Nancy Dare, Barbara Bush
Bobby Astyr, Russ Carlson Synopsis:
Comical porn spoof on the Patty Hearst kidnapping, complete with inept bad guys, idiotic politicians, and wall to wall sex.

Chills starring Aja, Busty Belle, Mandi Wine, Mai Lin, Cory Wolf
Blake Palmer, Don Fernando, Tony Montana
In preperation for their high scholl reunion, a couple goes thru their
yearbook and begins to remember all the fond moments of their past.

China & Silk starring Ginger Lynn, Kristara Barrington, Cara Lott
Susan Hart, Gina Carrera, Harry Reems, Herschel Savage, Eric Edwrads
Peter North Synopsis:
A drug smuggling ring is under investigation by just about everyone, but who will get there first for the big bust, and how will they obtain their information?

China Black starring Rachel Ryan, Shawnee Cates, Melanie Moore
Jacqueline Sheen, Jake Steed, Sean Michaels
He was black and in the back. She blew in on a breeze from the East.
They were miles apart in culture, inches away in lust, and definitely ready for a little take-out

The China Cat starring Cris Cassidy, Desiree Cousteau, Eileen Welles
Jennifer Richards, Paula Winn, Kyoto Sun, John Holmes, John Seeman
A retro, campy, spy-spoof follows the adventures of private- (and huge)
dick, Johnny Wadd, played by the legendary John Holmes.Assigned a case via speakerphone a la Charlie's Angels, a sexy squad of female detectives goes
undercover (and under covers!) trying to get their hands on a priceless jade statuette Wadd possesses.

China DeSade starring Linda Wong, Tracy O'Neil, Jewell Bryght
Kristine Heller, Jon Martin, Blair Harris Synopsis:
Beautiful, exotic Linda Wong stars as Ming Lee in this epic and erotic story of bizarre sexuality Intrigue and espionage mixed with red hot sex has made China de Sade one of the most exciting adult feature films ever made.

China Girl starring Annette Haven, Pamela Yen, Sharon Thorpe
Bonnie Holiday, Todd Jones, Bob Carr Synopsis:
Golden Age superstar Annette Haven stars as a sexy scientist who's hit on a new formula that could help expand people's memories. But when a foreign government decides that it wants to steal the formula away, Annette finds herself captured by enemy agents. They try and get the facts from her with their new torture technique -- driving the victim mad with pleasure instead of pain! But little do they realize that Annette is an insatiable sex machine who can wear out every last stud they send her way! This 1974 sizzler finds Annette at her youthful best, romping through scene after scene without ever losing her erotic enthusiasm. A great chance to check out one of porn's all-time sexiest starlets!

China Lust starring Linda Wong, Desiree West, Melba Bruce
Veronica Taylor, Ken Scudder, Jeff lyle Synopsis:
While vacationing in San Francisco, a young couple discover a powerful icon that drives whoever possesses it into a frenzy of erotic excitement. It's the mystical Jade Penis, an amulet that takes control of its owners from the moment they take it home.

China White starring Erica Boyer, Elle Rio, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Jeremy
Billy Dee, Buddy Love, Jon Martin, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
When a young reporter gets a frantic call from her friend, who has been forced into slavery on the strip circuit in Thialand, she drops everything to go undercover, and rescue her. What she finds is a world of low life prostitutes, ruled by even lower life pimps, and the most potent form of cocaine imaginable, China White, which has the power to make the user lose all inhibitions and become the ultimate submissive.

Chopstix starring Dorothy LeMay, Serena, Connie Peterson, Kitty Shane
Liza Dwyer, Kandi Barbour, Jessie St. James, Sharon Kane, John Seeman
Jon Martin Synopsis:
When a young girl inherits a mansion from a mysterious benefactor, she also inherits a $25,000 debt in back taxes. With only a rusty old catering truck to her credit, she goes to her aunt, who runs the city's most prestigious whorehouse to borrow some girls. Serving up a sexy fare of delicacies both culinary and carnal, she makes enough money to pay off the taxes before the estate's lawyer runs off with everything. She celebrates her success with an outrageous orgy at her new restaurant 'Chopstix Manor'.

Chorus Call starring Kay Parker, Darby Lloyd Raines, Susan London
Bethanna, R. Bolla, Bobby Astyr, Joey Silvera, Bobby Hollander
Think of all those shapely, high-steppin' legs on a Broadway chorus line - then imagine what's attached to them! See for yourself how these sexy dancers get off whenever they get offstage!

Christine's Secret starring Carol Cross, Taija Rae, Chelsea Blake
George Payne, Joey Silvera Synopsis:
A charming country inn provides the lush setting surrounding the mystery of Christine's Secret. What is the meaning of the repeated visit of our city girl? While the other guests are too busy making romance to care, we are swept up into the mystery and mounting tension that builds to an exhilarating climax. Lush natural surroundings and hypnotic soundtrack underscore this romantic film.

Christmas Carol starring Heather Lee, Devon Shire, Debi Diamond
Ariel Daye, Diva, Steve Drake, Alex Sanders, Tony Martino
The boss at this big company is about to fire some employees to make budget cuts right before the holidays, and the employees at risk, are out to do
whatever it takes to keep their jobs

Christy in The Wild starring Christy Canyon, Racquel Darrian
Heather Hart, Kelly O'Dell, Marissa Malibu, Derek Lane, Jon Dough
A married couple & their best friend hit the road for adventure and have
a lot of fun along the way. They even pick up another woman along the way and
become a traveling foursome. Then the real adventure starts....

Chronicle of a Murder starring Dru Berrymore, Eva Falk, Madalina Ray
Fovea, Laura Angel, Brandy Canyon, Alban Ceray, Chris Charming
Roberto Malone, Rudolphe Antrim, Richard Lamgin, Pierre Volette
Philippe Dean, Marcello Seri, Giancarlo Bini
Synopsis: There's been a murder, and one hot blonde has set out to play detective and solve the crime. But throughout the process of spying for clues, she catches some suspects full of much steamier action. Witness some hot orgies full of raunchy anal. Plus, she can't help but join in on the nasty sex, too. As the clues come together, so do the house guests!
* In Italian w/ no suhbtitles

Chug-A-Lug Girls starring Alicia Rio, Lili Xene, Cody O'Connor
Peter North, Jonathan Morgan, Jake Steed
Synopsis: A nieve woman answers an add for a roommate, and ends
up renting a room in a brothel, where she comes out of her shell

Chug-A-Lug Girls 2 starring Krista, Lili Xene, Jenna Wells
Sharon Mitchell,
Angela Faith, Peter North, Randy Spears, Terry Thomas
Synopsis: A mans sister gives he & his new wife a wedding present of 3 hot
woemn to serve as his maid, housekeeper & pool girl. They immediately start
going above & beyond with their services to the newleyweds.

