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3 A.M. starring Georgina Spelvin, Sharon Thorpe, Claire Dia, Frank Mauro
One of the most highly praised erotic films of all time, Robert McCollum's ‘3 A.M.’ is truly a landmark in the adult motion picture industry. With a remarkable story, brilliantly enacted by some of Hollywood's finest young actors, ‘3 A.M.’ achieves new heights in sexual depiction. ‘3 A.M.’ was made with one basic intention - to turn you on - and turn you it will!! Each erotic scene slowly builds to a pulsating climax, involving the viewer in the most intimate feelings of those on the screen.

3 Foxes & a Dweeb starring Julie Rage, Rayne, Rachel Harte
Bobby Hunter, Ron Jeremy, Eric Monti, Rod Ryker
The Dean of a college begins to suspect that the nerdy history Professor is trading grades for lays, when he startys scoring every major babe on campus.

4F Dating Service starring Rachel Ryan, Aja, Raven Richards, Viper
Kassi Nova, Tom Byron, Eric Edwards, Marc Wallice, Joey Silvera
Rachel Ryan owns and operates the very exclusive 4F Dating Service,
an utterly uninhibited video love-matching enterprise that specializes in putting
together couples who know absolutely no boundaries when it comes to exercising
lustful abandon.

7 Good Women starring Lacy Rose, Rebecca Bardoux, Sierra
Nicole London, Brittany O'Connell, Melanie Moore, Crystal Wilder
A torrid take-off on '12 Angry Men.' The defense and prosecution have wrapped up their cases, and now the fate of the defendant is in the hands of the jurors. Trouble is, the jurors are in each other's arms. When the jury room doors close, these luscious ladies are thrown into a frenzy of unrestrained lesbian lust. They ignore the evidence and instead study each other's supple, inviting frames.

7 Into Snowy starring Abigail Clayton, Kay Parker, Kristine Heller
Paul Thomas, Bonnie Holiday,
Kathy Thomas Synopsis:
This modern-day update of Snow White features luscious Abigail Clayton as an ingenue dominated by her stepmother, Kay Parker. Jealous of her stepdaughter's beauty, Mom strikes
back with a plan to sexually exhaust the yong lady. Instead, she provides her with a nonstop orgy of purely pleasurable sex! A classic! Hustler's highest rating!

8mm starring Selen, Nicki Platts, Izabella, Patricia, Monika Jestel
Marianna Kiss, Timeo Kiss, John Walton, Francesco Malcolm
Zenza Raggi, Silvio Evangelista Synopsis:
A man drinking alone in a bar reflects
on the debaucherous lifestyle he has lived, and the fleeting satisfaction that it has brought him.
* In Italian w/ no subtitles

8 to 4 starring Annette Haven, Lisa De Leeuw, Loni Sanders
Juliet Anderson, Lee Carroll,
Veronica Hart, Chelsea Manchester
Paul Thomas, Don Hart, Herschel Savage Synopsis:
Classic Porn Take-off of the hit movie "9 to 5", only this is alot steamier, and delivers what the other couldn't, with our three heroines having fun at the office. Especially in the Xerox room!!!

10 1/2 Weeks starring Barbara Dare, Siobhan Hunter, Keisha, Nikki Knights
Dana Dylan, Jerry Butler, Billy Dee, Jon Martin Synopsis:
A man & a woman enter into a torrid 10 1/2 affair, that leads them into love then out of it as they build a disdain for one another, but can't seem to let go.

11 starring Brooke West, Sue Nero, Bonnie Holiday, Jon Martin, Billy Dee Synopsis: Richard longs for the perfect woman and goes to the doctor for help. While exploring his sexuality, he discovers Brooke who shows that there's a lot more to being a ten, after office hours.his exciting search for the perfect partner will lead you through the tangle of sexual variety and some of the most exciting ladies ever to appear on the adult scene

19 & Nasty starring Lauren Hall, Bridgette Monroe, Sabrina Dawn
Brittany, Eric Price, Randy Spears, Mike Horner
It's every woman for themselves at this men's clothing store, as the
job of store Manager is up for grabs to the saleswoman who proves herself the
'most capable' to the store owner. It seems the boss will be getting the bonus here.

20th Century Fox starring Angela Baron, Victoria Paris, Tami White
Leilani, Carol Cummiungs, Sasha Strange, Nina DePonca, Penny Lane
Randy West, Eric Edwards, Randy Spears
2 woman from another planet, have been sent to earth to observe
our sexual practices. After years of being here they meet up to compare notes.