Chug-A-Lug Girls 3 starring Krista, Nikki Shane, Dyanna Lauren
Sharon Kane, Brad Armstrong, Nick East, Peter North, Shawn Ricks
Synopsis: A group of rich women consider  investing in a formula to wipe
away female fridgidity, but before investing they decide to try the product out first

Chug-A-Lug Girls 5 starring Kylie Ireland, Krista, Bunny Bleu
Eva Flowers, Peter North, Jonathan Morgan, Mike Horner
The Club Chug-A-Lug is the subject of an investigative news show
feature and the owners wish to keep the matters of the club and it's clients under

Cinderella starring Stacey Donovan, Helga Sven, Lili Marlene
Ashley Welles, Mike Horner, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, John Leslie
Blair Harris Synopsis:
An 80s update of the classic fairy tale. This is something
you definitely won't see on the Disney Channel!!!

Cindy starring Selen, Karen Lancaume, Eva Faulk, Betty Anderson
Zenza Raggi, Alan Lyle, Remigio Zampa, Davide Galio
A woman leads a life of sexual pleasures and decadent indulgences in her storybook mansion. But is it real or fantasy?
*In Italian w/ no subtitles

Cinesex starring Leena, Asia Carrera, Krista, Ian Daniels, Alex Sanders
Steven St Croix
Synopsis: S
heri is a stripper, disillusioned with her boyfriend, who longs for the romance of the movie icons of the 1940s. Leena is a movie icon, who longs for real sex, not just a fake kiss and fade to black. So they do what any desperate girl would, they switched places.

Cinnamon Twist starring Leena, Brittany O’Connell, Teri Diver
Francesca Le, Crystal Wilder, Mike Horner, Nick East, Tim Lake
Leena is the artist for an adult comic book that the publisher wants to take anal! Leena must be convinced that the character in her comic would enjoy this before she commits. Poor Leena, what will it take to convince her?

Circus starring Lanny Barbie, Angel Eyes, Flower Tucci, Jada Fire
Gabriella Banks, Monique Alexander, Tina Michaels, Vanessa Lane
Tommy Gunn, Marcus London, Evan Stone, Reno, Barry Scott

Welcome to the future, where sex clubs are illegal, strip clubs are closed, and the only place to see depravity is at the circus... namely the B. Skow Big Top!!! And in the center ring... Lanny Barby, the sultriest new superstar in her first ever DP

Cirque Du Sex Series

Cirque Du Sex starring Nici Sterling, Jordan Lee, Missy, Celine Devoux
Blaze, Mickey G, Kyle Stone, Dave Hardman, Jack Hammer, Brandon Iron
Synopsis: It;s the hottest show in town. A live sex show with an artsy feel has
audiences wanting more. When 2 couples attend the show, they go home and
find they ca't get it out of their heads. What's more, they want to join the show.

Cirque Du Sex 2 starring Marilyn Star, Missy, Papillion, Lexi Leigh
Morgan Fairlane, Tyler, Tony Martino, Ron Jeremy, Dave Hardman
Mike Horner, Mickey G, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Don Fernando
Synopsis: As the show continues it;s engagement, new audiences give way to
more people falling under the show's horny spell.

Cirque Du Sex 3 starring Marilyn Star, Christina Angel, Missy, Chandler
Julie Rage, Yvonne, Kiki Doll, Ron Jeremy, Mickey G, Jonathan Morgan
Buck Adams, Billy Glide, Alex Sanders
Synopsis: In the final installment of the trilogy, the show is drawing to a close and
taking one last bow as the sexual magic spreads to their final audience.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase The Entire Series for Just 34.95
(A Savings of 12.90)

Citizen Shane starring Draghixa, Anita Rinaldi, Erika Bella
Andchana, Maeva, Elodie Cherie, Ophelie
Christoph Clark, David Perry, Eric Weiss
The Press magnate, a universally known playboy, who possessed some of the world’s most beautiful women and who was married to some of the richest heiresses, collapsed at his home and then pronounced these mysterious words: “frozen button”. Who really was Victor Henri Shane? * In French w/ English Subtitles

City of Sin starring Jeanna Fine, Diedra Holland, Debi Diamond, Flame, Raven, Ona Zee, Trixie Tyler, Jenna Wells, Joey Silvera, John Dough
T T Boy  Synopsis:
Welcome to Los Angeles, the City of Sin, where money, sex and power rule the night. Ravishing Raven plays the city's most successful madam, a woman who can find anyone the right plaything -- for a price. She's involved in a
steamy affair with the mayor, who helps keep the D.A. at bay. Of course, the D.A. is also involved in some shady double dealing of his own. It all comes together when the
cops stage a raid on Raven's brothel -- now everything's sure to come out in the
wash! The politically charged plot doesn't always fit together, but the performers here sure do.

Class Act starring Racquel Darrian, Jacqueline, Champagne, Alex Storm
Eric Price, Randy Spears, Tom Engles
The professor of an acting class, becomes the fantasy for many of his
female students & vise versa.
Class Act starring Julia Ann, Tanya Danielle, Stormy Daniels, Zana
Mark Davis, Billy Glide, Anton Michael
Beautiful Julia Ann leads the way in this 'magazine' style feature, with stories such as solo piano playing, and adding spice to fine dining!

Classical Romance starring Jacqueline Lorians, Desiree Lane, Bunny Bleu
Rene Summers, Lisa Lake, Valerie Love, Cynthia Brooks, David Cannon
Paul Thomas, Herschel Savage, Don Hedges
A down on his luck musician, is on the verge of throwing his talent away,
along with his career, when he meets the one woman that ]can help him pull it all together.

Classified Sex starring Cyndee Summers, Nona Potter, Nick Cassidy, Rick Lutze, Keith Erikson
Synopsis: story of a young couple looking to spice up their love life by finding the perfect addition to their sexual romps through the personal ads in the local paper. After finding another swinging couple and hitting it off; things couldn't be going better…until one of the girls' brother walks in and breaks up the cum spewing fun!

Clausura (aka Monaco Lussuriosa) starring Maria Bellucci
Judith Kostner,
Lady Rox, Prisca Nell, Frank Gunn, Phillipe Dean
Roberto Malone, Alex Montegna

A girl arrives in a convent. She has renounced to her freedom and her life. But very soon, with the help of her cell friend, the girl understands that the life in the convent is not so bad. In the convent, the sisters stimulated by a seclusion not always chosen by themselves, they try to  be free with their secret & repressive desires
*In German w/no subtitles

Clean & Dirty starring Angela Summers, April Rayne, Jamie Leigh, Blair
Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Randy West Synopsis:
A drifter is going from door
to door in this town looking for work, mostly clean up around the ranches. And soon
he finds work alright, when the women start hiring him to do the jobs their millionaire hubbies don't have time to do anymore. All this drifter has is time on his hands.

Climax starring Cody Nicole, Taija Rae, Sharon Kane, Tish Ambrose
Kelly Nichols, Rhonda Jo Petty, Carol Cross, Chelsea Blake, Rene Summers
Joey Silvera, Eric Edwards, George Payne Synopsis:
A married couple are constantly cheating on one another in search of the ultimate sexual thrill until they realize they already have it in one another.

Climax 2000 Series

Climax 2000 starring Tiffany Million, Leena, Kaitlyn Ashley, Nikkin Sinn
Vixxxen, Jon Dough, Buck Adams, Tony Tedesci, Mike Horner, T T Boy
Nick East Synopsis:
It`s turn of the century Los Angeles. An erotic love story set within a futuristic cyberpunk counter-culture has erupted from the electronic underground highway. Cyberpunks are into rebellious computer hacking, achieving virtual reality -- and ultimately virtual sex

Climax 2000 Pt 2 starring Tiffany Million, Kaitlyn Ashley, Nikkin Sinn
Jon Dough, Buck Adams, Tony Tedesci, T T Boy, Nick East
Will, known simply as the Phantom in the cyberpunk underworld, is attempting to avenge an invasion of pornographic producers into his private realm ... An exotic, spiritually seductive trip into an imaginary erotic futurespace

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Close Quarters starring Tanya Rivers, Jenna Wells, Kim Kitaine
Alicia Rio,
Mike Horner, Jonathan Morgan
Synopsis: An aspriring ploitician plans to run on a campaign for passing a law
making it illegal to have any fun except to pro create

Cloud 9 starring Racquel Darrian, Asia Carrera, Felicia, Barbara Doll
Derek Lane, Steven St Croix Synopsis:
When a man's finacee dies, she finds
out that she cannot move on to the next dimension until her man moves on from her.
She then dedicates every moment trying to help him forget her, but he cannot get her
out of his mind or heart. Soon she's not so sure she wants him to forget her after all.

Club DV8 starring Sunset Thomas, Deborah Wells, Debi Diamond
Porsche Lynn, Melanie Moore, Shawnee Cates, Montana, Stephanie DuVall
Lili Xene, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Rocco Siffredi, Randy West
Steve Drake
: The story of a twisted sister. Take a trip down a dark steamy alleyway into a desolate, deserted, skid-row part of the city know as Hell's Kitchen. It's there that a blue-eyed blonde maneater licks her lips in anticipation. Dressed to kill in leather and lace, fishnets and nine inch spikes, she waits for her prey!

Club Ginger starring Ginger Lynn, Bionca, Patti Petite, Krista Lane
Sharon Mitchell, Tom Byron, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, Randy West
Ginger Lynn plays herself in this self-mockery of her fan club. Contestants win encounters with many of Ginger's assistants; and the grand prize winner wins a role with her in a scene from the next movie she's shooting. Lots of great sex scenes
Club Head starring Ashlyn Gere, Madison, Kristara Knight, Heather Lere
Michelle Monroe, Brigitte Knight, Julia Parton, Randy West, Tom Byron
Peter North Synopsis:
A spa owner has a plan for her hot spa, but with something extra! How about a nasty male aerobics with all the pumping you can handle?! There's always the ultimate thrill for female guests in the form of fantasy studs. Or slip into a sensuous sexual massage! Nothing's too outrageous

The Coach's Daughter starring Nancee Kelly, Cameo, Taylor Wayne
Dominique Simone, Trinity Loren, Jerry Butler, Biff Malibu, Steve Drake
Grant Dickerson Synopsis:
When the daughter of a coach for a losing team
decides to pitch in and help get the team's morale up, among other things, she brings
her friends in for a well timed assist. Needless to say, the team's record suddenly
turns around.

Cock-Tales starring Amber Lynn, Tiffany Clark, Morgan Steel, Gypsy Lee
Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens, Johnny Nineteen Synopsis:
When a man finds a bottle on the street, he finds out when he gets it home that it is the home of a magical genie that grants sexual wishes.

Cockpit starring Sindee Coxx, Kirsty Waay, Jordan Lee, Sid Deuce
Jamie Leigh, Jenny Blair, Peter North, T T Boy, Jack Hammer
Synopsis: During WW2, three american pilots are shot down & end up hiding in
a nearby village with the help of some French patriots until they cab safely escape

Cocktails starring Sunny McKay, Samantha Strong, Tracey Adams
Jamie Leigh, Biff Malibu, Ron Jeremy, Wayne Summers, Buck Adams
Buck and Ron play the owners of a bar which employs a bunch of sexy waitresses who are quite willing to serve up more than just beer and booze. The boys let business slip as they prefer to spend their time at work plowing through their tasty assortment of waitresses and bar maids instead of keeping their eye on the bottom line

Coed Fever starring Annette Haven, Samantha Fox, Lisa De Leeuw
Serena, Vanessa Del Rio, Brooke West, Lysa Thatcher, Tawny Pearl
Juliet Anderson, Devon Harrison, Terri Dolan, John Lelsie, Ron Jeremy,
Don Fernando, Jamie Gillis, Paul Baressi, Jon Martin, RJ Reynolds
Mike Horner,
Michael Morrison Synopsis:
A motion picture that centers around four lovely co-eds, and their boyfriends, escalates when they are jilted by the girls because they're not in keeping with the status of the sorority. Especially now that the sorority is to be feature in a notional magazine that is owned by the sorority president, Kimberley's father

Coed Teasers starring Bambi, Chelsea Manchester, Copper Penny
Brooke Bennett, Chrissie Beauchamp, Barbara Samples, Ron Jeremy
Steve Douglas, Jamie St. James
When these college students all get jobs at a summer camp, the staff
shifts in to overdrive in this classic piece of  early 80s porn.