37.2 Centimeters Le Sor starring Dominique St Clair, Ingrid Shoray
Isabelle Vernier, Sue Li Wong, Alban Ceray, Andre Danan, Gerard Daoud
Synopsis: A girl from the country moves to the big city and makes friends with a
high priced call girl and decides to become an escort herself.
*In French w/ no subtitles

. 40 The Hard Way starring Kitten Natavidad, Flame, Valhalla, Alexis Gold
Stephanie Page, Marc Wallice, Sean Michaels, Sasha Gabor
When four hot-to-trot 40 somethings gather for lunch at an exclusive
eatery, the conversation quickly turns to items other than the menu. The women soon start gossiping about their philandering hubbies and trading sexy stories ( we then get
to see in all their boobulous glory). Eventually, the plot picks up and the gals decide
that if their men are going to play around, they certainly ought to be enjoying some extra-marital pleasures as well.

50 Million Dollar Cherry starring Samantha Strong, Amber Lynn
Sharon Mitchell, Dana Dylan, John Leslie, Steve Drake, Greg Derek
When a beautiful woman is to receive a huge inheritance, on the condition she remains a virgin until after she collects the loot, many of her so called loved ones are out to deflower her. Because if they succeed, they will get the money instead.

69 Park Avenue starring Erica Boyer, Colleen Brennan, Little Oral Annie
Patti Petite,
Tom Byron, Mike Horner Synopsis:
Tom Byron stars in this raucous romp from 1985, playing a cub reporter out to nab his first scoop. His assignment is to uncover the dirt on an old Victorian house that's been turned into the city's liveliest brothel. The madam of the house is Colleen Brennan, a buxom beauty who regales Tom with tantalizing tales of what's gone on within the house's walls. We watch her torrid tales come to life as one lascivious lust bunny after another gets down and dirty with her clients, each one more sexually explosive than the last. Filled with the top-heavy charms of naturally busty babes like Erica Boyer and Patti Petite, '69 Park Avenue' is one address that you'll find yourself visiting again and again.

800 Fantasy Lane starring Serena, Lisa De Leeuw, Hillary Summers
Desiree Cousteau, Nancy Suiter, Jamie Gillis, Aubrey Nichols Synopsis:
A couple of sex-starved buddies hit on a way to get chicks without all the effort of dating, nightclubs, or little black books in this raunchy romp from 1979. Jamie Gillis and Bud Wise play the good time guys, who own a gas station but dream of seeing their names up in lights. One day, while reading the Hollywood press, they spy an article about a new real estate company that provides sexy young realtors for their wealthy clientele. The guys see their opportunity and remake themselves as bogus film producers looking for new digs. They call up the agency and before they know what's hit them, a bevy of buxom young beauties are showing them around some of L.A's most fabulous pads. The flick soon segues into a series of fantasy scenes involving our heroes and their various vivacious vixens. One scintillating scenario finds our men confronted with five women and a sunken hot tub, while another sees one of the guys playing circus trainer to a cage full of naked, writhing wenches. The fantasy fun builds to an explosive finale that leaves both guys satisfied. You will be too, for this is one erotic address that every porn fan will want to circle on the map.

1001 Erotic Nights starring Annette Haven, Lisa De Leeuw, Pheary I. Burd
Lysa Thatcher, Chelsea Manchester, Nicole Black, Mai Lin, Laura Lazzare
Herschel Savage, John Leslie, Jon Martin, Joey Silvera, David Morris
Paul Thomas Synopsis:
It was a time when Sultans filled their tents with gorgeous harem girls, when no fantasy was too outlandish for the oil-slicked slave girls and exotic belly dancers of ancient Arabia. Lush, lavish and lustful, 1001 Erotic Nights takes you back to an exotic era when sex was an art -- and fantasy a reality! You'll witness one sultry tale of desert lust after another, starting with a well-hung genie who grants 'three wishes' to three desert girls. Next, Tibetan temple virgins appease their masters in a mind-boggling group grope. These are but a few of the bawdy tales that come to life in 1001 Erotic Nights, one of the most elegant and erotic films ever made!

1001 Erotic Nights 2 starring Kari Foxx, Keli Richards, Tami White
Buffy Davis, Nina Hartley, Alexis Greco, Bunny Bleu, Kristara Barrington
Jennifer Noxt, Patti Petite, Francois Papillion, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera
Steve Drake, Jon Martin Synopsis:
The story of Schedherazade continues with
Kari Foxx now taking over the role as she wows the sultan with even more tales of passion set in the steaming desert.

1001 Nights (aka The Erotic Dream of Aladdin X 2)
starring Tabatha Cash, Lydia Chanel, Simona Valli, Pussycat
Christoph Clark,
Andrea Nobili
If you could have any wish granted, what would you choose? For
Aladdin, it was simple: as many cock hungry anal craving beauties as he could ever
wish to satisfy! Watch as they pop up one after another for a night of sinful, sweaty passion and willing assholes. The sequal to Aladdin X

2002: A Sex Odyssey starring Tracey Adams, Tamara Longley
Rene Summers, Summer Rose, Leslie Winston, Sharon Mitchell
Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Buck Adams, Jason Fox
A young man in the far off future, lays his hands on his dad's
time machine to travel back to the 1950's, and have sex without any
consequences....or so he thinks.

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