Coffee & Cream starring Je'Taime, Pamela Jennings, Sheri St Clair
Summer Rose, Marc Wallice, Craig Roberts, Jack Baker
This tasty and aromatic blend of red-hot sex and wanton carnal revenge revolves around a passionate poker game in which everyone's a player. Things take a turn for the tawdry when one of the guys gets caught cheating. His clever poker
buddies decide to get even in the sexiest way they can think of - by seducing his delectable young wife. The partner swapping salaciousness gets hotter and hotter as everyone starts double and tripling dealing one another. In the end, everyone gets
what's exactly coming to them

Coffee Tea or Me starring Tara Aire, Jamie Gillis, Juliet Anderson,
Ashley Welles, Lynx Cannon, Paul Thomas, Herschel Savage,
Janey Robbins, Erica Boyer, Billy Dee, Jon Martin.

Synopsis: These flights take you places you've never been before! The sexual
exploits of those hot and sex stewardesses and the pilots will have you wishing you
were in the airline industry. But wait… they're not the only ones who are taking advantage of the friendly skies… the passengers are in on the act too! Get your ticket, get on board and strap yourself in for the most incredible sexual trip you've ever been on!

Cold Feet starring Stacy Valentine, Cheyenne Silver, Shanna McCullough
T J Hart, Daytona Rain, Shaena Steele, Giselle Yum, Ian Daniels
Joel Lawrence, Micheal J Cox, Steve Hatcher, Mark Davis
Stacy Valentine and Ian Daniels are engaged, in love and confused.
Is this the right thing to do? Is this the right time? All couples readying for marriage
ask these questions. Often times, we create problems through our questioning;
jump to conclusions; assume we know what is happening in our lives.

Collectible starring Alexis DeVille, Bionca, Traci Winn, Danielle Rodgers
Melanie Moore, Sonya, Randy Spears, Jonathan Morgan, Randy West
Scott Irish, Micky Ray
An eccentric collector of women, displays his collection throughout his
lush mansion. Each woman a living piece of art. He has found the one woman that will finally complete his colletion, but she wants to be seen as something much more than an object of art.

College Girl starring Suzanne St Lorraine, Mimi Miyagi, Kimberly Kane
Dusty, Fallon, Amgela D'Angelo, Dan Steele, Dan Cooper, Paul Pounder
Sum Yuguy, Tony Montana
Synopsis: These college babes have a unique way of paying their tuition.

College Lesbians starring Jennifer West, Pat Manning, Shaun Michelle
Forget the fact that these 4 ladies look way older than any college students you may know, when they rent there new apartment, they have to have an intimate celebration. That's when the lez action goes off the hook!

Colpi Di Pennello starring Selen, Julie Taylor, Patty Page, Nicole Taylor
Marie Belluci, Nick Lang, Alberto Rey, David Perry, Richard Langin
An artist escapes into a fantasy world whenever she brings her brush
to the canvas.
*In Italian w/ No Subtitles

Come as You Are starring Gail Force, Jessica Longe, Nicole West
Traci Duzit, Steve Drake, Marc Wallice, Craig Roberts
When 2 roommates decide to have a party at the spur of the moment, they call up their friends and tell them to drop everything & come as you are. But shouldn't it be, cum as you are?

The Come On starring Stephanie Page, Devon Shire, Danielle Rogers
Lele Adams, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Randy Spears Synopsis:
Let's face it, without a good 'come on' line your love life is going to be nothing but a short story.. with an unhappy ending. Well, the wild and crazy Skip Rydell thinks he knows all about 'come ons' and what it takes to make a women hot. In fact he's even made a video called 'The Video Guide to Scorin' Chicks.' But Skip is about to get the love lesson of his life when three wild women called the babe-ettes (Doll, Babe, and Sweet Lips) come along to show him what it really takes to make a woman's mouth water, her skin steam, and her juices flow.

Come With Me My Love starring Ursula Austin, Vanessa del Rio
Annie Sprinkle, Nancy Dare,  Jeffery Hurst, Michael Gaunt Synopsis:
A man finds his wife cheating on him with his best friend; he kills both of them and then himself. Fifty years later, his ghost haunts the same apartment building. He repeatedly has sex with the young woman who moves into the apartment - making her think she's gone insane - kills her male admirers, and for good measure kills her neighbor's lover as well

Comeback starring Christy Canyon, Dallas, Asia Carrera, Shelby Stevens
Jenteal, Tony Tedschi, T T Boy, Steven St Croix, Michael J Cox, Ian Daniels
This is the story of Christy Canyon's comeback film. When a Director
says something to upset Christy, she runs off to the dressing room and has stage fright. To make her happy the director promises the lead role to her. This movie is a
flashback to get Christy out of her dressing room.

Coming Holmes starring Misty Regan, Susan Hart, Ami Rogers
Cheri Janvier, John Holmes, Scott Irish, Steve Drake Synopsis:
3 guys own a strip club, and decide to set a day aside for auditioning dancers. When the beautiful ladies show up, the guys decide the only way to decide who gets hired is to find out who performs under pressure the best. And oh, what pressure it is.

Coming in Style starring Kimberly Carson, Sue Nero, Sharon Kane,
Dick Howard, Robert Bullock Synopsis:
Robert Bullock works in a funeral home for a man who looks like a rabbi. He pays Bullock (who sleeps in a coffin) to sweep the floor and do the hairdressing on the female corpses. Bullock is so good at it that his employer is unhappy because the last lady Bullock did looked better than those who came in to pay their respects. His employer has also caught him jerking off near a coffin and if Bullock doesn't behave, he'll soon be fired. Because his friend's carnal escort business is expanding, the friend bankrolls Bullock and gives him what he has always wanted-his own beauty salon on Fifth Avenue -- with an erotic flair! Soon the salon is doing a land office business servicing male and female clients for some fancy hair styling and sex! The police raid the place and poor Bullock ends up trimming poodle hair for society ladies! Lots of fun, lots of hot sex!

Coming of Age starring Keri Windor, Jill Kelly, Lauren Montgomery
Lola, Jewel DeNyle, Tabitha Stevens, Herschel Savage, Dale DaBone
Julian, Chetne Collins, Kyle Stone, Mickey G, Mark Davis
Synopsis: Keri Windsor play a well to do single lady who through her entire life
has had to follow the lead of others living the life that they had all felt appropriate for
her. With the times changing and her search for her individual identity, Keri sets off to search her own way.

A Coming of Angels Series

A Coming of Angels starring Annette Haven,  Leslie Bovee
Susan McBain, Abigail Clayton, Amber Hunt, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie
Eric Edwards  Synopsis:
It's the erotic classic! You're in for a hot and juicy joyride of steamy, sizzling sex when you witness the amorous adventures of three gorgeous "angels." When one of their own is kidnapped by an insidious white-slaver, heavenly Annette leads the passsionate pack on a randy rampage of undercover activity. These naughty nymphs have a shocking arsenal of torrid tricks to get what they want… and if they don't, watch out! From girl-girl encounters to the tenderest torture ever, you'll find these angels use their bodies just as well as their minds.

A Coming of Angels: The Sequel starring Annette Haven, Kelly Nichols
Ginger Lynn, Colleen Brennan, Jill Ferari, Eric Edwards, Herschel Savage
Jon Martin, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas Synopsis:
When a Senator's daughter is kidnapped, the Angels are called back into action and have their own ways of breaking the case.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Coming Together starring Colleen Brennan, Kimberly Carson, Lisa Lake
Rene Summers, Kristara Barrington, Herschel Savage, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
A young married couple  strike out on a journey to find that missing something in the bedroom.

The Comix starring Janine, Jill Kelly, Madelyn Knight, Bridgette Monroe
Missy, Krista Maze, Mickey G, Vince Vouyer, Steven St Croix, Ian Daniels
Weird Jim Warren is an egomaniac of the highest order...and the highest order of egomaniac is also known as cartoonist. But when Jim's most popular character appears in the flesh in the person of blonde bombshell Janine, Jim gets his just due. In spades.

The Complete & Total Anal Workout 2 starring Julie Rage
Chine Lee, Precious Silver, Shonna Lynn, Dave Hardman, Jonathan Morgan
Steve Hatcher, Rick Masters Synopsis:
These 2 bodybuilders are to HUMP..you up! Watch as they demonstrate the best way to exercise the tight little assholes of these babes. Plus a messy anal scene that will blow you away!!

Con Jobs starring Kimberly Kane, Carol Cummings, Fallon, Mandi Wine
Natasha Skyler, Renee Foxx, Michelle Monroe, Iesha, Marc Wallice
Ron Jeremy, Wayne Summers, Tony Montana, Sean Michaels, Paul Pounder
Naughty goings on at this Army base, lay the groundwork for these
 men as they stretch the truth on duty to get into the women's uniforms.

Concetta Licatta - The Complete Trilogy starring, Selen, Lydia Chanel
Rebecca Lord, Beatrice Valle, Barbara Doll, Deborah Wells, Maeva
Anita Blond, Joy Karins, Anita Dark, Simona Valli, Maria Liberato
Monique Covet, Stefania Sartoa, Dalia, Holly Black, Jean-Yves Le Castel
Jay Lassiter, Don Fernando, David Perry, Francesco Malcom, Valentino
When a mafioso goes on trial he threatens to bring down the entire mafia.
But the mafia won't take this lying down, as they go after his wife, she must stay alive
and ensure her safety at all costs.
*Please note: Parts 1 & 3 are in Italian w/ no subtitles, while Part 2 is in French
w/ no subtitles

Confessioni Proibite Di Dalila starring Dalila, Erika Bella, Kelly Trump
Maeva, Monique Covet, John Walton, Eric Weiss, JeanYves Le Castel
Ron Jeremy, Backey Jakic
Synopsis: Euro porn starlet, Dalila, confesses her wildest fantasies to
the interview cameras as she and her friends act them out for you.

Confessions of a Candy Striper starring Angel West, Beverly Bliss
Karen Summer, Desiree Lane, Mauvais DeNoir, Dorothy Onan
Don Fernando, Francois Papillion, Steve Powers
The new candy striper at the hospital has a way of healing patients....& doctors...& nurses....Visitors etc etc

Confessions of a Chauffeur starring Kelly Royce, Lauren Brice
Sunny McKay, Buck Adams, Tony Montana, Eric Edwards
The seedy underbelly of the wealthy has always been a popular theme for the masses. Just imagine what the butler or the chauffeur witnessed throughout the
course of their tenure as employees of these rich socialites. A brave chauffeur has come forward. This is her story.

Confessions of a Middle Aged Nympho starring Gina Carrera,
Sharon Mitchell, Charlie LaTour, Jerry Butler
Charlie Latour turns in the performance of her lascivious lifetime in this raucous look at one woman's erotic adventures in suburbia. This 1986 venture stars Charlie as a perpetually horny housewife who just can't seem to get enough action.
Even after a white-hot early morning coupling with her beau, she's still not satisfied.
She tells her hubby to hurry home, but soon finds herself confronted by house calling veterinarian Jerry Butler. She's caught in the act by uptight neighbor Sharon Mitchell, and scrambles to find a cover story to tell her hubby. Charlie decides to go buy a pet, so she can justify the vet's visit. Of course, when she tries to leave her car won't start! She calls in a pair of mechanics to help fix her car, but finds herself in a blistering threesome right there in her own garage. As if that weren't enough action for one day, when her husband comes home he's brought her a present. It's lovely Gina Carrera, with whom they enjoy another merry threesome on their living room sofa. The whole thing is sort of msilly, but Charlie's powerfully sexual performance drives it to untold erotic heights. Fans of 80s-style hardcore will find lots to like in this feverish romp.

Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak
starring Constance Money, Kim Reed, Sharon Taylor, John Holmes,
Charles Swanson Synopsis:
Billy finds it hard to relate to girls so his Aunt Opel introduces him to oral sex. His teenage cousins handcuff him and rape him. But Priscilla, to whom he confesses the pains of growing up, loves him, but he finds his greatest
solace in his love of peanut butter.

Confessions of Linda Lovelace starring Linda Lovelace, Carol Connors
Dolly Sharp, Ami Nitrate, Cathy Parker, Ann Marshall, Francine Baker
Linda Del Toro, Harry Reems, Bill Harrison, John Byron, Robert Sargent
Linda Lovelace is applying for a job in the sexual employ of a rich,
strapping sultan. This is her interview for the position, and to each of the sultan's questions about her qualifications, she responds with remembrances about her sexual adventures. These include the kind of wild-eyed sexual adventures that made Ms. Lovelace adult film's first household-name superstar, and each is charged with Linda's own brand of feverish enthusiasm and inventive carnal capering

Confessions of Seka starring Seka, Veronica Hart, Barbara Daniels
Bobbie Burns, Eric Edwrads, Ken Yontz, Richard Stevens, Bobby Brigante
The story of the "hottest" actress in the Adult Film Business, as told
through her hot lips... Warm Up With Seka! 

Consenting Adults starring Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, Annette Hienz
Sharon Mitchell, Marc Stevens, Ron Jeremy
From pioneer eroticist Gerard Damiano comes a startling, shocking, no holds barred look at the steamy, seamy side of a sexual revolution. Voluptuous bosom-buddies Annie Sprinkle and Veronica Vera hostess you through a panoramic who’s who is kinky diversity.

Contract starring Farrah, Tabitha Stevens, Shanna McCullough
Sadie Sexton, Mark Davis, Christian Todd
Synopsis: A true story of erotic angels owner and his not so secret sexcapades.
He's surrounded by beautiful women willing to do anything he asks and their begging
to show him how good they can suck... ooops, I mean act. I guess you'd never be
late for work!

Control starring Lene Hefner, Melissa Hill, Sindee Coxx, Lexus Locklear
Deva Station, Vince Vouyer, Jon Dough
Synopsis: A woman applies for a job as the personal assistant to a high powered
studio CEO, but her real motive is the eventual takeover of the studio. Easier said
than done.

Convenience Store Girls starring Keisha, Sheena Horne, Leslie Winston Stacey Donovan, Blake Palmer, Peter North, Randy West, Scott Irish
Steve Drake Synopsis:
The last n' easy mini mart, everybody's favorite all night market, is host to the most gorgeous female employees ever to stock a shelf.

Cool Sheets starring Victoria Paris, Tianna, Cheri Taylor, Jon Martin
Randy West Synopsis:
When a guy strikes out all the time with the ladies, he turns to his roommate, a pure ladie's man, for help.

The Corner starring Leena, Nicole London, Heather St Clair, Krista
Marc Wallice, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley Synopsis:
A teaching assistant with
no self-confidence, takes an apartment near a busy street corner, where she becomes
a part-time workinmg girl in order to satisfy her sexual hunger thru her alter-ego.

Corporate Affairs starring Shanna McCullough, Nina Hartley, Kari Foxx
Barbara Dare, Rita Riccardo, Billy Dee, Jon Martin, Mike Horner
Sexy Shanna McCullough shines as a saleswoman with a decidedly decadent secret in this fiery romp. It seems that Shanna's the tops in sales at Mike Horner's company, a fact she celebrates with him in a lusty office boff. But Shanna's
also moonlighting as the receptionist for the city's most notorious call girl outfit! Mike's jealous secretary Nina Hartley finds out about Shanna's naughty nighttime gig and threatens to spill the beans. Little does Nina suspect that Mike's got his own take on
the steamy situation! The flick ends with Nina, Shanna and Mike enjoying a torrid threeway tryst that leaves them all spent. It's fast-paced fun from start to finish, with
some real passion throughout.

Corporate Assets starring Tish Ambrose, Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley
Sheri St Clair, Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Francois, Herschel Savage
Jamie Gillis, R Bolla, Paul Thomas, Robert Bullock
Am escort service that specializes in corporate accounts. Corporations
that use their services for making deals & rewards for employees. However the girls
have decided to use 'inside' knowledge to make their own deals.

Corrupt Desires starring Colleen Brennan ,Amy Allison, Shanna Evans Shantell Day, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice, Jerry Davis Synopsis: Poor Pamela!  What bizarre desires compel her to continue the kinky sex lessons with Claude, who forces her into a degrading session with him and another girl.  Claude finds out when Pamela ties him to the bed and lets Ivory do what she will to the man's helpless cringing body.  Pamela's lessons are over.  Graduation day has arrived.  Pamela's corruption is complete.

Corruption starring Kelly Nichols, Vanessa Del Rio, Tish Ambrose
Tiffany Clark, Tanya Lawson,
Alexis X, Sabrina Vale, Melissa Strong
Nicole Bernard, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Michael Morrison, George Payne Michael Gaunt Synopsis:
After being stabbed in the back during a business deal, a man must decide how far he will go to seek revenge. But his thirst for revenge, begins to consume everyothing & erveryone around him.

Corruption starring Charisma, Tianna, Porsche Lynn, Bionca, Joey Silvera
Peter North, Randy West Synopsis:
When a woman dreams of romance & only
gets one night stands, she decides to turn the tables on men and use them up & throw them away.

The Corruption of Christina starring P J Sparxx, Debi Diamond
Rebecca Bardoux, Joey Silvera, Nick East, Marc Wallice, Terry Thomas
Steven St Croix Synopsis:
P.J. Sparxx lights up the night as Christina; a sweet
young thing whose mysterious suitor is about to turn her sexual world upside down! Corrupt yourself

Cosmopolitan Girls starring Tish Ambrose, Lisa B, Anna Turner
Tamara Lynne, Miranda Stevens, Ron Jeremy, Ron Hudd, Michael Gaunt Synopsis:
Living in the big city ain't easy, but this group of friends do what they have to do to get all they can out of life in NYC.

Costa Rica Series
Costa Rica Getaway starring Sally Layd, Marilyn Martyn
Brittany O'Connell, Vanessa Chase, Whiteney Banks, Kitty Yung, Alexandra
Jessica Morales, Loretta, Monica, Jon Dough, Joey Verducci, Michael J Cox
T T Boy, Sean Michaels, Walter Hill
Lush, tropical Costa Rica provides the setting for a behind-the-scenes
story of a porn director trying to shoot a XXX film while he's being squeezed by the
chief of police.

Costa Rica Studies starring Sally Layd, Marilyn Martyn
Brittany O'Connell, Vanessa Chase, Whiteney Banks, Kitty Yung
Jon Dough, Joey Verducci, Michael J Cox, T T Boy, Sean Michaels
A porn director returns to Costa Rica with his cast to shoot another film
but also to study the history of the country and it's sexual habits.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Cottontail Club starring Amber Lynn, Lili Marlene, Patti Petite
Mauvis DeNoire,
Magenta, John Leslie, Jon Martin Synopsis:
The Cottontail Club is a fiery den of debauchery, a sexy strip club whose patrons often find themselves becoming part of the sizzling show! Amber Lynn stars as the manager of the sexy club, and she makes sure that she's always got a hand in no matter what's going on around her.

The Couch Trap starring Shelby Stevens, Devon Shire, Vixxxen
Whitney Banks, Wednesday, Jessie James, Jonathan Morgan, Ron Jeremy
Dick Nasty, Ian Daniels
When Ron has trouble finding work, he decides to produce his own
porno movies. All he has to do now is line up the stars....and the money....and the set
* Please note there is a static line running across the very top of the screen at times
during the movie

Country Comfort starring Georgina Spelvin, Rhonda Jo Petty, Drea
Ginger, Randy West Synopsis:
Set in the Post Civil War ERA. Country Comfort is a passionate adventure of a returning soldier, who happens on a lusty widow. Georgina Spelvin and her hot sex starved daughter Rhonda Jo Petty.

Country Comfort starring Devon, Gwen Summers, Halli Ashton
Phyllis Anne, Raquel Devine, Herschel Savage, Bobby Vitale, Julian
Take a walk down this country road to the home of a wealthy polygamist. There's too much sex for just one husband to handle. A strong man is needed to help with the chores and they'll churn more than your butter if you stay the night

Country Girl starring Juilie Rage, Rebecca Wild, Heather Lee, Tyler
Krista Maze, Nikki Brantz, Jonathan Morgan, Tony Tedeschi, Dick Nasty
Kyle Stone, Peter North, Dave Hardman Synopsis:
When Julie's cousin from
back in the hills, comes to stay for a few weeks with her & her husband, she is not what any expected, and she turns everyone's life into complete carnal chaos.

Couple Cherche Esclave Sexuals starring Brigitte Lahaie, Nicole Velna
Hubert Geral, Alban Ceray Synopsis:
Jack and Barbara, a suburban couple, takes on more than they bargained for when they hire a butler. The butler proves to be of a high caliber and gives service with a smile. Barbara, in particular, makes good use
of his nightly room service. The entire household soon becomes the scene of many spectacular carnal activities as the butler perverts all the members of the household
and inducts them into his web of debauchery. The butler does it...again and again.
* In English

Cousin Betty starring Carol Connors, Lynn Nelson, Melody Marie
Jack Birch, Mark Brock Synopsis:
Cousin Betty arrives, and we soon see that there`s plenty of hot bod under her demure granny outfit. . . what she`s learned from taking care of all her cousins back in Montana real good.

Cowgirls in Chains starring Erica Boyer, Aaron Stuart, Michael Morrison
2 guys at a rodeo looking for the ultimate thrill, take a walk in the woods and come across a pretty young woman masturbating and decide to give her a hand, later they decide to learn the ways of B&D, and found out more than they bargained for. This long lost raritie is one of Erica Boyer's earliest performances.

Crazed Series
Crazed starring Hyapatia Lee, Christy Canyon, Flame, Summer Knight
Jonathan Morgan, Nick Rage, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Tony Martino
Bud Lee, Tim Lake Synopsis:
Two women with boring lives, take to the road and soon find themselves on the run when they're are framed for a crime they did not

Crazed 2 starring Hyapatia Lee, Christy Canyon, Melanie Moore
Marc Wallice, Wayne Summers Synopsis:
With the cops closing in on the ladies, they face making some heavy choices. Give themselves up or possibly getting killed by the police and trying to prove thier innocence.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Crazed starring Serenity, Missy, Jacklyn Lick, Johnni Black, Donna Warner
Spice, Shawna Edwards,Colt Steel, Jonathan Morgan, Michel J Coxx
Mickey G, Mike Horner, Steve Hatcher
Playing the humble housewife by day, but hiding her secret self, a sexual animal that surfaces only in her troubling dreams. In her search for relief, she`s committed to an institution, where her darkest, most intense fantasies are brought
out in the open for all to see.

Crazy With the Heat starring Joanna Storm, Janet Littledove,
Shanna McCullough, Rene Summers, Kristara Barrington, Tamara Longley,
Tantala, Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy, Buck Adams, Steve Drake
uper-whiz Laura Welton (Joanna Storm) has totally ignored the passionate side to her personality and experiences an uncontrollable attack of shameless sexual desire at an intimate dinner party. Rushed to the "Del Mar Sexual Asylum for the Very, Very Horny", Laura is definitely CRAZY WITH THE HEAT and needs some tantalizing therapy immediately!

Crazy With The Heat 3 starring Asia Carrera, Celeste, Kylie Ireland
Sahara Sands, Christina West, Nick East, Vince Vouyer, Kyle Stone
 FIRE HER UP! She’s an artist. He’s a carpenter. She’s creative. He’s pragmatic. She’s verbal. He’s a man of action- not words. Fortunately- she’s horny. And- he’s horny. And maybe- just maybe- The Heat will save them.

Cream On starring Lexus Locklear, Heather Hunter, Chloe, Janet Jacme
Alyssa Allure, Alyssa Love, Jon Dough, Peter North, Tony Tedeschi
This porn takeoff of thge hit TV show 'Dream On' has Heather playing
the part of an executive for a magazine publisher. Lexus, Heather's boss, orders her to
start including more sex in the magazine because sex sells. Heather's a bit uptight and
not really thrilled with the idea but doesn't have much of a choice.

Cream Puff starring Carol Titian, Jeannie Pepper, Gayle Sterling
Renee Lovins, Buck Adams, Jerry Butler, Jon Martin, Billy Dee
The owner of a struggling used car lot comes up with a sure-fire
way to increase sales.

The Crease Master Series

The Crease Master starring Tiffanay Million, Devon Shire, Lacy Rose
Tiffany Mynx, Heather Hart, Christina Appleigh, Jonathan Morgan
Mike Horner, Marc Wallice Synopsis:
Meet Jean-Paul Slamdog. The Creasemaster. His obsession is the crease, and not just your everyday, average crease. No, Slamdog's in love with the crease between a beautiful woman's legs-and he'll do anything to get at it. His only problem is a four letter word. W-i-f-e.

The Crease Master’s Wife starring Tiffany Million, Devon Shire, Sierra
Danielle Rodgers, Leanna Foxxx, Christina Appleighe, Jonathan Morgan
Mike Horner,Tom Byron, Steve Drake, Zach Thomas, Randy Spears
Being married to the Crease Master can do strange things to your head,
just ask his wife. When she’s had enough of his cheating & experiments, she strikes out on her own, and finds out he’s had more of an effect on her than she knew. Vengeance
is the name of the game…vengeance on all males.

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Critical Positions starring Tasha Voux, Britt Morgan, Charlene Cody
Ron Jeremy, Damien Cashmere Synopsis:
Dr. Ruth Kronkite, a well known psychoanalyst who specializes in sexual dysfunctions, has spent years developing a hypnosis technique that will create a sexually superior man who is totally under her control.  She dreams of having power and wealth, and through her creation she hopes to corrupt rich and powerful women and bring them and their empires under her control

Crocodile Blondee starring Amber Lynn, Siobhan Hunter,
Leslie Winston, Eric Edwards, Randy West Synopsis: Rita is a sex-hungry maniac who cuts a path through hordes of flesh to satisfy her insatiable quest for the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. No human – male or female- is safe around this one-woman sex machine and she gets her greatest pleasure in making sure her partners are satisfied…and they always are. Rita, however, is not satisfied, for with all her shenanigans, she is not a happy person and she can't even have a constructive session with her psychiatrist, without coming on to her. Happiness is just around the corner, though. But first, Rita uncorks the wildest sexual free-for-all with all of her friends and acquaintances. Afterwards she shocks them all with her unprecedented future plans

Crossing Over starring Moana Pozzi, Jeanna Fine, Zara Whites
Marilyn Rose, Sharon Kane, Eva Orlowsky, Rayne, Joey Silvera
John Dough, Rocco Sifferdi, Karen Dior
When a beautiful widow becomes the target of an insurance investigation into her husband's death and disappearence, the couple's wicked lifestyle comes to surface, as well as the realization that the husband may not be dead or what he seemed.

Croupe Du Monde 98 starring Anita Blond, Dolly Golden, Fovea
Olivia Del Rio, Oceane, Roberto Malone, Phillipe Dean, Marc Barrow
Kevin Long, Dino Toscani
Synopsis: And 1 and 2 and 3 - All these top-level sportsmen are ready roaring for intense training. Through sex marathons and daring duos, these damsels joust at love to win The World Butt! You'll really warm up, too, watching these shock teams pitilessly confront each other on the slippery field of the most depraved pleasures!
* In French w/ no subtitles

Cry Baby starring Kaylan Nicole, Serenity, Tera Heart, Melissa Hill
Jon Dough, Steven St Croix, T T Boy
Synopsis: A psychiatrist collects the tears of his patients for purposes known only
to him.

Cry for Cindy starring Amber Hunt, Marie Anne Fisher, Mitzi Frazier
John Leslie, Ken Scudder, Turk Lyon, John Seeman Synopsis:
A tender story about Cindy, a beautiful young girl who becomes a hooker in order to put her boyfriend through medical school. Along the way, Cindy grows to love her work passionately! Her desire knows no bounds in scene after scene of torrid couplings. You'll cry for Cindy - with lust!

Crystal Balls starring Kari Foxx, Candie Evans, Rachel Ryan, Tami White
Tom Byron, Troy Tannier Synopsis:
Kari Fox plays a fortune teller who reads tea leaves and looks into her crystal ball to provide her heart-broken clients a glimpse into what their erotic futures hold. Lucky us, we get to see what she sees.

Crystal Blue starring Crystal Breeze, Samantha Strong, Buffy Davis
Tiffany Storm, Ron Jeremy, Steve Drake, Dan T Mann Synopsis: The behind the scenes expose of a porn actress who could never get enough.

Crystal Blue Persuasion starring Crystal Gold, Amber Woods
Heather Lee, Sahara Sands, Brooke Waters, Alex Sanders
Jonathan Morgan, Frank Towers
A female executive, tired of being run over by her male counterparts, decides to start playing hardball at the office, to get ahead.

Cum & Chaos starring Alexandra Quinn, April Flowers, Gina Ryder
Tiffany Mason, Mariah Milano, Isabella Camille, Heather Lyn, Mark Davis
John Strong, Tyce Bune, Voodoo
Synopsis: Guns, Crime, Money & Sex all come together in this tale of good
girls taking up with dangerous men

Cum to Dinner starring Stacy Nichols, Tamara Lee, Kitten Natividad
Kimberly Dawn, Randy West, Tom Byron, T T Boy
It's a partner swapping extraveganza, as a dinner party turns to swingers

Cumming to Ibiza Series

Cumming to Ibiza 1 starring Helen Duval, Anita Blond, Tanya Hyde
Claire Margarson, Michelle Wright, Sean Michaels, Gerry Pike, Santino Lee
An African prince takes a journey with his aid to the enchanted land of Ibiza in search of wild women to sow his royal oats before marrying.

Cumming to Ibiza 2 starring Helen Duval, Georgette Neal
Sabrina Johnson, Zoe Lipardus, Claire Margarson, Michelle Wright
Sean Michaels, Gerry Pike, Santino Lee, Mario, Mark Saints
The story continues as the prince has met the woman of his dreams while sowing his royal oats, and now wishes to marry her, but hers lifestyle is not in step with becoming a princess
*In English w/ Swedish Subtitles

Each Available Seperately OR Purchase Both for Just 24.95
(A Savings of 6.95)

Cupid's Arrow starring Lisa De Leeuw, Karen Summer, Rose Marie
Robert Bullock, Dina Alexander, Jerry Davis
When Cupid accidentally fires one of his arrows into a house and hits the fruitbowl sititing on the table, everyone in the house becomes insatiable nymphos as
they begin to eat the fruit.

Cupid's Arrow starring Sydnee Steele, Nicole Sheridan, Aurora Snow
Crystal Carter, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher, Billy Glide, Voodoo
Mark Davis Synopsis:
Porn send up of thehit TV show 'Blind Date', only this
show delivers whatthe real show only hints at.

Curse of The Catwoman starring Selena Steele, Raven, Patricia Kennedy
Racquel Darrian, Zara Whites, Rocco Sifferdi, Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallice
T.T. Boy
The city. A shapely shadow stalks the rain-soaked streets for sexual prey. Her appetite is insatiable, her desires savage. And in a world of mere mortals, her time has finally come. Selena Steele is the queen of this concrete jungle in a tale of raw lust and animal passions that losely picks up where The Catwoman left off.

Cyberanal starring Juli Ashton, Sunset Thomas, Vanessa Chase, Courtney
Mailyn Martyn, Caressa Savage, Nicole Lace, Kelly Trump, Channone
Rocco Siffredi, T T Boy, Jon Dough, Guy DiSilva, Hakan, Mark Davis
Reinhardt, Zack Thomas, Ron Jeremy
Synopsis: Ron Jeremy is the host of a future game show based on anal sex that
plucks its contestants out of the timestream at various moments in history.

Cybersex starring Crystal Gold, Jessica James, Anna Malle, Joey Silvera
Marc Wallice, Vince Vouyer
Bill's getting very involved in the internet. Perhaps to involved. He falls for Traci23 and longs to meet her. But when he does she has a surprise for him, she's really a cyborg in a lab! So Bill and Stewart do what any warm-blooded American guys would. They free all the hot chick androids and spew all over their circuit boards! It could only happen in porn!

Cynthia & The Pocket Rocket starring Jessica James, Kirsty Waay
Anna Malle, Jordan Lee, Peter North, Steven St Croix, Tony Tedeschi
T T Boy
In the early 60s, a woman, working at a toy factory, invents a pocket
sized vibrator that will revolutionize the adult toy industry.

Cyrano starring Angela Summers, K C Williams, April Rayne, Bionca
Alexandra Quinn, Jamie Leigh, Madison, Trinity Loren, Steve Drake
Joey Murphy Synopsis:
Famous porn take on the classic 'Cyrano'. With the
title character having not only a huge nose, but having it resemble a penis. And
of course, all the women in the village can';t wait to give that nose a try.

More Titles Coming Soon